tagLesbian SexA Conversation with Karen

A Conversation with Karen



(I first met Karen on the Lesbos Island site several months ago. We chatted and decided we wanted to move to instant messaging. We have exchanges on an irregular basis. Karen is a divorcee in her late thirties, living with her college student daughter, Jo. She's going on nineteen. Karen and I have enjoyed internet sex on several occasions, but it is only recently that she admitted having sex with Jo, though how and when it started she never said.

Karen has recently been interested in a threesome with other mutual internet friends, which we achieved with spectacular results! But she now has the ambition to have a threesome with me and Jo.)

'Hi Karen. You're early. Are you dressed? Are you waiting for someone to chat with?'

'Not really. I'm in my dressing gown, waiting for Jo to come home. She's been on a sleep-over with a college friend, and I thought she'd be home by this time.'

'Perhaps she's been having sexy fun with her friends.'

'Could be. I want her for myself at the moment.'

'Feeling horny?'

'You said it! Always am, Sarah - like you.'

'And your daughter feels the same way?'

'I sure hope so. When she gets home.'

'Do you make love regularly?'

'About twice a week - sometimes more. Mostly weekends though.'

'Then there's your masturbation fantasies during the week, and your orgasms with me!'

'Mmm. I need my sex Sarah. Like you! Sometimes I think I can't get enough!'

'Would you like me to give you a kiss now, to be going on with?'

'Oooo - yes please. It's been some time since we chatted and kissed.'

'There! I'm kissing your mouth - chewing the lips. Mmmm. You taste divine.'

'Oh Sarah! That's sweet of you.'

'Now kissing the nape of your neck - inhaling the scent of your hair. So evocative. I remember the scent. Nibbling your ears. My hand is sliding inside your gown to squeeze the nipple. Mmm - it's all hard. Now cupping your breast in the palm of my hand. Lovely and silky warm.'

'Oh yes - I like that. You always did know how to turn me on, Sarah. I can't refuse you.'

'And what if Jo should arrive home. Would she join in?'

'Probably. She's a very sexy young lady. Very hot.'

'Would seeing me making love to her mother make her horny?'

'Definitely. She's a very attractive young lady. You wouldn't think butter would melt in her mouth to look at her. You'd find her most breath-taking Sarah... I mean that.'

'If she was with us, would you want me to slide my hand along Jo's thighs ... search for the warm dampness between them.'

'Do you feel like you'd want to ... its ok with me, but I want you to want to.'

'While you kiss her mouth encouraging her.'

'See and feel what we do together during the week.'

'I'd LOVE to seduce your daughter with you watching - and joining in.'

'Our lips meet, Clara. We kiss .'

'Feeling her thighs part allowing my hand to explore a little further.'

'I can hear the catch in her breath - her little moans from you touching her - I love those sounds.'

'Her little gasps as my fingers reach her labia and clit - that purring - yes - she really wants me to explore.'

'Oh Sarah - I can't help but look at you two, as she and I kiss...'

'Her thighs are trembling a little - her belly shaking ... my lips latch onto her nipple, gently suckling.'

'Her young body so firm and tight... so excited from your touch, and I'm so thrilled to watch you both enjoy.'

'She sighs - she murmurs 'take me Sarah - I'm your slave'.'

'Oh god ... take her Sarah... if she says that, then she really wants to.'

'Her thighs have now spread further apart. My hand is exploring that wonderful soft virgin vulva - ooooh yes darling - 'You have a fantastic pussy Jo', I tell her.'

'Her eyes are filled with sparkles - she is loving the attention so much.'

'I'm getting my face between her knees to examine that most wonderful of sights - young soft pussy - oozing with her virgin juices. Stranger's vulvas fascinate me. Fingers now exploring the entrance of the vagina, the little cluster of fleshy petals at its mouth. Gosh Karen - she's got a BEAUTiful vulva. I've encouraged her to lay on the settee, legs apart.'

'My fingers rubbing furiously against my clit......the sight of you both is so beautiful. Erotic.'

'You are at the side of the settee, watching me play with your daughter, my face reaching for that exquisite vulva, her special shrine of love and lust.'

'My mouth finds its way between your legs, Sarah, and I begin to place little kisses on them.'

'Oh yes, Karen. My thumbs spread Jo's labia apart to expose the full glory of her inner vulva - that soft pink vagina oozing copiously now. Her breathing is getting heavier, her thighs fluttering.'

'My kisses become long and wet, Sarah, as they move upward on your thigh... '

'My tongue is now prodding the entrance to her paradise. She's squirming and moaning.'

'And mine is sliding closer and closer to your lovely flower...'

'Mmm ... do it to me, Karen.'

'Finger tracing lightly over your bottom, pressing between your cheeks. Searching for the secret opening.'

