A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 04


After that, the game seemed to drag on forever. Greg was the next one to have to strip completely. The game went on. Lee had taken off her T-shirt and bra but still had two balls on the table. Jay had one and Lee made it. So Lee and I won.

With the game over, I quickly put my clothes back on. Lee wasn't a bit shy about sitting down with her breasts exposed. The two guys made no effort to get dressed. Both had erections. Lee commented that since I was dressed, she would have to take care of both of them herself. I was sitting in a chair by myself. Lee and Jay were sitting on the couch and Greg was standing. Lee took Jay's cock in her hand and made the comment "It must be Sharon because it never gets this hard for me". Then she told Greg to come closer to her. She took him in her other hand and asked me "Which one do you want"? I answered "Neither". Lee gave me a serious look and said "I though for sure you would want this one" (Jay's)

Lee turned from serious to giddy and said it was OK because she could handle both. Then she turned to Greg and said "Can't I"? Greg said something to the affirmative and sat on the other side of her. To my complete amazement, Lee started kissing Greg. Jay didn't say a word and neither did I. Lee had one in each hand while kissing Greg. Greg responded by feeling her breasts.

After watching that display for several minutes, I said that I really needed to go home. Lee said that I should stay and join the party. Then she added "You know I can take care of you too". I stood up and said that I really need someone to take me back to my car. Jay quickly said "I will". Lee immediately broke off her kiss with Greg. She snapped at Jay saying "No you don't", "If you want to fuck her then you will do it here in front of me", "Not behind my back". Then she told Jay to give me their car keys if I wanted to go adding that Greg could take them back later.

I took the keys and rushed out.

That is the pool story


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