tagLoving WivesA Conversation Online with Joan

A Conversation Online with Joan


"Hello Sarah."

"Hi Joan. Glad you're able to join me on line."

"So am I. Never done this sort of thing before. But hubby thought I'd enjoy it."

"Did Jim tell you about our little exchange? He has told me all about Cindy. The room mate you used to have sex with at college."

"Yes. My word! She was a very good lover."

"So I believe. Jim uses the fantasy when masturbating, he tells me, as you explain what Cindy did to you."

"I know. And he likes me to lie on the bed, thighs apart and masturbate for him, as I tell him all about Cindy's lovemaking."

"What are you wearing now?"

"Just a house coat. And you?"

"A light kimono! I wanted to be ready for our little chat - with nothing to stop your exploring fingers. Are you sitting on the bed?"


"Is Jim with you?"

"Yes! Eyes alight with excitement! Lol!"

"I'll bet he has an erection already."

"You're not kidding!"

"Lie back and open your thighs for me, Joan, to let me see that special part of you that so interests Ed. Mmm. Oh yes! It certainly is interesting. You're already fairly juicy, Joan."

"I know. It's the anticipation. I've never done this before. It's getting me all excited."

"What's Jim doing?"

"Playing with his cock - as ever! Lol."

"You have a lovely frame of hair there. Not very thick. The labia are still plainly visible. And they are nice and big - lovely and fleshy, Joan. So chewable! My fingers are running through the curls, exploring your mound as I study your secret gash. And straying down the soft creamy thighs to stimulate the skin."

"Mm that's nice. I'm lifting my knees up for you."

"I'm going to kiss your mouth Joan, whilst my fingers stroke your inner thighs. Those sexy lips were made for kissing. So full and eager. Mmm. Yes yes. So good! Lips chewing your lower lip. Other hand now stroking your right breast. Firm and heavy. Hard, swollen nipples."

"Ooo yes Sarah. That's nice."

"Kissing your face - your nose - your eyelids - your ears. Tongue licking your lips. Your skin smells divine. Mmm. Hand rubbing over your belly again. I can feel it bubbling inside. Through the hairy gateway to your secret treasure, fingers searching eagerly between your thighs."

"I'm ready for you. Wet through and willing. Waiting for you to explore my pussy."

"It is always a very special moment for me, when my fingers touch a different vulva for the first time. So thrilling. Awesome in fact. We're all so different and I love those first moments of exploration. Fingers searching the labia and vestibule and the opening of the vagina."

"You have a wonderful touch Sarah."

"My other hand is now caressing your bottom - light and gentle. Skimming over the skin."

"Mmm - I like my bum being rubbed. Nice."

"Middle finger pushing down the crack. Finding the puckered rosebud. Prodding. I'm going to hide my head between your thighs now, and inhale the musky scent of your pussy."

"Mmmmmmmm. Sarah! My hand is holding the back of your head tightly. Pushing it right up close. Feel your tongue touching my labia. Your nose on my clit."

"Those sweet juices. Finger penetrating your bum. Tongue prodding your vagina."

"Oooooooo yes! Flowing just for you."

"Other hand now playing with your clit. Tongue fucking you now. Deep and fast."

"Ahhhhhh yesss."

"Middle fingers stiffened and rubbing up and down your clit."


"Getting so wet. Other finger bum fucking you hard. Tongue lashing your pussy. Pulling at your labia with my lips."

"Oooooooooooo yessss."

"Tongue eager to explore everywhere. Feeling you tremble. Shaking thighs - shaking - muscles tensing. Thighs wide apart... Oooooooo jeezzzz. Back arching and lifting - ready to blow already - ready to give Sarah her heart's desire - a lovely orgasm - moaning ..."

"Ooooooooo so close ... Panting and sighing ... Oh Goooooddd."

"I hear those groans, Joan."


"Tongue deep and hard. Fingers lashing you clit - finger in your bum hole deep and hard."


"Cum for Sarah. Arching back. Trembling thighs."



(After a few moments pause.)

"That seemed like a good orgasm."

"Phew - wow Sarah - OMG that was mind-blowing. So quick as well!"

"Right. Well that was just for a start! Now I'm straddling your head with my vulva poised over your mouth, facing your body. I'm dripping with juice! So wet! Open vulva pressing on your lips. Starting to grind my clit on your nose."

"OMG Sarah. Your vagina is gaping open for me. Full of juices. Wow! I never looked inside a vagina before. It's so beautiful!"

"Eat me Joan. Let Jim watch you eating me. Licking my labia. They're not as big as yours I'm afraid. Biting my clit. Tongue fucking me whilst I wipe my pussy all over your mouth."

"Oh Sarah!!! Awesome!"

