tagBDSMA Continuous Growth

A Continuous Growth


The time had come. Our week together had ended. Neither of us wanting it to be over. But it would not be long and we would be together again. But the wait would be of great endurance.

Master walked me to my car, kissing me good-bye. I could not help but to tear up a little. I watched, as He walked to His truck, the farther He walked away the more tears came to my eyes. I rested my head on the car window, my hand shaking as I tried so hard to open the door with the key. Tears streaming down my face, almost whimpering, like a child. The harder I tried to get into the car, the more I could not.

Then, I felt His heat, His body touching mine. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding me to Him. His lips went to my ear kissing it softly, then my neck.

He whispered in my ear, "It's time little one, it won't be long and we will be together again." His hand moved up my dress, pinching my nipple. The first one hurt a little, the second started to warm me, the third gave me a calmness. The calmness only He could give me. Turning me around, His hand went to my chin, gripping my cheeks together. My lips stuck out, He kissed them softly, and pulled at my bottom lip with His teeth. His hands moved to my cheeks, holding them as His thumb wiped away my tears. Kissing my forehead. He turned me around and patted my ass. His voice now deep and commanding said, "GO NOW".

I got in the car and drove away. The tears had stopped, but that did not stop my heart from longing to be with Him already. The drive home was long and lonely. But it gave time to think, not that I needed to. But I did seam to do much of that lately. When I finally got home I was tired and just wanted a bath. To rest, relax. I ran the bath with some bubbles, lit some candles. I had my things put away in no time, and went to the bath. As I took my cloths off, I noticed some small marks on my body.

A small smile came to my face. I lay in the tub soaking and just relaxing, enjoying the smell of the candles. It was not long and the water started to cool, but I had not done as I was supposed to do with every bath or shower. I stood up, raising one leg to the counter top, keeping the other in the water. My legs spread wide, my hand went to my pussy. Gently touching the outer lips caressing them a little. Moving a finger to the inside of them, I touched my clit. How it hurt, the piercing so fresh and new still. But I knew I must do as I was told. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The marks on my body were worse than I thought. I had bruises everywhere.

My hand did not stop working at my clit, as I looked myself over. I could see the pain in my own face, as I touched myself. But in my heart and in my head, I was pleased. Pleased as I was doing as Master wished. I pushed my clit hard and up, Masters orders, when I played with myself for Him. I know a groan, came from my lips and a pain took me. But it was a sweet pain, that pleasure pain. That I was slowly learning to, live and breathe for. I looked at myself in the mirror. Looked at my own eyes, I seen that pleasure and pain there. I then whispered to myself, something I had seen in a movie once.

"For only I know what I do." I finally understood I would do anything that I could to please Master. My fingers moved around, pressing and playing with my clit. My hips moved, to the pleasure I was giving myself. I watched myself, looking at my eyes when I could open them. Watched how my body had learned to move to the pleasure. The more I rubbed and pressed my clit the less the pain, the more pleasure. My hips moved with my hand, my finger working like crazy to bring myself off. Pinching and twisting my clit, poking at my love hole, hips moving and thrashing a bit, getting myself where I need to go. Ever pinch, causing me to gasp. Every twist, making me wish it was Masters fingers there. It was a matter of seconds, once I got to the place I need to get myself. I could hear His words, in my head.

"Cum, come for your Master. Cum, for me now love. Cum for us. Feel it let it take you. Let it please us both. " I came the way Master would have wanted my body tightens up, my hips moving franticly. Moaning. Growing. My hand all wet, with my juices. Bringing them to my lips kissing them softly, tasting the tip of each one. I went to bed right afterward, for a night of what I hoped would be sweet dreams.

I woke to the phone ringing in the morning. It was Master; He was just letting me know that He made it home safely. I told Him of the night before, and He was pleased. But was running late. He would talk to me later on the computer.

