tagIncest/TabooA Conversation with Jinny Ch. 01

A Conversation with Jinny Ch. 01


(This was the first time that a young man had e-mailed me about his interest in sex with his mum. As readers of my other conversations will know, it was usually the mum herself, or the daughter, who contacted me about their interest in incest. The story of Wayne and his mum, Jinny, started one morning during Easter, after he sent me feedback. I replied to thank him, asking him to tell me something about himself. It became a long daily exchange of emails - sometimes several in one day. But, imagine my surprise, when his mother also got in touch with me, out of the blue, three days later. I knew then that we were destined to have a wonderful flowering of mum/son sex. I just needed to encourage them to get together. They did. In less than a week, and after lots of encouraging messages. It was extraordinary. I have edited out some of the exchanges to avoid too much repetition.)



My name's Wayne, I'm 19 and go to a local uni. I've read your conversational stories on Literotica. One about Ellie and the other about Rene and found them exactly to be what I wish would happen to me. My mom, Jinny, is a curvy woman, usually referred to as a BBW on porn sites. When I discovered them on the net, I was instantly drawn to them. The biggest orgasms I ever had came from looking at women with huge bums and massive tits. Just like my mom. I suddenly realised that my biggest fantasy was my own mom! I don't know what to do. I suddenly found myself trying to catch glimpses of her beautiful body in the shower, "accidentally" walking into her bedroom, while she changed, etc. I even start masturbating into her used panties! Am I sick? Or is this something that can actually work as a loving mother/son relationship?

Hi Wayne

Well, you are certainly not sick - though some people might think so! I can fully understand what it is that makes you horny - the sight of a big-breasted woman is enough to arouse and inflame any young virile male. The fact that's it's your mum adds a little more wickedness to the feeling. Except, here, I'm not sure what you would like to me suggest. Has your mom ever shown any interest in your body? Seen you masturbate or spoken about the need for sexual release? Do you have a father at home I wonder? I don't suppose you've actually watched your mom masturbate herself, but you may have heard her. Do you think she has any interest at all in a sexual encounter with her son? With Rene, it was she who wanted me to nudge her son in her direction - which I did!



Well that's a relief... It just feels a bit wrong to get an erection whenever she bends over or when I look at her tits. I walk around with just boxers on sometimes, and she's never told me off for it. I even caught her looking at the bulge in pants a few times but nothing serious. I did think she caught me once, wanking to a picture of a BBW pornstar (who looked just like mum). Just as I was cumming I heard a noise behind me, but when I turned around there was nothing there. But, that evening mum talked to me about sex and said that if I ever needed any help with "anything" to go and find her. Does that mean she wants it too? She's also been talking more and more about women having sexual needs, when I talk about girlfriends and stuff, and saying that I should remember that women need pleasure as well. Yes, I have heard her masturbating some nights and one night I peeked round the door while she was at it. My dad works as an airline pilot so is away a lot and she often refers to me as the man of house.Wayne.

Well Wayne

I've thought a lot about what you told me yesterday. It shouldn't feel 'wrong' to respond to a buxom female, whether it's your mom or not! It's natural - part of the mating game! And first, let me say that sex between mum and son is far from unusual, so don't feel bad about wanting it. From what you tell me, my guess is that your mum feels the same way. Mom wants it but, like you, feels that it's wrong!

I expect your mum is in her early 40s, and that's an age when many women are more sexually aware than ever, and need more sex at a time when husband's appetite is fading - or not at home. You'd be surprised how many ladies of that age write to me about their insatiable appetites for sex! (Well you've read some of the chats I've had with them.) So, when mum mentioned women having sexual needs as well, I think she knows that you caught her masturbating, and is trying to explain why she does it - because she is very concerned that you might lose your respect for her, or think she's some sort of slag. So, Wayne, she just needs some assurance from you that you're still very proud of her (in more ways than one!) And have a high respect for her.

How you do that is up to you, because I don't know just how close you are. Perhaps the best time is when you meet up outside the bathroom at bedtime - or whenever - give her a hug and tell her you're proud of her - and think she's got a great figure. If you can, say sorry for showing an interest at her breasts, but admit that you find them very attractive and exciting. You can't help it! The important thing at all times, though, is to allow either of you an escape route if it turns out to be embarrassing, otherwise you may end up with a rift between you. That would never do!

