A Cop too Far


"Oh, Barbara, I love these big sensitive tits, the tits of a woman who enjoys having a man feel her up. That's good. I want you to be nicely turned on, my love. You're going to be so hot when I finally fuck you," Nick whispered.

"Stop ... that," Barbara murmured unconvincingly.

"Gladly my dear. I think there is somewhere else, you would rather be touched, right?" Nick taunted as he slid a hand between her legs.

"Stop, you bastard, don't touch me th ... Aggggggghh" Barbara's protest was interrupted by a blast of ecstasy as Nick's finger easily slipped into her dripping snatch.

"Barbara, your naughty girl, this pussy of yours is so deliciously wet. Have you absolutely no control of your desires, you little hottie? I could fuck you now if I wanted to. But that wouldn't be as much fun for either of us. Open your legs for me a little more so I can play some more with your pretty pussy."

"No!" she moaned, but quite against her will, Barbara felt herself responding to Nick's skilled hands as they pushed her legs apart. She felt so vulnerable, and so turned on.

Nick's mouth was on her breast and his hand was now deep into her defenseless pussy doing wickedly wonderful things to her. Schlacking noises came from between her legs and he worked his fingers deeper into her sloppy snatch. Soon she felt an orgasm begin. She tried desperately to fight it, to fight him, but his fingers were sliding in and out, in and out... She started to moan. "What a minx you are, Barbara!" Nick said, looking up from sucking her tit. "You love to be diddled, I see. Well, don't be embarrassed. It's perfectly natural for a horny woman to get off on a man's fingers. You're so close, aren't you, sweetie? ... Just let yourself go, darling and ... COME!"

"No, God NO!" Barbara screamed as she felt herself falling into a pit of pleasure. Shame flooded her as she felt Nick make her climax at his command. Barbara shook uncontrollably from the force of the waves of pleasure that crashed over her. For a few moments, everything went black.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal. As she fought to recover from the forced orgasm, she didn't know which she hated more, Nick for forcing the unwilling pleasuring, or her own body for betraying her. But even as she tried to compose herself, Nick's fingers were not idle.

"Good girl, Barbara. You came hard that time. You know how to take pleasure from that beautiful body of yours. But once is not enough for a sexy thing like you, is it?. Would you like me to make you come again?"

"NO... no...oh ... OH ...yes.. YES!" she groaned. As worked up as she was, it took Nick only moments to bring her again to the brink..."Oh, you like this don't you? You are getting so close Barbara, so close. You are ready...to ... COME!"

A final flick of his finger against her clit pushed the aroused policewoman over the edge. Again! Helplessly, humiliatingly, her body again ignored her conscious efforts and responded to her captor's command and touch. Her slit was flooded with come and she screamed incoherently.

Barbara was only half conscious as Nick began speaking again. "Oh, Barbara baby, it's so easy to make you come on my fingers, but I think you are ready for ME," he teased as he slid his cock into her open and unresisting pussy. The sensation was incredible. Barbara knew she should be struggling against this penetration of her sex, but it felt too good. Damn he had done a JOB on her and she wanted it again, like last night!

"Yes, please, yes! I need it, NIck. Fuck me. Fuck me" Yes! ... YES!! Deep. Nick's ten inch cock was driving her to new heights of sexual pleasure.

"Then come for me Barbara, Come!"

The orgasms blended into one another and her body climaxed again and again. She thrashed her head from side to side and shrieked out her ecstasy. "Yes Barbara. You're getting fucked so good, You're coming so good. There's just one more thing you need: a big load of CUM!" Timing his own orgasm at the peak of Barbara's excitement, he shot his hot semen deep into her. It triggered the biggest orgasm of all and helpless woman sank again into blissful unconsciousness.


When she awoke this time Barbara realized she was no longer tied, but an intense lethargy held her in the bed. She again felt the peaceful afterglow of a another night of vigorous sex. How could this be happening to her? She had let the drug lord Nick Botero fuck her again last night. She despised him, but she couldn't deny she had been well fucked although, like the night before, she remembered almost nothing.

"Good morning, sleepyhead" said Carol cheerily as she wheeled in a cart of food. "You must be starved, honey. What with Nick's visit last night, you seemed to ... forget about dinner." Carol remarked with a raised eyebrow and sardonic smile. Barbara was, indeed, feeling too famished to respond, not having eaten in over 24 hours. The breakfast was substantial, cereal, eggs Benedict, croissants and coffee. Carol joined her, sitting on the bed.

