tagFetishA Conference Legacy Ch. 06

A Conference Legacy Ch. 06


Chapter SIX: Getting Down To BUSINESS


We travelled up to the 9th floor, on which we had adjoining rooms, 923 and 925.

"Just give me a couple of minutes to tidy my room," said Louise, "I just chucked everything in there when we arrived."

I went to my room, and checked that the electronic key had the right room number, 923. I managed to manipulate the mechanism correctly, and successfully gained entry to my room. I decided to have a quick wash and brush up. I washed my face, and squirted some cologne under my arms - I didn't quite understand why I did this, just some kind of adolescent throw-back perhaps. Finally, I cleaned my teeth to freshen my breath to mitigate the possible negative effects of garlic and alcohol, on the future possible close encounter prospects for the rest of the evening. I picked up my brandy glass, checked that I had put my room key in my pocket, and left the room, leaving the outer door to close with a positive "click" behind me. I knocked gently on Louise's door.

"Its open, Charles," she called softly.

I entered the room slowly, noticing that it was, predictably, identical to mine, but laid out in a precise mirror image. I didn't notice Louise at first, my eyes concentrating on the geography of the room. Then I saw her! She was lying fully stretched out on her queen-sized bed, wearing a loose-fitting black top - and a long black pencil skirt which stretched all the way down to her slim bare ankles. Her beautifully manicured feet were also bare.

"Come and sit down on the bed, Charles," she invited. I did so, perching on the edge of the bed to give myself room to swivel round so that I could talk to her, and maintain a respectful distance, at least at first. She raised her glass to me, and, clinking mine gently, and said rather formally, "cheers! Here's to a successful trip."

"Cheers!" I replied, returning her gesture.

We sipped our brandy in silence for about two minutes, after which she looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

"Charles," she said firmly, "what would you like to do now?"

I did not reply.

"I suppose you were expecting another legs experience, right?"

"Right, I suppose." I replied, failing to hide my disappointment at her change of clothing.

"So what are you going to do about it? Did you think it would just be waiting here for you when you entered my room?"

I paused before responding to her question.

"I think you think I'm taking your legs for granted, Louise, but I'm certainly not!" I replied carefully.

"Would you like me to make you a cup of coffee or something?" I said, trying to regain some semblance of control.

"No thanks, Charles. I'd like you to tell me what you want me to do to give you what I know you really want."

"And what might that be, may I ask?" I replied, feeling a little more confident.

"I think you really want me to expose my bare legs to you again before you go to sleep tonight. In fact, I think you want to touch my legs, and stroke them, and kiss them, and who knows what else!" she said, smiling wickedly.

"So what if I do?" I retorted, "I'm hardly likely to do anything to get what I want by force, am I? We're work colleagues Louise, away on business! I've got my job and my reputation at stake for god's sake!"

"Yes you have, haven't you? And I've got nothing whatsoever to loose and everything to gain. I can only win! Now, would you like to see my legs or not?"

"Only if you want to show me your legs," I replied carefully.

"Don't try being clever with me, Charles! I can easily ruin your reputation and your career simply on the basis of what you have been up to with me so far!"

"How so?" I replied, slightly angrily,

"Never you mind that! Just believe me! Now, I'll ask you just once more - do you want to see my bare legs tonight, or not!?"

"Well, put that way, yes!"

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I want to see your legs!"

"You just want to see my legs do you?" she asked again, pulling her skirt tightly about her so I could clearly see the outline of her legs beneath her skirt.

"I want to see your bare legs, Louise! Stop messing around!"

"But I want to hear you say it, Charles, plain and clear, and, what's more, I want to hear you describe my legs!"

I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts.

"I want to see your beautiful, long, sexy bare legs!" I said, pitifully.

"Good, and so you shall!" she said, standing up and moving around in front of me.

"Well, here I am!" she said, "What's the matter, Charles? Can't you see my legs yet? Maybe if you were to kneel down, you could at least get a glimpse of my bare ankles! That would be a start, wouldn't it?!"

So that was it! She wanted me to kneel before her, to beg her to show me her bare legs! Silently, and somewhat reluctantly, I slipped off the edge of the bed and knelt obediently on the floor in front of her. She moved back slightly and lifted her skirt a fraction to reveal her slender bare ankles.