Then leave the next move up to mum and react accordingly. My guess is that she'll either blush and say 'don't be silly' - in which case listen out for her masturbating in bed at the thought of turning you on - or she may laugh, with a 'thank you' and flaunt them at you - in which case gasp with admiration and tell her how fabulous they are.

Anyway, mum's offer to offer help with 'anything', could be her way of suggesting that she'd like to masturbate you, or let you watch her masturbate. Some kind of shared sexual experience. But, all in all, I think what she is crying out for, is an assurance from you that you don't think badly of her. Mums are keen not to lose their children's respect for them. And whilst young men masturbate, they mostly don't think married women should need to. Well, you know different, don't you - so tell her.

Once the ice is broken, the rest will follow. Believe me! Lots of respect for each other - lots of trust - and lots of pride in each other. Let me know how you get on. And good luck.


Ps - I'd be no good for you Wayne - I'm small breasted with a pert bum!! But a fleshy pussy!

Wow Sarah,

Thanks for such detailed advice! I'm quite close to mum and we do hug and cuddle a lot, though I get embarrassed nowadays because I keep getting a boner when cuddled up close to her breasts or her fleshy bum. She has noticed a few times and just laughed it off with an offhand remark like "don't poke me to death with that thing" or something like that. I did as you suggested this morning. I walked into her room "accidently" catching her changing. She seemed almost deliberately slow to cover up, giving me a good eyeful of her large breasts. I was about to leave, before I told her that she has a wonderful figure that most moms would envy. She blushed and said thank you and carried on getting changed with me still in the room! I just stood watching for a few minutes, before I sensed she was going to turn around and left the room. Safe to say I had a monster erection to deal with afterwards! I took your advice and left my door open and wasn't too quiet about it either, but I'm not sure whether she noticed or not.

I have noticed that she disappears off to "do some ironing" up in her room more often lately, and come to think of it, I do hear some squeaking and restrained moans when I press my ear to the door.

Mum has walked in on me watching porn before now, so she knows it's something I do. So maybe leaving Literotica on the computer while I'm away would do the trick? One of your stories?



It seems to me that your mum's really eager to masturbate your cock. 'If you need any help...etc.' Well, she certainly doesn't seem embarrassed about things, though she might still feel a bit ashamed at having these naughty thoughts. Or maybe she thinks it would embarrass you. When you tell her what a fabulous body she has, you might ask her for a peek at her tits, and see what she does. If you get a hard-on, let her see you stroking it over your trousers. You'll get there. Remember - respect, trust and so on. Flattery! Next time she goes to 'do some ironing', why not offer to help her?

It'll happen - maybe today. Just start with watching each other teasing and masturbating. Then she may ask if you'd like her to help you out with 'that thing'.

Do you want to actually fuck her though? I think she'd like that eventually. Yes - I'm sure she would.


Ps you got me all wet here thinking about it!! By the way, have you ever felt a woman's pussy? You must learn to worhip and adore them. They are fantastic pieces of nature and so mysterious! All different in their own way.


Mum came home and changed straight into a bathrobe! In the middle of the day?! She had me give her a foot massage and her robe crept open a little and I caught the most amazing view of clevage! I got really hard and delibertaly pushed it against her foot. She said nothing but started moving her foot minutely around my dick. When I finished she got up and I told her that she has really amazing breasts. She just said thanks, confidently and carried on moving. I said that they don't compare anything to any of the girls at school and that she needs to show them to me sometime, in a jokey half serious manner. She then said, with a wink, maybe she will. As she was walking away I slapped her bottom, and she just laughed and told me to hit on someone my own age. I told her no one my own age was as sexy as her, and she just giggled. Where do I go from here?!

Fuck her? I think I want to. I just find her sooo alluring, I want to finally touch those breasts, play with them in my hands. Suck the chunky nipples. Grab that fleshy bum and just bury my head in it. I have sooo many fantasies about her, it's unreal.


P.S. It's flattering to know I can make an older woman wet. Yes, I've had a few girlfriends I've been out with, but it's mainly been hard and fast sex, no real lovemaking. Yes, pussies are fantastic! Especially the ones of women who, on the surface, seem so ladylike, so professional.