'Whilst I slip a finger in Jo's bum and my tongue lashes her clit. Two fingers in her tight vagina, pushing deep and hard, twisting inside.'

'Light jabbing of my stiff tongue....all around and over your rosebud.'

'As I finger fuck that gorgeous pussy - OMG Karen - that's terrific. Fantastic.'

'You smell so delightful... and taste incredible. I've never forgotten that special taste.'

'Jo really is a sexy young slut - I love it - her sweet juices tasting so delectable.'

'I'm so happy you're pleased with her, Sarah.'

'Delighted! She's marvelous! But she's squirming - and so am I - lapping her .'

'My finger pushes into you with a little upward thrust of your bottom.'

'Fingers fucking both her passages. She's really squealing now - crying 'Yes yes yes' .'

'She's loving it. And fucking your pretty bottom feels so nice on my finger.'

'Jo gasps out, 'Make me come, Sarah'.'

'She's ready to cum. Jo loves being felt by other fingers. I love watching my finger slip in deeper into your bum.'

'And as your fingers go to work on me - mine are urging Jo to reach the fulfilment of her hopes - a wonderful, noisy orgasm. She's thrashing on the settee now.'

'Deep... I adore the feeling of being inside you... so tight you are.'

'Jo is crying out, 'OMG - DO IT TO ME ... DO IT. MAKE ME CUM.' I'm about to join in.'

'Running it around in circles as it moves in and then back to the depths of you.'

'As my own loins start to churn.'

'Fuck her, Sarah. Fuck her hard. She's begging for it.'

'You're going to make me cum, Karen. Don't stop.'

'Fingering your ass so hard now. I know your about to cum .'

'And Jo is crying out loud as well - 'Don't stop ... don't stop ... I'm cumming'.'

'Pulling my finger out fast and then thrusting it back in, the tonguing all around.'

'Her breath is coming in loud gasps. Her bottom is lurching and shaking. Her thighs are lashing.'

'The little slut wants to cum - I can hear her.'

'YES - Jo's CUMMING. I can hear her crying out ... CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING.'

'I want you to cum as well, Sarah... I want you both to cummmmmmmmmmmmm now.'


'Oh Sarah... I love when you do that.'

'Jo shaking and crying noisily.'

'And when you both do it... it's just the ultimate for me.'

'She shouts out 'FUCK ME - FUCK ME,' as she explodes. Her vagina spurts its juices into my mouth. Wonderful. Delicious. All over my cheeks and in my mouth.'

'I can tell she likes you a lot...'

(A slight pause.)

'Now it's your turn to cum, Karen - you're on the brink I know. Close. I can tell. My hand searches between your thighs - soaking wet of course - dripping with nectar - I drive four fingers deep into your vagina. Fucking fast and hard. Sloppy and wet.'

'Do I get you both ... OMG ... YES.'

'Jo has straddled your face and is rubbing her pussy over your mouth. As I get my tongue on your clit and a finger deep in your bum, I'm finger-fucking both fast and deep. You're shaking violently. Jo is grinding against your face. Awesome!'

'Love my girls.....they always treat me so graciously.'

'And YES YES - Jo's cumming again. Her face is contorted with agonizing ecstacy. She's squirting! Pee splashing all over your face. Over your neck and swirling down your breasts. And you're cumming with her as I give you no mercy with my fingers. Jo leans forward and my face lifts to her level. Our lips meet in a kiss of passion and lust. Wow! We are fucking her mom together. Cum for us Karen. CUM!'


'Your orgasm is earth shattering. Omg - your legs flaying on the floor. Your cries are loud and joyous.'

'Oh Sarah... YES YES YES!!!!'

'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. That was so lovely. Thank you both.'

'Sexy secret lover... and her two sluts.'

(Another pause)

'What a wonderful family of sex and lust.'

'I hope you have included yourself in the family.'

'Most certainly. I can make love you both - we can have extraordinary threesomes together.'

'I love you, Sarah.'

'You're all I need - and Jo.'

'You have us. Always.'

'I love you too darling. You are so fantastic. Both of you.'

'Its so exciting with you involved. I do really hope you enjoy it - sharing with us.'

'Gosh - my knickers are all screwed up round my ankles and my chair soaking with juices. Will you tell Jo when she comes in?'

'I will!!!'

'I don't even have a photo of her either!'

'I'll see that you get something I have of her... but its for you only.'

'Oo darling - that's so kind. I do love you very much.'

'You ok now?'

'Wonderful! But I'll be back for more in the week, Karen. Breathless still, though. What about you? Was that exciting for you?

'What do you think? Exceptional! You leave me wanting more! You are an exciting woman Sarah. You can do whatever you want with me you know. I love you.'


'Oh! Here she is!'

'Byee. Later.'

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