tagMind ControlA Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 03

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 03


((Authors Note -

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

This is part 3 of a mini-series so makes most sense if read after the earlier parts!

However, I've tried to make it read stand-alone as well, so I hope that it works for you!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy ...


Part 11 - Sunday Afternoon, David's Place 1


I'm such an idiot!

My name's David Lothair. Recently out of University, I do research in a city centre marketing department and something's going on with my cool, sexy boss, Astrid Johnson. Snag is that I don't know what it is. But I know, deep down, that it involves me and I'm not sure that it's good news!

I should explain that Astrid is a very professional senior manager in our Marketing Department, mid thirties, a tall, statuesque, blond woman of probably Nordic descent. I say 'probably' because nobody knows much about her. She keeps her private life very private and her relationship with her staff very professional. I quite like her and not just because of the hormonal response of a young guy to a hot looking business woman! I've always found her fair and easy to work with. She doesn't do 'close', but she's approachable when necessary and you know where you stand with her.

Not everybody feels that way though!

When she came in, from an outside firm, to take the executive job around about the time I joined up as a junior researcher she inadvertently trod on the aspirations of one of the senior team leaders, a rather loathsome and chubby woman of a similar age called Georgia who thought that she was just perfect for the job. As I'd found out since then this was a view not universally shared in the office, or by the senior executives! Since then, and partly due to Astrid's reserved approach, Georgia and her little group of cronies had christened her the 'Ice Maiden' and done nothing to make her job, or life in the office generally enjoyable thereafter.

But that didn't really explain my current state of unease.

The fact was that there were large chunks of my time in the office on Thursday and Friday missing from my memory, and I was even struggling to remember what I'd done in the evenings! I mean, at my age that's seriously worrying because I couldn't even blame it on the drink!

I'd spent most of Saturday wrestling with the problem. I'd even contacted a few friends and made surreptitious enquiries about whether I'd been with any of them but to no avail. Other than to increase my friend's suspicions that I was 'losing it'!

"Time you got another girlfriend and started having proper sex again!" one helpfully advised.

Not that easy, but an attractive thought none the less.

I was definitely 'between girl friends' and one of the reasons was the arrival in our team of a really nice girl called Angela who I really fancied. She was slightly older, but that wasn't a problem. The problem was that she was already an 'item' with some jerk in Finance so our mild flirting wasn't likely to go anywhere soon, much to my current frustration!

So here I was, getting ready to go out and socialise late on the Summer Sunday afternoon, determined to put my worries about advancing senility behind me. And maybe I could 'move on' from Angela? I was daydreaming about meeting a sexy young thing tonight. I could even picture her? Then I frowned as I realised that the vision of my potential new sex partner looked a lot like my boss, Astrid!

But then I was brought back to reality by a loud, forceful knock at the door. I looked at my watch. Four thirty. Weird, I thought, I wasn't expecting anybody. Who could it be at this time?

My apartment is of the basic type. Very basic in fact! I wasn't earning a fortune yet, so just getting a roof over my head seemed to be a pretty good achievement. Anyway, that meant that there were no fancy security arrangements and certainly no spy hole in the door to check out visitors. Not that I had any worries about being robbed, I owned practically nothing of value!

I opened up and stopped dead, mouth agape!

Two things hit me straight away. Firstly that my boss, Astrid was standing on the doorstep looking pretty fierce. Secondly that she was holding an ugly, snub nosed, thirty eight revolver and it was pointing squarely at my chest!!

The conversation was pretty basic.


"Hello David, can we come in?"


"It would be better if you let us in David, I don't want to shoot you outside."

I swallowed hard, slowly taking in a bit more detail. She was standing calmly in front of me, looking like some kind of female James Bond! Black trainers, tight black jeans and a black, ribbed roll-neck sweater tucked in at the waist that really enhanced her beautiful bosom led my eyes eventually up to her serious, angular face, steel grey eyes and blond hair tied back into a tight pony tail. Finally I dragged my eyes away from the ugly looking gun long enough to notice the small, chubby and highly uncomfortable looking bespectacled man behind her. I frowned. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't quite place him.

