tagBDSMA Continuous Growth Ch. 3

A Continuous Growth Ch. 3


Weeks of learning and growing continued, over the internet, and over the phone. Things were very intense with Master and I know. I carried a cell phone with me, at all times now. So should ever He need me, I would be there, no excuses. Other than family or work. But, I would excuse myself and be with Master in a matter of minutes. I had learned His voice so well. That at times, Master would call me. Knowing I was at the desk and just say *cum*. It would be a matter of seconds I would be flushed, hoping no one would notice. With this new found trust that, I had with Master, I was bound to do almost anything. Master was smart and knew sometimes it was impossible to do as He wished. Sometimes I would pay for it later, but mostly Master just teased me about it.

Our chat room on line was getting more and more people in it. The conversations at times were just amazing. They opened doors to things I had never thought of. Things that Master and I, could talk about for hours. Different views of things. How other Masters think and view things, how other sub or slaves do. We talked of bringing another female in to play on the net with us. Something that did not really interest me at all. But, it was something Master thought I needed to explore. It was talked about for a couple days, and the subject seamed to be dropped. I was really hoping forever. But, yet I was still willing to do or try anything, that might please Him in the end.

It would soon be time for our weekend away at the cabin again. I was looking forward to being in His arms again. All I could think of those last few days before going, was His smell, His feel, His touch. I would get wet just thinking of it. I longed for it so, to be completely His again. I was His no matter what, but it was so much better to be with Him.

I had everything ready to go , all packed the night before I was to leave. I bought a new burgundy bra and panties. Hoping Master might like them. Yet knowing they might last just a few minutes on me. Master called that night just after I fell asleep. Telling me of a big surprise, that awaited me tomorrow. That made me want to get, all that more sooner.

I got to the cabin, I did not see Masters car. Nor did I see a white note on the door. I knew where the key was, if I happened to get there to early. As I got to the door, I noticed it was ajar. I pushed it open, and could see from the door, my flower on the table. I picked it up and smell, this beautiful red and white carnation. Picking up the note Master has left me. It reads. *littleone......We have talked of many things this past month. The time has come to grow with me again. Remove your clothes and fold them neatly, you know where they go. In the other room on the bed, on the floor that awaits you. If you do not follow your instructions. Then go to the bathroom and ready yourself for me. You are to follow the instructions there. I hope. I have made myself clear. I'm sure I have, I love you, my sweet subbie/slave.*

I removed my clothes folding them where I stood. Folding them, grabbing my suite case and moving to the bedroom. Placing, my clothes at the end of this bed. Hoping never to be made to sleep there. But, know full well one day I would, even if just for a nap. So that I would know the feeling. I started to head towards the bathroom.

As, I pushed open the door, I screamed. There on the floor was a women. In a black robe, kneeling the way Master had me kneel to wait for Him. She looked up at me and smiled. Her hair red, her eyes so blue, she was beautiful. She started to stand, and took my hand.

"Littleone, I am to ready you for your Master. I have your instructions, that you WILL follow. He has made it clear to me what He wishes." Her voice cold and firm.

I looked at her in disbelieve. I could not utter a word all I could do was stare at her eyes. She kept talking to me. Like she knew me, and some how I was doing as she instructed me to do. I was sitting in the sink my legs spread wide open to her. I watched as she turned a video camera on me. I could not say a word. I was so shocked. The facet was digging into my back, and i tried to move a little. Her hand came down hard on my leg. I yelped and just stared at her more.

"Do not move. Just do as I say and you will be fine. Do you understand?" She said her voice almost scaring me more than I already was.

She held up at straight edged razor. It was Masters. She brought it to my lips. My teachings took over I kissed it. Then I licked at the edge of it feeling the sharpness. She smiled, as I did this without saying a word. She lathered up my pussy, to shave almost a weeks growth. Now I knew why, Master did not want me to keep it shaved for Him. She shaved me closely, he fingers pulling out my pussy lips. Her fingers touching my clit, and my tiny rosebud. When she finished shaving me, she motioned me to the tub. I stood in the water, as I was told. I turned around and faces the wall, my hands raised high in the cold ceramic tile. I do not know what she did, but found out she moved the video camera. I was then told to hold my hair up. I held it up my fingers laced together. My back straight, my legs slightly spread. She mumbled something, I turned and started to ask her what she had said.

