tagLesbian SexA Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 02

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 02


(More edited exchanges between me and Clara, in which she becomes more involved with her older friend, Fiona, and loses herself in virtual sex with me.)


'Mmm Clara! Lucky old Fiona!! And here was I thinking poor you was working, not wanking!! I thought at one time you were going to beat her bottom with her belt until she cried for mercy - or sexual relief - or both! Or perhaps tie her down and pee all over her. Does she have a nice vulva and dripping vagina like me? Tell me what it was like. Sue says since it was all my fault, I should send you a pic of mine to feed your imagination next time you feel horny - which is most of the time I think! This is one she took some time ago! There are times I wish I'd never bought her the camera!!'

'Sarah. So very grateful for the picture - more than I deserve I think ... but lovely all the same. I mean, seriously, you really do have a gorgeous pussy, no wonder every woman in the village wants you. I want you! Want you beneath my tongue, all juicy and wet, coming for me, telling me what to do for you, making me pay for neglecting you so much ... mmm, make me suffer for it Sarah.'

'Clara, I'm glad you like water sports - so do Sue and I actually. Sitting on the loo with me straddling her, pulling my labia apart and peeing over her nipples, between her breasts, the golden stream running over her belly, through her pubic hair, and pouring from her labia, mixing with her own pee. We're also into swapping knickers so that we can walk around for the rest of the day with a memory of each others wet vulva pressing against ours. Sexy!

How will you behave with Fiona when you next meet professionally. Just smile I guess!

Now I need to bring myself to the climax that's been hovering for the past few minutes, dreaming of your perfect vulva and beautiful body, Clara!'

'Saturday again, Sarah. I'm really, really sorry not to have been around at all this week. Life is wonderful, but somewhat manic right now ... well, no, not actually right now - right now I am alone and really rather jealous of you. OK, so I was shamelessly naughty with that delectably submissive Fiona, who did have a wonderfully attentive tongue and quite gorgeous breasts ... but, I have not had a beautiful lady's pussy to kiss and lick for simply ages! Whereas you've been so busy. Meaning, I've been feeling so-o-o horny since hubby went off to rugby - and sometimes, when I get to feel really sexy, like now, I get this irresistible desire to play out a little fantasy.'

'Fantasy? Join me right this minute Clara! I'm here!'

(We go on line.)

"Hi Sarah - are you there? WONDERFUL!! Perhaps you could dress to surprise and excite me a little?"

"I am wearing the lace knickers for you - the ones in the pic I sent ...."

"And a kimono?"

"No bra - just for you."

"Mmm, sexy ... does the kimono undo at the front? - something to let me get my fingers and tongue working on the vital parts?"

"It's a wrap around actually."

"What would you like me to wear?"

"The sexiest thing you have -"

"How about a silk blouse with loose wrap skirt."

"And keep those black stockings on Clara! They are very very erotic."

"OK, I've got this very nice navy blue camisole - silk'n'lace - which buttons up, and a pair of loose matching french knicks ... I can do black stockings for you!"

"Mmmm... sounds erotic."

"And I do have a very nice silk skirt, kind of blue and pink stripes and on top I think I'll wear a loose white blouse and black silk stockings ... tie my hair back in case you want to unfasten that and make me shake it around ... maybe let it glide over your naked breasts."

"Gosh yes - after I've finished kissing your face all over - ears - nose - eyelids - lips - cheeks - neck - oooo yes! all of you."

"Once I've unwrapped the kimono? I'm all yours darling."

"Though I do really yearn to explore your beautiful vulva and worship your shrine - watch you slowly masturbate for me - gosh I'm getting over excited already."

"Are you getting excited already! Sarah?"

"Yes I am - what about you?"

"I'd love to masturbate for you ... watching your eyes watching my fingers ..."

"I shall bury my head between your thighs and inhale your special scent ... inhale deeply and blow gently on your clit ... I would like to bottle it - spray it on my wrists for frequent sniffs! But first, Clara, I MUST play with your soft breasts ... suckle your stiff nipples."

"My breasts are quite small ... but perfectly round, with sweet little berry-nipples that love being licked and sucked."

"Well, mine aren't exactly big - they'll be very sensitive though that's what I shall do whilst dabbling my fingers in your puss y - pay homage to your body - make you squirm with lust - agitate your clit."

"Mmm, I love to squirm!"

"Your thighs trembling - wanting more - and writhe!!"