That's good Wayne

Just let the idea develop in Jinny's mind. Don't push it. She now knows that you admire her, and want her, and get a hard-on looking at her. So I think her next move, later today, will be to let her bathrobe open wider, to reveal her bare breasts for you. Accidentally of course! She's teasing you, but at the same time coming to terms in her own mind, and in her own time, with having sex with her son. I believe she's flattered by your attention, the admiration of a younger man, but needs to get used to the idea. You should just act normal now and let mum make the next move. She will.

I have to admit that I don't usually lubricate with men online - just other women - but you've certainly made me feel horny and wet - perhaps I should come and play with your cock instead. Or perhaps as well as Jinny! We could masturbate you together. I'll do the wanking while you suck your mum's nipples! Then you can ejaculate all over them!! How's that for a fantasy?




It's so hard (pun intended) to keep a normal demeanour around mum now. I guess I just have to be patient and wait it out. You can't imagine how many times I've ejaculated today just thinking about her! Oh Sarah what a fantasy you painted! Thinking of mum and another hot mature lady playing with me makes me sooo hard. I've often fantasised about her with another woman! Her sucking my penis while another woman, you, eats her out between her chunky thighs. Oh that's such a hot thought. Amazing.


Well Wayne, I have to admit that I have cum twice myself! I don't know what your mum looks like, but I can imagine getting my head between her ample thighs and licking that wet fleshy pussy until I hear her moaning as she takes you in her mouth. Or perhaps having your mum squatting over my face while I watch you fucking her doggy style until you cum - then watching your sperm dribble from her pussy into my mouth! Then kissing her mouth with your sperm trickling from my mouth!! Mmmm hey - you've got me going here!!

Oh Sarah that is so fucking sexy! Imagining making a sexy older woman like you cum is such a cock hardening thought! I've always seen them as so proper and lady-like and to imagine them in the throes of an orgasm is really hot! Ahh - mum tasting my cum is one of my wildest dreams! That's such a hot scene you've got in my head now! It would be so horny to wake up and see my mum walking around the house totally naked, her huge bum swaying as she did the house work totally naked, her beautiful breasts swaying as bent over and jiggling as she walked. You are so sexy Sarah, how old are you? I can imagine that you're really horny? I am!

Too old for you Wayne!!

Older than your mum! I don't have any children and am on my third husband! But I have to tell you that I am a 'society' lady - so the idea of feeling a well-off, sophisticated, elegant lady is quite true as far as I go! I am highly respected in the community and if any of the parishioners knew what goes through my head - or my fingers - they wouldn't believe it!! Besides, I do have a real live girl friend who happens to the vicar's wife (another elegant ma'am) and is about your mum's age. But I mustn't go on, otherwise you'll have no sperm left when your mum finally wants some!!

And yes - I am really really horny most of the time. And with some young man like you - wow - that really sets me off!

Sarah xx

Wow! The vicars wife?! How'd you manage that one?! That is such a hot thought about how the most prim and proper ladies can be really dirty inside! But how do you get off with her if you're married?!

Oh, Sarah, the mere sight of mum can coax out a ball full of sperm so Im not worried! How do you deal with all that horniness?! It's really hot for me to imagine you sneaking out to the car, to rub one out in your business suit, or going for a quickie in the toilets. I've only ever had a few blowjobs and each time the girl spat. But oh ... that's a sexy thought! I did once sneak in mum's room while she was having a shower and grab her freshly worn panties and found them damp at the front! At first I thought it was sweat but it smelt muskier... I had a little lick through and from the little I could taste, it was beautiful!


P.S could you send me a picture of you? I have all these images of you in my head and would love to see what you actually look like?

Gosh Wayne

You really are a dirty horny gentleman!

Here are three pics. Read my story The Vicar's Real Wife to find out about me and my lover. We have 'coffee' each week at the vicarage. Our husbands are good friends, but ignorant about what goes on between their wives. Well, we ladies have to have some secrets! For her 40th I bought her a digital camera - cost a bomb! - and she went wild with it. So I have lots of very revealing photos. I'd love to see some of your mum, but...