"Do NOT, speak unless you are spoken to. Do you understand." She bellowed at me while giving my butt a hard slap.

She, started washing me from the neck down. Her hands soft yet firm. She worked her way down it the crack of my butt. Sliding her hand the full length of my ass slit. Then she let her finger nail scrape my little hole. I jumped a little but did not speak. She then got in to the tub with me and motioned for me to turn around. I was facing her, my hands still in my hair, as she started to wash the front of my body. Again, her hand soft and firm, she lathered my breasts well, and played with them, messaging them. Pulling and twisting at my nipples. I was shaking, as a women had never touched me before. I was scared, to scared to enjoy this. She continued down my belly and to my pussy. Her fingers would have worked magic on me, as she poked and played there. But, I could not let it happen, and I was afraid to let it happen. She actually stuck a finger into my love hole, I wanted to scream at her. But, I did not. As these were Masters orders. When she finished she dried me well. Again rubbing and touching every spot to make her presents known. I was then told to go and wait at Masters chair. I nodded and left the bathroom quickly.

As, I started to kneel at Masters chair He walked out of the kitchen. With a glass of wine in His hand. I got into my position and waited. He sat down, His finger went under my chin, tilting my head up slightly. He kissed my lips, very tenderly, and smiled. She started to come out of the bathroom, I could hear her.

"Littleone, present yourself to me, now." His voice soft and tender.

I moved quickly, my head to the floor, my ass high in the air and my legs spread. My hands pulling apart my cheeks. Giving Master the view He wanted. His finger, ran along my outer lips. All most tickling me He did it so lightly. I could hear, her, putting the video tape in. When , Master had finished inspecting me. I was told to please Him. I moved around, quickly and started to undo His pants. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, kissing my lips hard. She was now beside His chair, in the waiting position. He let my hair go, and I proceeded, to please Him.

I had Master pulled out and in my mouth in seconds, devouring Him. His arousal was quick, His cock firm and hard in minutes. I could hear the video playing, hear her words. I heard the slap on my leg, I tensed my mouth. Master grabbed my head, but I could tell He was not impressed with what He saw. My mouth moves on Masters shaft pleasing Him as I knew how. My tongue twirling around His cock head, ticking Him. Chewing and nibbling at the skin, my mouth warm and hot, wet. I heard His small moan, which brought a smile to my face. Then I heard the second slap. I thought I was going to end up on my butt, Master pushed my head off of Him, and to the side.

"You, get you ass in that kitchen. Now!" He bellowed at her. She moved without hesitation, and quickly.

I waited by Masters chair. I could hear the yelling, coming from Him. But, I could not make it out. It made me very hesitant of what was about to come this weekend. I had never heard Master yell before. Raise His voice, yes but never yell. When they returned, she knelt in front of me, took my hands in hers. She apologized for hitting me. Those eyes of her's going right threw me. I did not speak, I smiled slightly. Master made it very clear right there, if front of us both, that I was NEVER to be hit, I was NEVER to be silenced. No one was to correct me, but Him. She, was told to get my collar and cuffs, and did so.

"Littleone, I am sorry that will not happen again. I think I have made it clear to her, now. You are mine, and only I will tend your corrections. She is to doing nothing than other what I brought her here for." Master's voice was very calming. He kissed my eyes, as He always did, when He knew I was uneasy about something. " Up littleone." He said.

"You, get her cuffed and then get the strapping." His voice strong.

I stood there, she placed my cuffs on my ankles. Her hands soft and firm, just like earlier. My wrists were then cuffed. As soon as they were in place, I looked at Master. I went to my knees before Him, my hands raised my hair. He just gazed at me. I like to think drinking in my beauty, or happy with my submission to Him. He placed my soft black collar on my neck. The instant that collar was done up, a calm came over me. No words can describe it. Master kissed my lips softy. He motioned me to stand. A long cord or leash was attached to the ring in the front of my collar. It is pulled down my belly and threw my legs. I feel, her hands on my butt, taking the leash from Masters hand, pulling it up my back. She connected it to the back of the collar, it was tight and it cut into my pussy. Master then attached a small leash to the front and walked me to the table. She served us a wonderful dinner, the three of us dined extravagantly. With wine and dessert. We sat talking, I was a little uncomfortable at first as I was the only one nude. My leash hung between my breasts, nothing else to cover me. The conversation was spoken freely, by Master and I. She kept giving me dirty looks, her face questioning me. She broke and spoke out.

