tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 11

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 11


Part 11: Sharon and Joe plan a gang bang.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors then don't read on.

Feb 02/10/09 11:34 PM Sharon, I think I understand Joe's desire to do this without Ron, but unless one is already involved in that lifestyle and knows others who are, how does one recruit people? In order to find people you can trust you really have to go to people you already know, and that can be difficult. How do you ask a friend or coworker "Hey, how would you like to gang fuck my wife?"

I don't think I could do it. Ron, on the other hand, already is in that lifestyle and knows others that are. Besides, I think it would be easier to ask someone "How would you like to gang fuck my buddy's wife?"

In any event, if I were in Joe's shoes (and god I wish I was) I know I'd want some sort of guidance from you on things like how many men and where to hold it. I'm not saying that you should back down from your "no restrictions" stance, but you clearly have preferences in some areas and I think he would be more than happy to hear about them. Making all of the choices is a huge responsibility and I'm betting he'd be happy to get a little help from you on the big ones. Yes, it is his fantasy, but most men's fantasies are not that detailed and generally don't need to be. We don't care about exactly where the sex happens (as long as it happens) or exactly how many men are there (as long as it's many), so helping steer those decisions won't take away from the fantasy at all.

For example, you could just "remind" him that his brother and some personal friends always go on the golfing trip. That could be really dicey, unless his fantasy involves his brother having sex with you too. (And if that's the case, I'd think you'd want to get that out into the open ASAP anyway) You could also remind him that if it does not work out for some reason he would still have to see all those guys for the rest of the week and that could be awkward. This way you are not putting any restrictions on him, he can still do what he wants, but then he will know what you will be most comfortable with. That will help ensure that you both enjoy the experience as much as possible. Keep in mind that for the fantasy to work, you must enjoy the experience, even if you are reluctant at first. Ultimately your pleasure is his pleasure. Think about it.

At this point I'm wondering what your feelings are about this gang bang. On one hand you are acting very neutral (making Joe do all the planning, no restrictions, etc.) and sort of laissez faire about the whole thing. But on the other hand some of your language indicates that you are excited about it, maybe looking forward to it happening. I could be wrong; I do tend to over analyze, but I'm curious as to what you are feeling.


Feb 02/11/09 9:57 PM Paul

In your last e-mail, you made a statement that has me curious. You said that men don't care about the number as long as it is many. In my opinion, the thing Joe likes about the Myrtle Beach idea is the number. If that scenario would come about, the number would go up to at least 12 and probably more. With the local hotel scenario, he has been talking about 6 as a practical number but I think he would like to involve more and still might if that happens.

My question to you is how many men would you like to invite if it were you in Joe's place? I'm just curious about how the male mind works in this situation.

As for Joe's brother, I'm certain that is a fantasy of his. According to Joe, his brother has always dreamed of having sex with me. Joe never mentioned it before because he didn't think I would ever consider it and he didn't want to sound like a pervert. Regardless of what happens with this gang thing, a threesome with his brother is very likely.

I'm also learning of friends of his (and mine) who have expressed a desire to have sex with me. Some of the names are very surprising. I was completely unaware. According to Joe, quite a few of his friends think I am really "hot". Now Paul, I know I'm considered attractive but "Hot"? Can I ask your real opinion and please be honest. Do you think I'm "Hot"?

Those question were on my mind so I thought I would ask you. I've got some more comments I'll tell you about later when I have more time.


Feb 02/11/09 11:11 PM Sharon, While I can't, in an absolute sense, know what other men think, I believe I can provide you with a well informed guess. In the following I'll try to make it clear when I'm speaking just for myself.

OK, then, how much is "many" when talking about a gang bang? I think that any number greater than 3 qualifies for "many" in this context, but obviously the more the better. The thing is I don't think many men realize that a woman's vagina and genital area will get sore if she's fucked long enough and hard enough, so they tend to imagine an unrealistic number of men in this situation. I think when you consider that, depending on their age, most men in a highly sexually charged environment like this will be able to get an erection at least twice. So if you have 6 men you could easily get fucked 12 times, even accounting for blow jobs (which will mainly be to get the men hard for the second or third time). Also, most men will last much longer after the first ejaculation. So, personally, I believe that 5 or 6 is a practical upper limit for the average woman. I wouldn't attempt more unless you have already participated in a gang bang of that size and know you can handle more. Also, from what I've heard from women who have actually done it, you may very well be sore the next day. This makes repeated events back-to-back over a week long period even less realistic, especially with 12 to 20 men! Since this will be a new experience for you as a couple, if I were Joe I would pick no more than 6 men and would do the one-time suite idea. Again, if it becomes painful for you it will ruin the experience for both of you.

The brother fantasy I kind of get. I'm not that close to either of my brothers, but I am to my best friend. I've often said that he's more of a brother to me than my biological brothers. I've had some fantasies of him with my wife, and I think they might both be willing to try it, however it won't happen as long as he's married. I'm not that attracted to his wife, and I don't think she's attracted to me either, so a swap with them is probably out of the question as well. Still, I would caution you both to think (and talk) about it a lot about before you do anything with his brother. The potential future complications should be contemplated.

