tagMind ControlA Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 01

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 01


((Authors Note -

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

It's been a while, but I've been thinking about doing something involving mind control for a while so eventually decided that I ought to put something on paper so to speak and share it with the world!

It's evolved into a short mini-series and here's part 1.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy...

Duke ))

Part 1 - Thursday Morning


I'd gotten into the office really early this morning.

Reason? I'm just incurably nosy! I wanted to be on hand if anything kicked off again. Well, anybody would wouldn't they?

It had all started yesterday afternoon when my boss had given one of our team leaders a public dressing down in the middle of the large open plan office that we shared with some other support sections. She'd been so angry! It's not that I have much compassion for Georgia, who's a lazy slob at the best of times, but it had been really unusual for Astrid to lose her temper so openly. She's generally pretty restrained, cold even, particularly around other people. It's why Georgia and her gang had christened her the 'Ice Maiden'!

I had some sympathy for Astrid because Georgia is not only a lazy slob, but she's a bitter lazy slob as well! She'd expected to get the job of Marketing Sales Executive when it became vacant nine months ago and had been absolutely livid when it had gone to an 'Outsider'. I'd only joined the company a few months before, straight from University, so most of the 'politics' just washed straight over me, but since then it was clear that Georgia was being as uncooperative as she thought that she could get away with!

This time she'd really dropped a clanger though. Big time! When she'd forgotten to contact a key client with a vital contract update that was on a tight deadline, the client had clearly got hold of Astrid and given her a hard time. On top of all of Georgia's other little slights and barely disguised insolence I guess that the phone call had been the final straw and she'd stormed out of her office and really taken Georgia apart!

Frankly, everything that she'd said had been true, and some bosses would probably have fired Georgia on the spot, but after she'd run out of steam and realised how much attention she'd drawn. Well, everyone around had stopped working to stare, many open-mouthed, so she took a deep breath and almost dragged a red-faced Georgia back into her office, presumably to continue the 'discussion' in private!

I'd had to smile because I wasn't part of her 'gang' and I'd quite enjoyed Georgia's discomfort. She was always bitchy to me because I'd rebuffed her early attempts to get me to join the 'anti-Astrid' faction. I wasn't exactly an Astrid fan because, as I've said, she was rather cool and distant in her dealings with all of her staff, but I'd always thought that she was fair, even on the occasional times when I'd been on the receiving end of some critical 'feedback'. It may have stung at the time, but on reflection I'd usually agreed, somewhat reluctantly, that she might have had a point!

Looking round, I noted that the rest of her team were already in, grouped together around the farthest desk from me, probably so I couldn't hear what they were saying. Geoff, Alan, Simon and Sean were older than me, late twenties probably and they'd been in the team for years, maybe as long as Georgia herself. I didn't really know. After getting the cold shoulder, I'd rather left them alone. 'Courteous and professional' probably summed us up. After all, we needed to work together and I wasn't about to upset Astrid by failing in any of MY assignments!

The other member of our 'virtual' team trooped in about five minutes later. Angela gave me a beaming smile and a bright 'Morning David' as she swung her big brown shoulder bag onto her desk and shrugged off her stylish fawn jacket which she hung over the back of her swivel chair. It was Summer outside so she was wearing a thin, flowery top over her perennial faded blue jeans. The tight fitting showed off her gorgeous curves and I had to restrain myself from giving her a wolf whistle! I'd fancied her from the moment she'd transferred to us six months ago, but had been desperately disappointed to find that she was an 'item' with someone in Finance and although she was warm and open to a bit of gentle flirting I'd pretty soon realised that there was little hope for me. We had at least become good workmates and had created our own little anti-anti-Astrid gang!

"Anything happened yet?" she asked as she surveyed the office expectantly. Clearly she too was intrigued to see what would unfold.

"Neither of them are in yet," I replied, "...maybe she sacked Georgia and didn't tell us?" I added.

"Don't think so. I saw Georgia talking to her brood before she went home last night and she definitely said that she'd see them this morning. She said something about organising a 'surprise' as well!!"

My eyebrows rose. I wondered what that could possibly mean!

