tagBDSMA Confluence of Needs

A Confluence of Needs

byDeadly Joker©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All characters portrayed in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older.

A big thank-you to everyone who left commentary/feedback on any of my previous stories. I love to hear the reactions of readers, and it's also a great motivator for me to write out more of my story ideas. So I hope you enjoy this one, and afterwards please remember to vote, and if you'd like to leave commentary/feedback it's something I always appreciate.


In regards to storytelling, one thing people seem very skeptical about is coincidences. You hear critical remarks like, 'Well, that was quite the coincidence,' or 'That was an unlikely coincidence'. But really, if you begin with taking nothing for granted, isn't it all a series of grand coincidences? Or maybe we ignore and dismiss any coincidence that is uninteresting or somehow difficult, and only consciously register what is of benefit to us. But it is of dire importance to keep your senses open, to not turn away from that strange coincidence that may only begin with the slightest hint, and grow into two souls living as one.

This particular story starts on the early evening of Halloween, just as the sun was disappearing below the horizon. I was living in an older part of town, on the top of a three-storey house that had been converted into individual apartments, with balconies and stairs on the front. I wanted to take out a bag of garbage and then retreat inside and get the lights down in front so I wouldn't be hassled by little trick-or-treaters searching out every available piece of candy.

So, dressed casually in baggy shorts and a plaid shirt, with a bag of garbage hanging from one hand I jogged down the steps, my head wrapped in various thoughts. Suddenly, I was pulled out of my own private world by a sound. A strange sound. Like sniffling, like crying. It was coming from a shape in a dark corner near the front door of another apartment.

I stopped dead on the stairs, unsure of what to do. I'm a fit young man, about six feet tall, so I wasn't worried too much about my own safety from what looked like a single slight shape wrapped in a coat. But I also didn't want to intrude on someone's private moment. Finally, I decided I couldn't just stand there on the stairs, and I'd of felt stupid retreating back to my apartment.

I stepped forward on the landing and spoke, "Uh, can I, uh...can I help you?"

The figure jumped a little, and then turned around. As soon as she turned and got out of her hunched posture, she became instantly familiar--it was Suzy. I could understand why I didn't recognize her before; she was wearing a big trench coat that rose high above her neck, and almost brushed the ground. And her long dark hair fell around her face. She saw me, then wiped her nose and sniffled.

"Oh, hey there," she said, "Sorry...I, uh...geez, didn't meet to bug anyone else." She sighed.

She didn't live here, but I saw her around occasionally as the girlfriend of Joe, the guy who lived in the apartment we were standing outside of.

I asked, "Are you, ah, waiting for Joe to let you in?"

She smirked. "That fucker threw me out." A stunned look must have crossed my face. "Yeah, he's got a Halloween party tonight, and so I show up, and...and..." she stopped speaking, shivered, tried to hold back tears. I put a hand on her trembling shoulder. After a moment, she continued, "I show him my costume, and he...he starts calling me all these things...weirdo, freak...cr-cr-creepy dyke bitch." A few new tears rolled down her cheeks.

I noticed more things about her; though her dark hair and pale complexion gave her a little bit of the goth look normally, tonight she was wearing a heavy amount of eye shadow and a deep red glossy lipstick. In the fading light, I noticed there seemed to be red and purple highlights in the hair that fell past her shoulders, and she wore soft satin gloves on her hands. The part of her boots that was visible was a shiny black patent leather with a thick platform heel. What else could she have been hiding under that trench coat?

"So then he asks me if I rented or bought all this," she continued, "and I say of course I bought it, you can't rent this shit, or if you can it's not like I want someone else's sweaty...anyway, then he goes all apeshit on me, when I have no fucking idea why, because it's my goddamn money anyway. Jesus Christ, and I was thinking we could get more intimate, and I mean being the horny bastard he is, the guy would like a little...but no!...fucking hell!...fucking shallow, dull, mindless piece of shit!"

She was gripping one of my arms, hard enough that it was causing me some discomfort. I had the impression soon she was about to start using her other hand to pound a fist into my chest, for emphasis. I became aware of the awkwardness of the situation, standing in front of this guy's door with his girlfriend ranting on him.

"Hey," I began, "Look, if it doesn't look like you'll go back in there to make up--"

"Fuck no!"