Now the really difficult question: Are you hot? Honestly it's hard for me to say. There's so much that goes into being "hot". First there's physical appearance. Now the only thing I've got to go on there is the single small photo of your face that you sent me. Frankly that's not enough, but I can tell you that you have a beautiful face, not just attractive, but stunningly beautiful. And based on your description of your body, I'd say that you probably qualify for hot in that department. Next there's the voice, but since I've never talked to you I can't judge that attribute. Personality is also a big part, and on that score I think you are definitely hot. Of course I may be biased in that assessment because of the unusual nature of our friendship. Then there's your profession. I think many men had unrequited crushes on a teacher at some point, so being a school teacher adds an element of "hotness". My final opinion is: probably. I wish I could be more definite, but given the situation that's the best I can do.

I hope that helps you. Don't be afraid to ask more questions.


Feb 02/12/09 9:44 PM Hi Paul

You asked about how I felt about this whole gang thing. I have kind of mixed feelings. You know that I love sex, so the prospect of a lot of sex is exciting for me. I also find the idea of different partners exciting. On the other hand, I'm naturally nervous about it. I've never really gotten involved in a planned sexual event like this. As you mentioned, I wonder if I can even physically do it. Joe insists that I have to be 100% sure I want to do this or it is off.

So far, I'm OK with everything. Like you, I don't think the Myrtle beach idea is a very good one. As of now, it is going to be the local hotel. Joe also has reservations about the Myrtle Beach thing. He said he just kind of threw that idea out as a possibility because he is looking at all options.

Joe has been concerned about setting this up quickly. I did tell him that he didn't have to rush it. I wasn't going to back out or change my mind. That seemed to be a bit of a relief for him. He mentioned just this evening that he now wants to wait till after his golfing trip to make the final arrangements. His reason for that is that he feels he will have 4 days with these guys and he can probably return with 6 interested prospects for my approval.

That is another thing. Joe insists that I approve of each person prior to it happening. I understand his logic but I really didn't want to know who was going to be there. By the way, he has definitely decided on no more then 6 men. I think 4 would be a more manageable number but I'm OK with 6. He is looking at 4 as a minimum number and six as the max. He says that by inviting 6 he can be pretty certain 4 will actually show up. We have talked about this approval thing and have come to a conclusion. He knows that I don't want to know who is going to participate. I don't because I don't want to be thinking about it. I think I would be more comfortable with it just happening regardless of who is there.

Joe's position is that he doesn't want to invite someone and have me say "no way" after that person arrives. I understand that. The compromise we came up with is this. Joe has been giving me names for my approval. (Over a dozen so far) Joe is going to pick four from my approved list. I won't know which 4 until that night. The other two will be a complete surprise. He claims he already has them picked out. This appears to be working for both of us.

So far I have said no to a few of his choices. Actually, I haven't said absolutely no to anyone but indicated that it may be awkward with some of them. An example was that I told him that I didn't think his brother was a very good idea. He wasn't one of the names given to me but I thought I would let him know my feelings there. Two of the names he has given me were former students of mine. (I didn't know he even knew them) Another name was a fellow teacher. I had to think long about those three but did give them the OK.

Time to get to bed. More to come.


Feb 02/12/09 11:02 PM Sharon, It sounds to me like you two are taking a very reasonable approach to planning this event. I think that's good since it really is for both of you, not just one or the other. I think the numbers you are talking about are manageable. I asked my wife what she thought was a realistic upper limit for a gang bang, right out of the blue, and she responded with 5. No hesitation at all. Now this either means she has thought about it before, or she has had an experience with 4 or 5 men at some time. Now as far as I know the most men she's been with at the same time before is 2, but the possibility that it might be higher is exciting to me. Anyway I think this is good independent confirmation that 4-6 is a good number for you first time.

I really like the way you two have arranged to select the men. It's very clever. The idea of including some former students is really hot. For them it must be a dream come true. If they actually are invited I will be most interesting in hearing about your thoughts about it as well as their reactions. Now the teacher selection is a little more dicey, but you must trust him to keep quiet, so I won't say any more about it.

I don't know if you guys have talked about whether to make the men use condoms or not. For me it would be the normal concerns of pregnancy and STDs. If this were for my wife these would both be in play since she is not on any birth control (I had the big V after my youngest was born). I guess as far as the STD issue is concerned, you and Joe will have to decide if you know all the players well enough or not. Personally I don't like condoms, but I think if I were Joe I would insist on them just because of the STD concern. There are so many of them these days that a lot of carriers are walking around and don't even know they are infected. Sorry to inject a sober reality into your fantasy, but it's an important issue that I think you two should talk about.


Feb 02/13/09 3:56 PM Hi Paul

In many ways you and Joe think alike. In your last e-mail you mentioned that 4-6 might be a good number for my first time. Joe has used that phrase "first time" on a number of occasions. I've been looking at this as a one time thing but I'm always open to new experiences. One thing is for sure, I certainly wouldn't want this to happen on a regular basis.