"Gosh, I want you to undress me, Sarah... take me somewhere very public, and take off everything - first your blouse - then kiss me and lick me - and your bra - that's got to go whilst I kiss your berry nipples regardless of who passes by!"

"Try to think where we ought to go together - how public do you want it - had the real thing last week - want something erotic and virtual.

"When you said you had the real thing last week - what did you mean?"

"My little fling with Fiona ... it's purely physical. This - ie, with you - is the emotional balance for such wilfulness! You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not - she sounds like a submissive lady with big breasts and large soft labia."

"She certainly does have a very special bosom! And an indefatigable tongue!"

"There's nothing quite like another woman's tongue pleasuring you."

"Well, I can't say I know her that well yet - other than physically - but she might well go for it. A threesome I mean."

"Well - I shall soon have to clean myself up - you dirty beast!!"

"Are you serious? Sarah - you haven't? Am I going to give you an orgasm before lunch ... wow, watching you with another woman is going to be wonderful fun."

"Look Clara, I leak copiously ... the stuff of your stories ... and very juicy!"

"I can taste the bitter-sweetness of you bum right now ... wow ..."

"Mmm, lick me while I play then let me take the whole of your vulva deep between my lips and chew on them as I tongue your vagina."

"Do you really want me to come for you? Here?"

"Yes ... yes."

"Now? ... tell me how much, Sarah ... I love having my lady friend come on me ... tell me how much you want me to do these things for you also ... writhing all over your body ...while I play ... inside my tight panties ... inside my tight jeans ... it's time they came off ... inside my tight pussy ... just let's do it ... okay. Mmm, feels good ..."

"Come on then Clara - I'm ready to blow."

"Warm sticky lips ... I can feel your lips on my labia ... tongue slipping onto my vagina ... my head is between your thighs ... don't go yet! ... yeah, gonna kiss and lick your blonde bush ... then nibble your swollen clit ... lick avidly at the syrupy vagina, then taste your ..."

"Finger me ... lots ... you'll have me coming in no time ... hard - I'm finger fucking you now - tip of tongue circling your bum."

"Push my jeans down."

"They're round your ankles."

"And my panties."

"Yes ... yes."

"Smell me."

"I can see your eager pussy lips."

"Am I sweet?"

"I can inhale your delicious scent."

"When did you last taste a pussy so young? ... so succulent? ... so open ... so willing?"

"Not for ages and ages - if ever!!"

"Naughty Clara ... making herself come for Sarah ... there's something so wonderfully soft and succulent about young pussy ... you can have me!!! ... honest."

"I'm tongue fucking your bum - fingers deep in your pussy."

"Whenever you want ..."

"I want to hear you come, Clara ... now ... this minute."

"Fingers in your vagina and tongue in your bottom...very wet and sticky and syrupy ... my fingers losing themselves inside my knickers ... and so very tasty."

"Come on then - come for Sarah."

"Mmm ... I'm playing with mine - imagining its you playing there ... keep going ... is your pussy wet? Mine is ... ooo, I'm coming ... sopping ... yes ... mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... and shaking wildly ... mmmmmmmmm gosh - yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ' xxxxxxxxxx ... oh my gawd ... ffffffffffffffffffffffff ... woweeeeeeeeeeeee ... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk."


"kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ... ssssssssssssssssssssskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk."

"Phew - I heard your moans ... a beautiful sound."

"Ffffffffffff mmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...'

(After a pause to get her breath back.)

'Mmm, that was lovely Sarah."

"You are so wet darling ... I can feel the juices trickling down your thigh ... I came on your face ... really lovely ... did you taste my juices ... I certainly am juicy. Yours tastes of acacia honey."

"And just a little sore! Gorgeous! Naughty, lovely Sarah."

"You came over my face! A lovely cocktail before lunch. I hope I didn't get too many fingers in there ... to make you sore. Take off your knickers, let me see your come."

"Later, I may be a three finger girl for you."

"You are so very very delectable, Clara. I could cuddle and caress you all day."

"No, clitty's sore! But she'll get over it!"

"There - my thighs are wide open ... juice smeared all over - and in my hair!!"

"Mmm, want you -"

"And I want you too - like crazy."

"Now, stop typing and do as I say."

"Go on then darling."