Astrid was clearly losing patience though.

"David??!" she hissed, whilst at the same time aiming the gun lower at a point around the crown jewels between my legs.

This should have encouraged me as it meant that the shot was less likely to be fatal, but it would probably have put an end to the extremely active sex life that I'd just been planning for myself in the near future! I positively stumbled backwards to let the two of them in!

"Close the door" snapped Astrid to the other man behind her, but keeping her stern features locked on me throughout, and raising the gun to point at my chest again!

Her eyes quickly scanned my small living room. It didn't take long. There wasn't much of it!

"You, sit over there where I can see you," she directed to the other guy, indicating a chair by the sole window. He looked, if anything, even more miserable as he complied. I knew how he felt!

However, the shock and fear were starting to recede, ever so slightly.

I expressed my consternation at the sudden turn of events.

"Miss Johnson? What...?!"

"Shut up David!"

She was still looking round the room and at last seemed to find something that pleased her.

"Ah, you do have some technology then?" she said sarcastically indicating my sole luxury, a 42" flat screen TV that took up most of one wall.

I amazed myself. I was actually starting to get annoyed!

"Look Miss Johnson, I don't know what's going on here, but could you at least put the gun down?"

She gave me a pained look, "No! I may still want to kill you. I haven't decided yet. Here, put that on your TV and then sit down on the sofa."

She took out a red USB memory stick from her pocket and tossed it to me.

Given my current state of confusion, I fumbled it and it fell to the floor.

"Oh for God's sake David, pick it up and get on with it!" she snapped impatiently as she backed up to my dining table, perching her pert bum on the edge where she could cover us both with the gun.

I was beginning to think that maybe Georgia's gang had a point about our new boss as I plugged the USB stick into the side of the TV and settled back in my comfy sofa as instructed.


There was a pause for a few seconds whilst nothing happened.

"Well switch it on then!!" snapped Astrid, sounding even more furious than ever.

"Oh ok ... but you didn't actually ..." I let that tail off. Accusing her of not being explicit in her instructions might not have been a wise move at that particular moment!

I picked up the remote and switched on. After a few seconds a menu came up with the contents of the USB stick. There were two video files, one labelled 'Thursday', the other 'Friday'. I looked sideways at Astrid, eyebrows raised questioningly, determined not to upset her any further. She was still holding the gun.

"I guess 'Thursday' is probably a good place to start don't you think?"

I considered pointing out that there was no need for all this sarcasm, but sensibly decided to keep my mouth shut, selected the file and hit 'Play'!

When the video started and the screen burst into life three things struck me pretty quickly. One was the setting, a large modern kitchen with about a million appliances in the background. The kitchen looked bigger than my entire apartment! Secondly that the camera was focussed on a wooden breakfast table. And thirdly that there was an incredibly sexy looking woman bent down and rummaging about in a black bag by the side of the table. She was in her underwear, her back to the camera, a skimpy, pale blue bra and panties set that enhanced her fine figure. The matching suspender belt and stockings made this look like some sort of amateur sex flick!

I smiled briefly to myself at the ridiculous thought that Astrid could possibly be selling off porno flicks when the blonde woman on the screen turned a little as she started to stand up, and my gasp of amazement coincided with my eyes widening like saucers as I saw her profile.

I blinked to check I wasn't mistaken, but no, that half naked woman on the screen looked very much like the lady perched on my table, holding the gun. In fact, the more I looked the more certain I became. Jesus, it really was Astrid!

"Oh My God ...what?! ..." I blurted out as my face snapped round to her. She was looking straight at me, her face and eyes hard, her lips pursed. There was no flicker of emotion as she studied me intently.

"Keep watching," she snapped eventually.

I did, partly because she'd lifted the gun again but also because I really wanted to see more!

The film star Astrid was busy strapping on leather wrist and ankle bands as I gawped again at her amazing body. It was almost like a dream come true, but not one that I'd ever admit to my boss! Then I got another, if anything, worse shock!

Into vision came a second actor. A youngish guy with, dare I say it, a decent physique, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. I closed my eyes for a second as the shock wore off. It looked exactly like me! But it couldn't be, could it?! It's not as though I could have forgotten anything like this happening, surely?!

