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A Considerate Husband's Thoughts


Several readers have asked what my husband thinks about our lifestyle. Specifically, many have wanted to know what he thinks about and does while I am with another man.

Usually ,when I return from another man, I am busy telling my husband what my date and I did, and making certain that my husband "gets off" while I attend to his physical needs as I fill his imagination with descriptions of my adventure. He loves to hear that. He has many questions that I answer as faithfully and fully as I can. Considering that I have been having sex with another man, perhaps faithfully is the wrong word. But perhaps because I have come to see my sex with another as foreplay for my lovemaking with my husband, it is appropriate. Somehow, I am not cheating if I share everything with my husband. Sometimes, in return, he shares with me what he was thinking about while I was away receiving my pleasure with another man.

We both know that he is technically a cuckold and I am probably what most of you would call a whore or slut. He does not consider himself a cuckold, and I do not either. I simply have sex - never lovemaking – with other men and tell him about it as a prelude to the most fantastic lovemaking with my husband. Period.

His desire to share me with other men has led to a deeper, warmer, more complete and contented marriage. I have brought little "secrets" that I have learned from other men to our marital bed and I delight in the gentle and subtle teasing that is part of all this.

I am not the woman I was before. Sometimes I wonder how he put up with me. I rarely initiated sex. I often found it getting in the way of chores or other things. I resisted sex when I felt the children might wonder what we were doing. Now, we have sex more often and both of us agree that it is better, deeper and more physical. It is more emotional.

The thing that I feel mostly since I started seeing others is a sense of freedom. I have the freedom to choose to be with a man and my husband accepts that desire. I admit that I get great devilish pleasure at heading off to meet a date while my husband stays home babysitting. That simple act of leaving him to domestic duties is a feast of exciting emotions. The role reversal is incredibly erotic.

In response to the requests, I have asked my husband what is in his mind when I am gone. He wrote some notes and paragraphs over the course of several months. I took them and put them in order, from when I was preparing for the date to when I left, to what he did and thought while I was out, till my return. I took that and rewrote it and then I spell checked it. Here is the first part: A considerate husband's thoughts on his dating (you might say "slut") wife.

"Now that we are settled into this type marriage, I have experienced so many emotions as well as acts. I have identified the most exciting and pleasurable parts of it, as far as my feelings are concerned. I do admit that our marital sex is improved. It is not just the new positions and techniques that she has learned. She calls them "tricks" and readily shares them with me.

It begins when my wife tells me that she has made a date for some future time. For example, this afternoon she will be meeting a man who used to live here but moved away. They had a few dates before he was transferred. He is back with his family for Thanksgiving weekend and, as they did last year, he and my wife will pretend to go holiday shopping while actually meeting at a motel in the next town. My wife has even stored some packages in the trunk of her car to bring in when she returns! The kids will be curious and wonder about the gifts. That is the planning that foes into this.

I suspected that they might get together again this year and, the Friday before Thanksgiving, my wife told me that they had talked that afternoon and arranged the time and place. The fact that it is the same as last year makes it no less exciting. This man is not exceptional in size or skills except that he loves to lick and suck her anus, which she loves. She learned from him to accept anal sex and brought that home to become part of our lovemaking.

Those thoughts rushed through my mind when she told me. She said that she was glad that she would be over her period by then. I told her that I seemed to remember that they had been together on at least one occasion during her time of the month.

She remembered that occasion and commented that a man really desired a woman if he wanted her then. She smiled and kissed me. I think she was remembering the many times that I wanted her then. I told her I wanted her right then. She smiled and said it was not so bad now, almost over, and we went to the bedroom as the kids watched television and pretended to do homework. She said that she would reduced my swelling till we could find a more permanent cure later.

She quickly had my pants down and devoured my cock, her mouth so wet and her tongue everywhere. Before she started seeing other men, her blow jobs were routine and short, just enough to get me hard, mostly licks, not taking me into her mouth. Now she took me till her nose disappeared in my pubes. Her fingers massaged my ball sack and then one found my ass. Soon I was bucking. She never would have permitted that before! I sort of gasped and told her I would be coming soon if she continued and she seemed to suck me in harder. I came and my body shook and I tried to keep my voice down. She looked up at me and slowly slipped her head back, off my very sensitive cock.

She opened her mouth and showed me my own cum, there in a pool, mixed with her saliva, filling her mouth. She never did that before she started to date. I wondered for a flash of a second what her dates thought when she did that. I knew she did it for them. She told me. She said most wanted it because their wives or girlfriends would not do it. Therefore, she had soon decided that she must do it and properly or the men she was dating would have nothing special to remember her for.

She is good! I know that if I did not let her experience other men and their desires and needs, I would not get such complete sex. I sat on the bed and heard her say that she would be very horny when the kids were asleep. She left me to my thoughts. I started to get hard as I imagined our lovemaking in a few hours.

I was thinking that I was a lucky man and would enjoy her horniness in the week before her "shopping date." Her period would be an inconvenience, not a barrier, to the great and varied sex that we have as the excitement builds for her date."

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by widowedidiot10/03/17

A Happy Wife

I loved your story. Fiction or not, it described me almost to a tee, everything you wrote before your husband took over is me except for the parts I added, my late wife had her lovers throughout the yearsmore...

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