"Nick says to thank you for the romp and the tip about the Fresno interception. He will be able to work around that," Carol smiled.

"What?" Barbara gasped. I told him that?" It was a trivial piece of information, but when did she disclose it? Her eyes grew wide in horror. Did she tell anything else?

Carol could read her like a book. "As Nick told you yesterday, when a woman had been well sexed and then well fucked, she gets in a very agreeable mood. Somewhere between your forth and fifth orgasm, Nick just left his stiff prick in you and asked a few questions. You started babbling like a happy magpie. It was mostly silly office gossip, but a few useful tidbits came out. And, no, you didn't say anything about the infiltrators. He didn't even bother asking. He knows it will take a lot longer before he can make you talk about that. The next few days are really just to soften you up, get you used to being easily sexed. You might as well just relax and enjoy it."

Barbara started to cry softly.

"There, there, baby," said Carol sympathetically, stroking an ear gently. "It's not so bad, here. The food is good here and the sex is really good."

Barbara continued sobbing.

"Barbara honey, I know you are feeling bad. These last two days have shown a side of your personality you never knew about, that of a woman who needs and enjoys submissive sex. And I know how horny you can get with the hormone implant when Nick isn't around. I want to give you something to help."

Barbara stopped whimpering for a moment in curiosity. With a little fanfare Carol held up a vibrator, a nine inch shaft with little knobs. "This will help you pass those lonely hours," she said with a smile. 'And get you more quickly addicted to sex,' she didn't add.

Barbara recoiled in horror. "Carol, that's disgusting, perverted!"

Carol wanted to laugh. Who would have thought that Barbara would be so uptight about sex toys, especially seeing how she howled when Nick got the real thing into her. But Carol had a job to do. Nick wanted Barbara's mind to be butter, so she continued soothingly. "No, it's not, honey. It's just a toy that big girls need to play with when we don't have a big boy to play with us. I use mine all the time to get off when Vic hasn't been around to put the wood to me for a few hours. I know you're horny, honey, and Nick won't be her until tonight. Let me show you how it works."

Barbara looked unconvinced but, in the firm grip of hormone ptch, didn't protest. Carol sat on the bed by Barbara. "It's fun, honey. I just spread my legs a bit and pull up my little skirt." Carol noticed a small intake of breath as she bared her pussy to Barbara who seemed mesmerized by the seductive sight. Good! That would come in handy, later. "I never wear panties anymore. It makes me feel so sexy. We're not supposed to, anyway. Vic says it's to remind us we are available to be fucked anytime our man wants. But it's convenient for this, too," she giggled.

The vibrator began to hum as Carol touched it to her labia. "I like to tease myself at first, pretending it's a real prick timidly noosing its way into me. Uuuhh. It feels good. I'm getting wet." Carol wasn't lying, she did enjoy the vibrator, but she watched through silted eyelids as Barbara unconsciously reached down and started fingering herself. She was hooked!

"Oh Vic, yes! Put it in me. Stretch me with your giant prick, baby. Oh, Vic, I love having you in me. Fuck me, Vic! Fuck me," she moaned, working herself with the humming cylinder It wasn't Oscar quality, but good enough for Barbara who watched, fascinated. Carol even managed a mild orgasm.

"Now, would you like me to try it on you?" Carol asked when she regained her breath.

"No, I don't think ...;Uhhh" As Carol had hoped, Barbara had *said* no but found her body had other ideas. Slowly Carol pulled up Barbara's tunic and pressed the pseudo phallus into the horny, confused woman.

"I guess you liked my little show, huh, hon? You're already wet from playing with yourself. That's good, makes it easier to get it deep into you. Open up a little more for me honey, it will make it better." Barbara's eyes were closed and she was sighing as the pleasure gradually swelled in her belly. "When it's all the way in, you start moving it like this ... in ... and out, ... in and ... out like it was a big thick cock. Imagine it is Nick's cock. You are getting fucked, ... so good. You want it to go on and on. Nick is a wonderful lover and knows how to please you. He feels your orgasm approaching and starts fucking you faster. He knows how bad you need sex. He knows just how ... to make you ... COME!"