I wasn't quite sure what areas of Joe's mind Suzy was trying to expand, but I wasn't too surprised he didn't go for it. I never had a problem with him, but he was the sort of young male whose priorities seemed to be keeping his car shiny, staying clothed in official sports team merchandise, and endlessly blabbing to anyone about having figured out how the world 'really worked', and always having 'the angle' on everything. Every time I saw him and Suzy together, I got the impression she was dumbing herself down around him, letting him be the hero even when she had the better solution to a problem, and keeping a part of herself closed in and hidden away.

"Well look," I said, "Why don't you come up to my place and you can have a cup of coffee and wind down a bit?"

"Nah," she said, and shook her head vehemently. "I'm sure you've got plans and stuff..."

"No, not really. I was just going to spend the evening alone, maybe do some reading or watch a movie on TV. Look, I'm not saying you gotta spend the whole evening with me, but I think you could use a little time sitting down. And you can vent about whatever to me."

She smiled. "You definitely are a good listener. But nah, I can't impose, really..."

It was a bit out of character for me to be direct, but somewhere in me I knew if I wasn't the evening would be worse for both of us. I looked her in the eye. "Listen, you're telling me you'd rather...what, were you just going to drive home now?"

"I have to take the bus, actually..."

"So, you're telling me you'd rather take the bus, bumping along while still sniffling, and then spend the evening home alone, rather than come up, have a coffee with me, and pour out your troubles and talk it out? Is that what you're saying?" We looked at each other quietly for a moment, then we both smiled.

"Okay," she said.

I tossed the bag I was carrying into the garbage, and then followed her up the stairs. I guess I felt a little perverse about it, but I kept my eye glued to her butt as it waved in front of my face with her steps. I knew I was bringing her to my place for a bit of friendly conversation and comfort, but at the same time part of me recognized her as an attractive woman coming home with me. I was single and spent a lot of evenings home alone, not desperate but not completely pleased either, and I wasn't so harmless of a man that a bit of wishful sexual fantasy didn't play out in the back of my mind.

As soon as I let her in she headed off to the bathroom, "To straighten up my makeup." I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. It was a cozy apartment, not the newest or the largest around, but the rent was reasonable and I felt at home. The kitchen was an alcove off of the main room, from which you could also go to the bathroom and bedroom. I pulled the curtains and turned off the outside lights so that no trick-or-treaters would think of trying their luck here.

The coffee was ready when the bathroom door cracked open and Suzy said, "Hey, you want to see my Halloween costume?"

"Sure!" I called out.

Suzy opened the bathroom door fully and strutted out. Even if I had something to say at this moment I doubt if I could have spoken.

She'd tied her dark hair back in a ponytail that emerged from the top of the back of her head, and made a little arc as it hung (I could now clearly see that indeed it had red and purple highlights). The make-up on her face had been touched up and she looked very goth indeed, with striking darkness around the sockets of her eyes, and a glossy red lipstick that made her lips look puffed up and slippery wet. Tight around her neck was a thick leather collar with a metal loop in front, and more loosely around her neck hung a red ball-gag.

Suzy was only a few inches shorter than me, and having a bit of a thick-boned build that made for a whole lot of woman, even though she was obviously fit and active. A leather corset, with all manner of buckles and laces, was tight around her torso. Her breasts were held up by a bra that seemed almost of a piece with the corset, but could be removed while still leaving the corset in place. Her cleavage was a dark inviting valley, and the pale flesh of her breasts jiggled with every step. Her hands were in satin gloves, which extended tight on her skin up to her elbows. She wore leather bracelets around her wrists, which were affixed with loops and hooks. Salivating, I imagined they could easily be buckled together.

The platform boots I'd seen a glimpse of under her trench coat were now revealed in all their glory; large blocky platforms with a spiked heel that Suzy was doing an impressive job balancing on, with patent leather tops that went up to her knees. Even her boots had little bands and hooks that would let them be chained together, to hobble her. From her boot-tops the wavy pattern of her fishnet stockings stretched over her strong muscled thighs, before disappearing into the mystery that lay under a tight pair of patent leather shorts.

Seemingly frustrated by my lack of comment, Suzy turned around in front of me, slowly, giving me a delicious view of how those leather shorts hugged her big round ass, the cut of them high enough so that a generous amount of assflesh was visible to me. The material of shorts seemed to disappear into a very intimate crevice as it tapered down to the area between her legs.