Then our attention was drawn to the corridor leading down from the elevators. Astrid had arrived!

She strode purposefully into the open plan office, giving the whole place a quick scan as she entered. She was the model of a smart, professional executive, wearing her usual elegant, well tailored suit. This time in navy blue, the jacket open over a pastel blue blouse that was just tight enough to give a nice hint of her firm bosom without being suggestive. The hem of her skirt was just slightly above the knee and narrow enough round her hips to show her slim figure off to perfection. Her blond hair was drawn back from her narrow, angular face and tied up with a clasp of some sort. She was carrying a small, brown leather briefcase that swung at her side as she walked, which naturally drew my eyes to her legs, clicking along above blue high heels. They are nothing short of sensational and had my undivided attention all the way to her office!

"Put your tongue back in David!" laughed Angela as I finally dragged my eyes back to my desk.

She was grinning widely as she swung herself my way on her chair, opened her knees a little and gave me a suggestive pout, "What's the matter, aren't I woman enough for you...?"

I was hoping that I hadn't gone red as I responded equally playfully, "You certainly would be if you'd just drop that irritating boyfriend of yours!!" Never a truer word said in jest!

She laughed, "You're definitely my first reserve David!"

It wasn't quite what I wanted though. My love life was currently going through a bit of a barren spell and I'd found myself having the occasional hot dream about both Angela and my boss!

"Did you see her clock that Georgia wasn't in yet?" Angela added as she turned back to her desk. It was true. I'd spotted that as well before her legs became the centre of my universe. I'd noted the frown as she looked at Georgia's area, and also the more friendly nod of recognition she'd given me and Angela as she'd passed. At least she didn't seem to have lumped us in with the 'enemy'!

I got back to work, but still eyed the wall clock as time went on and there was no sign of Georgina appearing. Maybe she had been sacked after all!

That theory went at about twenty past nine when she finally did appear, in the company of a strange, scholarly looking man. She's not tall, but the man seemed even smaller. He was wearing an old brown suit over a fawn pullover and white shirt. His hair was ruffled and his eyes were hidden behind thick brown rimmed spectacles. He looked just like an absent minded college professor!

Angela and I locked eyes in a simultaneous but silent 'What's going on here?' look.

Then I had an even bigger surprise when they went straight over to Astrid's office door, knocked and disappeared inside!

After they'd been in about thirty minutes, I could contain my curiosity no longer and sidled over to the copying machine where one of Georgia's cronies, Alan, was pretending to do some work whilst keeping an eye on Astrid's nearby office door. I could tell that he wasn't concentrating on what he was doing because he nearly jumped out of his socks when I tapped him on the shoulder!

"Who was that who came in with Georgia then?" I asked innocently when it looked like his heart attack had passed.

"Nothing to do with you, smart-arse!" he snapped back sulkily, but when I didn't go away he added, "She's just taken in a red-hot sales lead to see the Ice Maiden if you must know!" Then he turned on his heal and retreated to his desk.

That made it even stranger, because we don't normally deal directly with new leads, and this particular chap had looked the least like any sales lead I'd ever seen, 'red-hot' or otherwise!

And 'stranger' piled on 'stranger'! When they finally reappeared out of Astrid's office after nearly an hour Georgia took him into one of our small meeting rooms and then came over to me and asked me to join them. I was gobsmacked! It wasn't my role to deal with these type of clients but she just said that Astrid thought that it was important that I provided some technical input so up I got and into the room I went!

We sat round a small table and he began to speak. It was hard to concentrate on his words because his eyes, even through the thick glasses, seemed to draw your attention away from what he was saying in a very deep, intense voice. I tried hard to follow the conversation, but I knew that I was missing something and when Georgia finally brought the meeting to an end, I found that I was really struggling to remember what had been said!

We trooped out and shook hands warmly. Georgia even patted me on the back, so she must have been pleased with the outcome, but when I got back to my desk and Angela asked me what it had all been about I couldn't tell her. She raised her eyebrows in mock exasperation.

"Oh God David, you're really useless sometimes. What were you thinking about?"

