tagLesbian SexA conversation with Dee Ch. 08

A conversation with Dee Ch. 08


Dee is delighted with her new sex life.

(It was Tuesday afternoon before I was able to chat with Dee again. She was already on line when logged on.)

'How are you Dee? Missed you.'

'Sarah my lover.'

'Wonderful to chat with you - is all well?'

'Always is with you. Love you.'

'Mmmm darling, you say the nicest things. Now that you're here, yes! Fine. Have you seen Pat or chatted lately?'

'Wow, now who's saying right things! Chatted last night.'

'So is Pat still ok with you and me? Did you have phone sex?'

'Oh yes, very ok. Phone sex mmmmm ... another new experience.'

'Just think a few weeks ago, you were wanting her, but ....'

'I know, wow. And Sue today?'

'Sue is lovely - very loving - I think she was even more passionate than ever. I would have loved you to join in. You could have kissed her other nipple.'

'Omg yes please.'

'Our chat, after your return home, was very passionate as well. Friday that was. Having missed you for a week made me realise how much I want you and love you.'

'I know. I wanted you so much too.'

'It was a wonderful reunion! I just hope we can have a little time together, so that I could kiss your face all over and just hold you tight. Just the two of us in a close embrace, whispering 'I love you' into your ear, our breasts pressing against each other, groins squirming.'

'I know, just you and me. That would be perfect, my hands stroking your bottom. Mmmm. I love you too darling. Pushing towards you. Feeling your nipples growing harder.'

'Kissing your ear and neck, smelling your hair, tasting your lipstick.'

'Pulling up your skirt. Feeling your naked bottom.'

'OMG yes please.'

'So soft. So firm. Squeeze it. Lovely. I want you. Bend over that chair.'

'I'm all yours Sarah.'

'I'm unbuttoning your top.'

'Yes please. And I'm lifting your skirt. Pulling down your panties.'

'Want to look at your tits again, Dee. Touch the hard big nipples. They are so gorgeous. And soft and supple and squeezable.'

'I love it when you look at my tits. Growing for you. I'm rubbing my nipples over your bottom. Stroking your thighs.'

'Mmmm thats nice.'

'Running my hands higher. Spreading your legs. Your inner thighs are so soft. Running my hands over your pussy.'

'Trembling. Panting and gasping - omg can't wait - wanting you. Juices pouring ... for you, Dee, wanting to feel your fingers and lips against my pussy.''

'Omg Sarah ... You are so hot. My tits rubbing your bottom. My fingers spreading your lips.'

'OMG Dee.'

'I kneel down, so that I can lick your bottom. Spreading your cheeks to expose the rosebud.'

'Shaking here. Pushing my bottom against your face.'

'My tongue traces round your bum hole - My fingers inside your pussy. Deeper. In and out.'

'Fantastic. YES. OMG, Dee.'

'Licking your bottom. Tongue tracing around your hole. Four fingers inside you ... Deeper ... In and out ... Faster ... Deeper. Feeling you grow tighter.'

'Dee ... Dee. What a marvellous lover you are. Mmmmm OMG. Thighs trembling. Please don't stop.'

'Licking your ass hole. My tongue pushes inside you. eeper ... Faster ... Cum baby ... Harder.'

'Want to cum for you Dee. Yes yes ... going to cum soon. Oh Dee. Don't stop!'

'Faster inside you ... Deeper. Feeling you cum.'

'Please - more more.'

'Tongue goes inside your bum. Fingers so deep in your pussy.'

'Woooowwwwwww. Cumming ...'

'Your so wet. Faster.'

'Swirling up.'

'Deeper. In ... Out. Licking you. Harder.'

'Fizzing. Coming to the surface. YES YES YES.'

'Feeling your muscles. Cum baby. Cum on my fingers.'

'Mmmmmmmm ready? Jolting and shaking.'

'Cum baby. Yesss. Tongue fucking your bum.'




'So hard. So tight. Deeper ... Faster ... In and out.'

'JEEZ. (A pause.) Panting away here.'

'So tight Sarah. Goood.'

'Still cumming, but subsiding.'

'Kissing you now. Tongue inside your mouth.'

'Gosh ... that was an anal orgasm Dee!'

'Was it? How marvellous!'

'I want to feel my tongue deep inside your mouth.'

'Kiss me baby.'

'Both holes were ablaze with lust.'

'I wanted to fill them both.'

'Ooh Dee - I love you - kiss you . All over the face and fondle your nipples.'

'Yes please.'

'Pushing you into the chair, pulling your skirt over your legs. Dragging your panties off ... so eager to look at the jewel of my life.'

'Oh so bossy.'

'I'm going to eat you Dee, and bite your nipples, and get between your legs to ogle your bum and pussy, fingering both.''