The room was rocked by another of Barbara's now familiar wails as the orgasm blasted away her senses. She did not really feel Carol take her hand and place it on the base of the vibrator. "So good, baby," cooed Carol. "You needed that. You needed a good come because you are sooo horny, still so horny, but you can pleasure your self as long as you want, Barbara." Carol was guiding Barbara's hand to move the still humming vibrator in and out or her pussy. "That's the way ... just fuck yourself good. Good girl. So horny. You can do it" Carol smiled as Barbara was starting to move the vibrator faster. That's it baby, ... COME"

The self-induced orgasm was softer than the one Carol had brought her to, but it still shook her. And her hand had started to move the little machine again. Carol withdrew, listening to Barbara's sighs already turning into moans. When Carol looked in on her a half hour later, Barbara lay with her eyes were closed and her legs splayed and empty smile on her sleeping face. Time for the next step.

Lunch was a treat. After the orgasmically induced nap in the morning and a shower, Barbara felt as good as she had since her capture. She didn't like knowing she couldn't leave, but for the moment, there was nothing to be done about it. It could be worse. Carol brought a delicious salad, and loads of finger foods. The first bottle of wine disappeared quickly and Carol opened another. Barbara didn't realize the she was drinking more than her share. By the end of the meal she was light-headed, just as Carol had planned.

"Ohhh" she giggled. "That was soooo goOD. Sssorry, I think I'm a little TIPsy."

"Me, too" Carol lied, taking Barbara's hand. "And a little sleepy, aren't you?" Carol added. This she knew would resonate with Barbara whose wine had a mild sedative in it, not much; she didn't want Barbara to go to sleep, at least not too soon. "I'm too tired go all the way back to my room. Do you mind if I slip in with you and take a nap?"

"Uh, no," Barbara replied with a dopey little smile.

Carol stood up and started unbuttoning her blouse, letting her little breasts stand out in full view. She knew that her horny and slightly drugged ex-partner would admire her beautiful if modest tits. "Might as well get comfortable," she added, letting her skirt drop and wiggling her hips seductively. Wearing only her heels, she was now more undressed than Barbara who had been given a short shift as bedclothes. She walked, no she slinked around the other side of the bed and slid under the sheet. Barbara who was still sitting up in bed looked down at her, puzzled.

'Slow. Slow,' Carol said to herself. 'She wants it, but she doesn't know it yet. Let her find out gradually. This is seduction, not rape.' She looked up at Barbara through silted lids, feigning drowsiness. "So sleepy..."

Carol grinned triumphantly. Slowly Barbara's normally bright eyes were growing dull as the wine the sedative and her own words took effect. "Yes, I guess I need a nap, too," Barbara said, her speech slightly slurred and she slid down beneath the sheet next to her partner.

"I'm sorry you still aren't happy here," Carol said with pretended sympathy. Pleased that Barbara did not flinch when she snuggled up to her. "I though you would like it here by now."

"But how can I . . . we are prisoners." Barbara started to sob again.

"Yes, honey, but such lucky prisoners to have big men to take good care of us, especially down here." Carol lightly brushed Barbara's moist pussy. "And in between, we have each other," she said looking deep into her partner's dull eyes and kissed her. Carol was counting on the drug to slow down Barbara's reactions and she was not surprised when nothing happened.

Barbara's first instinct was to reject the overture, but she hesitated. The kiss lingered and became more passionate. Then Barbara realized to her horror that, without thinking, she was cuddling close to her passionate companion and kissing her back. Her tongue and Carol's were writhing together like love-sick snakes What was happening to her? Maybe it was the wine or that blasted implant. She had never done anything like this before.

Before Barbara could think, Carol slipped a hand under Barbara's shift and took possession of one of her tits. "You have such wonderful tits, Barbara honey. So much bigger than mine. How I envy you, baby" she whispered. "Nick loves big boobs like these. And so sensitive!" With practiced hand she massaged Barbara's quickly hardening breasts, worrying her nipples until the aroused captive was moaning with delight. "You're horny, again, aren't you baby. Would you like me to get you off? Cuddle with me and I will make you feel good, honey."

Barbara wanted to say "No," but the bolt of erotic sensation that shot through her left her weak, too distracted. In a kind of erotic daze, Barbara allowed Carol gently to lean on top or her and begin sucking both her sensitive jugs in earnest. "You just need more sex than one man can give you."