"Well, everyone seemed pleased so whatever I said must have been useful!" I responded, still struggling to remember details. Fortunately she just shook her head and got to work leaving me gazing into thin air for a while!

Part 2 - Late Thursday Afternoon


The rest of the day seemed to fly past and before I knew it people were packing up and starting to leave. It was about half past five when Angela finally made a move, tidying things up on her desk, switching off the PC and shrugging on her jacket.

"You were in really early David, and you're normally away well before now! Trying to impress the boss or something?!" she laughed.

I smiled back but didn't say anything. It was true, this was late for me and I didn't have that much stuff to complete, but for some reason I couldn't go yet. She shrugged, gave me a funny look and then twirled round and headed out of the office.

It was after half past six when the last of our staff went. I watched him go with a feeling of excitement which was really weird. Almost as weird as me being the last person to leave! I smiled to myself as I finally packed up my things and was ready to head for home. Somehow, however I found myself in front of the boss's office door instead of the elevator area. The room was still lit, so Astrid was presumably still in there but, as I hadn't a clue what had made me come here, I decided that a quick retreat was in order.

Then I was knocking on the door. What?!

And before I could sort myself out, I'd opened the door and walking in after she'd called out my name. A myriad of thoughts tumbled through my mind as I stood before Astrid. She was sat at her desk, looking expectantly up at me. Her jacket was hung up by the big window so she was in her blouse, and I noted for the first time that she had a large silver pendant hanging down from her neck and nestling just above the mounds of her bosom. I'm sure that a thin bead of sweat sprang out on my forehead and my mouth went dry when I realised that the reason that I could see it so clearly was because her blouse was unbuttoned far enough down for the tops of a lacy, turquoise bra to be exposed, along with the promising upper swellings that they partly covered!

As I took all this in, any chance of getting control of my thoughts was disappearing fast. But she was still sitting, waiting patiently for me to say something. I finally dragged my eyes up from her partially exposed bosom and was ready to mumble some sort of lame apology before getting the hell out of there!

"Do you want to come out for a drink Astrid," I said in a strangely calm voice. Panic ran through me. What had I just said? Was I mad! What would she say?!

"Yes that would be nice David. I'll just put my jacket on," she replied with a warm smile, equally calmly before getting up and reaching for her suit jacket, but leaving it open and each movement seemed to drag her blouse around so that more and more of her bra was visible. Then she reached down, giving me an even bigger eyeful of out-of-bounds flesh, picked up her briefcase and ushered me out of the office.

I was swallowing hard at this point, "Errrr, where would you like to go?" I stammered.

"Oh, my place I think David, don't you? I'll drive."

Suddenly, and bizarrely 'her place' seemed like the only sensible place to go so I accompanied her down to the basement car park where she kept her dark blue BMW. She unlocked it with the remote, but just as we were about to get in something struck her.

"Oh we'll need the..."

"Yeah right," I interrupted, "It'll be in my car. I'll just get it" I added, not having a clue what I was talking about. Fortunately my beat up old Toyota was close by and when I got there I picked up the brown leather hold-all sitting on my passenger seat and brought it back to Astrid's sparkling executive coupe which she'd started up in my absence.

"Yes, good, that'll be it," she said as I opened the passenger door and swung the bag onto the back seat. I agreed with her, but still didn't have a clue why!

Then we were off as Astrid skilfully manoeuvred the big car neatly out of the garage and we were quickly onto the relatively quiet freeway out of town.

We didn't speak much, my attention being equally divided by the contents of her gaping blouse and her sensational legs. The hem of her skirt had been dragged up a little as she'd gotten in and she was making no effort to readjust it to cover the three of four inches of silky white thigh that were flexing sensually as she worked the controls.

By the time that we'd reached the suburbs I was getting increasingly conscious that my conversation was pretty much on the level of a worm, but she didn't seem to notice as she guided us smoothly off the freeway and into a residential area of well planned detached residences. Very Nice. Very expensive!

She finally pulled into a drive in front of a sprawling wooden bungalow and announced heartily, "Where here!", opened her car door and started to head towards the front of her property. I stayed put, still totally confused about (a) how I'd got here, and (b) what the hell I was doing here anyway!