When I opened them though it was in time to see 'me' helping Astrid onto the table and, using ropes she'd handed to me, tying her spread-eagled onto the table top, the camera looking straight at her powder blue panties, taut over her prominent and very vulnerable looking mound.

I swallowed hard as I turned to Astrid again, and attempted the impossible. To explain!

"I ...I ...It can't be me, Astrid ... really ...I ...just don't understand ..."

My explanation withered away pretty quickly because I really, really didn't understand what was going on. It couldn't be me on that screen, surely, but deep down I somehow knew that it was!

Her steely grey eyes narrowed as I looked helplessly at her, and she studied me coldly for a few more seconds. The gun was starting to make some sense now and I wasn't feeling good about where this was going. I snapped a glance at the strange man by the window, hoping for a bit of support, or a rescue perhaps, but he was just slumped in his chair, looking about as defeated as you can get. He didn't seem at all surprised by what was happening on the screen.

"Keep watching," instructed my new screen co-star icily.

I did.

It was getting worse, or maybe better if you were viewing this without a gun being pointed at you.

"Oh no..." I groaned as I watched 'me' take some scissors and cut off her bra and panties. As her naked breasts and curly pussy came into view I couldn't believe that I was feeling a stirring in my loins! Her taut orbs were absolutely spectacular and her blonde pussy and lower, darker slit staring straight out of the TV looked heavenly and inviting. My screen self clearly felt the same way as the bulge in his shorts expanded noticeably! It made me wriggle uncomfortably as I tried to hide the matching bulge in my pants.

I watched in awe as I took advantage of her helpless nakedness, caressing her bound, straining body, fondling her breasts, teasing at her nipples, bending down to capture the erect buds in my mouth and suckling hard. My hand cupped her pussy, massaging the sensitive skin around her slit, my fingers beginning to tease apart and explore her inner depths. It looked hot, and I was starting to feel hot. If only it weren't for the gun!

I was about to try again to apologise to Astrid and was starting to turn when my eyes were dragged back to the screen. I couldn't believe it. I'd actually picked up the scissors and started to clip away at her pussy hair!

"Jesus!"I exclaimed as I continued to watch 'me' move on from the scissors to the shaving cream and then give her a full 'brazilian', leaving her smooth naked sex completely open for whatever I had in mind! There was no doubting the interest between my legs at that point irrespective of the threat from my boss!

Astrid had me fast-forward some of the subsequent stuff where I evidently took hold of an industrial size vibrator from somewhere and proceeded to 'torture' her most sensitive parts leaving her persistently on the verge of some big orgasm but never quite letting her get there. It seemed to go on some time and you could see from the way that she twisted and strained at her bindings how frustrated she was getting. Watching in these conditions I thought that I knew how she felt!

And then, ridiculously and out of nowhere came a thought about the performance of my new TV! I was really quite pleased at how well +it showed so clearly her straining, glistening thigh and abdomen muscles as she strained to move her pussy around, chasing that infernal, throbbing vibrator head between her splayed out legs. She was obviously yearning for a climax so much that it must have hurt!

I was also starting to wonder whether I, as the 'star', was ever going to get anything out of this myself! She was clearly absolutely desperate to be fucked properly, but my screen self just didn't seem to want to do her, despite the clear evidence of his arousal in his boxers. Story of my life!

"Okay, you can stop it now," said Astrid suddenly, distracted, almost as though she'd got lost in the screen action herself, "...NOW!" she added urgently.

By the time that I'd picked up the control though, events on screen had moved on and I'd put down the vibrator, and moved around the table to near her head. I was about to it hit the 'Stop' button when my eyes widened even further as my screen self calmly dropped his pants and released the pent up monster within. The erection looked pretty big to me, but I'm probably biased! The bound Astrid looked pretty impressed with it too though and she licked her lips as I moved the tip closer to her mouth!

"Oh shit!" exclaimed my captor as she watched her screen self proceed to give me a thorough and animated blow job!