The other thing you two seem to share is the student thing. After e-mailing you last night, Joe and I watched the news and went to bed. Since this subject came up, our nightly pillow talk has been about planning things. Joe told me that he added the two students and the teacher more to get my reaction then anything else. He was sure I would veto all three. What is funny is that I saw the teacher today. (I taught today) We spoke briefly in the office and I couldn't help but to think what could be in store for him. He would love it.

Anyway, Joe put the teachers name up because he knew from me that the guy would jump at the chance. His real objective was to get my reaction to a co-worker on the list of potentials. What excited Joe was that I was OK with the former students. Like you, he really likes that idea. I'm not sure why it is so exciting for you two but apparently it is. Joe thinks that former students would be the most excited about it. He even suggested the possibility of having all 6 be former students.

His logic with that is that they would all be young (18-25) The two on the list were 18 or 19. Because of the young age, they would be more prone toward multiple times with less recovery time. With just having students, none of our friends would be involved. The students would enjoy it more because of the past student/teacher relationship. He would enjoy seeing me with them. He claims it would be a lot easier lining up 6 former students. Finally, we don't see these people socially so there would be less embarrassment about seeing someone after it happened. The down side is that young single guys would be more likely to brag that they "banged" their teacher.

Joe is seriously considering the possibility of making this an all former student event. I will say that does add a certain exciting element to the scenario. I did tell him that I liked the younger aspect of it but it would seem a bit awkward. I told him and I will tell you, I'm not against the idea and would go along with it if that is what he decides. As of last night, Joe seems to be leaning heavily toward that idea. He likes it a lot. He certainly was excited about it. He said he was going to add some more former student names to the list.

I told you that I didn't even know Joe knew the two former students he suggested. I guess I wasn't thinking. Joe owns a bowling center (DAH) Young people hang out at bowling centers and he has employed a lot of them at minimum wage positions. He has a virtually unlimited pool of my former students at his fingertips.

One more thing before I close. Tomorrow, is the Valentine dance and the party afterward. Joe has barely mentioned it. We will be going to the dance but he doesn't seem very excited about the party now. It's possible that we could be going home after the dance.


Feb 02/13/09 8:50 PM Sharon, Yes, I noticed that the more you talked about Joe, the more he sounded like me, especially his responses to your sex talks. This is why I have felt more comfortable making observations and voicing my opinions about his reactions. If I were in Joe's place I would want to repeat the experience, if the first time went OK. Probably not more than three or four times a year though.

The question big question I have about picking a teacher for the gang bang is: will it be awkward the next time you see him in school after the party? While I agree with Joe that including the former students is very hot (hell, including younger men is hot), and no doubt they will enjoy it immensely, I think the downside you mentioned is a very real possibility. If that gets back to the school board it could be trouble, even though they are not current students. It seems like you would be able to find a couple that could be trusted (especially if they are married now and don't want the wife to find out), but the more you include the greater the risk. Also, younger men don't have as much experience and so are sometimes less enjoyable even though they have greater stamina. Another potential downside is that younger men sometimes have trouble performing in front of other men, which can be a problem at a gang bang.

I think I understand where he's coming from when he says that he is considering the possibility of making it an all former student event. I think he wants them to use you and to leave you full of sperm and exhausted. The fact that most of them probably fantasized about you when they were in school is just the cherry on top. Here's a suggestion: next time for your pillow talk, try the following series of questions.

Do you really want a group of my former students to use me over and over? Do you want them to pound my pussy hard with their young cocks? To squirt their sperm in me and on me? To use me like a wanton slut and leave me completely satisfied and exhausted?

I'm predicting that he will respond in the positive to all those questions and he will be fucking you by the time the last one is asked and answered (if not before). In any event, this should give you some insight into his fantasy and what is driving him.

I can understand why you might not want to go to the party after the Valentine dance, but just because the gang bang planning has eclipsed it, don't assume that Joe does not want to go to the party tomorrow night. I think there is a 70% chance that he will still want to go, so be ready for that possibility. Enjoy yourself; I'll be looking forward to all the juicy details!

I'm trying to arrange a nice dinner tomorrow night with my best friend and his wife; I hope it works out, otherwise I think we will just go someplace local. It won't be as much fun as I think you'll be having, but hey, it's better than staying home and cooking.


Feb 02/16/09 11:13 PM Sharon, I hope you had a nice Valentines Day. Did you go to the party after the dance? I'm curious to see if I guessed right or not on that.

We went out to a nice little pub called the "Boars Head" with my best friend and his wife. I'm not kidding, that's what it was called, but it was a very nice place that consisted of a bar a about a dozen tables. It had a small menu, but the food was good and we enjoyed ourselves. We have had a couple of viruses going through our household lately and neither my wife nor I were feeling all that great, so we postponed the sex until we were feeling better. The next day we went out with my daughter and son-in-law to celebrate their birthdays (they are only a few days apart), but unfortunately the food was not as good at the place my daughter picked. That's the way it goes, I guess. It was nice to be able to spend some time with them, though.

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