tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 12

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 12


Part 12: Joe turns up the heat on the gang bang planning.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.

Feb 02/20/09 10:25 PM


OK, let's stick with GB. It's easier to type too.

I think it's smart of Joe delegating the task of recruiting the GB participants.. I would not have thought of that, but then I'm not management type. In fact I've assiduously avoided cultivating any management skills during my career because I don't ever want to be mistaken for someone that could potentially manage people. I don't like it. I stay firmly rooted in the technical side and it's worked well for me.

I understand the appeal of using only former students from his perspective. I just hope it works out. Men of that age are at their sexual peak; they have strong libidos and physical stamina to match, but usually not a lot of experience. So the sex will be energetic and will last for several hours. Hopefully things won't get too out of control. It might be a good idea to plan a break after all the men have had their first couple of orgasms to allow everyone to rehydrate and rest a bit, but look out for their second wind - that might be what eventually tires you out completely. I told you this because I still remember what it was like to be that age.

I hesitate to say anything because of your feelings on the subject of photos/video, but maybe there is a middle ground here. Perhaps you could allow Joe to take still pictures on a digital camera with the understanding that you will review every image before they are downloaded and delete any that show your face or potentially identify you. That way he could still have a record of sorts, but you would still have editorial control.

Your note taking code back when you worked for Lee was ingenious. Every time I think you can't surprise me anymore, you prove me wrong. OK, If you remember you had already told me about the first incident with Chuck where Jay had you take off your top and had Chuck fondle your breasts. I believe you were going to continue telling me about the next time something happened with Chuck and then the first party at Ron's house happened and we've been side-tracked since.

I have used some of your experiences to get some story ideas from. Specifically the "dancing in the dark" game was used in one of my MILF Chronicle chapters (10 I think). I also based some experiences of another couple in that same series (chapter 11 I think) on your experiences with Ron's first party, your hot conversations afterward, and how that led to the night out with Ron and his wife. I changed the names and some of the details of the events and conversations, but your emails were my framework.

I've been thinking that eventually it might be fun to write up an accurate account of all your sexual experiences in a mini-novel, but of course I'll consult with you before doing anything like that. It will be quite an effort, and one which I think there would be considerable interest, especially since it's true. But I'm not ready to tackle anything of that magnitude yet.


Feb 02/21/09 3:17 PM


There's something I've been meaning to talk about recently, but I kept forgetting. Hopefully this will give you a little insight to Joe and his GB fantasy. It is well known that men peak sexually much earlier than women and don't stay at that peak nearly as long. This means, for example, that even though my wife and I are the same age, her sexual appetite is still near its peak, whereas mine has been declining for some time now. This is true of you and Joe as well, except that the gap is even a little bit wider since he is older than you. Now the reason this is important is because of a lesser known fact: many husbands (including myself) feel it is their responsibility to ensure that their wives are sexually fulfilled.

Realistically I know that my wife must assume an equal share in this, just as I must for my own fulfillment, but because I love her so much I still feel like I must do everything I can to ensure that she is as sexually satisfied as possible. It's very likely that at least part of Joe's motivation for the GB is being driven by this feeling. He knows you love sex and he wants to make sure that you get as much as possible. Since he feels that he can't provide as much as he thinks you need by himself, he is using the GB (and Ron, etc.) to make up the difference. Now this may just sound like a rationalization for his fantasies, and that may be partly true, but there is still a core of truth to it as well. At least that's the way I see it.

One other thing. I ran across a picture of a five-on-one GB that I thought I'd send you as a possible preview to your own, so I attached it. Sometimes I can be so wicked ;-)


Feb 02/21/09 9:56 PM


Once again you are giving me insights into the male mind. I had no idea men thought that way. Joe is well aware that I'm a lot hornier then he is but I think that would be true if we were both 20. I think some people were just born horny and I'm one of them. Just as some peoples lives are dominated by work, careers, or family, mine has been dominated by sex.

I came to that realization after the Jay affair when I knew I had to turn my life around. I firmly believe my main motivation for marrying my first husband was that he was good in bed. I had affairs or was involved with on the job sex with every job I ever had. (before teaching) Was that an accident? Things like that just don't happen to normal people. It seemed that the majority of my adult life up until that point was motivated by sex.

I made every effort to curb my sexual appetite and make a life for myself. With Joe I found that life. Up until this past year, I was living a normal life where sex was just a part of it and not the main driving force. When Joe wanted to start going to Ron's parties, he was certain I would not be interested. Instead, I saw them as a way to release some of my pent up sexual energy.

I agree with you that Joe saw that I enjoyed the sexual adventures and wanted to do more. However, I don't feel that was his main motivation for this GB thing. In my opinion, He has always had this fantasy and saw an opportunity to live it out. He may be rationalizing it by claiming it is only for my sexual pleasure but I'm certain that even he knows it's more for his fantasy fulfillment. Six is not a number I would have chosen. Two would have been enough and three would have been plenty. Then again that wouldn't really be a gang bang. Six is a gang bang and a gang bang is what he wants. I find that number a little scary and the fact that they will probably be ex students makes me a little nervous but at the same time it all adds an element of excitement. I'm kind of looking forward to it but that might be the sexually motivated me coming out again.