"Relax, let your arms hang by your side wiggle them a little, shake out the tension - right - relax Sarah, think of me, concentrate on thoughts of kissing me ... of unbuttoning my blouse ... then my cami ... then ... mmm ... now, caress your neck gently, massage your neck and shoulders, arms crossed across your bosom, maybe pressing your forearms tightly against yourself , feeling your nipples harden inside your kimono, longing for my mouth, run my tongue around your tight little nipples ... keep caressing your neck ... and up the side of your face ... and down again ... sliding your hands underneath your kimono now ... feeling your smooth warm skin ... thinking they are my fingers stroking you now ... caressing your shoulders ... my sweet breath in your hair ... my trembling fingers sliding dangerously down towards your nude breasts. Will you open your kimono for me? open so I can caress your lovely breasts ... not huge, but so wantable Sarah ... tell me how much you want me ... tell me how you want me to love your breasts."

"I'm tingling ... my breasts are alive ... I want you so desperately."

"Your nipples ... squeeze them ... nip them ... open your mouth ... pull them ... slide your tongue around your lips and imagine you're kissing me."

"Oh yes baby ..."

"Kiss me first ... you're so delectable ... kiss me and stroke my thighs ... your hand slipping up inside my skirt ... so gorgeous ... stroking my soft silk stockings."

"I adore those thighs."

"Worn just for you! Squeeze your breasts for me now Sarah ... hard ... harder ... roll your nipples ... tightly ... squeeze them and believe they're between my lips ... believe they're between my teeth. Oh jeez - finger pads sensing the trembling muscles of your thighs ... nibbling ... is that good? ... do you feel sexy? And horny? ... and wanton? ..."

"And how ... you do that to me always ... I only have to see your name come up on the message board and I lubricate!"

"Like you'd do anything for me?"

"Anything - yes."

"Not yet sweetie, you need to be very naughty before Clara will let you inside her panties."

"How naughty?"

"Feel her wet, juicy pussy ... open your kimono for me ... let me see your naked breasts ... that is so wonderfully exciting ... feeling your wet pussy - showing you my beasts ... your hard nipples ... come on - take them again ... lick your fingers and then run the tips around your nipples ... yes ... mmmm ... make them shine for me ... now slip your hand down to your thighs ... I want to feel your tongue between my legs ... stroke and caress yourself ... tight against those peachy panties ... so very erotic ... love that lace ... want to feel you come through it ... taste my juice ... lick your fingers again and the ... stroke your vulva through your panties ... the gusset is soaking wet ... can't you feel how wet it is... I'm trembling down there ... that's my tongue! ... not yet, push your fingers inside ... mmm two fingers ... stretch that lace ... ease it inside the juicy opening ... to your luscious vagina ... d'you want Clara to take you now?"


"Make you push your panties down? ... I want you close ... push them down your thighs Sarah ... right down ... to the floor ... off ... to feel your face on my belly, in my hair ... lips tugging my labia ... I want to lick your pussy while you masturbate for me ... finger yourself angel, for Clara. Two fingers sliding deeply inside ... so warm ... yes - that's so good ... so succulent ... such a wonderful pussy ... shall I come?? It won't be long ... just for Clara now ... three fingers darling ... I'm saving it for you ... yes all three. I know that's what you want ... love to have you here now ... it's you I really want - leaning over my desk, my fingers inside you, all of them ... tongue circling my bum ... I'm reaching for it ... the orgasm ... your come all over the oak top ... open your legs widely ... yes ... go on ... lean back in your chair then and open your legs wide ... let me gaze at your juicy pussy ... while you take yourself ... there - I'm fingering it for you ... have yourself ... mmm, how much do you want to come now Sarah?"

"I'm shaking ... I need you baby ... come and take me ... enter paradise with me."

"Mmmm, fingers grappling my clit, open and wet, nipples hard ... trembling. Can you see the juices dribbling ... panting ... juicy ... mouth open ... aaaarrrrrrrrrrrr ... love to see you now ... agony ... ready for my tongue? Can I lick you?"


"Lick your come from your fingers? ... and thighs?"

"Yes please."

"And bottom? ..."

"All over."

"And pussy ... in every orifice ... suck your fingers for me Sarah ... all of them. Can you see me ... can you feel me ... deep into your mouth ... I'm coming ... can't stop it now ... lapping your juice ... do it baby ... loud ... pee in me ... and dirty ... rub your clit over mine ... get in close."




"Fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ..."

"Don't stop ... feel my pussy against yours Sarah ... my trimmed bush ... my God - its still there ... your lush and wet pubes ... like the crest of a wave ... I can't breathe ... your spread labia ... your clit ... your vagina ... coming against me ... coming ... trembling ... I love them."

"And I ADORE yours ... I want you."