She finally seemed to notice my absence and shouted back assertively, "Come on David, get in here, and don't forget the bag!".

This was my boss speaking. I obeyed, quickly!

I closed the front door behind me and gazed round a large, modern, well furnished entrance hall. Doors seemed to lead off in all directions, there was a chrome coat stand near the door so I hung mine up, and there was an oak side-table under a big mirror which seemed ideal for putting the brown hold-all on. Finally, looking up, I saw Astrid standing about five feet away her arms crossed over her bosom and looking at me with a distinctly odd expression on her face, her grey blue eyes looking troubled, but a mischievous smile was spreading across her face as she proceeded to completely poleaxe me!

"Well then David, I suppose you'd better undress me hadn't you?"

I did attempt some words, but the spluttering sound that came out of my mouth didn't sound particularly coherent, even to me! This was getting crazy. Maybe I needed to get out of there. But, even as the thought ran through my mind, I noted that I'd already stepped forward and my fingers were fumbling at the remaining buttons of her blouse! It felt like the most natural thing in the world as I started to pull the loosened material out of my boss's skirt which wasn't easy because it was tight around her trim waist.

She was watching impassively as I struggled before suggesting putting my arms around her and undoing the zip at the back. Again, before I could think, I'd stepped closer, wrapped my arms around her, found the catch and zipper and smoothly run it downwards. Standing so close to her, I was almost overwhelmed with her sweet fragrance. I just wanted to nuzzle into her neck and kiss my way up to her lips, but instead I stepped back and completed my task of pulling out her blouse which she quickly dispatched to the floor with a shrug of her shoulders.

That left her standing in front of me in just her dark, navy skirt and the lacy, powder blue bra.

God she looked good! I thought I saw a brief, half-hidden smile flick over her otherwise expressionless face as she saw my reaction, but I didn't have time to really stare because I knew that I had to get that skirt off, quickly! Stepping forward, our eyes locked together, I felt for the waistband of the loosened material and eased it over her hips. She sighed, gave a quick shimmy and it slid smoothly down her long legs to crumple up in a heap on the floor. As she stepped out of it I realised that she was wearing a short, white half slip underneath and quickly rolled that over her hips as well which soon joined the skirt on the floor. Feeling that the job was finally done I stepped back surveyed my handiwork. Wow!

My eyes must have widened because she suddenly smiled again. She looked so incredibly sultry standing there, just in her underwear! Far more sexy than in any of my hottest dreams! Losing the skirt had revealed a matching pair of powder blue, lacy briefs. They were drawn tight over her prominent mound and sat so low on her hips that I could of sworn that some curly blonde pussy hair was peeping out over the top. Her sheer white stockings were held up by white elasticated tops that gripped her firm thighs two or three inches from where the panties disappeared between her legs.

I thought I heard a kind of strangled grunt from somewhere before realising that it had escaped my lips! Her grin widened as she took a step towards me.

"Okay, now it's my turn!" she almost growled.

She was no slouch at undressing men! She had my shirt off in a matter of seconds, throwing it to one side before letting her hands run suggestively over my upper chest. By the time that I'd come to my senses, the hands had dropped to my waist and my belt was unbuckled. I really, really wanted to wrap my arms around her, pull her into me and kiss her hard, but something held me back and I just stood there like a dummy as she kneeled to drag off my shoes and socks before easing down my slacks. I was left standing in my plain white boxers wondering why I didn't own more sexy underwear!

As she stood up, she let the fingers of one hand slide up the inside of my leg making me tense my legs as they got higher and almost jump up to the roof when they wrapped themselves around the bulge inside my shorts. She fondled me for a few seconds, her excited eyes locked onto mine again, before the initial warmth and hunger faded into that impassive look from a few minutes earlier. I didn't have time to think about it though.

"Okay David," she announced decisively, "We need to go into the kitchen."

Part 3 - Early Thursday Evening


Strange as it may seem, I thought that this was an eminently sensible idea, picked up the brown leather bag, left our clothes strewn across the floor and followed her fabulous bum as it swayed its way through a door at the end of the hall.

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