tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 05

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 05


Part 5: Chuck the black intern plays with Sharon.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background.

Oct 10/25/08 7:24 PM


Your pool game account was very interesting. I'll have some questions and observations about it after I've had some time to think about it more.

I was looking at your picture again and I was struck by the fact that you look much younger than 42! I just have to say that you have very lovely hair that looks great draped over your shoulder like that.

How long ago did all this happen with Jay? I'm still amazed that you can remember all this so well and that you are willing to tell me, especially after keeping it to yourself for so long. I've found that generally people tend to leave old wounds alone, even if that prevents complete healing in the long run. I think it's great that you are able to talk about what happened to you.

More later.


Oct 10/26/08 12:04 AM

Hi Paul

To begin with, I have to thank you for the compliment. I look too young in my picture? That was very kind of you. Actually, I'm often told that I look younger then my age. I think part of it is that I'm so small a person but I attribute most of it to being active and not just sitting around getting old. I do a lot of walking. Every day in fact.

The things I'm telling you about did actually happen 10 to 15 years ago. I do see where you are coming from and agree that things like this can be very difficult or impossible to talk about after they have been bottled up for so long. This has not easy for me to talk about but it is something that I feel I want to do. It was extremely difficult in the beginning and I thought seriously about not continuing. What I have found is that it does seem to get easier as it goes along. Some things like telling you about Jay's brother were very hard to write. So far, a lot of the other things aren't as difficult. I do attribute your understanding as a major factor in my ability to tell this. I don't think I could be as open if you were someone else.

Jay also liked it when I wore my hair down. Before he asked me to wear it that way, I often wore it up because it was easier to work that way. The other request about my appearance that didn't involve dress was my glasses. I wear contacts but he liked me with glasses on. He also liked bare legs as opposed to panty hose. The other request was that I shave my pubic hair. I did it but let it grow back. My husband liked some hair down there and I was more comfortable with a little hair. I keep it closely trimmed, even today. (I can't believe I just told you that)


Oct 10/26/08 9:42 PM

I meant to ask this when I wrote about the pool game but forgot by the time I got to the end.

The game of strip pool. It seemed to have definite rules and seemed to be designed for singles competition. I had never heard of the game before or since. To avoid the question "Why do you ask", I've never asked anyone about it.

Have you ever heard of it? I've often wondered if this was a game that they made up or a real game that people play. Since the three of them seemed very familiar with it, and they played pool on a regular basis, I assumed it was a regular game like 8 ball. Is it?


Oct 10/26/08 10:17 PM


I'm not really an expert on pool games, but I've played a drinking game that basically has the same rules except you have to take a shot every time one of your balls is sunk. Turning this into a stripping game is probably not uncommon, much like is done with poker. I guess that's a qualified 'yes' to your question.

Obviously Lee took advantage of the fact that you were not a very good pool player (I'm not either). I was thinking about why she might want to get you naked especially when she knew it would make Jay happy. It seems to me that she was doing for herself; that she was sexually excited by the idea. It also sounded like she was already suspicious about you and Jay, and wanted to make sure you knew.

[I told her about a couple I knew that got involved with swinging and how it contributed to the demise of their marriage. Again, the details are personal and unimportant to the conversation with Sharon]

Maybe it is time for you to tell me about the time Jay forced you to have sex with multiple men. I know that it will be difficult for you, so if you are not ready, just say so.

Your friend,


Oct 10/27/08 8:45 AM


I wanted to make a few comments on your observations and the story you told me.

I do not agree that the purpose of the game for Lee was to see me naked. In my opinion, she wanted to embarrass me and she did. You are correct in assuming that she was making me aware of her suspicions about Jay and I. She made that very clear.

There are things about Lee that you don't know. Lee liked being the center of attention at all times. She was also a very dominant type person. She was the boss and liked letting everyone know it. Jay was not the dominant person in their marriage because he wasn't the bread winner, she was and he was well aware of it. Lee had to always be in charge even when it wasn't a business related situation.

This night was a prime example. She wanted to be the center of attention and she wanted to control the evening. That was very typical of her. I really believe that the original suggestion of playing strip pool was more of a tease for the guys. I guess you had to be there to know that. Lee took offense when no one but her liked the idea. From knowing me, she knew I wouldn't want to play but she was expecting the guys to jump at the chance to get us naked. They didn't jump. It was almost as if they were saying "Sure, we would be willing to do that with you but Sharon has too much class to be involved with it." Their initial refusal was a put down on her.

That is why she insisted that we play. It was very clear at the time. By playing a game that she knew would embarrass me; She demonstrated her dominance of the situation. She demonstrated her control of both me and Jay. She attempted to show that I wasn't better then her and she was the center of attention.

I knew before the game even started that I was going to lose. Lee knew it too. Even after I was naked, I still had to take my turn. During one shot, Lee made the comment that I didn't have to worry about my boobs getting in the way. It was a way of letting everyone know her breasts were bigger. Then when she lost her second article of clothing, she elected to remove her bra instead of her jeans. She was looking for the attention her larger boobs would get and it was another way of putting me down.