"Better now?" she asked sarcastically, "If you want to, you can do the rest yourself!"

I started to fumble with the hem of her skirt, gently stroking her ankles as I did so. Her skirt was very tight-fitting, and I had some difficulty in getting it to move, so I reached round behind her with my left hand and started to pull it up her legs from the back. My right hand lifted the front of the hem, and I raised the garment fairly rapidly, sufficiently to expose her knees.

"Slowly now, Charles, I don't want you getting too excited, do I!"

"Why don't you hold it?" I asked rather nervously, "then I can tackle the clip?"

She did not answer, but reached down and took the hem of her skirt in both her hands, on either side. She continued to raise her skirt to reveal more and more of those beautiful very long bare legs, as I unclipped it from her waist.

When she had got the hem above her knees, she asked me to pull it up over her head - a novel way to disrobe from a long skirt. The effect was, however, wonderful. The full length of her long bare legs was slowly revealed, and as the waistband of her skirt came over her head, she threw her now freed arms around my neck.

She kissed me passionately for the first time, and my whole body seemed to serge into life. I rather roughly threw the garment across to the far side of the bed. Louise pressed herself against me, and I could feel the warmth of her bare legs through my thin trousers.

"Don't you want to stroke my legs, Charles?" she murmured in my ear.

"Yes, of course I do," I replied rather breathlessly.

"Shall I lie on the bed again so you can get your hands on my legs more easily?" she asked rhetorically.

I simply nodded and moved away slightly, unlocking myself reluctantly from her entwining arms.

Louise moved gracefully over to the bed, and, with typical poise, positioned herself effortlessly in the middle of the huge bed, lying with her arms folded behind her head and her wonderful long legs stretched out straight, positioned very slightly apart in a narrow V-shape. I couldn't decide how best to position myself, and started by kneeling on the bed in a rather ungamely manner, so that my knees were about adjacent to, and outside hers. My hands began to explore her bare legs, my left hand on her ankles, and my right hand fingering the waistband of her extremely brief bikini-style white cotton panties.

"Legs and legs only!" she whispered firmly.

I shuffled slightly to the left, and placed my right hand firmly on the smooth warm skin on the inside of her left thigh. I moved my hands first apart and then together, centering on her knee. The back of my right hand rubbed delightfully against her right inner thigh as it moved up towards her crotch. She closed her legs gently, trapping my right hand at the extreme end of its journey, my little finger resting against the warm and slightly damp crotch of her panties. My left hand moved effortlessly up her smooth bare legs until it too was engulfed by the warm skin on the inside of both her wonderful bare legs.

"So, Charles," she said seductively, "is that more like it!?"

"Yes, it certainly is!" I replied without hesitation. "Can I kiss your legs please, Louise?"

"I was wondering when you would ask me that! Yes, of course you can, but don't you think it would be nice to be a bit more relaxed? Why don't you take some clothes off, and come and lie on the bed so you can get really close to me?"

With that, she opened her legs to release my hands, and sat up, reaching forward and to her left. She unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my belt, skilfully unfastening the clip at my trousers waistband, and equally rapidly and skilfully unzipped my fly. My trousers fell awkwardly around my knees, and I got off the bed to remove them, first having to get rid of my shoes and socks. I tore off my shirt and threw it in a pile with the rest of my clothing. When I turned back, Louise had removed her top and tiny bra, and was lying in a relaxed star-shape on the bed, wearing only her bikini panties. I joined her, placing my hand firmly near the top of her legs.

I began to kneel up so I could move into a suitable position to get my face against her legs.

"Why don't you lie back and enjoy yourself while I do the acrobatics?" she suggested. This sounded more than just interesting.

Louise moved across to the far side of the bed to allow room for me to lie down beside her. She knelt up and straddled my legs, reaching forward, gripping the bed head, and shuffling herself towards my head. I looked up, gazing in awe and wonder as her beautiful long legs came closer and closer to my face. I felt her smooth bare legs brush against my naked shoulders. I raised my head slightly, and, turning first to my left and then to my right, kissed her inner thighs, first gently and then voraciously. I reached up to her waist, pulling her hips down gently towards me, my tongue lashing her beautiful bare legs, getting ever closer to her panties-covered crotch.

