tagLesbian SexA Conversation with Diana

A Conversation with Diana


(Diana sent me a message after reading one of my incest conversations. She was desperate to chat with me about her obsession, but rather nervous about it. But she finally plucked up the courage after a few days. And when she did - wow! Well, read for yourselves.)

Hi Sarah,

I've just found your stories, OMG they are so wonderful, thank you for writing them. I'm a mother of 2 girls, I'm 45 yrs old living in Surrey. My daughters are 18 and 21, they are lovely, and, sorry to say, I do fantasize about them, your stories are very close to home for me. I would love to hear from you, but if not, keep the stories coming, thanks.

Lots of love and kisses


Hello Di

Lovely to hear from you and read you flattering comments about my stories. So glad you have found them. You have a lot to catch up! And to fantasize about. I've invited you to be a messenger friend so that we can chat when you're available.

Two lovely daughters - mmmm - and you have fantasies about them - what sort?? Do they have boyfriends? Please tell me about them! They sound divine! I take it that you're divorced or separated? I have several moms with daughters they have fun with. But apart from a friend in Wales, you are the only other UK mom who has emailed me about your fantasies.

One of my friends would take her daughter's soiled knickers and press them to her nose as she masturbated. She could inhale the scent and imagine her lips were kissing and licking the labia and vagina that had created the wonderful delightful scent! She had fantastic orgasms that way!! I never found out whether or not she finally made it.

It's more usual for the daughter to fantasise about their mom rather than the other way round. More recently I've had a handful of moms who wanted their sons! And made it!! Read my Converation with Rene!

Do tell me more about yourself. At 45 your sex drive should be more powerful than ever. And masturbation is a glorious way of celebrating your female sexuality - worshiping your body. I do it regularly. And have a girlfriend for weekly sessions - she's the vicar's wife of course!

Do you have a real girlfriend?


Sarah xx

(It took Diana almost a week to come back to me.)

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the response. Sorry it took me a while to respond, I'm so nervous, and blushing. My daughters and I have always had an open relationship. We often see each other naked and I never thought anything of it, then I read a few stories and wow, my mind went wild. I loved to see them naked and made sure they saw me often. I shaved my pussy and asked what they thought of it? Wow - did I masturbate that night! I think they did too. I'm sure I heard at least one of them moaning.

I don't have a permanent boyfriend and nor a girlfriend, but I'm still hopeful. I love reading mum and daughter stories, but have just read a few mum and son stories, lucky girls.

I hope we can chat soon. You have great stories and a sexy mind.

Lots of kisses

Di xx

Oh Di!

Don't be nervous darling! I can't bite you!! And why blush? You have a lot to be thankful and happy about. Well, two lovely daughters and you all enjoy the unalloyed ecstacy of masturbation. It's nothing whatever to be ashamed of - your body is there to be worshiped and pampered. And the delicious sensitive part between your thighs in particular. And your girls clearly think a lot of their vulvas as well.

So, you haven't actually 'Caught' them masturbating - but if you all walk around naked you obviously have no embarrassment in each other. Why not bring up the subject of erotica with them. Ask them what turns them on - but the important thing all the time is not to cause embarrassment - and to always have an escape route, as it were. I feel sure you could steer a course which would lead to mutual masturbation with one or both. They're obviously old enough!! Are they still virgins? Do they have b/fs or g/fs?

Would it help if I sent you one or two 'naughty' photos of me? When you've got over your blushing, perhaps we could chat for a while. Take it at your own speed darling. I don't want to push you in a direction you wouldn't feel comfortable in.

Read my latest Karen conversation and tell me what you think.

Later Di

Sarah xxx

(Another couple of days passed.)

Oh Sarah,

How can you read my mind - you don't know me yet, but you will soon. I know we're going to be good friends, I presume you have on-line lovers, I'm really new to this. I did have to go to my bedroom after I read (and re-read) your email, I don't know what you look like (it would be wonderful if you could describe yourself) but I came thinking of you. I would love to bring up erotica with my daughters (both have steady boyfriends and aren't virgins), but I'm not sure I have enough courage to do it. I'm sorry I missed you and can't wait to chat, but you'll have to be gentle with me (to begin with). I'm going to read you're latest story now, if you hear me screaming, I'm enjoying it. If you want to send me photos of you I would be happy to send you some back.

Lots of kisses Di xx

Oh Sarah,

You're so bad (and wonderful) I hope you heard me as I read your story with Karen, she's so lucky in many respects. I would love to feel your hands and lips over my body, I hope you let me touch you.

The girls will be home soon, but I imagine they'll both be going out. Going to have a bath now, thinking of you and the girls.


Di xx

Wow Di!

My, what a lovely orgasm or two you had. You can certainly play with me. It's 8am at the moment - so after breakfast and a shower, I'll send you some photos . Perhaps I should dip my banana in my pussy cream and you can eat it with me!!