Lee was very happy when I had to strip completely. I believe there were other reasons for that too. She seemed to relish in the fact that it was very embarrassing for me to undress in front of them. I also believe that she was trying to see Jay's reaction to my embarrassment. In a way, I think she also wanted Jay to compare our bodies with the idea "Why would you want that skinny thing?"

I'm sure that she had no idea that Greg and I had sex prior to that night. I do think that she wanted me to have sex with Greg. She wanted me to do it right in front of Jay. That I'm positive of. It was a way of pulling me off of the pedestal she assumed Jay had me on and another way to judge his reaction. Lee was showing jealousy.

The display she was putting on in front of me was way over board. She sat between the two men and fondled them both. What she was telling me without words was "Look, they want me, NOT YOU."

By kissing Greg, she was slamming Jay and telling both of us that she could have any man she wanted. I can't begin to describe it but she was really putting on a show.

The next day at work, She made it a point to tell me that Greg was very good in bed. Then she said that she would have "thrown" her husband to me if I would have stayed. It was her way of saying I could only have her cast offs. By the way, at lunch, with several employees sitting around a table, Lee just had to mention the game of strip pool and the fact that I lost and she won. Al (an older programmer who just happened to be there that day) jokingly suggested an office game of strip poker. Lee came back with "Sharon probably can't play poker either. Why don't we just skip the game and have her strip."

I laughed with the others and got up to return to my desk. I knew she would tell about that but I never dreamed she would do it in front of a group and in my presence.

One point I wanted to get across was that there were a lot of unspoken things happening that night and there was no way you could know that from what I told you. As I'm sure you are well aware, there is a lot of unspoken communication that is impossible to describe by simply telling the events that happened. In this case, the unspoken was more telling then the spoken. I'll try to remember to include the unspoken things in the future.

I could go on with the reactions of that night and the subsequent path it took but that is too long for now.

I do want to comment on the story you told. The parallels there are astounding. I feel badly for your friend but also a certain sense of relief that I'm not the only one in the world who was led down the garden path. I could easily blame it on you horny men so I will. MEN!

I was also relatively inexperienced when Joey and I married. I was 20. He introduced me to a world of sex I had not known before. I was against having that first threesome with his friend but enjoyed it a lot. After that it wasn't very hard to talk me into trying something new. We were in love so jealousy wasn't a factor at all. The things we did were simply for the pure sexual pleasure. Like your friend, I got taken up with it all too. The difference was that after Joey got out of college we started a different life that didn't include the wild sexual times. I was content with it but still missed it. Jay offered me a chance to be wild again.

You said in your story that you like thinking about your wife giving another guy a blow job. You said it was exciting. That struck home to with me. Joey absolutely loved watching me give a blow job to another guy. He said it was because I looked so slutty when I did it and that turned him on.

Another thing that struck home is that being on top has always been my favorite position.

This was meant to be short but has already gotten too long. I did want to tell you that I would love to hear more about your personal experiences. Don't be shy!

I will start writing about the experience you requested with multiple partners but like the one with Jay's brother, It isn't a pleasant memory, and may take a little time to get it out of me. I'm only telling you this so you will be patient.


Oct 10/27/08 10:05 PM


Thank you for telling me about Lee. She certainly sounds like a piece of work. In all the places I've worked I've never been unlucky enough to work for anybody who would embarrass someone like that in the office. I'm sure the other employees were entertained, but at your expense. What a bitch.

I want to say that I appreciate all the effort you have putting into your emails. In fact, I was thinking that if you put your mind to it you could be a good writer.

It occurred to me that your situation with Jay was very similar to my friend that I mentioned in my previous email. Obviously Jay took much bigger advantage of you, but she was also swept along by forces she couldn't control. It worked out better for you in the long run, though.

Don't worry if you can't tell me about the time with multiple men right now, I can wait until you are ready.

Your friend,


Oct 10/29/08 1:07 AM

Hi Paul

To begin with, thanks for responding to my question about the pool game. I have often wondered if it was a local game, a game they made up, or a popular adult game known everywhere. I really thought it was a game that they made up since I had never heard of it before. Then again, I'm not a pool player.

Lee and Jay were both very manipulative in their desire to reach their own goals but in a very basic way. Neither one had much education. Jay was a high school drop out. In the city, I think the term would be street smart. They were definitely not city people. Maybe the term for them would be "country wise" however I find the word "basic" to be more descriptive.

When I worked there, there was a definite cultural difference. Have you ever seen the TV show Green Acres? Perhaps that is the best way to describe it Their entire world was farms and pick up trucks. Many of the people in that area spent their entire life on their farms. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. All I'm trying to say is that there was a certain culture shock. When I say that dressing up was putting on a clean T-shirt, it is not a joke; it's a fact. I had to drive for miles to even see a man without a ball cap on. We even had a girl who worked there for a short time that rubbed snuff and thought nothing about keeping a spit cup on her desk. I was grossed out by it but everyone else thought it was normal.