For the next three weeks we did just that. Talked and talked on the phone and the computer. We played a little here and there to. As each day went by, I think I learned something new. I was finding things out about myself that I did not know. I don't know how it came up, but one day I found myself sitting between Masters feet in the room, that we chat in. With my head on His lap, caressing my hair. In private He told me how this pleased Him. Telling me this is where I belonged. I questioned everything. But in the end I knew Master was right. Time told me that I belonged at His feet, as well as His side. That I was every thing that I could be to Him.

We talked of a collar and lead. This scared the hell out of me. But after talking, with Master I knew that I could try it, maybe even do it. As that smile on His face, meant more to me than anything.

We talked of me having a slave side to me. This was something I knew little of and what I did know I did not like. Master had always treated me with love and respect. I did not want to lose my voice not now not ever. I voiced my option, and I was heard. But, Master still believed that it was in me. Time would tell, and as always. I was beginning to believe Master was right again. I talked to many people that were slaves, both real and just cyber. Each had there own options. But I liked Masters best. As, I would always have a voice. His word would rule, but sometimes things could be altered so that I was comfortable with them. I took Masters advice and just let things happen. More and more everyday, I grew into wanting to please Him more. Wanting my head on His lap. Wanting to be at His feet. Wanting Him to stroke my hair. Wanting Him to pull me to His lap, when He wanted me there. I had a new calmness that had taken hold of me. But a hold only Master had the control over.

The week before we were to get together again. Things seamed to change a little. Master was a little firmer with me. His voice, much more hard with me. Yet I knew I was doing everything possible to please Him. I was getting scared that I had done something wrong. Master assured me that I had not. But, He like me had different sides and one was showing right now. I smiled, because I like this side to. It was scary. But there was something about it that lured me to it. Something that made me even crave more, to pleasing Him. The day before I was to leave, Master changed all the plans. Sent me a map, to a cabin. Told me what time to leave, what time I should get there by etc. I did not ask why the change, I did not care I just wanted to be with Him. To feel Him, to touch Him, to have His hands touch me, to feel the gift He gave me. I left the house the next morning at the time Master suggested would be good. Following the directions to the cabin.

I got there a few minutes earlier than planed. Master was not there. I went to the door with my bags. A note was on the door to just go in. As I entered the cabin, I could feel, dampness, a coldness that I had not felt in years. But I went in anyway. On the table was a carnation, a red and white one, and a favorite of mine. A note, lay beside it. I picked it up the note up as smelled the beautiful flower, started reading it carefully.

*Go and shower wait for me. Today we will find out how committed you are to what you think you feel. There is a package on the bed, wear what is in the package and nothing else. We have talked of where my slave should be when I enter. Be there and be ready. I love you, littleone; I know you can do this. *

I read the note over and over again. Thinking about all the talks, over the last few weeks. I went to the bedroom and put my stuff down and away. Looked at the small package on the bed. I went to the bathroom to shower and get ready. My mind was racing, wondering what had I got myself into. Could I please, Master this way. I knew in my heart I could, but could the rest of me. I was in the shower till the hot water was gone. Hoping in away that the time would just pass till Master got there. I went to the package on the bed and opened it. My eyes just about popped out of my head. Inside there four small cuffs of soft leather, all with rings on them and buckles to do them up. There was also a collar for my neck, with a leash. I trembled just touching it. I put the cuffs on making sure they were tight but not to tight. On both my wrists and my ankles, they felt so soft yet so binding. I remembered Masters words; no sub or slave of His would ever put their own collar on.

I walked into the living room and sat in the chair holding the collar and leash in my hand. I was shaking, I really didn't know why or what to expect. I heard the car door slam. I quickly moved to my knees beside the chair, holding the collar and leash in my hand my eyes lowered just a bit.

Master walked in, I did not turn my head to see. I stayed where I was told to wait. He walked over to me, touched my head and sat in His chair. His index finger went under my chin, lifting my head slightly. He kissed my lips, tenderly. His touch made me shiver.