'Really ... Omg. I think I would like that ... mmmmm.'

'Your juices smeared over your puckered bum ... admiring your jewels ... rubbing my index finger over your bum hole - round and round. It's beginning to dilate for me to slip the finger in.'

'All yours. Oh yes ... I want you. Ohhh. Sarah!'

'As my mouth latches onto your vulva, softly chewing the lips, savouring the taste of your private nectar.'

'A little eager. Very horny. Your so horny.'


'I need to have that pussy in my mouth, to feel my finger in your bum, my nose rubbing the clit, tongue lashing and swirling inside your vagina.

'Don't stop. Tie me up. Slap me.'

'I'm taking your belt to tie round your wrists behind your back, rolling you over to present you bum to me, taking the ruler from your desk ... smack ...smack.'

'So bad. So horny. So rough. Yesssss.'

'One on each cheek.'

'Oh Sarah.'

'Glorious cheeks.'

'No... oh no!'

'Slap ... slap.'


'Slap ... slap.'

'Sarah, nooooo .... Ohhh Sarah ... mmmmm.'

'pulling your bottom cheeks apart to push my finger deep inside your bum. Slap ... slap again ... getting red and blotchy. Finger fucking your bum, deep and firm ... feeling your thighs shudder. Now turning you over to get my head between your thighs to push four fingers of my other hand deep into your vagina. Fucking both holes fast and deep ... feeling you cumming ... your belly shaking - flooding your pussy again with more nectar - feeling your orgasm building up.'

'Sarah ... My pussy is so wet. My labia is huge. Never felt it this big. OMG.'

'Wish I could see.'

'Omg ... I wish you could.'

'I shall chew it more.'

'Omg Cumming ... Yesssssss ... Sarah ...Oh darling.'

'Tonguing your clit. Squeezing your labia between my fingers.'

'Please Sarah ... Yes. Oh darling ... ooooo ... I love you so much.'

'Then slipping four back inside.'

'So big ... Yesssss ... You are the best.'

'You're wonderful ... Agghhhhhhhh ... Cumminnnnnnn ... Yessssssssssssss.'

'Loud and clear.'

'Oh Sarah ... Aggggggghhhhhhhh. Wish I could shout.'

'Thrashing. Jolting up and down.'

'SAARRRRAAAAAH. My darling. I LOVE YOU. Yesssssssssssssss.'

'Feeling your juices squirt from your vagina into my mouth - nectar - so wonderful.'

'I did. All over you. Omg Sarah .... that was out of this world! Heavenly!'

'I love you too, so very much. Now cupping your vulva softly in my palm - squeezing it with love and worship. Kissing your face with your juices on my lips.'

'Gently ... Still very tender. And big. Oh Sarah. Kiss me all over.'

'Oh yes darling. Face, neck, breasts nipples.'

'All yours.'

'Caressing your body - tummy, thighs, bottom, all over, twirling my fingers through your pubic hair.'

(A pause while Dee recovers.)

'Tell me about Sue today.'

'Well, Sue greeted me with a deep loving kiss, as soon as the door was closed. She took my coat from my shoulders and hung in on the coat stand, all the time telling me how sorry she was not to feel able to join in with us - though she said she had enjoyed the little episode on Tuesday last when you were away.'

'I could tell she did.'

'And she loved me more than ever, if that were possible. We went into the lounge where she took me in her arms and held me tight as she kissed me again, her hands of course, strayed down my back to my buttocks. Sue knows what turns me on ... gets me horny.'

'Mmmmm nice image ... I bet.'

'Then unbuttoned my blouse and fingered my tits - no bras - don't really need one! Not when visiting Sue. Then she encouraged me to sit on the settee, and knelt in front of me.''

'She loves your tits. What was she wearing?'

'Sue was wearing a jumper and skirt. I took hold of the jumper and pulled it over her head before she ducked under my skirt and inhaled deeply several times. Next off were my knickers. She had left her bra off as well, knowing I was coming!! And as she nuzzled my gusset, I felt her tits. Hard nipples. Her nose engaged with my clit and her tongue snaked between the labia to taste my pussy juices. I was so horny by this time that an orgasm wasn't very far away. Besides I wanted to play with her jewel.'

'That is so wonderful ... I can imagine it in graphic detail. Mmmm.'

'She got me to a high point and then suddenly thrust her index finger deep into my bum. I nearly hit the roof. OMG what an explosion.'

'Lol. Wish I was there to help.'

'As I calmed down she fingered my pussy gently. I lifted her up by the shoulders and kissed her deeply. She rolled into the corner of the settee .'

'She's so lucky.'

