tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Conspiracy of Sluts Ch. 05

A Conspiracy of Sluts Ch. 05


Author's note: This is the final part of a five part novella. Each chapter is devoted to a different category of erotica: i.e. lesbian, group, interracial, BDSM, exhibitionism/voyeur (in that order). Although the five parts constitute a complete story I have tried to write each chapter so it could be enjoyed stand-alone as well (although I prefer you read the whole thing of course). I will post each chapter about a week apart. Enjoy!

Paige was jolted back to consciousness by a pungent sting in her twitching nostrils. A dark-eyed woman in a yellow silk blouse and charcoal gray skirt hovered in front of her, holding a vial of smelling salts and wafting the vapor towards her with fluttering movements of her scrupulously manicured fingers. Marie squatted awkwardly at Paige's side in spiked heels and a tight black mini dress, holding an ice pack to the back of Paige's head. Marie and the other woman exchanged relieved glances as Paige's eyes flickered open.

Paige inspected this unfamiliar woman from close up. She had a Mediterranean look to her, with swarthy olive skin and a lustrous mass of black hair that carelessly framed her face in loose, bouncy curls. Her eyes were excessively large, her eyebrows a little too thick, her mouth a little too wide; but these disproportionate features transformed what would otherwise be a merely pretty face into one possessing a uniquely striking beauty. In comparison, Marie's typical Asiatic good looks seemed perversely ho-hum.

Paige let her eyes focus beyond Marie and the other woman. She saw they were not alone. A dozen or so people looked on with varying degrees of interest. They were generally attractive, well dressed and well maintained. Some looked vaguely familiar, some not. Paige couldn't concentrate enough to sort them out. Malcolm, who Paige now remembered had knocked her unconscious when she had threatened to sever his penis with a shard of glass, was nowhere to be seen.

Then Paige looked down at herself. She was completely naked. A pale smear of semen still shone milky on her inner thigh. She wondered again if Malcolm had just gotten her pregnant. She shuddered as she folded her arms across her breasts and pulled her knees up to her chest.

"How are you, Paige?" asked the woman with the smelling salts. Her voice was a pleasant contralto. Her pronunciation was precise to the point of seeming haughty.

"Who are you?" asked Paige irritably, her voice sounding woozy.

"I'm Athena Oreskos - pleased to meet you - although I must say I'm a little surprised you haven't already figured that out. I mean, you've sussed out everything else about our silly little schemes." She smiled at Paige like a teacher showing reluctant approval for a bright but naughty student.

"You're Miss Oreskos?"

"Yes. But please call me Athena."

"My boss, Athena Oreskos?"

"If you want to think of it that way, yes, I suppose so."

Paige looked her over. Her waist was slender, her abdomen flat, her chest was nearly as large as Paige's but her hips weren't as wide. It was the kind of body made for modeling swimwear or lingerie. And she had been born stinking rich too. Paige indulged in the urge to hate this stranger for having been handed - through a lucky trick of parentage - every advantage deemed desirable for a woman by modern civilization.

"Not any more. I quit."

"Oh Paige, Nooo," said Marie. She placed hand on Paige's shoulder. Paige shrugged it off.

"I quit and I want to go home. Let go of me."

Marie looked to Athena with disappointment; a look that said: please fix this.

"Paige, let's not be..."

"Am I a prisoner here?"

"Of course not."

"Then let me go. Now."

Athena and Marie exchanged a look. Athena exhaled slowly. "Very well. I suppose I can't blame you. We've really made a mess of this whole thing." She looked at Marie and Marie turned away, tears welling in her eyes.

Paige moved to stand but she was still unsteady. Plus standing would mean fully exposing herself to the crowd of strangers again. She scanned the faces looking down at her. She felt irritation rather than embarrassment.

"Where're my clothes?"

"Well... you soiled yourself a bit when Heather drugged you. We're having them cleaned and we'll return them to you. But, don't worry, I'll lend you something."

"Shit," said Paige.

"Paige... please..." began Marie. "Don't leave..."

"Leave me alone you devious little cunt," said Paige, pushing her away with more force than she intended. Marie stumbled backwards off her heels, landing on her ass. A few people barked out truncated laughs, a few gasped, others mumbled to each other. Marie's face contorted and she heaved out a sob. She jumped up and fled, leaving a wake of tears. Paige sagged back to the floor, feeling shitty.