"Ooo yes. That's so good Joan. You have a wicked tongue! It's playing my tune... wow... yes."

"Your pussy is so responsive. Leaking heavily."

"Ahh. I'm trembling. Fluttering belly. Nibble my clit! Ah yes."

"Your vagina gaping wide beckoning - asking me to enter and explore.."

"Wanting you to make me cum. Needing you."

"Tongue penetrating the pink flesh."

"Oh yessss please take me. Ooooooo yessss. Don't stop!"

"Tongue kissing your clit."

"My own fingers reaching down - probing your pussy."

"Ohhhhh Saraaaaahhhh."

"Four fingers - in and out. I can see Jim masturbating. I hope he doesn't come yet.


"Now fingers testing your rosebud. Mmmm that dark secret place."

"Ohhhhh godddddd. I'm wanting to cum for you."

"Yes - the rosebud opens, showing its soft petals."

"My fingers slips inside to the first knuckle my other fingers in your vagina."

"Finger fucking both holes."


"Harder and deeper."

"Ooohhhh jesssssussssssss."

"Fingers in both holes harder. Deeper. Exploring. Scooping."

"So close right now."

"Swirling round - thumb now lashing against clit - fingers driving deep into you. Faster and harder. You tremble - shake - shudder."


"Arch your back. Tense muscles."


"Hold your breath."


"And I'm shaking here. Don't stop Joan. Ooooh yes - trembling hips - tongue teasing my clit."

"Oh wow, Sarah. Vagina oozing copiously."

"Come on. Finger me. Taste me. Tongue me."

"My tongue inside you."

"Do it Joan. DO IT TO ME."

"Pushing deeper and deeper."


"Yes yes yes. Back arched as I fuck you with my tongue."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooooooooooooooooo."

"Fingers deep in your crack."


(A lengthy pause while I recover my breath.)

"And now Joan - as a special treat, I shall let Jim penetrate me doggy style. You can watch his cock being slowly inserted into my gaping vagina. Com on Jim. Kneel behind me and you can realize one of your great ambitions. To fuck Sarah."

"OMG Sarah. I've never seen him move so fast! His cock is straining hard. Yes!! He's there kneeling behind you. I can see his erection nudge it's head into your vaginal opening. OMG! That's so erotic. So awesome!"

"Mm I can feel his cock slowly sliding deeper and deeper inside my secret passage. Oo yes! Up to the hilt. Stretching the vagina - filling out all the little fleshy creases. Wow! That's feels so good Joan. So very good! How does it feel to you?"

"Sarah. Words fail me. I'm gob-smacked! To see my husband fucking another woman - we've often fantasized about but never thought ... wow..."

"I love to feel my vagina filled to the brim with cock! A different one! Awesome! Now - I'm going to finger fuck you again Joan, and suck your clit while Jim fucks me in front of your eyes."

"Mmmm - oh yes yes yes! It's too much Sarah - I shall come again!"

"Jim is jerking about Joan. Suck my clit while he fucks me. Yes yes yes! That's marvellous. Feeling Jim's cock driving in and out. Harder and deeper. Thud - thud - thud!"

"Oooo Sarah - it's mind blowing."

"Deeper and faster. Faster. Lovely big cock! Crushing in and out. WOW!! What an energetic husband you have Joan. So hard. Wonderful! I LOVE it!"

"I can see. OMG!"

"But... hey, he's about to come already! He's grunting. His hips are really thudding into me. Spasmodic. Yes. He's cumming Joan. Cumming cumming cumming! And so am I! OMG!YES YES YES! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

"OMG Sarah. Ed's cumming inside you. Hips jerking. I can see his wild thrusts. Wow!"

"One. Two. Three. OMG! Four. Five. Yes! Six. And seven. Wow! Eight spurts."

"He's flopped down over your bum and back, panting. His balls are in my mouth!"

"I'm still breathless myself!"

"He's pulling out now Sarah. Gosh! Your vagina is wider than ever. And full of sticky sperm. All gooey and starchy. Dribbling."

"Open your mouth Joan. Catch it!"

"Mmmm - wonderful! So much delicious, tacky sperm. Oozing out. Awesome. Ahhhhh - oooooo - fuuuucccckkkk. I'm cumming again Sarah! Can't stop it!"

"Come on then Joan. I can feel you writhe and jerk as your contractions explode inside your belly."


" I can feel you lurching and trembling with breathless ecstatic orgasms. Swallow Jim's offering."

(There is another pause while we get our breath back.)

"Sarah - that was truly mind blowing."

"What about Jim?"

"He's over excited. Hard as ever and wild-eyed. But wants to fuck me now. He needs another! His cock hasn't even softened. Still hard as rock. He's desperate!"

"Enjoy it Joan. Byee!"


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