Feb 02/22/09 12:09 AM


I'm glad I could give you some insight into how I, and perhaps Joe, think in regard to certain subjects. You are giving me some interesting insights into the horny girl's mind as always, and I can see now that a story about all your sexual adventures would not be a mini-novel, but a full blown one. Definitely a job for a better writer; maybe I'll grow into it.

I agree with you that Joe's main motivation for the GB is to fulfill his fantasy. I guess I didn't make that clear enough. For a writer I sometimes don't express myself too well. But don't underestimate his genuine desire to also fulfill your sexual needs as well - it's not all just rationalization, believe me. As far as the number for the GB I agree that two or even three is not a GB, but certainly anything more does qualify. That's why I originally thought four or five would have been a better number to start with, but I don't think six is outrageous especially given your sexual appetite. It will take you to your limits, though. It's probably good that you are a little scared, I'd be worried if you weren't. Don't worry, the fear will probably just add to the excitement when the time comes.

My wife can't believe that you have agreed to a 6-on-1 GB. She says that she could never do it, and I believe her, although I think she could handle three. It's unlikely I'll ever find out, but it's still fun to think about.

I hope you liked the picture. I've run across similar ones before, and resisted sending them, but this one just made me think of you.

Oh, something else happened the other day. I was doing some cleaning in our bedroom and getting rid of some old junk and I ran across some old photos of my wife and I when we were just 16 or 17. God we looked like kids, but it also reminded me why I fell for her. She was so cute and had a nice hot little body. How could I resist her? Anyway, I'm planning on scanning all those old photos so that I have a permanent record of them (digital versions take much less space and are much easier to duplicate). The upshot is that when I'm done I'll send you a couple just for laughs (I had hair then!)


Feb 02/26/09 2:00 PM

A few e-mails ago I told you of an ex student who worked briefly for Joe and had a thing for me. His name is Tommy Braden. I just found out over the weekend that his interest in me was the main inspiration for the ex student thing. After a lot of hesitation on Joe's part, He finally got up the courage to talk to him about me.

This is what happened but bare in mind that I wasn't there and only know what Joe has told me.

Tommy had stopped in Joe's center to get new inserts put in a bowling ball. While he was waiting, Joe and Tommy struck up a conversation. Joe mentioned to him that I had a student who had a big crush on me this year. Tommy admitted that he did too when he was in my Advanced Civilizations class. (That is an AP course) The two of them talked about how attractive I was for a teacher. Joe's goal there was to determine his interest.

Joe jokingly asked him, "Would you fuck her if you got the chance?"

He admitted that he would jump at the chance. The conversation about me continued. Joe told him that I sometimes fantasized about doing it with some of my students. (A lie) Then he told Tommy that he was sure he was one of the guys when he was a student of mine. Joe worked the conversation to tell him that "I" had an ongoing fantasy about being gang banged by a small group of students. Then Joe told him that was something he would even like to see.

From what Joe told me that really got his attention. Another person joined them and the conversation ended there. That was a few weeks ago. At that time, Joe mentioned seeing him but not that conversation.

Early last week, Tommy stopped again at Joe's center in the morning. The excuse was to talk to one of Joe's mechanics who is a friend of Tommy's. Joe thinks the real purpose was to continue the conversation they had because he only spoke with the mechanic a few minutes then sat down with Joe to have a coffee. Tommy wasted no time and asked about me almost immediately. Since it was morning and the slowest time at the center, they had plenty of time to talk uninterrupted.

Tommy told him again that he thought I was always "hot" and then said he felt uncomfortable saying that since Joe was my husband. Joe told him that he was proud to have a "hot" wife and did his best to make Tommy feel more comfortable talking about it. Tommy is of a smaller build then Joe and I'm sure he felt somewhat intimidated. Not to mention the fact that he was his former boss.

According to Joe, they talked about bowling and other things as well but the subject kept coming back to me. Whether Joe was steering it that way or not, I don't know. Joe told him that I may be a teacher but I loved to "fuck" and he had a hard time keeping up with my sexual appetite. I guess Joe was teased a little about being too old to keep up with a "hot babe" like me. (Now I'm a babe, if I am supposed to be flattered, I'm not) Joe went on to tell him that it wasn't him. The problem was that I was "insatiable". (I didn't know that either)

I guess Joe went on and on about what a real slut I was with Tommy eating up every word. Then, according to Joe, when he was sure he had Tommy's complete attention, He went to the real subject he wanted to talk about. He told Tommy that just the thought of getting some young "cock" really excited me (kind of true, but I didn't tell Joe that). Tommy still didn't bite so Joe went more direct.

He told Tommy that my desire for "young cock" was getting to the point where he was worried I might 'fuck" a student and get in real trouble. He told Tommy that he could handle me "fucking" someone else but couldn't handle me going out and "fucking" some stranger. It was at that point that Tommy caught on. He asked Joe, "Are you telling me you want me to fuck your wife?"

Joe told him yes and added, "You and 5 or 6 of your friends."

Tommy answered, "You mean pull a train on her?"