"Craig, help me get her up off the floor," barked Athena. There was an edge to her voice that caused the other people in the room to mill about fretfully. A tall man with shaggy, sandy hair and pale blue eyes pushed from the back of the small crowd to scoop Paige up and sit her on the bed. Paige looked him the face as he lifted her. And what a well formed face it was! She felt her determination to be rid of these people waver a as she gazed into those eyes but she rallied her annoyance and forced herself to glower at him crossly.

"Everyone, out," ordered Athena. "Not you Craig. Keep this icepack on her head. I'll get her something to wear and we'll take her home." Athena herded the crowd out into the hall and closed the door behind her.

"I can hold my own ice pack," Paige told Craig.

"Suit yourself," he said. He handed it to her and moved around to lean against the credenza. He looked her over with unabashed interest. Paige felt herself grow warm. She wrapped her arms across her breasts again. Craig smiled a crooked grin and shifted his gaze to her pussy. She crossed her legs tightly.

Craig reached down, snatched the crumpled sheet from the bed and handed it to her. As she took it from him she noticed that his hands were dirty with smudges of various colors of paint. He wasn't dressed as well as the other members of the crowd either, just faded jeans and a threadbare black tee shirt that clung to his wide chest.

"So what do you do around here?" She asked as she wrapped the sheet around her body.

"I painted that," he nodded towards the big oil painting of the messy vulva that hung over the credenza. "Athena lets me keep a studio up here."

Paige looked at the painting again. "It's disgusting."

Craig laughed an honest, deep belly laugh. "Too bad you're washing out. I like your moxie. Too many of these bozos are too eager to just parrot The Princess' opinion on everything."

"Washing out?"

"Yeah... of your initiation. I bet you'd've been interesting to have around. Plus I'd love to paint you... disgustingly, if you know what I mean." His smile got wider and toothier: a teasing grin, charming as hell.

Paige felt herself blush. "I'm not 'washing out'."

Craig shrugged. "Whatevs."

Paige scowled at him. What an arrogant jerk. But she found herself looking at him more carefully. His face seemed familiar. "Weren't you in the Village Voice or something?"

"Vanity Fair," he corrected. "Six months ago. 'The New Sexuality in Fine Art', blah, blah, blah. They had a photo of me, but none of my paintings. I would have preferred it the other way around. I might've sold some fucking canvases."

Paige remembered now. She and her sister Tammy had both remarked on his photo (approvingly) and had idly discussed going to the gallery showing the article was plugging. But then Paige had gotten deathly sick and of course they'd never made it to the show.

"You're Miss Oreskos' boyfriend?"

He laughed. "Athena isn't really the 'girlfriend' type. But she fucks me as much as she fucks anybody and we frequently sleep in the same bed... so, I guess you could look at it that way."

Paige turned away. He was too damn cool, too damn handsome. She was determined to break free of these perverts, no matter how enticing they presented themselves. She looked through the window at the penthouse view of the city starting to twinkle into its night face across the twilight-shrouded park. But that was too cool and enticing too. Paige looked at the floor and focused inwardly at the rage and shame of what she'd be tricked into and put through.

Finally, Athena breezed in with a dress draped across her arm. It was sleek, metallic blue, strapless and it looked disconcertingly slight in her hands. She laid it on the bed next to Paige. "Here you go. You can keep that."

Paige looked at the dress with distress. It was fantastic but nearer a swimming suit in it's coverage of skin.

"Also..." said Athena. She held out a hand with a pill in her palm. "Take this."

"What is it?" Paige asked suspiciously.

"RU-486, so Malcolm doesn't get you preg..."

Paige scooped it up and swallowed it dry. "Thanks," she said in a small voice. A deep feeling of relief coursed through her mind like a narcotic.

"Good. Now put that dress on and we'll take you home in my limo."

Paige looked at the dress. It probably cost several thousand dollars, at least. Paige looked from the dress to Athena to Craig to the window. She knew she should say no. She should insist on some plain old sweatpants, a tee-shirt and cab fare; get out without any fuss or obligations. But the dress was amazing. Craig was amazing. Athena was amazing. It was all so fucking amazing. And she'd never been in a limo before...

"OK," said Paige.