With that background in mind, I think you can see that both Lee and Jay were straight forward, practical people. They were self reliant and got what they wanted by any means possible. I know that could describe a wall street banker but the difference is their needs. All of the people there had very basic primal needs. Their needs were, food, sex, and shelter. Money, position, status, and everything else for that matter were trivial. For the women there, sex on the first date wasn't an option, it was expected.

Owning a company and having money were new experiences for both Lee and Jay. They were suddenly the rich people in the area and enjoyed the power that their money provided. They felt that they could do anything they wanted. Lee in particular, enjoyed the fact that as the boss, people had to do what she wanted. In many ways, it went to her head but she still maintained her rural values.

The employees there were probably entertained as you suggested, but I don't think you understood the cultural difference. When I told you that I knew Lee would talk about playing strip pool with the employees, I really did know it because that was the way they were. Talking about sex might be embarrassing and out of place in a normal work environment but not there. It was common. When Lee was telling them about it, I was the only one who was uncomfortable. Then again, I was the only one who was really out of place with the group. Just as you are not embarrassed or uncomfortable telling me you took your dog for a walk, They were just as at ease talking about a game of strip pool.

By the way, I am not a writer and have no desire to become one. I'll leave that to the more talented people like yourself.

You are correct about the how closely the situations with your friend and I were. It is too bad she took a different path. I saw how my life had fallen apart and decided to do something about it. I couldn't change the past but I realized my future had to be different. If I would have stayed with Joey, things would have just repeated. I knew I had to make major changes in my life or just accept the way it was. I made the changes and I'm happy I did. Sometimes letting go of the past is the only way to move forward. It is a shame your friend didn't see that as I did. Even revisiting that past, as I am now with you, is a step forward for me. I'll be scarred by that time of my life forever but it is much better then living with an open wound.

The story about the multiple sex partners might just be the lowest point in my life which is why it is so difficult to recall. It is something that I am determined to tell you about in every graphic detail. When I write and tell you about these things, it is much like reliving it all over again. It is amazing to me how much the mind remembers regardless of how much you try to bury it. This story I never felt I'd ever want to remember again and it is precisely for that reason I want to tell you about it. I really need to get it out in order to let it go. I know that.

With that in mind, I can tell you I have started writing you about it. I only wrote a little and quit. I'm struggling within myself to get it out. I will do it because I'm determined to do it. This has nothing to do with you asking about it. I'm actually glad you did. It does have everything to do with my need to get it out as face it. Right now, I'm having a difficult time doing that. To give you some incite into why it is so difficult to recall, let me just say I was pretty much just given out as a whore. From where I'm at in my life now, it is difficult to even recall myself as that person but I was that person. The entire story may be slow in coming but I am determined to get it to you. By asking about it, you have given me a goal to accomplish. On my own, I'm not sure I would ever have faced it and kept it buried. For that you have my thanks.


Oct 10/29/08 6:47 PM


I can see how you didn't really fit in with the people you worked with at Lee's company; I wouldn't have either, frankly. I can get along with just about anybody, but there are limits.

[I tell her about a fantasy of mine about watching my wife with a black man. The details are not important.]

Best wishes,


Oct 10/30/08 9:15 PM

Thanks for relating that fantasy to me. I really enjoyed reading it. I think all women have a fantasy of having sex with a black man and some form of a rape fantasy. I think it is the taboo factor. I had only one experience with a back guy and it was a blow job. The only thing special about it was the fact that he was black. Now would be an appropriate time to tell you about it but I'm tired. (I worked today)

After a good nights sleep, I'll feel more like writing. I was thinking that I would tell you about Allen. He was a young man that worked in our office too. He was kind of fun and not a bad experience considering everything else. That too will have to wait since I'm going to bed. In my next e-mail, I'll tell you about Allen and my black experience.

Good night


Nov 11/01/08 4:19 PM

Hi Paul

I know I said I was going to tell you about Allen but I was really thinking of Chuck when I said Allen. Allen was one of our part time programmers and there was only one brief incident with him walking in on Jay and I. Chuck did actually work in the building with everyone. The programmers did most of their work at home.

Chuck came to us as a high school student. It was part of a work/study program and Lee only had to pay part of his salary. He had better then basic computer skills and we used him mostly for data entry.

Like me, Chuck did not fit with the farm lifestyle that was prevalent there. He lived with his mother and he lived in the only "city" in that county. (pop. 6000?) Chuck was 17, very bright, and very shy. He was constantly teased for being a nerd and mama's boy. The poor kid was only about 5'6" and as skinny as a rail. The nerd tag came mostly from the fact that he wore this pair of brown framed glasses that were too big for his head. The mama's boy was from the fact that he didn't drive and his mother drove him to work and picked him up.

I liked Chuck. Unlike everyone else, he was always very polite and respectful. He only worked three days a week from 2-6 and was so quiet that you barely knew he was even there. After the work/study program expired, Lee kept him on part time.

Jay and I were in full swing by the time Chuck was hired. Most of the employees either knew or suspected a relationship between Jay and I. Jay seemed to be flaunting our relationship around the office because he knew no one would dare tell Lee. No one wanted in the middle of it.

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