Joe answered, "Exactly." (I've never heard the expression "pull a train" before and didn't ask. I'm assuming it has the same meaning as gang bang. If it isn't then please let me know.)

The two of them talked with Tommy not believing what he was hearing and Joe trying to convince him that he was serious. Joe even laid out his plan to have us all meet at a motel room. Tommy continued to question Joe about why him and why he really wanted this to happen. He also questioned Joe about whether I was really that horny or not and if this was something I really wanted to happen. He did not want to be involved and anything that could be considered rape. Tommy was always a pretty sharp kid. All of my AP students were.

I guess they talked for a while with Tommy still not convinced this was all on the up and up. Tommy told him that he would have no trouble lining up as many guys as Joe wanted. He told Joe that just about anyone who had a class with me would jump at the chance. (I didn't know I was that popular) He assured Joe that he could find 6 guys who were clean cut and would keep their mouths shut but he was still leery about the whole thing.

Joe wasn't expecting this. He seemed to think Tommy would jump at the chance but he wasn't. Tommy was being cautious and I can't blame him. If I were in Tommy's place, I would have told Joe no but then again I'm not a horny teenager anymore. According to Joe, Tommy was very interested but regardless of what Joe told him, he still felt something was wrong with the entire situation.

At the end of the conversation, Tommy finally told Joe what he was so concerned about. He told Joe that even though most guys in school thought I was "hot" I always seemed completely straight and never gave any indication that I was anything like what Joe described. (That was nice to know) Tommy was unsure that this was something I really wanted or would even consider doing.

Joe told him to call me and ask me. Then Tommy came back with, "I'd want to hear it in person."

Joe told him that could also be arranged. Then Tommy hit Joe with something more. He told Joe he would like a "small demonstration of her sincerity" before he would be willing to involve other people. Joe asked if he would like to see me naked. Tommy said he did but he would still like something more. Joe explained that he didn't want him "fucking " me before the big night but he was sure I would be "more then willing" to give him a blow job.

Tommy answered, "That would do it."

Joe told him that he would set it up and their conversation ended with Tommy still finding all of this hard to believe.

That lead to all of this being relayed to me. Joe came home early that day and told me all of this. Our conversation went on about all of this all evening.

I'll tell you more in my next e-mail. Right now I have to go and visit my friend Marcia in the hospital. She is doing fine. Nothing life threatening. She had a tumor on her intestines that they thought might be cancer but it isn't. She came through the surgery OK.


Feb 02/26/09 7:25 PM


I guess in retrospect I'm not too surprised that Joe made it look like the GB was your idea (because you are an insatiable slut), but frankly I didn't predict it. I should have since that's a common way that husbands justify their desire to recruit men to have sex with their wives. They don't want anybody to think they are just too wimpy to satisfy their wife in bed, or even worse, that they are such perverts that they actually get turned on by watching other men fuck their wife! Oh no, can't have that.

By the way, the term "pulling a train" is synonymous with "gang bang". If there's any difference it's this: usually each guy only gets one shot at the woman when pulling a train, but in a GB they keep coming back until they can't get hard anymore. Although keep in mind that definitions for these kind of terms are somewhat fluid.

Given how Joe described you and your sexual appetite to Tommy, I feel more confident in my opinion that Joe wants to see you used like a wanton slut. He wants to see you being treated exactly opposite of they way you normally are, maybe even humiliated. I don't know if you ever asked him that series of questions that I posed a few emails back, but it would be interesting to see what his answers were.

I don't doubt that he is also motivated by the desire to see you completely satisfied sexually; because it's just plain erotic to see a woman in this state. Something else I noticed: the count now seems to be up to seven men: Tommy said he could easily find six other guys, so including himself that makes seven. Be careful that this does not creep up any further. You might want to share some concern about this increase in the numbers with Joe.

Not knowing what kind of guy Tommy is, there's no way I could have predicted his response. Actually I'm a little surprised that he's being so careful about it. If I were Joe I might feel a little insulted that he didn't believe me and required some sort of proof. On the other hand, Tommy might just be trying to be clever here and faking concern so that he can get a "sample" of you before the others. It's difficult to say, but it seems like a possibility. I'll be interested to hear what happens when you "meat" Tommy, of course.

I'm thinking at this point if it was me in Joe's place I would probably already have a plan in place for the actual GB. For example: are they all going to arrive at once? Is he going to provide alcohol to help calm jittery nerves (for the men as well as you)? How is it going to get started, is he expecting you to strip for them or what? How is the order going to be determined (as in who gets to fuck you first), by random draw? I'll bet he's already thought about these and many other details. Are you as curious as me?

I also thought about a way to tease Joe: email him that GB picture I sent you last week and in the subject line put something like "Is this what you want?" Nothing in the body of the email at all; let him guess what your motives were. I know that would fire me up. Just a suggestion.


Feb 02/26/09 10:31 PM


While I was walking the dog I thought about one more thing that I wanted to discuss and I didn't want to wait. I think there's a good possibility that Joe will want to have Tommy over to be "convinced" by you soon, as in the next few days and I wanted to get you thinking about something before that happens.

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