"You want me so much?"

"Want you."

"Want to kiss and lick me."

"Yes! Want you baby."

"And come all over me."

"Wowwwwwwwww ... phew."

"Just had to let go ... will you come for Sarah ... is the keyboard all gooey? ... glistening with your come? Love to lick that clean for you ... me bending over the keyboard... you behind me ... yes bend over ... show me your buttocks ... kissing my bottom! ... let me drive my fingers deep into that divine vagina."

"Pull down my panties Sarah."

"That heavenly shrine."

"Don't go all coy."

"They're round your ankles."

"I'm your only Clara ... pull down my panties ... I'm bending over your bottom ... and lick between my buttocks ... while using your longest finger to rub my clit ... that's exactly what I intend doing ... tongue licking your bum ... and two more to twist inside me ... and make yourself come again ... pushing deep into the little brown bud ... against my bottom ... oops, OK, lick me first!! Mmm, using my finger ... my fingers are rubbing all over your vulva ... think it's your tongue ... your clit is hard and throbbing ... want your tongue inside me there Sarah ... love that."

"It's there."

"You would too ... deep in your bum ... my clit is trembling ... devouring that gorgeous tangy taste of you ... fingers in your vagina with my thumb on your clit ... you're shaking - shaking - lurching - heaving - come on. God, I can feel how much you want me ... come on ... I'm loving it ... I shall come with you ... do something naughty for me... I'm ready for another ... pick up your panties."

"You're such a sexy devil."

"And push them inside yourself ... anything ... anything ... I want to dream I'm there with you ... your panties wrapped around my fingers ... then make me come!! ... there I've screwed then into a ball ... now I'm pushing them into my vagina ... for you darling ... feeling inside you again ... you'll love it ... imagine they're my fingers ... deep inside you now ... for ever ... to stay!!"

"But I MUST have you whole vulva in my mouth ...."

"Loving you ... Clara feeling and twisting inside you ... chew on it ... pull each labia with my lips ... making you come ... tongue your sweet vagina ... while you spread your mouth ... around my labia ... sucking my vulva ..."

"Teeth biting into your soft flesh ... finger deep inside your bum now ... finger fucking your bum ... tongue fucking your vagina ... sucking on your clit ... that little hard centre of ecstasy ...all yours ..."

"How dirty is your bottom?"

"Come for Sarah ... come ... come."

"Can I lick it? I'm going to spurt all over your face ... can I lick you while I come?"

"Yes yes."

"Want you to be dirty for me Sarah ... clean my bum ... lick it spotless ..."

"Make yourself squirt into my mouth ..."

"Clean away all the juices that have dribbled over it ..."

"Love to ... whilst I squirt into your mouth ... here I come ... are you ready ..."

"Love that mature taste ... mmm, think I'll need to be spanked soon ... wow ... naughty Clara."

"I'm coming ..."

"Making a respectable woman undress."


"And masturbate."

"Deep into your mouth ... again and again."

"Dirty woman."

"Yes I'm filthy."

"Lovely woman!!"

"Do it sweetie."


"Come over me."

"All over my mouth ... lips ... there ... breasts."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... here we go again."

"Whole body ... too late ..."

"Finger your bottom while I finger mine ... together ... both. Stand up ... hold your pussy in front of me ... her lips open ... and I'll do the same for you. There ... see me."

"I'm thinking about you masturbating for me - gosh... baby, I shall have to ... I've got a very wanton pussy here ... it needs ..."

"Go on Clara ...come for me ... quick ... quick ... you want to ... you NEED to ... come for your lover"

"I want to come over your pictures Sarah ... over your pussy ...and nipples ... like we were for real ... at Fiona's."

"If only Clara - if only."

"Think I'll fix up that little three-way tryst! ... feel me ... feel me coming ... warm ... juicy ... do come ... come ... come. Oh shit! Dirty ... rude naughty Clara ... knickers off. Oh God, I love this ... LOVE IT ... yes, want you to take me now Sarah ... NOW ... do it for me with your fingers ... yes yes ... fffffffffffffffff ... there just there ... kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ."

"Come for me - mmmmmmmmm ... just for me."

"Weeeeeeeee - YES - tell Sue ... ooh ..."

(A pause.)


(Another pause.)

"Tell Sue ... you just fucked Clara ... 17 November 2009ffffuuuucccckkkkkeeeedddd ... a twenty-seven year old girl ... and she loved it!! GREAT! LOVED IT!"

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