tagIncest/TabooA Conversation Online with Rene

A Conversation Online with Rene


Introduction: Although there was no online chat with Rene, I thought my readers would be interested in this email exchange. All names have been changed of course, to protect the guilty! I have edited the story here and there.

Rene sent me feedback from Literotica after reading one of my stories. This was her first contact with me:

I love your stories, particularly the ones about family sex. They are so expertly written, they make me wet in no time. Although I'm happily married, I have a son who really turns me on, though I'm too nervous to do anything about it. I started having sex with my brothers many years ago. I also had sex with my mom. I'm thirty-nine now and a few pounds overweight, but I'm more keen on sex than ever. I masturbate quite a lot. Your stories help. Thank you.

Hi Rene!

Thanks for your flattery! Hey! I've never come across mother/daughter and two sons having sex together before!! Wow! Awesome!! Though mothers lusting after their sons is not unusual - and very erotic. As for sharing yourself with two brothers - well!! - that's fantastic. How old were you all then and who started it off I wonder? And you're at the age when sex becomes even more demanding - and even more fulfilling! At least, that's what I found at 40! And, believe me, it gets better!

But tell me, if your son found you naked on the bed, playing with yourself, would you encourage him to fuck you? Or just ejaculate over your breasts?




Thank-you for getting back to me. A lot of other writers haven't. I was 18 when it started. My brothers were 19 and 20. I walked in their bedroom without knocking and they were on their own beds naked and jacking off while watching an incest porn movie. They tried to cover up, but the movie was still playing and I sat on one of the beds and made them let me watch and got so turned on that I started playing with myself - so they started in again. I got undressed to be more comfortable and they started rubbing on me and me them. I needed something in my pussy so one started fucking me and I sucked the other one and they both cum on my belly and tits.


Wow Rene

That sounds so sexy - a threesome with your brothers. Awesome. What about your son - have you managed to encourage him to masturbate for you - and you him? Perhaps you can arrange for him to catch you playing with your pussy.

Sarah xxx


The only thing that has happened yet is that I saw my son watching me play with myself. I'd left the bedroom door open. He was standing outside, looking through the doorway, rubbing himself over his pyjamas, and then left for his room. I guess to jack off. Two nights ago he did the same thing but this time, he pulled his cock out, jacking off while watching. He looked directly in my eyes and, seeing encouragement there, continued until he shot all over the floor. I was thrilled and astounded. I am going to call him in my room tonight and see what happens. I would love to suck his cock and have him eat my pussy. As far as fucking - well, we'll see. Just thinking about it and telling you is getting me wet.


Hey Rene

That's IT! I feel sure you'll manage not only a cock suck, but to feel him penetrate your pussy - and when he does, you'll be so turned on that you'll EXPLODE - he probably will as well - your son's sperm filling your vagina! Woweeee - that's really something. Tell me all about it! I know you masturbated after sending me the email, just thinking about it. Shame to waste all that lovely pussy juice anyway!!



It's late. I called him into my room tonight and watched him jack-off up close while I played with my pussy. I had him cum all over it. It felt so wrong but felt so good. He came so much and it felt so hot. I was drenched in cum. I must admit, I feel a little guilty for doing it. What do you think? Should I continue and let it advance into more, or stop it right now before it gets out of hand. I need someone to tell me what to do. Would you do it with your son? Please advise me.


Awesome Rene.

You must have felt over the moon when you watched him splash all over you - and to feel a little guilt is only natural. That will pass, I'm sure. I remember the time when I felt guilty as hell just masturbating - but that was the religious thing I suppose! Now I just rejoice and thank God for the gift of a vulva!!

If I knew you both a little better I could probably give you some advice, but I don't. I mean, How old is your son for a start? Do you have a close, honest, open relationship with him? Is your husband still around? How does your son feel about jacking off for his mom - and watching you masturbate for him? He must be comfortable with that or he wouldn't do it! I don't have any children, so I can't say from personal experience. If I read you right though, I think you yourself would be okay having him fuck you - you are probably worrying about what he might think of you - lose respect and so on. Well - why not ask him?

