tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 13

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 13


This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.


Mar 03/04/09 7:37 PM


I think it's more like Joe and I think alike, at least in regard to fantasies about our wife. Partly it's probably because we are the same age and are feeling like we only have so many good years left to enjoy sex. I'm not really sure, but I sure seem to be channeling Joe these days.

I still remember what it was like to be Tommy's age too, so I can predict, to a limited extent, how he will react as well. I think tomorrow that he will want to take a picture of you naked to prove to his friends that you are serious. When you refuse he will ask if he can take one just from the neck down. You may want to think now about how you will respond to that. He will probably want to feel you up as well and will definitely want that blowjob that Joe pretty much promised him. Oh, and he will be very nervous at first. Let me know how close I was.

I have to go now, but I will be able to check my email later and if I have time I'll write some more. I'm sure I will have thought of some questions for you by then.


Mar 03/04/09 10:07 PM


I do have a couple more questions. First, were Tommy's friends at Denny's other former students of yours? If so, are they on the GB list, as far as you know? You were in the car with Tommy for 40 minutes, that's time for quite a long conversation. Was this all about the GB or mostly just small talk? If the former, what did you talk about, other than his questioning of your sincerity?

You said that he called you four more times and asked questions. What did he ask you? And this is the important part, were these questions that you had basically already answered? I think there's a good possibility that he had his phone on speaker so that some potential GB participants could listen in. That would be a good way to help convince them of his sincerity.

I have more to say but I have to go walk the dog, so I'll send what I have now, and if I don't get too tired I'll have some observations for you later.


Mar 03/04/09 11:46 PM


OK, a few observations as I promised earlier tonight.

You said in your last email that is as if the GB is all Joe thinks about. Well, that's not far from the truth. I'm sure that he thinks about it a great deal, and when he's not, it's probably not far below the surface. I imagine these days that he's either erect or semi-erect much of the time. In fact, it's probably getting to the point that some days his dick is sore from being hard so much. He's thinking to himself, "Fuck this is great. I can't believe that she's going to do it. And with former students no less. I can't wait to see those young studs pounding her holes and giving her orgasm after orgasm. She is going to look so incredibly sexy when they are finished with her. After this one I wonder if I can get her to do it again, but with more guys." I'm pretty sure that he fantasies about a long line of men using you as a fuck toy for an extended period of time, like say 20 or 30 men over five or six hours. Yes, I'm sure he realizes that's just beyond your physical limits, but it does not change the fact that he has these images in his head and they are extremely erotic. I'm sure he'd like to repeat the GB and increase the number of men each time until he finds your limits.

And what is it about men and taking pictures? First Jay, then Joe wanted to record the GB, and I'm still guessing that Tommy wanted to take a picture of you naked too (even if he didn't ask). Hell, to be perfectly honest I'd like to see a photo of you naked too. I'm sorry Sharon, but I know you are hot and somewhere in my brain there's a voice that says "I want to see it!" I understand why you can't send me one, and I'm OK with that, but it does not silence that voice. I guess it's because men are much more visual creatures than women, however we have bad memories, especially for visual material. Nature can be so cruel. So we need the pictures as a sort of long-term visual memory substitute. The problem is, of course, that men like Joe and I want to share our wives with others, and that includes pictures. I've never shown the nudes of my wife to anybody because she won't give me permission, but oh, how I want to. It's such a turn on for me to think about other men getting excited by looking at her pictures and lusting after her body. Perverted? Maybe, but I think it's better to admit it than suppress those feelings and turn into a twisted wing-nut like some of the people that write me hate mail over my stories on Literotica.

If you have blown Joe's mind by agreeing to the GB, then you have totally gutted Tommy's. This literally is a dream come true for him and his friends, he was not exaggerating about that. Years from now they will relive their adventures with you and masturbate over them. Those memories will never lose their power either. Don't be surprise if some of them profess their love for you; there's a real potential for infatuation here. Even if you are clear from the beginning that this is only about sex, this could still be an issue. Some people have more problems separating their romantic feelings from their sexual desires, especially younger people.