"Sir, Why do you allow your slave to speak to you in this manner? You deserve respect at all times. She, should never speak to you like this." Her voice strong.

Master's eyes turned red. He sat silent for a few minutes. I did not speak. I was then told to clean up and wait. She was told to move her ass to the bedroom. I got right up, and started to remove the dishes. She glared at Master. But moved to the bedroom. I did as I was told and washed and dried the dishes. Got everything all speck and span again. As I was taking my place besides Masters chair. The burning was starting in my pussy. I just got to my knees, I heard the door to the bedroom open.

She walks pass me, I look up and notice she is nude. Her butt red, as red as an apple. She was now wearing the same cuffs and collar that I am wearing. She takes her place at the side of Master's chair. Master sits, patting my head as He does.

"Now, girls. This is the way it is to be. You." His head turns to her. "Will from this point on be nothing, I mean NOTHING more than a girl, here. I asked you to be here to be apart of littleones training. Nothing more. I hope with your ass the colour it is now, you understand this completely."

"Yes, Master. I do now understand, again I am sorry for any misunderstandings. Please forgive me. Littleone, you as well, I thought I was doing as Master wished." Her voice now soft and gentle.

"Good, now go and get the room ready for the three of us. We will be there shortly." His voice now clam.

My temper was brewing, she had called Him Master. Was He not my Master anymore? The questions were racing threw my head. He waited till the door shut to the room, before He spoke. I did look over as I had never been in that room before it always had a pad lock on it. I thought it was just a storage room or something.

"Littleone, before your mind races with doubt. Let me say she is not mine. Yes, she will call me Master, when we are together like this. Only because I think it will help to keep her in line. We have talked of so many things over the months. One of them being different people, different rolls. She is switch, and was having a hard time staying with her sub side. I don't think it will be a problem at all now." Masters voice was soothing and clam. He took his hand and put it under my chin tilting my face upward. "This is it littleone, the time has come. You will be with her. You will do this, because I want it. You will do it to please me." He smiled as He spoke. "You will do this because you have it in you. I know this and you are about to find out." His lips came to mine.

He reached down and unhooked my short leash. Looked at me, His eyes told me to lift my hair. He then attached it to the back of the collar. With a slight tug I went to my hands and knees. He walked me slowly to the door of the room. As I crawled behind Him my pussy was burning. I felt it was starting to be cut by the strap, that pulled every time I moved. Master touched my head, giving the confidence to carry on. Once in side the door, I felt a coldness as I looked around. I had never seen such things before. There was candles burning every where. Soft calming music that I loved played. My eyes looked all about the room. I know the questions where building in my mind. So did Master. He told me we would talk later of this room. He walked me to the square in the room. Pulled me to my feet. This was like a large empty door frame, with rings bolted to it. Master, unhooked my short leash.

She, then took over and undid the strap at the back of my collar. The relief was instant in my pussy, as the leash fell between my legs. She moved around and unhooked the front of it. Folding it in half, she kissed it, and held it to my lips. I kissed it, I could smell, my wetness on it. She held it there for a few more seconds, until I licked at it, tasting myself. Master motioned to her, and she turned me around, pulling at my ankle hooking it to this door frame. Kissing my ankle after it was attached. Then, she did the next one. Her kiss did not stop at my ankle, this time. Her mouth was kissing its way up my leg. I trembled. She kissed my shaved mound, but did not stop, she moved up. Taking my wrist, and hooking it to the door frame, then the next. When she was finished, she went to her knees, and stayed there. I looked up and saw Master sitting in His chair. I then realized this was Our room.

Our cyber room, but it was real. Master arose from His chair, walked to me. Kissed my lips tenderly, my nose. Each kiss so soft, and He held His lips there for a few seconds. Then He kissed my eye lid. I gasped, a little because I knew this meant darkness was about to come. He then kissed my other eye lid. Covered my eyes with a blindfold, leaving me in a world, that I trusted Him to take me too. I was left for a while, it could have been minutes, it could have been an hour. Other than the aroma, of the candles and the music. I felt alone. What was about to come, I did not know. The anticipation was taking it's toll on me. My mind raced. My body swayed as I hung in this door frame, my body starting to warm, as my pussy was speaking to me.