'Would you be embarrassed if I let you fuck me?' sort of thing. Like any red-blooded young man, the very sight of a woman's pussy will inflame him! But you are the parent, so I guess you need to be sure you're doing the right thing for both of you. If you feel you'll lose his respect, then of course, stop it now - but from what you've told me so far, I don't think he'll think any the worse of you - in fact, he might think MORE of you. He has been very happy to watch you openly and to masturbate blatantly for you and ejaculate over your mound - and he knows you like it!

If you feel absolutely sure that your relationship won't suffer - perhaps even strengthen - then go ahead and give in to what you both clearly want. Over the recent past, I have been mainly asked about mothers and daughters! That is fairly common - I know several girl friends of mine who have sex with their moms regularly, or vive versa, without any psychological upset. So what's the difference with mother and son? There have been two oir three over the past few years who have admitted to me that they lust after their sons. But at the end of the day, it's up to both of you to feel comfortable with having each other - not only feel comfortable with it, but enjoy it - I'm wet through just thinking about it. I think I need a quickie and it's only 10.00 am here! But I'm so turned on by your experience. Anyway, do tell me what the two of you decide.



I'm so excited! I did as you suggested. I overcame my nervousness. I had the talk with my son as you suggested. Matter of fact. And he is fine with everything. He told me that his respect of me is even greater now then before. So I totally expect IT to happen. He is only just gone 18 and his father, my husband is still in the picture. He is away a lot on business and his sex drive has really slowed down in the last four years while mine has increased. You wouldn't believe how beautiful my son's cock is. It's longer and thicker then his father's - and he cums so much. He can cum and it still be hard again immediately. He got off three times last night in one hour. Its hard all the time. Amazing.


Gosh Rene

Im so very happy for you. It must be a relief to know that all is well. I think your life will change a lot from now on! I remember having a lover many years ago who could fuck for England! He would burst his banks inside my willing pussy and just continue fucking for a second coming - then a third. He would fuck for four hours at a time - with a breather in between - without losing his powerful erection! I lost count of my orgasms. And I believe that's what you're in for. Oh Rene - it's so exciting! It's quite usual for women to need more sex as they get within reach of 40 and beyond - and, believe me, it gets better! Oh yes!! Tell me all about his first fuck with you please - it's so thrilling! And with a long thick smooth cock into the bargain. Stretched and penetrated to the full - Mmmm! I shall come and watch you!

Sarah xxx

Oh my God Sarah!

It happened! It really happened! Sensational! I was lying naked on my bed last night, playing with myself. I heard him come out of the bathroom and called out to him. I was very nervous and my mouth was dry! He came in, knowing what to expect. He was in a dressing gown, hanging open. His cock was already erect. I just stared at it. He started to jerk it for me, coming closer to the side of the bed, watching my fingers rub my pussy lips. We both stared at each other, playing with ourselves. Then I swallowed hard, reached out and took hold of his cock. It was so beautiful. His hand felt for my pussy. There was no foreplay. He just cupped it in his palm and squeezed.

Then he cocked his leg over my hips, putting his hand over mine on his cock, and jerking. He looked at me. When our eyes met, I just nodded. I had stopped breathing! The sensation was electric. We were both on fire. He put the head against my pussy. I thought I would die there and then. It was so sexy. But when his cock penetrated I groaned and shook. As soon as he got fully inside, he came. So did I. Exploded, as you said I would. But he just went on fucking. I've no idea how long we were at it. Time stood still. It was just a wild animal fuck. After he came again, he carried on fucking me all the harder. I was having orgasm after orgasm. I was so taught. So wound up. I couldn't stop.

After the third cum, he was out of breath. He just pulled out, got off the bed and backed out of the room. I collapsed with exhaustion. Physical and emotional. And slept.

Then this morning, he came in to my bedroom ask if I was OK. I told him I felt marvelous. He said he did as well. And thinking about what we did had got him hard again. I thought about sucking him off, but he got in bed with me, rolled me onto my belly, and fucked me twice again from behind. Oh my God, Sarah. My own son. Fucked me hard - and will again. It was crazy, but so fantastic. My mind's in a whirl of wonderment.

Hi Rene.


But I didn't hear from her again.

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