Sarah xxx

Hi Sarah,

Laying in bed here reading your note, can't wait to see your pics. Now I'm thinking of your pussy cream. OMG - I'm so wet. I don't believe it!

Lusting after you

Di xxx

Yes Di

I do have online lovers - but not all that many! They come and go - if you'll forgive the pun! But you've read all about most of them in my conversations. I'm so flattered to be the object of your masturbation fantasy. That's lovely of you.

So, I think that your daughters might enjoy a bi-curious experience! Just bring it up casually - ask if they have ever come across any erotic story sites - and see where it leads. They might pick up the vibes.

I shall be gentle with you darling - kiss your face and stoke your breasts. Cup the cheeks of your bottom and caress them. Trail my finger tips up your inner thighs, feeling them flutter beneath the silky pale skin. I shall hear you moan and purr with lust, your belly trembling - your thighs parting for my exploring fingers to search for the most intimate part of you - that wonderful seat of passion and ecstasy.

And that's just for starters!!! Kisses and hugs

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah,

OMG thank you! I had to go for a bath after I saw your pictures. You are so gorgeous and sexy. I can't believe you have had this effect on me, I only found the stories last week, now I play in the bath, thinking of you touching me everywhere, while my daughters are watching us. I hope they want to join in soon, I would love to see you and my daughters on the bed together. I have attached a couple of pictures for you, I hope you like them.

We'll chat soon I know, and I'm sure my pussy will love your fingers... and tongue and ...

Kisses on your wonderful boobs....

Di xx

Oh Di!

Lovely photos! You are so beautiful - those wonderful breasts and that gorgeous copper hair. And that infectious smile. Such a pity you shaved ... your bush would have been such a spectacular joy! Well, all I can say is that your nervousness has melted away darling. That's good. You might find the courage to mention my stories to your daughters! It would be a thrill for us all to romp on the same bed, feeling and exploring each other, bringing about exciting orgasms - squatting over each others face, rubbing our sticky pussy over your face and lips, your nose teasing your clit. And my mouth suckling those fantastic nipples of yours. Wow! That would be so divine.

When can we chat?? I'm so horny at the thought of you cumming for me!! Meantime any more photos would be so welcome! Lol.



(The following Saturday morning.)

Hi Sarah,

I so want to chat to you on-line. I don't feel nervous at present although I know I will when I do eventually pluck up courage to chat. I'm walking about in a silk nightie, fairly short, my nipples get so hard when they see them.

Please be gentle with me to begin with. I know I will have a tremendous orgasm with you. I hoped you would like my boobs. Gravity has taken its toll I'm afraid, but my nipples are so sensitive. My daughters have lovely boobs, so firm and they look so soft. I would love to feel their nipples rubbing mine. I hope, one day, to have a woman suck my nipples while playing with my clit. I know I will enjoy it. I loved the pictures of you, your girlfriend is so lucky, what does she look like?

Do you have any more pictures you could share with me?

Thinking about you sooo much

Di xx

Hello Di

I can just imagine you in your silk nightie - nipples jutting and pressing against the fabric. When we do eventually chat, I'm expecting you to explode with pent up nerves and lust! It'll be like a first date in a way! I'm really looking forward to probing between the legs and exploring the texture and wetness of your vulva, while I suckle those gorgeous nipples and feel the weight of your boobs in my palm. I shall hear you gasp - whooosh - as I touch you, and all that tension will explode in an enormous orgasm.

Sarah xxxxxxx

(Message on screen: Di has just signed in.)

'Hello Sarah?

'Yes, I'm here. My goodness Di. You finally made it!'

'What a performance darling. But no worries, at least we contacted. Finally.'

'So, after all that messing about, are you still horny? Or just fed up!'

'Very horny now that were finally chatting. I can't believe that we're together.'

'What are you wearing?'

'I'm in jogging bottoms and top ... you?'

'Me? I'm in a long skirt and blouse.'

'No bra or undies .'

'Nice darling ... I think after all that I shall have you put my arm round your waist and kiss your mouth, and hold my hand under your heavy breast.'

'Mmmm that feels nice.'

'Chew your bottom lip and rollmy thumb over your stiff nipple.'

'OMG that would be perfect ... Oh sarah ... I've removed my top.'

'You have fantastic boobs. OMG you have a gorgeous body ... let me get my mouth over those nipples and run my hand up you inner thigh.'

'Yes Sarah, all yours. That would be perfect.'

'Suckling your tasty nipples ... so big.'

'Sarah, please ... oh yes ...'

'And feeling for your pussy with my long fingers . You are very wet Di.'

'I am very very wet Sarah ... all because of you.'

'Middle fingers rubbing circles round your clit - had we connected sooner I was hoping to give you three orgasms!!.'