"Hmph," she said, "No comment, huh? Geez, I might have to give up on men altogether."

"I--holy shit," I said. I have to say I had trouble bringing my eyes up to meet her gaze. "Um...might have been much for a Christmas party, though."


"Huh?" I asked, blinking.

"It's Halloween. You said Christmas, silly. You seem a little distracted."

Distracted wasn't the word. My cock had sprung to life in my pants. I was sitting on a stool, on the living-room side of the kitchen counter. I put an arm over my crotch to hide the bulge as my cock struggled for room to get fully hard.

"Well, even though you're not saying anything, I'm guessing you kinda like it." She giggled, and walked closer to me. "Oh well, better than some treatment I've gotten lately." There was still some edge, a lot of anger in her voice, that showed itself again.

"I, uh," I struggled to make conversation. "Um, I guess those bands on your wrists can be locked together, huh?"

"Yup," she said, and held out her hands to me. We were now just the length of her arms away from each other. "Much more comfy than handcuffs."

"Well," I said, "It's not like you have to get the steel handcuffs. They have fur-lined handcuffs, leather handcuffs...all sorts of options."

"Oooh, so you know something about this, do you?" Her eyes were wide, glittering, as they looked into mine. I looked away for a moment, afraid to fall into their fire, but then looked back at her. What was there to be afraid of? We were in my space. If something happened that both of us wanted to happen, then it would. As I looked at her, I'm sure some of my wicked thoughts coming to the surface could not be hidden. "You'd have been ever so helpful in the store. Not like the shop-girl that tried to help me out. Little Avril Lavigne poser probably couldn't tell a ball-gag from a ball-sack."

"Fuck," I said, "Serving an ass like that, I'd get a little distracted myself."

She grinned and then spun around. Placing her feet apart and her hands on the back of the couch, she jiggled her butt at me while looking over her shoulder. "I always knew you liked my ass. Lots of men do, I see them eye me around town when I'm walking around in tight jeans or a skirt. Why the fuck did I end up with Joe, who seemed to think I was invisible until he wanted to get off? But I seen you, yeah I seen you look at my ass, even when Joe was around. That's not very nice, scoping out another guy's girlfriend like that. I'm beginning to think you're not a very nice man at all."

The mention of Joe brought a little bit of me back to why she had come up here in the first place. I said, "Um, so I thought you'd want to maybe have a coffee, and talk about...?"

"FUCK!" she yelled, and tensed up. A stressful sigh travelled between her teeth, and then she said, "That's the last thing I want to think about, the very last thing. I thought...I thought...I wanted him to..."

Suddenly she was on me, hugging against me, hot tears falling on my shoulder. I put one hand around her body, my other hand I used to cradle her head.

"You can't imagine the things he called me...freak..."

"It's okay," I said, "You're definitely not...you just can't expect everyone to appreciate...pearls before swine, you know? Some people are just...bah."

"I...I just wanted to give myself...-sob-...over, I thought maybe he'd show some love, if..."

The opportunity was here, not to just please myself, but to help her out too, I hoped. I took her delicate hands off of my body, and guided the wrists behind her back. The leather bracelets easily clicked together. She leaned against me still, her head on my shoulder. My cock hadn't subsided, and I'm sure she'd felt it when she hugged me.

"Is this what you wanted?" I asked softly. I ran my fingers up her back slowly, first against her corset, and then higher up, up her naked back and shoulders. "Controlled? Taken in hand?"

She pulled away from me a little, looked up at my face, and nodded. Something inside me felt weighed down when I looked at her sad and tearful face. I took her chin in my hand and brushed my fingers along her cheek.

"Do you want me to control you? Do you want to submit to me? To you want me to use you to satiate my desire?"

Now it was her turn to look at the floor. Her head nodded, then quietly she said: "Y-y-yes."

I guided her body down, until she was kneeling in front of me while I still leaned against the stool. I caressed the top of her head.

"We need a safeword," I said, "If we're going to go further." I paused. "Is 'apricot' okay?"

"Yes," she said, and smiled.

"You'll call me 'master', or 'sir'. So when you say that, say 'Yes, sir'."

"Yes, sir." she said.