She reached down, steadying herself with her other hand on the bed head, placing her fingers between my eager mouth and her crotch, now only two inches above my face.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Charles?" she asked. She did not wait for my breathless reply, but swung her right leg around my head and lay down beside me on the bed.

"I've got another idea!" she said, "would you like to hear it?"

If it was going to be half as exciting as the last one, I couldn't wait!

"Oh yes, I certainly would!" I replied, somewhat childishly.

"Well," she continued, "why don't you take my panties off?"

I began to reach for the waistband of her bikini panties, when she slapped my hand hard!

"Not like that! I don't want to have to tie your hands behind your back Charles! Use your imagination!"

I paused, momentarily bemused, and then I realised with astonishment what she had in mind.

"Let me help you," she offered, moving slightly up the bed, and opening her legs.

"I think that will do nicely, don't you?"

I sat up, and suggested that she lie on the bed on her back again. As she did so, I moved down the bed, ending up face downwards, with my knees between her feet with my feet hanging over the end of the bed. I gingerly lowered my head till my face lay snugly between her narrowly parted thighs. I inched forward, passing my nose and lips over the thin cotton fabric of the front panel of her panties. Once again she slapped me, this time on the back of the head.

"Not there, not the waistband! Think man, think! No hands, and from the bottom!"

She opened her legs wider. There could no longer be any doubt what I was intended to do. Just to make sure I couldn't get it wrong again, she pushed me backwards, pressing the back of my head sharply down so that my face became firmly lodged between her gorgeous thighs. She slowly raised her hips to reduce the weight of her body on the bed, and brought her legs together round my face. "And absolutely no biting, you hear!" she said, half serious, half laughing.

I had a bizarre image in my mind of Duck-Apple day, trying to get a bobbing apple out of a bowl without using one's hands, which made me loose concentration momentarily. How would I position my mouth to make sure I got a good grip of her tiny panties with my teeth? Should I approach vertically or horizontally? Should I maintain my current orientation or turn my face sideways to get my teeth either side of that thinnest of thin cotton bands?

I decided to stay as I was, and gather the material in my mouth. There was a risk of nipping her between her legs, but I decided that the risk was worth it just for the experience. I pushed my face up between her legs, until my lips made contact with her panties. My nose pressed against her covered clitoris, and I caught the faint smell of talcum powder and salt. I took the material gently in my teeth, and pulled gently to make sure I had not caught her skin. Her panties began to slide off her hips, and I continued to pull back. The skimpy garment began to ride slowly down her smooth bare legs as I retreated gradually down the bed. She lowered her hips, and raised her knees to avoid my having to go right down to the end of the bed.

I felt her warm smooth legs against my face as her panties moved slowly down over her knees.

"That's very good, Charles," she said, "keep going, I want you to take them right off, then we can decide what to do about you!"

I pulled her panties over her knees and down to her feet, a bit like a dog with a bone, and let them drop to the floor. I retained the taste of her slightly scented underwear in my mouth, and thought longingly about what might be in store for me next, both in terms of the removal of my own underwear, and of further tasting experiences. I returned to the upper end of the bed, lying next to Louise, and running my hands along the full length of those lovely bare legs.

"Let me take yours off for you, sweetheart," she suggested. I did not demur. Louise repeated precisely the manoeuvre which I had executed so tentatively a few moments before. She did not, however, enforce her own "no hands" rule. Neither was she quite as careful as I had been about the use of her teeth. As her nose brushed against my scrotum, she slid her hand inside the waistband of my pants, locating my aroused penis with her agile fingers. Her teeth pulled roughly at my pants, pulling both hair and skin with the material, causing me to yelp with pain.

"Oh don't be such a wimp!" she cried, releasing her grip as she did so. She withdrew her hand from inside my underpants and pulled them roughly down my legs and flung them beside her own panties at the end of the bed.

She crawled up the bed towards me, and, with incredible agility, stood straight upright, standing on the bed with her feet either side of my head.

"Now what?" she asked, sounding very definitely as if it would be she who answered her own rhetorical question.

"I think I'll sit down on your chest, and make myself comfortable!" she teased, lowering herself slowly so that she ended up sitting on my rib cage.

