tagLoving WivesA Compromise Ch. 06 Part 1

A Compromise Ch. 06 Part 1


Chapter 6: The Internet and Beyond

Something about it bothered me. Nagged at me, gnawed in my mind. David had shut down the Internet site so quickly when I entered the room by surprise. Why? David was out of town again, so I finally had a moment of my own to look into it, to put my mind at rest. Or would it be yet another part of David that I had to adapt to The Plan?

David is the computer nut in our family. I have done a few searches and an occasional E-mail, but nothing else has seemed worth the effort. Until now.

After the kids had been put to bed was a good time to look into this computer thing. I waited as the whirring response to pushing the 'on' button ran it's course and the screen flashed through it's opening exercises.

"What was that name again?" I mused aloud in the cozy nook that was David's office and lair. I must say he spends a lot of time in here. I know that some of it is erotic, because he sometimes comes to bed very horny and excited after a session down here with his computer.

The name on that web site was something like "Literota." I found the search thing and it yielded nothing for that name. I changed it "literot" – again, nothing. "Literotic" GOOD GRIEF, it pointed to a site that promised sex stories with animals! I don't think so.

"Literotica" – Ah, more like it. It promised 100% free sex stories, erotic audio, adult .. etc." I clicked on the underlined bit.

"Yep," I heard myself say. The screen sprang to life, a sexy looking young girl held up a bulletin board. And so began my web sex education.

Slowly, I learned to explore the site. First mistake – I clicked on one of the sponsor's buttons. Big mistake. The porn site behind the button launched a continuous series of windows as I killed first one and then the next. I finally had to turn off the computer to get them to stop. Ugh!

I found the story archive and sat reading through a number of them. Some pretty bad, but others I found, were pretty good. It sounded a little like everyone in the world was spending most of their time in bed and doing sex in some remarkable positions and places. Apart from that, a few were interesting and even sensual stories.

I found my way into the "chat" area and watched people exchanging barbs and sexy talk. At least, they apparently found them sexy. I found them a bit juvenile and boring. I gamely tried to get into the conversation. I was immediately snarled at by someone named "starfuckr" and left the chat area for good.

Probing further, I found the Bulletin Board. Have you ever been involved with one of those? Bit of a mixed bag, but a few interesting discussions. I tried joining in with a few smart remarks, or so I thought. I tried the search button, looking up "David." I thought it was a long shot but might as well try it. To my shock it turned up the following post:


"Ha my girl say I fuck to much and to long she say you don't have to fuck all the time. Ha I put food in the house and a roof over our head So what a man to do. I like a long hard ride from a girl or two."


Obviously this was not my David, but there were intelligent replies suggesting that the "String" be ended by "Laurel" who clearly runs things on the site. This was followed by further discussion about freedom of speech issues. That was impressive, I thought, so I went on to explore further. It was clear that if David was posting, it was under another name. I found myself hoping he was a bit more creative and interesting than the David quoted above.

My next stop was "Sexual Role Playing." I found stories being written by multiple participants, writing themselves into sexual situations. This is where I met Carlos.

After reading a few story strings, I decided that the "A" I got in Creative Writing 101 should not be wasted any longer. I had found a place to use it at last. I giggled gleefully with the thought, forgetting that I was here doing detective work for the moment.

After trying and failing to get interested in a story involving strange creatures from another world, I decided to strike out on my own. It took a few minutes but I soon found the instructions for starting your own story.

My story began in a schoolyard where I was helping run those little carnival booths to raise money for my daughter's school. Pretty realistic for my situation, you might say. To my surprise, Carlos responded immediately, picking up the story line and running with it. After a few exchanges, I found Carlos writing this, for example:


"The little restaurant was in an out-of-the-way part of the city and we were a little late for our reservation. My hand was around her arm, my fingers touching the side of her breast. At just that moment, I felt a single drop of pre-cum slip down my thigh, cooling quickly where it fell. I felt her squeeze my hand with her arm as we arrived at the table."


Carlos was a seductive and sensual writer and I was warming to story writing, even if I was pretty rusty. Carlos won my heart by not rushing into the sex thing. Actually, I had begun to like the story we were writing. As the evening moved on in the story and in real time, I became even more fascinated. An example:


"She giggled as I continued to hold and fondle her foot. She pretended to pull away and I pretended to tighten my grip, all the time, her foot was pressed tight into my now very firm erection."


Well, I guess he was headed to the sex fairly early after all, but, you know what I mean. I was kind of ready by this time. Since we both seemed to have time to spare on this evening, the story continued. I found myself squirming in my chair in anticipation of the next lines to come from Carlos. I confess that I was becoming involved and I felt a tingle of excitement between my legs that surprised me. There was more to this than met the eye. Before long, we had advanced the story line to this:


"I glanced around the room and at the long white table cloth. I decided the risk was well worth it. I unzipped my pants and fished around carefully, then felt the cool air on my now fully-erect cock. I covered it with the table cloth and felt her feet find it and her toes find the swollen head of it, lightly teasing it."