She let the sheet fall from her shoulders and picked up the dress. Craig watched as Athena helped her squeeze into it. Paige could feel his eyes on her. They made her skin tingle.

After she dressed, Athena and Craig walked Paige down the hall into the large room beyond. The main room was vast, sprinkled with off-white furniture, a smattering of sculpture and large tropical plants in oversized pots. Several large paintings hung on the walls, the subject matter of which was almost universally smutty: more of Craig's "art" apparently. The room was fronted by a colossal wall of windows that looked out over the park toward the towering landmarks arrayed along West Central Park Drive. But the real view was inside. Athena's friends had already begun to play. Groups of three, four and five people - some naked, some barely clothed - churned and moaned on the diverse chairs, lounges and couches. She spotted the pretty black girl who'd been spying on her just before her encounter with Tony and Neil. Beneath her was Tony. Other faces she recognized from around work; the attractive ones you'd spot on the elevators or in the hall and wonder how such a person ended up in a career as resolutely unglamorous as property management.

In a big chair up against the windows, a couple caught her eye. She was tiny and lithe and he was large and muscular. His massive hands cradled her buttocks as he raised and lowered her along the length of his cock. She had her little feet braced against his hips and her arms looped around his neck. Even though her face was buried in the man's meaty chest Paige recognized Marie right away. She admired the way her slender back writhed with coiled energy as she rode the intimidating thick shaft and the way the twin dimples in her lower back shivered with effort as she attempted to admit even more of her partner's rigid manhood into her body. Another man stepped up behind Marie, blocking Paige's view. He squatted down and began tonguing her sphincter. Marie moaned lividly.

Paige realized she had stopped to stare. Athena and Craig looked at her with arched eyebrows. Their expression saying: well, do you want to leave or not? Paige turned away from the action. She followed them down the hallway to the elevator and stepped inside. It descended very fast. No one spoke.

Down in the garage a black limousine awaited them. A trim, middle aged driver in a smart uniform opened the door and helped them in. As she climbed into the car Paige instinctively tugged at the hem of the tight little dress but it wouldn't go any lower without exposing her breasts. But then, she wasn't wearing panties so it was difficult to get in without showing her pussy. She did her best, letting the chauffer see what he could. She had a flash of anticipatory dread about getting out of the car when she got back to her building.

Once inside, Paige eagerly inspected the interior. The seats were gray leather, the lighting was low and tasteful and there was a little bar behind the driver with several carafes of cut crystal holding liquors that varied in color from clear to pale gold to deep brown. Next to the bar was a twenty-four inch flat-screen TV mounted into the front wall of the compartment with a DVD/blu-ray player embedded in the console beneath it. Athena settled in next to Paige. Craig sat across from them, next to the bar. He reached over and poured himself something brown, with ice.

"Would you like anything?" he asked as they pulled out of the garage.

Paige shook her head. Athena ignored the question.

Athena sighed. "I'm devastated that we're losing you. You were so close."

Paige turned to Athena, her face confused and showing a slightly annoyed grimace. "I don't even understand why you want me."

"You're a very lovely woman, Paige. It's a pity you can't see that. We were attempting to build up your confidence. I suppose we needed more time..."

"But... why? Why go through all that trouble just to lure me into your... your... whatever it is."

Athena laughed. "It's just a circle of friends my dear. We're attractive. We're adventurous. We enjoy sex. Isn't that enough?"

"That doesn't answer my..."

"Well, how else do you propose I invite someone I desire into my clique? Go around saying 'hello attractive stranger, do you want to join our orgy club?'" She chuckled. "Word would get out, my dear. And the next thing you know I'm all over the gossip blogs and supermarket tabloids. The media loves to pick apart and punish wealthy and sexually active women. To build a coterie such as ours requires finesse."

"Unfortunately you're just too clever for us... or our finesse is too clumsy," added Craig with a wry smile.

"But there must be better candidates: other rich girls, actresses...."

"I have a rule: no famous friends. They draw too much heat and I don't want that kind of attention."

"But there have to be plenty of non-famous attractive people in a city this size... enough so that you don't have to dip into your own accounting department anyway."

Craig laughed. "My God, she really can't see it!"

"The only unattractive thing about you, Paige, is your tiresome lack of confidence."