I jumped, I felt hands on my breasts. No warning, no noise. Her hands small and firm, His large and knowing. I knew it was the both of them. My nipples pinched and twisted. Each breast massaged, with great care. I was feeling the warmth in seconds. There mouths came to each nipple. Sucking and nipping at them at the same time. I could not help but to moan as the pleasure was there. My body swayed as I stood there, enjoying this to the fullest. I could tell it was Masters arm that wrapped around me, to steady me. A mouth pulled of my nipple scraping it some, I moaned. Then, it was clamped and it was tightened more than I had ever felt before. I gasped loud, and pulled at the bindings as it hurt. Masters lips came to my ear.

"Let it happen littleone, relax and let it happen." His voice soothing. My body heard Him and I started to relax.

The next breast was clamped, again I could not hold back. I yelped. Pulled at the bindings again. Oh, this one hurt more than the other. Masters hand went to my head, He stroked my hair a few times. His touch calmed me. I could feel her attaching the chain between my breasts as it pulled at them. I gritted my teeth, and stayed still. Her hands moved down my belly, I knew it was her, as I could feel Master breathing at the back of my neck. Her hands touched my pussy lips spreading them open. His touch kept me calm. His hands wrapped around my body, holding me, as He stroked the sides of my breast. Her lips went to my pussy, I was all ready wet and wanting. Her tongue hot. It felt wonderful as she licked up the side of a lip, gently sucking it.

Pulling at it. Her mouth licked up and down my inner lips, biting and nipping at them. Her tongue explored my clit pressing at it, she held it there and let her breath warm me more. The sensations, moving me more and more. All, my hesitations, leaving me. As she continued to awaken my pussy. Master had moved away, I did not know where. But, I knew He was there, I could feel, His presents. She eats me like, I have never know before. My body swaying in pleasure. My moans and groans, being heard.

"She is ready, do as I told you." Master says to her.

She sticks two fingers into my pussy, hard and deep. I almost cum on the spot. But, I know better. My body moves to fuck her fingers, as her mouth sucks on my clit hard. My nipples burning and my breasts numbing. Master pulls my hair, my head goes back. He kisses me hard and deeply. Our tongues mixing, tasting and touching. I am panting, He knows I am close, so very close. Yet He holds me off. Her nips firmer on my clit, pulling it, taunting it, teasing it.

"Please, Harder, do it harder." I am panting. My body ready to go into a convulsion, that only Master has seen.

My Head is pulled back again. "You, my love, should have not said that." I could hear the tease in His voice. "Open your mouth, littleone and bite this. Hold it do not let it go. Do you understand m?" His voice stronger then. I nodded my head and opened my mouth. He put the chain to my breasts in it, I bit down on the fine chain. Holding it as I was told. My body was screaming to be released. I was panting and swaying more. Pulling at my bindings as her fingers fucked me, as her mouth, got me higher. Master starts to suck and lick at my neck, then bites at it. Biting, at my ear.

"Master, Pleaseeeeeee." I mumble. "OHHhhhhhhh, Masterrrrr. PLEASEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." I manage to hold the chain between my lips as I start to plea. My body tightening, ready to let my nectar flow.

Master starts to lick down my back. Kissing my back, open mouthed kisses. Drawing a line from my neck to the crack in my butt. Her mouth driving me wild, her fingers fucking me hard. Master pulled my ass cheeks apart, His finger went to my tiny little rosebud. Pushing on it, pressing on it. My ass pushed to His fingers, my pussy pushed to hers. I was fighting the bindings, that held me.

"NOW, littleone , NOW." Masters voice right in my ear. "Cum, cum on her face, cover her with your love for me."

My head went back, pulling at the chain. I screamed, in pleasure. Yet my breasts hurt. Master grabbed my hair pulling my head farther back. Ripping the nipple clamps from my nipples. The screams, must have been earsplitting. As her lips came to mine, kissing me deeply, her tongue pushing down my throat. I sucked at her tongue, loving my taste. Master fingers broke threw my little hole. He fucked my hard with them as her fingers continued to fuck my pussy. I was gone, I had no idea what was happening. My body was no longer mine. I know I was screaming in pleasure. Then I felt her mouth licking my pussy again. Long licks up my slit. Master at my ear. Kissing it softly.

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