So you see, you've come across a really naughty society girl! Ball gown but no knickers!! Sexy!

Sniffing mum's knickers is also quite a common thing - daughters as well as sons!

Tell me when she reveals herself!!


Well Sarah,

I read your story! Oh my ... you have a naughty little sex orgy going on behind those doors of your village! I love your body! You are exactly the sexy older woman I masturbate in my fantasies! I love your pert, cute titties, just perfect for sucking! Makes me hard to imaging you wearing sexy underwear like that under your conservative business or everyday clothes!

There has been a development! While I was out doing the gardening I left Literotica, specifically your conversations with mothers about their sons, on my computer. I was out for a good hour or so and when I returned up the stairs I saw her leave my room with a pile of clothes looking rather flushed. I went over to the computer and noticed that the window had been closed! I also noticed that my mouse and some of the keys were slightly sticky and wet. She said she would take a shower soon, so hopefully I'll get to see some more then.

Hi Wayne

I was rather hoping to have had further news about mum this morning. But ... I hope all is ok on that front. After what you said about mum having read my 'conversations' on your computer, I am curious to know what her reactions were. Has she gone rather subdued with you I wonder? I think it may be that her horseplay with you was just that. Horse play! And the thought that something more serious may be behind it could have flustered her. If she can't handle how she might feel after such an event, may be the cause for some concern for her. You see, having crossed that line, there's no going back and you have to be absolutely sure you can handle the aftermath.

I'm anxious to know how your mum is today.


SARAH!!! I have NEWS!

Oh my god ... last night! I took your advice and waited for mum to make the next move and by God did she! At around seven she went up for a shower. I was up in my room hoping to catch a peek as she came out. She called out for me to bring her towel, apparently she'd forgotten to take one in. Now normally I just hand it to her round the door, but today I felt a bit bold and walked straight in, and there she was! Standing in the middle of the bathroom, dripping wet, skin shining, totally NAKED.

Oh Sarah what a sight! Her glorious breasts were glistening, her fat nipples (larger than I expected) the jewels adorning her light brownish areolae. The curves of her hips and the soft rolls of her stomach all on show! And her pubes! Oh Sarah she has the most beautiful bush I have ever seen (even from porn models) the little droplets of water shone from amongst her tangled hairs and her soft chunky thighs swelled around her, no sign of those dimple wrinkle things. Now I was just wearing boxers and was making a significant tent but she just acted like she didn't notice it.

It felt like I was staring at her for hours, but only could have been a couple of minutes. She had to ask me again for the towel! I handed it to her and she started to dry her hair, not covering anything else of her at all. She turned to get something from the sink and exposed her BEAUTIFUL bum. It seemed to stretch out from either side of her for all that I could see. Everything was perfect, the smooth skin of her cheeks, the mysterious cleft of her bum!

I'm telling you Sarah, I nearly came right then! She then wrapped the towel around her head and started talking to me about toothbrushes! Totally naked! I stood right up close behind her as she discussed which ones we should throw away when she suddenly dropped one! She bent over and thrust her bum back straight into my hard-on! I didn't move and she seemed to wiggle it around as she looked for the brush.

When she straightened up she just carried on as if she hadn't felt a thing! Just before she left (still naked) I told her she was a beautiful and caring mum and that I loved her. She broke out into a huge smile and ran forward (everything jiggling pleasantly) and grabbed me into a hug! Her naked tits pressing against my body and my hard-on poking out of my boxers could feel her rough hairs! Then she turned and walked back to her room, her bum swaying orgasmically, and shut the door and went to bed.

I listened against her door for ages but couldn't hear whether she was masturbating or not. Safe to say I've had a boner ALL NIGHT and even this morning!

Thanks so much for your advice so far Sarah.

Progress Wayne

And a big relief for me that she hasn't turned against you. Does mum usually go to bed so early? Pity she closed the door though. That was a sign she didn't want you to go to her. Trying to come to terms with her desires. I think she's still having a little horse-play with you, but is now showing you that it's not serious. You wanted to see her tits and you did - and the naked hug. Wonderful! I would have hoped that she would have squeezed your hard-on, but that might have been too much of a come-on. I don't know whether she's just playing you along, but enjoy it while you can.

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