Barbara's head swam. She felt giddy, totally overpowered by lust. This was totally wrong. She had never allowed a woman kiss her, much less fondle her tits. But she loved what this beautiful mature woman was doing to her boobs so much, she couldn't make her stop. Her breath was short and she felt a warmth almost like liquid fire growing inside her. God she was about to come and the woman hadn't even touched her cl ...

"No! NO! Aiiiiiii" Carol screamed. Her body was rocked by an intense orgasm as soon as Carol had touched her pleasure button, blacking out for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes Carol was staring down at her lovingly.

"That was good, Barbara. You needed pleasuring, didn't you?"

Barbara could only look up at her in dazed confusion and nod her head 'yes'.

No, this could not be happening to her, but then she felt the Barbara's lips on her lips,.... the 'other' ones. Oh no, oh yes! She was going down for a woman! No woman could have forced apart Barbara's powerful thighs, but Carol found only slight resistance as she gently opened Barbara's pussy to her kisses. The aroused and panting policewoman could only moan when she felt Carol's tongue invade the temple of her self. All questions, all shame was suddenly washed away by another orgasm, as Carol gently sucked on her clitoris.

Barbara lost track of time as one orgasm after another claimed her. At some point she saw or rather sensed Carol had turned around into the 69 position, placing her own pussy just above Barbara's face. She had never done this, but in a orgasmic daze Barbara reached up and pulled Carol's dripping crotch to her mouth and began to drink her copiously flowing slit. Soon she was rewarded when Carol yelped and came, drenching Barbara's mouth and lips with her pungent love juice. This triggered another of Barbara's orgasms and then another as Carol persistently tongued her slit and toyed with her clit.

As one orgasm blended into another, Barbara forgot where she was, who she was, totally submerged in the giving and receiving of pleasure. Then - suddenly? at last? she was aware of Carol's rapturous face gazing down at her. "That was good, Barbara. You must be tired, your body is weak from so intense pleasure. Now you must sleep."

Somehow, Barbara realized that something was wrong, insane. Her beautiful betrayer had just seduced her and fucked her senseless and was now putting her to sleep She didn't want to sleep. She had to fight the overwhelming drowsiness, the warm comfortable feelings of post orgasmic bliss. She needed to resist... to think!

"You are fighting me, sweetheart. Don't. You can't. You need this too much." Then she felt Carol's magic hand move within her pussy once again and a wave of renewed desire swept over her. There was no way she could refuse. The orgasm this time was not instantaneous. She felt it build up slowly, inevitably. But when it burst over her, she was utterly vanquished. Full of sedative, sated and exhausted by the repeated climaxing, Barbara immediately fell deeply asleep in Carol's arms.

Carol smiled at the slow shallow breathing of her unconscious ex-partner. Plans were proceeding smoothly. Barbara would now see that she was powerless to resist sex in any form. Nick could take her at any time and her body willingly responded. She could not pass up the chance to orgasm with the vibrator. And now she had learned of a weakness for another woman. Three damaging blows to her self image as a tough, independent woman who would take direction from no one. It should take only one more, the most devastating, to break her completely. That one would have to wait for the proper time.


Days, a week? two weeks? passed. Although she tried, Barbara could not keep track of time. They kept her in a haze of sexual pleasure. It almost became routine. Nick came to her at nightfall. Reluctantly at first then with growing enthusiasm, Barbara took him into her bed and allowed the handsome criminal to take her to places of unbelievable pleasure before she slipped into a sated sleep in his arms. She awoke from a night of lovemaking with Nick still horny. Left alone after breakfast with Carol, she found she could not resist the urge to masturbate using the vibrating dildo Carol had given her. Sometime she fantasized it was Nick's huge prick, slowly, persistently fucking her. Other times she thought of Carol's soft lips on her sex. Strangely, she never though of Robert whom she could hardly remember. Then she would awake, looking forward to lunch and tipsy, giggly, sleepy love-making with Carol afterwards. And by night ... Nick came to her, spoke to her gently, and filled her with lust and his wonderful cock. Carol observed with satisfaction as Barbara's will dissolved day by day. They were waiting for the appropriate physical signs as well.


"That was great. I'm stuffed," Carol giggled one day after lunch as she had Barbara spooned lovingly. She was tenderly cupping Barbara's hard breast and teasing the erect nipple while the other had slipped between her legs, working the sleepy, horny policewoman toward her first soft orgasm of the afternoon.

"That's the truth," agreed Barbara. "Shouldn't we be exercising or something? We're going to get fat if we keep this up."

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