Well, it's getting late and I still have some writing I want to do. Looking forward to hearing about your get together with Tommy tomorrow (or rather today as you read this).


Mar 03/05/09 11:26 AM


I'm up and dressed and it is only 8:17 am. Joe just left and I just read your e-mails. I thought I would use this time while I'm waiting for Tommy to call, to answer some of your questions and respond to some of your comments. This way I can devote another e-mail to what ever happens.

To begin with, I agree with you about men and pictures. Joe would probably carry nude pictures of me in his wallet if I would let him. So far Tommy hasn't asked about a picture. Joe might have already told him no. That I don't know. I'll deal with the picture issue if and when it comes up with Tommy.

The two boys with Tommy were both former students of mine and classmates of Tommy's. I believe they all hung around together in High School. So far, I haven't seen their names on the guest list but being close friends of Tommy's, I'm sure they will be on it. I would agree to those two.

During the drive taking Tommy home, there really wasn't a lot said about the GB until the last ten minutes. It was an awkward situation and I'm sure he felt uncomfortable bringing it up. During the first half an hour there was a lot of blank time with nothing being said. I was a bit nervous too so I wasn't encouraging conversation. The result was a lot of quiet driving. He also spoke of times when he was a student and I wore something that gave "All the guys woodies"

I never thought about Tommy using a speaker phone but I guess that is possible. He did ask some questions more then once but I assumed it was because he wanted to verify it to himself. I guess we both could be right.

Tommy did call 4 times and they were all basically short conversations. During his third and longest call, I think he was masturbating as we spoke. His breathing seemed to indicate that. When he asked some of the same questions during the forth call, I just thought he was too preoccupied during the last conversation. I can say with certainty that Tommy was a lot braver on the phone then he was in person.

Call by call, it went like this:

Call One.

He told me my voice sounded sexy over the phone. Then he asked if we could get together to talk more. I said we could. He told me he wanted to meet me without Joe there and asked if that was OK. It was. He wanted to know if it was OK for him to meet me at my house since he still lived with his parents. I didn't really want that but agreed to - just this once. He broke off the conversation rather abruptly by saying, "That is all I need to know for now."

Call Two:

He asked when I knew I would be available to meet him. I told him that it would have to be a morning or early afternoon if he didn't want Joe around. He wanted to know if I had mentioned anything to Joe yet. I told him that I had told Joe about the Denny's meeting but nothing else. (True) Then I told him that I really couldn't be certain of any day because of my substituting. He understood. Then there was a long pause before he spoke again. He asked, "Will you be able to do more then talk?"

I answered, "That depends."

He then asked, "Will I get to see you naked?"

I hesitated briefly before saying, "I think so."

He said, "That's Cool!"

Then we went through what time was better and what day was better and how soon before the conversation ended. This call was Monday afternoon. That evening he called back. He knew Joe wouldn't be home.

Call Three:

He wanted to know if we could meet this week. I suggested Thursday morning. (I wanted a morning because I'm always horny in the mornings) He agreed that might be a good time for him also. Then he asked, "What will you be wearing?" ( I think this is where he started masturbating)

I asked if there was something special he wanted me to wear.

He answered, "teacher clothes."

That surprised me and I told him that I thought he want something sexy. He explained that a fantasy he always had about me was to slowly remove my clothes as I taught class. (weird) I asked if he wanted to undress me.

He asked, "Can I?"

I told him that I didn't think I would have a problem with that. He asked if I would wear black panties and bra. I agreed to that. Then came another surprise. He asked if I still had that tight pair of gray slacks and the red blouse with the side buttons. He had to describe them a little more but we determined that I still had them. The blouse actually buttons across my left shoulder and down across my left boob to my waist. (This is what I am wearing now with a belt and heels) He explained that the "pants" always made my "ass look fantastic".