I might actually get used to this playful pastime, I thought. I felt moist now, the thought of sitting with my feet in the lap of a strange and attractive man in a swank restaurant was strangely appealing. I felt appreciated, in a strange way, even though it was not real and I was playing a role. There is something strange about the attachment I now felt for the character I had become in the last hour or so. I really was Vicki. Carlos continued the story:


"I was disappointed when she took her feet out of my hands and I pouted a little in her direction. But, they were soon happily back, but different, somehow. I realized that she had been struggling to slip her panties down her legs and was now looping them around my cock with her talented toes. The process was delightful, suspenseful and wonderfully sensual all at one time. I could feel the satin of the garment now being nudged over the head of my cock, doubling the pleasure of her touch. I wondered if her panties had become as wet from her juices as my cock head now felt."


The little room filled with my laughter as I read. A sharp tingle ran through me as I imagined doing this outrageously forward thing in a restaurant. Carlos had a nice sense of humor, I decided. He was testing my exhibitionist streak, kept so well hidden all these years. To be honest, I was getting very wet reading the screen.

And I found myself responding in increasingly graphic terms. I was shocked to find myself writing this: --

"I moved my hand back to his cock, tighter this time, and moving a little faster. I can see him tensing and know he is close to cumming. I speed up but keep the strokes smooth. I feel him explode in my hand. His warmth spreads over my hands and drips from the underside of the table."


My nipples were briskly pressing against my T-shirt and I was holding my breath as I paused before hitting the send key. I stared off into space for a moment, trying to decide. I pushed the enter key and shivered slightly in anticipation.

It was three in the morning before one of us finally said we had to get some sleep. But before we signed off, Carlos had lead me through the steps to get "Vicki" set up on one of the messaging systems. I found myself agreeing to follow his instructions and try "talking" together tomorrow night, well, actually, tonight.

I now understood why David spent so much time in his office. If I could be hooked to the degree that I was, certainly he must have found some significant attachment too. At least it seemed quite likely to me. With an introspective sigh, I climbed the stairs, checked on the children and tumbled into bed.

Almost by accident, my hand found the wetness of my panties and I lay on my hand, cupped between my legs. My panties were really sopping wet. My hand came to life, almost un-bidden. Music softly wafted over me from the clock radio. Something smooth and dreamy. Frank Sinatra. Slowly, my finger teased the wet lips of my pussy, finding my clitoris, sensitive and erect. I moved it around in little circles and the glorious feelings began once more.

My eyes focused on the numbers of the clock showing 3:20 now. I turned my head to avoid the distraction, watching instead the moonlit night beaming through my open window. The Mountain Ash near the window swayed in a light breeze scratching quietly against the screen. I slipped my clammy panties off and slipped out of the short nightie I had put on only a minute before. The comforter felt luscious as it's silken surface slipped over my back. I could now appreciate the fresh crisp clean sheets as I stretched out on my stomach.

There, sandwiched between two of my favorite tactile sensations, I let my hand once again slip over the silky curls of my Venus mound. My finger parted my pussy lips and I opened my legs, feeling sensuous there in my little cocoon. Toying with the creamy wetness, my finger stretched out to find the opening to my vagina. I snuggled my mound against the palm of my hand as the searching finger curled into the opening.

I giggled to myself, thinking that it was no wonder men were always so eager to get their hands on us. It really does feel lovely when you hold it in your hand like this. Really.

Slowly, I circled the bump behind my clitoris, there in the dark warmth of my pussy. It felt so very good tonight, even if it was just my own finger touching that gloriously sensitive spot. Over and over I probed, exploring every nuance of this funny little hump that could drive me wild with pleasure.

My other hand soothed my breasts in circular pleasure and then tugged first one nipple and then the other. Settling on my left nipple, I squeezed and pinched and tugged just enough for pleasure's sake. It was like making an electrical connection. I could feel a tugging in my body as an electric shock seemed to flash between my nipple and my clitoris.

I pressed against my palm, and my finger increased it's caress, my hand compressing both the bump and my clitoris as I thrust against it. My hips rolled in circular humping motions, faster and faster. My body had taken over now and I was in the throes of one of those wonderful, thundering, shuddering orgasms that seem to reach every point in your body. My legs thrust straight and my toes pointed as if in a cramp; but a pleasure-cramp. My shoulders shivered, my head trashed back and forth against the pillow as I moaned with pleasure.

It was a very nice orgasm. I lay slightly perspiring, my hand still in a lovers caress of my mound, but less urgent now. God, if you could ever get a man to really understand this, instead of rolling over and snoring after sex, you would have something. Honest to god, you could package it and sell it. Make a fortune.

To Be Continued...

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