tagBDSMA Conversation Online with Vera

A Conversation Online with Vera



(I logged on to the Lesbos-Island site, but there was only Vera there. We had a chat before deciding to have an instant messenger chat in private, away from the island.)

'Hi there. How are you?'

'Hi. Good ... and you?'

'Fine - a little chilly though - its nearly 3pm here.'

'Only 7 am here and it's warm ... phew.'

'Lying naked on the bed?'

'Actually no ... semi dressed in underwear. Looking for a lady worthy of "raping" me - lol!'

'Well well - look no further!'

'You do you know I mean by 'raped'?'

'Tied down and 'interfered' with??'

'I like to be attacked by her - and forced - pushed around and molested for her sexual fun.'

'Pushed onto the bed on your belly, and knelt on. A hand under your skirt exploring your bottom.'

'Yeah ... you got it.'

'Tie your wrists to the bed-head? Kneeling on your splayed legs?'

'That would be good.'

'Hand forced between your thighs - but hey - you're wet there already!! Your red bush is tousled with juices.'

'I try to fight and get free ... yell for help.'

'But there's no one else around darling. Shout as much as you like. I'm going to take you - by force - you'll be mine! I can feel the fleshy labia. Oo yes - ther creall.y are something!'

'No no! Get off me! I shout, whilst kicking at you trying to get free, reaching to pull away.'

'I'm tying your wrists to the bed posts with a dressing gown cord.'

'What you doing ... STOP IT ... let me go please ... KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ME.'

'I've ripped your panties off and stuffed them into your mouth. That should keep you quiet.'

'I try to push them out with my tongue. But can't.'

'And my fingers are eagerly exploring your pussy. Roughly.'

'Ohhhhhhhhh. That hurts.'

'Good! It's so wet there. I need to punish you for having an aroused vagina. I shall push three fingers up there to explore your inner vagina.'

'Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I'm trying to cross and close my legs.'

'I'm now kneeling over you, my head between your thighs.'

'Ahhhhhh nooooooo. Get off.'

'Forcing your knees apart. I want to examine that special treasure. That jewel hidden between your smooth white thighs. They need a little color. I shall slap them. Slap slap! Both inner thighs.'

'Owwww that hurts!'

'There - they look better with a little redness. It's such a fantastic sight, though, that I need to get my nose in there. WOW ... I'm inhaling deeply ... it smells so delicious. So wet! My tongue is scooping up the juices to taste. You're squirming.'

'Ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooo ... as I manage to get the panties out of my mouth.'

'I've got your bedroom slippers. I'm lifting your under-skirt to whack your bottom. Gosh ... what lovely pale cheeks. We'll soon put some roses into those. Whack! Whack! And again!'

'Owwwwwwwww owwww. That's hard! IT HURTS!'

'You have wonderful cheeks. So pale - but now they're getting rather red.'

'Whack - whack - whack - whack!'

'Owwwww - owwwww.'

'I'm now exploring your puckered rosebud between the reddened cheeks. I'm going to insert a finger in it, as I lick your vagina.'

'Ohhhhhhhhh. STOP. You can't push your finger in there.'

'All sticky and eager for penetration. Your thighs are shaking and trembling. OMG Vera, I think you might be about to come for me. That would be NAUGHTY. You mustn't. I shall spank you if you come. And bite your clit hard. And your labia. Chew them hard. Stretch them. Pull them.'

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhh - I'm moaning - out of control.'

'Mmmmmmmmm. My fingers are now fully inside your vagina. Finger fucking you deep and hard. There there. My other hand slapping your cheeks very hard with the slipper.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhh .... a cry of pain and joy.'

'Squirm as you do. I can now reach round and seek out your nipples... there. Squeeze them hard ... the left hand one. Oh - you have lovely boobs ... I shall enjoy biting them when I've finished with your pussy.'


'Now I'm rolling you over, sitting on your face ... my wet vulva is over your mouth. Pressing on to it. LICK bitch! LICK! My head is between your thighs again ... chewing and licking, biting your inner thighs, bruising the skin, rubbing my groin hard against your lips. LICK bitch LICK. I'm grinding my pelvis against your face.'

'I try not to keeping my mouth open, but as I moan my tounge licks your pussy.'

'Wow ... Vera ... you have a spectacular ginger bush there. I LOVE IT!! But I'm sucking the area below!! Licks and sucking as I eat your delicious wet pussy. Sucking you hard.......'

'Coming any time now.... Don't stop Sarah!'

'I thought I heard you start to come Vera. Sucking you harder'

'I'm coming you bitch ... DO IT ... DO IT. HARDER! I'm moaning. More ... more.'

'Licking your clit and sucking it. Lick me bitch. LICK! LICK MY PUSSY.'

'GO ON SARAH. My fingers are working so hard here. Your tongue lashing my pussy.Yes yes. Don't stop ... don't stop... COME ON.'

'Licking your juices in to my mouth sucking your clit flick the tip with my tongue.'

'Bring me - slut you slut - NOW BITCH ... NOOOOW ... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr YES YES YES. FUCK FUCK. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES'

'I'm pushing my tongue in your vagina, and twirling it around as I rub your clit with my nose'

'FUCK FUCK FUCK - THAT'S GREAT SARAH ... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'

'I'm gently sucking the oozing juices out ... kissing your lips and ginger hair. Mmmmmm. Feeling your cum all over my face. So tasty. Delicious. And plentiful. Mmmm. GO FOR IT Vera! YES YES! I'M CUMMMMMING AS WELL. Oh YEEEEEES. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Shiiiiiiit!'

(A pause while we both recover our breath,)

'Yes ... thanks darling ... great orgasm... starts your day well. When I get my breath back.'

'Welcome. I'm Sarah by the way!!!'

'Nice to meet you. I'm looking at your pic. I'm Vera. Love your technique.'

'Love your ginger bush. Pale skin. And fleshy labia. Well, now that I know the score, I may have a scenario ready for you!! Here's a pic of my pussy for you. You just gave it a delightful sensation of heaven - ecstacy!'

'Oh yeees! Yummmmy =)~~~'

'Give it a good lick Vera - you just made it come - all over you - your face and mouth should be smeared all over with my nectar! As mine is with yours.'


'That was so good Vera ... do you do this often?'

'No. But it was really yummmmy. Yummmy ... that pussy of yours can rape my face any time. But must get ready for work - alas!'

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