I ran my hand over her face, over her eyelids and cheeks. I ran my index finger along her lips, then pushed in, past her teeth, and caressed her tongue. I pumped my finger in and out of her mouth. "Are you my little fucktoy?"

"Yess surgh," she said, her speech disrupted a little by my finger. I pulled it out.

"I'm going to blindfold you before we go any further," I said. I was breathing more deeply myself.

She gave a little shiver and looked up at me, wide-eyed. "Yes, sir."

I got a light scarf from the closet and tied it around her head, making sure her eyes were well covered. "Can you see anything?"

"No, sir."

I leaned in and spoke into her ear. "Now, you understand, if you can see, and you're lying to me, I'm going to find out about it. And when I find out about it, I'm going to be fucking angry, and I'm going to take it out on you. So my little bitch better not be lying to me. So, can you see anything?"

She gulped. "No, sir."

I knelt in front of Suzy, facing her. For a second I contemplated what a crazy situation this was, that less than an hour ago I was just heading out to get rid of my garbage, thinking of a way to fill up my time this evening, and now this hot young woman was kneeling in my living room, decked out in fetish wear, blindfolded, with her hands behind her back, waiting with breathless anticipation for me to use her.

"Would you like your master to kiss you?" I asked.

"Oh, yes! Yes, sir."

I leaned in and put my lips against hers. Immediately we opened our mouths and the kiss was hard and hot; lips bruising against teeth, tongues intertwining, saliva flowing back and forth and dripping down our chins. I wanted to take the lead but it was as much as I could do to keep up with the hot hungry need she showed in her kiss.

Finally I pulled back, and had to extend an arm to keep her upright or she would have tipped over searching for more of my mouth. We both breathed heavily. I stood up in front of her and quickly undid the front of my shorts.

"Your master's going to ask you now to use your mouth on something else...open wide." She opened her mouth. I gave her a little slap on the cheek and commanded, "Open wide and stick out your tongue or you're not getting any cock!"

She opened very wide then, and stuck out her tongue. A string of saliva dripped from the end.

I grabbed her forehead with one hand, and used the other to bring my hard throbbing cock to her mouth. Already a drop of precum had formed on the head.

I flicked my cock against her tongue, and then drew it away. "Unnngh!" she cried out hoarsely, in need. I flicked it against her tongue a few more times, teasing her, and then plunged it into the hot wet depths of her mouth.

Suzy gave me a hot, wet, and sloppy blowjob. On her knees with her hands behind her back her movement was limited, so I helped her out a bit, keeping her head in one hand and thrusting my hips a little.

"Oh fuck yes, that's it!" I growled. "Fucking take take it! That's what you're good for! Work those fucking cheeks! Suck it. Suck me. Take my fucking cock."

Her blindfolded head bobbed up and down on my cock with an animal need. I stopped her head with both hands and then held it steady and began thrusting my cock. I pulled it out until only the tip rested inside her mouth, her tongue flicking the head and inviting me back, and then I would push it in, deep and far into her accepting and willing mouth, as she gagged and gargled but did not struggle against me.

"Take that cock in your sweet mouth, yeah, yeah..." I pumped her quicker. Drool dripped off my shaft and balls, and down off her chin. "That's right, fucking hot and wet and sloppy. Fucking get my cock wet. You fucking like my cock banging your throat?"

"MMMM-HMMMM!!!" Sounded from deep in her, through her mouth and tongue and lips, and vibrated up and down my cock shaft. It was too much, I was going to blow before I'd planned.

I put my throbbing cock halfway into her mouth and held her head there with both my hands. I shut my eyes and clenched my teeth. My whole body shook as my cock shot load after load of hot sticky sperm into my slave's willing mouth.

She was still as I orgasmed, then as I stopped shooting her tongue began twirling and sucking on my ultra-sensitive cock, sucking down my sperm. I pulled my cock out.

"You hot fucking bitch," I said, "You made me cum when I was trying to hold it in!" I knelt down and kissed her. She jumped a little, then in half a second got into it. Her lips and cheeks were wet with saliva and traces of my cum, and there was still a taste of it inside her mouth as well. I put my arms around her and held her tight to me and shared a long hot kiss with my bound and blindfolded slave.

I untied her blindfold and tossed it away. "Did you like that?" I asked.

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