It didn't last that long though. It looked as though I was just about ready to explode anyway by that time and the way her head and mouth worked on me so enthusiastically soon had me gasping and pumping my seed deep down her throat!

My mouth was open in amazement for some time until I finally spoke, "WOW!!"

"I suppose that you're going to tell me that you don't remember that either?!" snapped an annoyed Astrid, bringing me back to reality.

And, amazingly, it was true. How could I possibly not remember something as hot and wonderful as that? I was shaking my head in mute disbelief!

"I told you that he wouldn't..." added the mysterious man, but he was quickly interrupted.

"And you can shut up too you miserable worm!!" she snarled at him angrily.

I was quite relieved to have the focus of her attention switched to him though, and it put to an end any thoughts that were lingering in my mind that the two of them were some sort of team in whatever this weird situation was. As I glanced his way again though, any hope that I might find a potential ally quickly dissipated as I saw him slump back in obvious defeat. Astrid was certainly a fearsome opponent in this sort of mood, and with a gun as well!

But as I feverishly tried to think of something to calm her down, which was a bit difficult given that we'd just watched a video of me torturing her, she turned back to me, took a deep breath and continued in a much more controlled voice.

"And you don't remember what happened afterwards either ... after we came out of my kitchen?"

Her expression had changed. Instead of stormy, she sounded quite hesitant, almost as though she was scared of the answer. But what answer could I possibly give? Had I done something even worse to her!? It was an awful thought, not that I could remember anyway and whatever I said didn't seem likely to please her. In the end I just shook my head slowly, miserably.

Her eyebrows narrowed and she pursed her lips as she strode over to me, grabbing hold of the TV control, "Well, let's see whether Friday's episode prompts anything then!"

That's what I was worried about. On the screen menu, the 'Friday' file size was twice as big as Thursday's. This didn't bode well!

Part 12 - Sunday Afternoon, David's Place 2


As the screen burst into life again, I was amazed to see it picturing the inside of her office at work. It was pretty large, as befitted her executive status, and the camera was focussed on her big wooden desk.

She was standing at the side of it, gazing out of the big plate glass window behind and looked immaculate in a tight black skirt and red blouse. The skirt was like a second skin over her pert behind and I sucked in a quick breath of appreciation at the sight of her magnificent figure. I heard the office door open and close and her hair, which was pulled back into a pony-tail swished to one side as she half turned back towards the camera.

That was when I did a double take. Partly because I recognised my screen self come into shot but mainly because, as she turned, her blouse drifted open. It evidently wasn't buttoned and gaped open, her beautiful, bare breasts moving from profile until they were staring straight back at me, and the camera!

"Jesus" I gasped involuntarily, "they're gorgeous!"

"I'm glad you appreciate them," said Astrid from my side, and this time I'm not sure her response was totally sarcastic!

My screen self seemed to take a few moments to react. I guess it was either to establish whether this was really happening or, more likely, because I was enjoying the sight of my half naked boss so much! Both of us were!!

But eventually the spell was broken and I strode forward and took her in my arms, embarking on a hot kiss as our hands roamed enthusiastically around each other's straining bodies. In no time at all, her deft fingers had unbuckled my belt and pushed my trousers down before disappearing down the front of my shorts. My head rocked back as they got busy inside!

The next few minutes got seriously erotic as our embrace got hotter and we peeled away more clothes. By the time I'd gotten her to the edge of the desk and pinned her against it I'd dragged her tight suit skirt up around her waist and confirmed that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her glistening nether lips were engorged and inviting. I gasped as I watched her pull out my massive erection. Even watching from the sofa I could almost feel it's throbbing hardness, eager to invade her juicy warmth.

Then I realised that the throbbing was real and uncomfortably constrained by my jeans! I knew that my bulging pants must be obvious to Astrid and wondered about grabbing a cushion to cover it. But that might attract her attention if she hadn't noticed already. What a dilemma! God, surely she wouldn't shoot me for getting a hard on though would she? Trouble was, in this mood, I hadn't a clue what she'd do! I sneaked a glance sideways and was relieved that, for once, she didn't seem to be staring at me, watching my reactions.

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