"You listen well littleone. I am pleased. Let me see your wrists." His words were soft and clear. I held each wrist to Him. He tugged on each of them. " You did well, littleone. Now give me the collar."

My hand trembled as He took it from my hand.

"Now lift your head high." He said, with His voice strong. He buckled the collar to my neck. Attached the lead to it. And tugged on it a little, pulling my head down. A smile came to His face. He kissed my lips again. "Now follow me." He said. Holding the leash up to my mouth. "Yes littleone, open your mouth and carry the leash in it."

I opened my mouth taking the leash in biting it. I started to get up to follow Master.

"NO. Down, you will crawl, from this point forward unless you are told different. Do you understand?" His words loud and very clear.

I moved to all fours, and crawled. My heart sank as I moved behind Him. But I knew in my heart I could do this, I needed to do this. I needed to please Master no matter what it took. We got to a door. He opened it and motioned for me to stay. I did feeling badly, that I had already screwed this up a little. But I knew Master was kind and would not hold this against me. The door to the room opened again. Master motioned me in. There were candles burning everywhere, the smell was wonderful. I crawled to where He directed me. He pulled the leash out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He caressed my cheek with His hand, kissed my forehead.

"Are you ready for this, littleone?" His words soft yet sharp.

"Yes, Master, I am ready for what ever it is you wish." My words were shaky, no sooner had I said them and my arms were hooked up in the air. My legs were pushed and kicked gently apart. Opening them wide, something was put between them to keep them that way. I tired to move my legs, but I could not. My arms were stretched and so were my legs. The leash was unhooked and held to my lips. Not having a clue as to what I was doing. I kissed the leash.

"Now suck it slave make it wet. I want it go and wet so you can feel it, the bite it will give you. A sweet bite I know you crave." Masters words again were strong.

I opened my mouth taking it in, sucking it and licking it as I would the shaft of Master cock. Sucking it and making it as wet as I could. My tongue, licking at it making it wet. Making it the way Master wanted. I was trembling more, knowing that this was going to be used on me. Used for my pleasure. Master pulled it from my lips, and in one swipe smacked my pussy lips with it. Not to hard but hard enough that I winced a little. Master then flicked my nipples making them nice and hard. He then held a nipple clamp to my lips. I kissed it. Then it was attached to my nipple, biting me hard. I winced and shook, as the bite started to warm my breast. Then the next breast was done the same way. I was shaking more. But as my breasts both warmed, Master then attached a chain to them and hooked it to the collar. So if I moved I pulled at my own breasts. Causing my own pain and pleasure. Master started to swat at my ass, none to lightly this time. Bringing tears to my eyes, I could not help it. After a few more swats, He stopped and rubbed the marks on my ass. Kissing each one, tenderly. My ass was so warm, now and a little tender. Master then took the leash, hitting my breasts with it.

"AHHhhhhh…GODDDDDDDDDD." The noise came from my mouth. I tried to hold it back bust could not. More swats to my breasts and to my belly. I bit my lips hard, not wanting Him to know how it hurt. But in second, or minutes it started to warm me.

Master unhooked my wrists, turned me a little and bent me over something. Hooking my ankles to it still spread wide open. My wrists hooked in the front of it, on each side of the legs of the thing. I could lift my head, but it pulled my nipples so much, that it hurt all over again. I tired not to move. I adjusted to this position quickly, as Master rubbed my ass. Then He started spanking it again, each slap harder than the last. Till I cried, the tears were running down my face. My nipples hurt from me pulling on them and my ass hurt. But, yet I didn't want Master to stop. Master did stop and walked to the front of me. He lifted my head.

"Suck this slave, take your mind off the pain." He then stuck His cock into my mouth. His voice was so different.