'Sarah, wow, you are so bad.'

'But I can feel your belly quaking.'

'Please be gentle ...'

'I'm taking off your bottoms so that I can look at you properly . I need to gaze on the wonder of your womanhood - the secret of your passion - spread your thighs - OMG Di - what a beautiful vulva - oozing from the vagina.'

'Bottoms off ... Opening my thighs.'

'The clit standing proud and stiff.'

'Look at it, yesssss. Rubbing it for you.'

'I'm mesmerized - your thighs are trembling - this is our very first date - and our very first fuck.'

'Yes, first fuck - Fuck me Sarah - fuck me good .'

'I shall slide my fingers into your paradise - three fingers - slowly and very deep - to the knuckle.'


'Then slip out and drive in again - still kissing your boobs.'

'While I watch you ... take me Sarah. They are so sensitive.

'Now my head goes between your thighs, inhaling the scent of your pussy - delectable - and tasting your juices for the first time ... mmm...'

'OMG, slow down, please ...'

'Mmmmmmmmm ... so sweet ...'

'Your so fast ... OMG ... I'm so very horny.'

'Just gently pushing in and out ... but my lips are kissing your clit ... you are so gorgeous and fuckable.'

'Suck them Sarah ... OMG ... Fuck me.'

'... mmm ... ok?'

'Yes Sarah ... wonderful ...'

'Stroking your belly ... hands caressing your bottom.'

'So soft, your hands.'

'Feeling your body all over ... kissing your mouth again.'

'I would love that. Tongues fighting.'

'Fingers searching for the little rosebud ... just to finger it ... gently whilst tongues lash each other ... Mmmmmm ... your lips taste sweet ... your skin is like silk.'

'OMG ... I'm so close ...'

'My hands are drawn again to your secret place ... fingers now slipping back into your vagina. It feels so delicious.'

'You're soooo good ...

'My other hand pressing a finger into your bum, just to the first knuckle ... yesssssssss.'

'OMG, you are bad ...'

'Feeling your body shaking ... shaking with lust and desire ... ready to explode ... sucking your stiff clit.'

'OMG SARAH ... I'm cumminnng ... Aagggghhhhhh ... So hard.'

'I can feel your whole body tensing ... your back arching ... stiffening ... exploding with joy and ecstacy ... Yeesssssss.'

'YEEEEEEEEES ... OMG this is strong - hard and marvellous.'

'Your first orgasm with Sarah ... come on ... come on Di.'

'Yessss ... Cumminnnnggggggg.'

'Just concentrate on that wonderful sensation between your legs ... your clit fizzing .'

'Aagggghhhhhh ... Rubbing it ... It's so big ... CUMMINGGGGG ...'

'Fingers driving deep and fast into your vagina ... other finger in your bum ... your body is writhing ... writhing and trembling ... yes yes yes ... come for Sarah.'

'Sarah, please ... PLEEEEEASE ...'

'Again ... again.'

'Stop Sarah ... Aggghhh ... Please ...'

'There. I've stopped ... let me kiss your face again ... caress your breasts while you recover.'

'OMG I'm breathless ... that was so strong ... so hard. Powerful orgasm ... Perfect orgasm ... just a minute ...'

'I'm kissing your face and neck and inhaling the scent of your hair ... my leg thrown across your belly ... my juices dribbling on your groin ... my mouth now nibbling your nipples. Wonderful - our very first orgasm - was it worth waiting for?

'Silly question ... fantastic. My tits are so sensitive ... can I touch you?.'

'Ooo please do ... I'm all yours, Di - though I'm nearly there myself ... I'm rubbing my groin against your thigh, pressing my clit against your thigh bone . Feeling your wet pussy.'

'Are you touching yourself?'

'Yes I am ... hard ... mmmm ... knickers soaking ... fingers rubbing wildy.'

'Rub it against me, fuck my thigh.'

'Cumming . CUMMMMMMING. Thrust your fingers in me. Yes yes yes.'

'Wish I was there. Cum Sarah, you're so bad ... fingers fucking you hard.


(A short pause while I recover my breath.)

'Gosh Di. That was something else again! Mind blowing. And I haven't finished yet ... I'm straddling your head - my pussy over your mouth for you to lick and savor the taste.'

'Did you really come? For me Sarah?? Wow - awesome. OMG - that looks so good. I've been so strung up all day waiting for you.'

'My tongue finds your clit. Sucking it. Now you can see what I've been playing with for you. Mmmmmmm ... I think I shall have another ... what about you?

'Yes ... I can.'

'Now were in 69, we can take our time worshiping the vulva ... tongue fucking the mysterious sacred vagina. I need to examine every little crease.'

'OH NO! My daughter has just pulled up on drive ... I'd better go.'

'Cunnilingus interruptus!'

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