tagMind ControlA Cool Reception

A Cool Reception


The heat in this town can be stifling. Every February, as the pressure systems build in the south, temperatures rise and the humidity is thick and sticky. There is no breeze, just sweat. Clothing is minimal.

In shorts and thongs I ambled home from the pub. After a few hours respite in the air-con with a couple of beers, I was now perspiring and my head began to throb. Down the road I could hear rock music coming out of an old Federation house, so I crossed over to avoid the din.

"Don't you like our music?" I heard some one call out.

"Ah, its alright. I've just got a headache."

"Well, I've got an aspirin."

The music was turned down and I could hear laughing. The sort of laughter that starts off as a giggle and ends up raucous, indicating drunkenness. I thought I would take a look.

I walked back across the road and pushed open an old wire gate. A red painted cement footpath led to a wooden verandah that was well shaded. It had a high tiled roof and was comparatively cool. Old lounge chairs marked with animal fur lined the verandah and in the middle was a rough-hewn log coffee table.


"How are you going?"

"Bloody hot."

"Me too. How about that aspirin?"

"Sure. Come on in."

I walked into a hallway with polished wooden boards. The ceiling was high and the bedrooms were to the left and right of the passage. A combination of the shaded verandah, high ceilings and limestone construction gave the house a relatively cool feel.

My host continued down the hall, past a lounge and dining area and into a kitchen that looked out on to small, but well maintained bush garden. An half-moon table was placed before a large plate glass window and sat there was a woman, legs crossed, dressed in a short summer dress.

"Hello," I said.

She looked up and smiled and I could see that she was quite beautiful.

"Her name is Louisa and I'm Janet. Here's your aspirin."

"Thank you. My name's Paul. You've got a beautiful house."

I was invited to sit and as I took my place I noticed they were drinking white wine. I accepted a glass and mused on the strange situation I was in. The weather does some funny things to people, I thought.

My hosts were both very good looking. After my eyes adjusted from the glare outside I could see that the girl introduced as Louisa was truly striking. Her soft, cotton, summer dress was worn slightly off the shoulder and at the cleavage the leather thonging was loosely undone. Her hair was long and dark blonde and, although she was sitting, I could see that she was tall. Her long legs were tanned and her feet were naked. She spoke very little and had an air of hippy wispiness about her.

Janet was more average looking but still in great shape. She wore khaki shorts and a yellow tank top. Her breasts pushed out against her top and as I sipped more wine I had a quick vision of pulling down her singlet and biting on her nipple.

"What was that music you had on before?" I asked to distract myself more than anything.

"The Cruel Sea" said Janet.

"I thought I recognized it. Do you want to put it on again?"

While she was out of the room I spoke to Louisa. "You don't say much?"

"Oh, I'm not allowed to say much," she said with a smile.

Janet walked back into the room and for a moment looked cross at Louisa, and then they both laughed. I could see these two shared something a little bit weird. They were playing games and I was beginning to feel a little mocked. I sighed at the realization that this hot summer's day fantasy was not to be. I finished my wine, thanked them for the aspirin and got up to leave.

"Sit down," commanded Janet.

"What the fuck?" I replied. I was indignant. I don't accept that kind of shit from anyone but my mother. I continued to leave.


This time it was Louisa that spoke and for that reason only I stopped. She came up the hallway with slow languid strides. Her eyes were downcast but her eyebrows were raised. A small pleading smile reached the corner of her lips. In the background I could see Janet smoldering. "Please stay," she said.

She stepped into one of the bedrooms and beckoned I should follow. Pride is one thing, but the allure of a beautiful woman is even stronger. I followed her into the room.

Louisa was sitting on the bed and motioned for me to do the same. I sat down about a foot away and she moved up. She held my arm by the bicep and began whispering into my ear. She whispered earnestly her hot breath against my face. She apologized to me and asked that I not think badly of her and her girlfriend. She explained that I was the unwitting victim of a role-play. Just before I walked by they had been sitting on the verandah discussing sex. Louisa said that they were slightly drunk and proposed snaring the next man to walk along and drag him into their sexual play. However, she could see that I was offended and realized that it was a wrong thing to do. She apologized again, kissed me sweetly on the cheek, let go of my arm and told me I could leave.

I stood. I did not know what to feel. An extremely beautiful woman had just apologised for trying to involve me in her sexual play. She had just told me I could leave. Stupidly, I was prepared to.

Just then, the ill-tempered Janet flung the bedroom door open. With her arms stretched above her head she gripped the frame of the doorway. Her singlet was slightly raised and exposed her small hard stomach, belly-ringed and perspiring. Her legs akimbo also glistened. She blocked my exit as she spoke to Louisa,

"Is he going?" she demanded.

"Yes", said Louisa gently. She looked at me as she repeated, "Yes, he's going".

"Well, I could stay for one more glass of wine," I said weakly and sat back down. My throat was parched and heart was pounding. I had an erection in my pants that I thought would explode. I felt that it would be safer to leave. To go home and have a wank. At the same time I felt entranced. The heat, the beer, the wine, these two gorgeous but opposing forces: discussing me as if I wasn't there. How could I leave?

Louisa rose and with head bowed slipped past Janet. I was now alone in the room with a bully. Not being particularly fond of stand-over-merchants I started to seriously dislike Janet. I resented the way Louisa would bow and be silent whenever Janet was there. I was also a bit intimidated.

"Listen here you prick." Janet came over and stood before me. My eye level was right at her tummy. She was so close I could see the tiny hairs that swirled around her belly. Her shorts were loose and the waist hung down to where I could just make out the top seam of her panties. I was mesmerized, staring dumbly. I wanted to fuck her as a sort of punishment, yet I couldn't move.

She could see that I wasn't paying attention so she placed one foot on the bed between my legs and pressed lightly on my groin. I gripped her ankle and pushed back. She pushed a little harder. We engaged in this vital tug of war until she eased and said, "You stay: you play. I make the rules. This is my game. I am referee, umpire, judge and jury. And," she pushed harder, catching me unawares and giving me a slight pain deep in my gut, "Executioner." She threw me a towel. "Shower, shave and clean your dirty little arsehole." Then I was alone, slightly in pain, with an erection harder than I had ever experienced. I decided I would do exactly as I was told.

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