'I dragged her skirt down and her panties - over her ankles and feet, so that I could admire the exciting vision of her vulva, wrapped in dark hair. I do so love gazing at it. And of course, as I did, I stroked my fingers along the inner thighs, caressing the soft skin, then stroking either side of the vulva with my fingers, as her vagina dilated.

'Oh Sarah ... ooooh ... touch me for god's sake!'

'Mmmm I think you're getting horny again. Well, after looking at it throbbing - the little muscles inside the opening pulsating - I slipped a finger inside, then two and started to fuck her slowly ... she was gasping heavily.'

'Mmmmm, I can imagine. Lovely image.'

'Then three as I kissed her clit. When the fourth finger joined the others, I was fucking her deep and fast, lashing her clit with my tongue. She was shaking heavily, moaning "Sarah Sarah".'

'You are rough at times.'

'And as I felt her orgasm begin to build - she held her breath and tensed ... as her back arched from the settee, it was then I suddenly penetrated her bum as she had mine. Whoooooosh! She almost took off.'

'I can't wait to try this on Pat.'

'The first explosion was followed by a second lesser jolt, then a third. She ejaculated three spurts into my mouth. It lasted several seconds.'


'Sue was absolutely exhausted. She just collapsed, eyes closed, panting for breath.'

'What a wonderful sight.'

'As she calmed, I gently cupped her pussy, until she opened her eyes and looked at me with such tenderness. "My God Sarah - I do love you" she whispered. Well, we tidied up and had coffee, then had more casual sex afterwards. Seconds!'

'I love you as well, Sarah. What did you wear while you had coffee?'

'We just slip our pants and skirts back on - mustn't stain the settee cover! - and slip our top on. Respectable you see.'

'Very respectable.'

'Sometimes I drag the biscuit between her pussy lips and bite it off. Biscuits and cream. But not yesterday.'

'You are bad.'

'So when was the last time you and Pat fucked? Has she got into the swing of lesbian sex? '

'Friday before last. She loves lesbian sex.'

'When did she realise that she was bi? After reading my story? And is she happy about you and me?

'She said she'd never really considered herself bi until we had chatted, then your story made her so horny. And yes, she said she's good with us.'

'So, another convert to the joys of lesbian sex.'

'Yes, chalk another one up ... kiss.'

'Let me kiss your pussy again before we part, and feel your tits. I adore those tits ... and worship that pussy.'

'I love you kissing my tits ... But .... Oh, fuck me Sarah, please.'

'Mmmm I love to feel them heaving as I do - panting.'

'So heavy. All yours.'

'So once again - sucking the nipples - feeling their weight in my hands - kissing your face whispering "I love you" in your ear.'

'Looking at you. Feeling your bottom. Stroking it.'

'One hand sliding down your belly.'

'Opening my legs.'

'Feeling the fluttering as you lubricate again ... fingers slipping through your bush, fingers folding over your pussy - labia still a bit swollen.'


'Feeling the juices fill my palm ... I just worship that vulva Dee ... I love every tiny bit of you.'

'I love your touch.'

'I'm playing with your clit, rubbing it lightly.'

'I'm moaning darling.'

'Wanting you so much.'


'Fingers darting into your vagina. Still wet through - new juices - circular rubs over your vulva - two fingers slip into your vagina - I wont bite your tender labia - but I will kiss them and lick them and I finger-fuck you.'

'So wet. Lay on top of me Sarah.'

'Feeling your belly shake again. Mmmm my tits pressing on yours. The weight of my body pressing down on you, our groins meeting. Clashing.'

'Yessssss. Grind your pussy into mine. Oh Sarah.'

'Holding your bottom in my hands ... parting my legs and entwining them with yours ... vulvas meeting.'

'Kissing - rubbing hard.'

'Yesssssss. Oh darling. Arrrrggggggggg.'

'Cum for me Dee.'

'Still so horny for you Sarah. Aagghhhhhhhh.Yesssssssssssss. Darlingggggggg ... Aaagghhhhhhhh ... YeSssssssssss.'

'I can feel your whole body tense with lust. Lurching. Heaving!'

'Cumminnnnnnnnnnnggg. Yessssssss. Grind me Sarah - Yesssssssssssss. Oh fuck! Aaaggghhhhhhhhhh. OMG OMG OMGaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd.'

(After recovering our breath...)

'Phew Sarah.'

'I know! Same here! Panting for breath. I need to recover!! Will you be around tomorrow? I want to be with you all the time actually.'

'Me too. If I was home I'd go for nice long soak... and think of you.'

'Do you play with yourself in the bath? Have another Sarah orgasm?'


'Well, I'm a shower person really, but the water jet on my clit is very effective, thinking of you of course.'

'Would love to shower with you. I love your nipples.'

'Miss you all the time Dee!'

'Miss you too. Bye lover-lady.'

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