I sucked His cock with such a great passion. A passion I did not know, nor understand. I sucked Him hard and fast. His cock grew in my mouth in what seamed like seconds. Then He took it away from me. My head dropped. Making me pull the chain to my tits again. Master walked behind me. Taking a candle started to drip hot wax on my ass. It stung as it trickled down my ass cheeks. Then He moved the candle closer, the wax was hotter as it dripped. My ass wiggled and jumped around. As every drop of melting wax, making me squirm. Masters fingers went to my pussy, His fingers poking and playing with my hole and my clit. He pinched it hard.

"You like this, my little slave. Your pussy is so wet, like a river ready to flow." His voice sounded happy.

My wrested were unhooked from the legs of this thing I was bent over. The leash attached to the front of the collar again, and pulled tight between my pussy lips and up threw my ass cheeks. And attached to another ring on the collar. Master then plucked the leash a few times letting it bite into my pussy lips and snap on my back. My hands were pulled behind me and hooked together. I was still bent over. Master pulled the strap aside, letting His cock touch my pussy hole.

"Now, my little slave. Do you want my cock? Do you want to feel it in you? Tell me, beg for it." His voice filled of excitement. As He, slapped my ass again, hard.

" Yes, Master, fuck me. Let me have your cock." My voice, filled with a weakness.

I lifted the top part of my body, pulling at my nipples so hard that I almost screamed. It hurt so bad, my body was shaking uncontrollably. My pussy was burning. My ass was hot and hurting. My nipples were going to be ripped off any minute now. But I wanted Master in me to fill me.

"Master fuck my ass, please. Please, cum in me, fill me, take me." These were words from my mouth. I could not believe my ear own ears. I screamed, "FUCK ME MASTER PLEASE."

Master rambled His cock into my ass no warning no nothing. Taking me deep, sticking His whole cock into me. I screamed bloody murder, as my ass was ripped wide open.

Master, bent over me. Whispering in my ear. "I'm here love. Let it take you. Let it happen. Give yourself to me."

Master gave me a few seconds to adjust as He kissed my back, pressing into me. My ass was fucked with a passion I had never seen in Master before. It hurt like hell, but I heard His words, they were soothing to me. Masters hands started slapping at my ass again. Hitting me over and over again in the same spot. But yet I started to move what little I could to His strokes. He grabbed my hair, pulling my head up. Making a noise like I have never made before a scream, of some kind. The pain in my chest was great. Yet I loved it. My head pulled back and twisted to the side, as His tongue found it's way into my mouth. Masters grip on my hair was tight. I was in pain there was no two ways about it. Yet, this was a pain that I did not want to end. I would not say stop. My body was screaming in a burning pleasure. I was on fire. Master knew I was getting close to cuming. He pulled out of my ass. Swatted my ass again, over and over.

"Don't you dare cum yet." He bellowed at me.

He then rambled Himself back into my ass. Fucking me so hard, and fast. He pulled out of my ass again, shooting His load on me. He grabbed the leash unhooking it quickly and started to smack my ass over and over again.

"CUM, NOW. Cum for your Master." His voice was very commanding.

I gushed, my juices squirting out of me, dripping down my legs. To the floor, it was everywhere. As soon as I started cumming Master stopped hitting my ass. He moved quickly to the front of me, unhooking the chain to my breasts. Pulling me upright, kissing me so hard. As tears and everything still had me. He held me not letting me go till I started to clam. He then undid everything, but the nipple clamps. He walked away leaving me standing beside this thing I was bent over a few minutes ago. Master wiggled His finger to me. With a very shaky body I went to my knees and started to crawl to Him. My tits swaying back and forth as I moved to Him. Once I got to Master, He raised my arms in the air. He flicked at my nipples. I bit my lip as hard as I could. But He did not stop till I gave in to it and yelled. They were removed one at a time, each causing me to yell again. My body went into a spasm and I came again. Master smiled as I did.

"Now, my little slave. All good slaves do clean their Masters." He said this with a chuckle to His voice.

I lowered my head to His cock, and started to clean Him with my mouth. Licking and sucking His cock, with a new found pleasure in me.

Special thanks to my Master with this story, and my friend slave4miss.

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