"Ass" was the first off color word he had used since "bull shit" in the car and he was still calling me Mrs. A. Tommy also wanted my hair up and me wearing my glasses. When I asked why, he said it made me look more "teacherish". (His word not mine) Then he started with the blouse and asked if I would let him open the buttons. Then would I let him remove my blouse. He then proceeded to ask about each article of clothing. With each one I said yes and he seemed to get more excited. He asked if he would then be allowed to feel my naked "ass", then my "tits". I indicated that I might allow that. He wanted to know if he could kiss them too.

I said, "Maybe."

Then he asked, "Will you let me eat your pussy?"

With that, I answered, "We'll see."

At that point Tommy seemed to be getting very excited. He said "GOD, I really want to fuck you."

I answered, "You will but not Thursday."

Then he asked, "Do you really suck cock?"

I answered, "Yes."

He asked if I swallowed? Yes again. He asked if I deep throated? I told him I can.

He asked, "Are you going to suck my cock?"

I replied, "If you want that."

Then he made the statement, "I want to blow my load all over your face." (Why ask if I swallow?)

At that point he seemed to settle down. I think he got himself off. He just had phone sex with his teacher. He asked if I was OK with all of that. I told him we could talk more about that when he was here but everything seemed OK. He then said he had to go.

Call Four:

If any call was on a speaker phone, this was it. The first thing he asked was if I enjoyed our last conversation. That lead me to think he was wanting more phone sex. I told him it was informative. He asked if I would wear that outfit for him. I agreed. He asked again if he could undress me.

I answered, "Yes."

He asked if he could feel my "tits" and "ass".

I answered, "Yes".

He asked if he could "finger fuck" me. I answered yes before realizing that wasn't mentioned before.

Then he asked if I would "suck his cock and swallow his cum".

Again I answered, "Yes."

Then he asked if I was sure about "fucking" him and 5 friends.

I answered, "Yes."

He wanted to know if I was willing to "suck and fuck each cock".

I was still answering, "Yes."

Then he asked if I "took it up the ass".

I told he we would have to talk about that. The rest of the conversation was about setting up 9:00 as a meeting time.

The phone rang while I was typing that last sentence. It was Tommy. He wanted to make sure I was wearing the outfit and confirm that our meeting was still on. He is on his way here.

I'm going to save this and add to it what happened after he is gone.

It is now 12:25. Tommy just left. He was very happy. I'm rather happy too. Now I have decided to send this and I will write later about the visit. Right now, I need to shower and call Joe. He doesn't know Tommy was stopping over today.


Mar 03/05/09 6:54 PM


I anticipated that Tommy would jack-off last night, just not when he was on the phone with you. I agree with you that the last call could well have been on the speaker phone with his friends listening in. All the repeated questions would make sense in that case. I also didn't anticipate that he would request you dress a certain way, but it makes sense. I'm thinking there will be a similar request for the actual GB, except they will all want to help undress you.

Wow, he was over for two and a half hours. I can't imagine what you guys did for that long, unless you changed your mind about fucking him. I can't wait to hear the details. I'll bet Joe came home as soon as he could and took you right to the bedroom.


03/05/09 10:04 PM

Hi Paul,

I don't think I will ever understand you men. Joe seems to have enjoyed hearing about Tommy's visit as much if not more then he would have if he would have been here. He has wanted to know every detail. The reason I didn't tell him in advance was that I was worried about him wanting to be here or at the very least making things difficult by calling every 5 minutes while he was here. Besides, I wasn't absolutely certain Tommy would even show up.

I'm going to just give you a very short outline version of what happened tonight. To be honest, after talking about it all day with Joe, I just don't feel like going through it all again right now. I hope you understand. I'll tell you more about everything tomorrow. Send any questions or comments along and I'll include that with tomorrow's e-mail.