My eyes had not been able to pull themselves away from the spectacular sights with which they were being presented. All the time, I had an utterly unimpeded view of her incomparable legs which, all the time, had been positioned so as to allow me to see exactly what lay between them - and what a glorious sight that was! As she shifted her weight from her feet to her bottom, which was in turn placed firmly on my lower rib cage, she closed her legs around my face, shifting her position so as to put her vagina as close to my lips as possible.

"Why don't you find out what I taste like!" she said very seductively.

She opened her legs very wide. My tongue found its target quickly, and I licked greedily, tasting her slightly salty sex juices.

She reached down behind her with her long arms, and took hold of my bulging penis. My mind was racing. All my sensory input channels were suddenly crowded, all the sliders simultaneously pushed to maximum. My cheeks were flushed by the thrilling contact with the warm enveloping texture of her bare legs; my lips and tongue gorged on her yielding cunt; my hands roamed freely up and down her lovely smooth bare legs; my penis throbbed in the grip of her skilful fingers. She was, for the moment anyway, truly mine to enjoy!

I played the tip of my tongue across her small but now erect clitoris, which caused her involuntarily to close her legs, and to tighten the grip of those wonderful smooth legs around my face. She began to stiffen her body, extending her legs fully, and shuddering towards a massive orgasm. She shrieked as her body became enveloped by its sudden overpowering climax. As she passed the point of no return, she opened her legs wide again, pulling the back of my head forward, squashing my face hard against her warm vagina. She came with a violent paroxysm of her whole body.

"Oh god!" she panted, "That was bloody fantastic Charles!" she rasped, "You certainly know what to do with your tongue in there between my legs, don't you?"

As she subsided, she pressed my face gently with her legs, first closing then opening them. She was clearly intent on my getting the full benefit of direct contact with her beautiful bare legs.

"Do you want to come yourself?" she asked, in a surprisingly gentle but matter-of-fact tone.

"You bet I bloody do, Louise!" I replied as she resumed her hand movements, gripping my still enlarged penis firmly. She pulled me towards her and sat up, bringing her mouth towards the cum-covered tip of my penis.

"Where would you like to put your sperm?" she asked as she ran her tongue across its head. "On my legs perhaps?" she suggested. I had never considered this possibility. What did she mean exactly? I was nearly at the point where the question would become academic.

"Come on, Charles! Would you like to cover these smooth bare legs of mine with your hot sperm? Spread it all over my smooth brown skin? I think I'd really like the sensation of your warm sticky cum covering my bare legs! What do you think?"

To a man on the edge of a massive climax, and new to the fascinating world of legs slavery, this sounded like a wonderful idea. I moved slightly down the bed, climbing over her to straddle her waiting legs. She rubbed my penis against the smooth skin on the insides of the top of her legs, which she closed around it. I pumped in and out, feeling the warm smooth skin of her firm muscular legs around my throbbing shaft. Her hand was pushing my cock hard against her bare legs as I shot my load of creamy sperm all over them. It was a huge ejaculation, and I thought the stream of hot white cum would never stop pumping itself all over her lovely brown legs. When it subsided, she rubbed the creamy fluid into her skin, spreading it over a wide area.

"You have to clean me up now, Charles," she said insistently, "I can't be doing with sticky legs now, can I?"

I looked at her lovely tan legs, now covered with my creamy sperm, which looked not unlike wallpaper paste. Louise had spread the results of my considerable ejaculation smoothly and evenly all over the soft smooth brown skin on the inside of the tops of both her legs. The contrast between the colour of her legs and that of the sperm which now covered much of the inside of her upper legs was visually very striking. I looked around for some tissues or something to clean her legs up, but she slapped my hand in mock rebuke.

"Lick it off!" she commanded forcefully. I had never tasted my own semen before, but the idea of licking it off those beautiful smooth bare legs filled me with excitement. She opened her legs wide to accommodate the execution of my assigned task, and I positioned myself between her legs, my head pressing against her pubis. I began to lick the smooth skin on the insides of her legs, which had the effect of spreading my copious sperm more thinly over a much wider area. The more I licked, the more it spread, until I was licking her legs virtually from her knees to her crotch.

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