Paige clenched her jaw and crossed her arms across her chest. The slight increase in pressure threatened to squeeze her breasts out of the top so she dropped her hands to her lap and began nervously wringing her fingers. As she did this, Athena and Craig shared a long look.

"You should show her," said Craig.

"She's seen it."

"It would be different seeing it now."

"She'll be angry."

"She's already angry."

"What are you talking about?" demanded Paige.

Athena gave Paige a look. Then she shared one with Craig. Craig threw her a 'why not?' gesture. Athena sighed, picked up her purse and pulled out a square envelope. She pulled out a DVD, silvery and new, and frisbeed it across the cabin to Craig. Craig let it land in his lap, picked it up and slid it into the DVD player.

"What is that?" asked Paige, a tone of terror in her voice because, basically, she'd already figured out what it was.

Craig turned on the TV. On it was a view of the back of Paige's head with a dingy room beyond. Private security consultant Lucas Burr was entering the room.


"Skip ahead Craig," said Athena calmly.

"I'll sue!"

"You really want this admitted as evidence in a court case?

"I... I..."

Craig let the recording go back to normal speed at the point where Paige was turned profile to the camera, her face running up and down Burr's cock. One could see the arc defining the rim of his glans rippling beneath the tightly stretched skin of her cheek as the girth of his shaft deformed her face. A thin trickle of saliva and precum hung from her chin.

"No," said Athena. "Go to the sexy part."

"This part is sexy," objected Craig.

Paige looked at Craig. His eyes remained stuck to the screen, his attention totally focused. His hand moved into his lap and plucked at his crotch, adjusting for sudden discomfort.

"Craig..." prompted Athena. He reluctantly hit fast forward.

Paige leaned her head on the back of the seat and stared up through the smoky glass of the limo's sun roof. The sky had now dimmed to a deep cobalt blue, starless over the city lights. They had already made it past the park and she watched buildings slip by as the limo turned onto Broadway at Columbus Circle to head downtown. Traffic was getting bad. She saw a double-decker sight-seeing bus drive by. A middle aged couple was looking down, trying to squint through the tinted glass without success. It was probably the worst possible route to get Paige back to her apartment, what with the theater traffic and the sightseeing buses. And apparently they were going to make Paige relive this morning's embarrassing lapse with Lucas Burr the entire way. Her face burned with anger and shame.

"Right there, that sexy part," said Athena.

Paige looked back at the screen. She didn't want to see herself getting fucked by Luke Burr but she was also curious what a woman like Athena Oreskos might consider so excessively sexy.

"Oh yeah..." said Craig. He turned to look at Paige. "This is really fucking hot." Paige noticed the heat behind his eyes as his gaze dropped from her face to survey her body barely concealed in her tight, borrowed dress. Paige shifted uncomfortably and looked at the screen.

There she was, nude but for her shoes, now entirely nude as she kicked them off and splayed her toes against the surface of the two-way mirror. Luke held her aloft with his huge hands cupped beneath her buttocks. She had her arms raised, clasped behind his neck as they both worked to raise and lower her along the impressive length of his thick shaft. She was making a sinuous motion as they worked him in and out of her body. Her muscles stood out beneath her dampening pink skin. Her breasts bounced and wiggled in a slight syncopation to the rhythm of her hips. Her face was enraptured. She opened her eyes and was staring directly into the camera without knowing it.

She looked... beautiful.

"How many..." Paige paused to swallow. "How many people were behind the mirror, watching?"

Athena answered distractedly. "Oh a dozen or so I suppose."

"When I sneezed I though you were going to freak out... but it kinda seemed to turn you on," said Craig with a chuckle, not looking away from the video.

Paige thought back. He was right, it had turned her on. But then, she'd thought she was only being watched by a few perverted rent-a-cops at the time. But as she thought of Athena and her friends ogling her she could feel the tell-tale welling of dampness between her thighs, the prickle of sensitivity blooming across her skin, a certain shortness of breath.

"Does the idea of being watched arouse you, Paige?" asked Athena. She was leaning towards Paige, her weight shifted onto the heels of her hands. Paige's gaze dropped to Athena's cleavage as her upper arms pushed her breasts together. She pulled her eyes back to Athena's face.

"I..." Paige paused to gulp. "I just don't know if I'm cut out to be one of your... orgy people."

"And now you never will," said Athena, sitting back.

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