Tommy didn't get here until after 9:30. What I didn't know is that he drives but doesn't own a car. One of the two friends I saw at Denny's brought him over. We talked for about an hour before anything started. Then while I stood talking, Tommy started opening buttons. He undressed me slowly and completely. Then we sat on a couch and played around. We were both doing a lot of touching and only briefly kissed a few times. I gave him a blow job. That really made me horny doing that. I had to have more and straddled him right there on the couch. It wasn't him having sex with me, it was me having sex with him. Then we both dressed and talked for about a half an hour more while he waited for his ride.

You will have to wait for the details till tomorrow. I'm tired.


Mar 03/05/09 10:31 PM


Thanks for taking the time to write me tonight before you went to bed. Obviously I was really curious as to how it went with Tommy today. Maybe I can help you out and let you know what I'm most interested in hearing about first. Eventually I'm sure I'll get all the details. I'm really interested in what you talked about. This will help me understand how Tommy thinks. Up until he started taking your clothes off it was all just talk, so what were you thinking and feeling as he stripped you? How was he reacting to that (what was he saying, were his hands shaking, etc.)? We can cover the heavy petting later if you wish, but I'm interested in knowing if he came in your mouth when you gave him the blow job? If so did he just stay hard or did you have to wait until he recovered? How long did you fuck him and did you change positions at all? Did he come in you? And finally, did you tell Joe that you fucked Tommy and what parts of the entire experience did Joe seem particularly interested in? As you can see, I'm trying to get into everybody's head, but of course, you know by now that's what I do.


Mar 03/06/09 1:22 PM


I had the day off and had some time to think about Tommy and I have some concerns. First, I understand why Joe picked him to approach first. Since he had a crush on you when he was in school it was very likely that he would be receptive to talking to Joe about you. If all he had was a normal student's adolescent crush, then no problems. However, if instead he was really infatuated, then there could be trouble down the line. In that case it's possible that being intimate with you will deepen his feelings for you - maybe to the point where he starts acting irrational. Don't take lightly the power of hormones and the need for love and acceptance. Emotions can easily get tangled up when sex is involved.

In fact, if Joe had insisted that your contact with Tommy be limited to talking with him prior to the GB, I think Tommy would have still gone for it. But he saw an opportunity to live out a fantasy he had always had about his sexy teacher and so he pushed for, and got it. Joe agreed to let him see you naked and get a blow job. Then he convinced you to dress like you did in the classroom, right down to a particular outfit that he remembered and had probably fantasized about many times before. Then of course, you fucked him which was a complete fulfillment of his fantasy. I'm convinced this meeting with you yesterday was mainly about fulfilling that fantasy and not much about convincing him to recruit guys for the GB; I think he would have done that just after talking to you at Denny's.

I still don't know what you two talked about before and after sex yesterday, but I'm guessing that he asked you if you really fantasized about having sex with your students, and specifically him. I'm also assuming that you said yes. Even if he didn't ask this, I'll bet he believed Joe anyway, considering that he was at your house to strip you naked, fondle you, and get a blowjob. This potentially sets up a situation where not only is he infatuated with you, but he may now think that you "want him". Impulsively jumping on his lap and fucking him, when he was told that would not be allowed, would only serve to reinforce that last part since you were the aggressor at that point.

This could set up a situation where he will want to get together with you for more one-on-one sex and I believe there is a good chance that he will ask for just that. Maybe even before the GB and if he's really gutsy he may make it a condition to help recruit for the GB. Right now Joe is turned on by the idea of this young guy having sex with you, but if Tommy starts demanding more then Joe might start resenting it.

Now I could be completely wrong about all of this, and he's cool about the entire thing and is just taking advantage of the opportunity to have some good sex with a hot lady who just happened to be his teacher when he was in high school, and nothing more. Actually I hope I am wrong, but there are some early warning signs that I may be right. If he calls you and thanks you for the "good time" and hopes you enjoyed it as much as he did. Especially if he tells you how pretty and/or hot you are, then I'd be a little concerned. If he continues calling you and telling you how hot you are and how he can't stop thinking about you and how he can't wait until "next time" he can "be with you", then there's a good chance his feelings have moved beyond the crush stage.

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