A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 13


Again, I hope I'm wrong, but I've seen this happen before and it did not turn out happy for anybody. Hopefully after I read your next email and get more details about yesterday I'll realize that I was completely wrong and just seeing things that weren't there because of my friend's bad experience.

I hope I didn't just mar an otherwise good day for you. If I did, I apologize.


Mar 03/06/09 1:29 PM


Short answers for now. There is just too much to tell you for even a long e-mail.

When he started undressing me, I was very nervous and thinking what an I doing. By the time he was opening my belt, I was still nervous but getting excited from the situation. By the time he slowly slipped my panties down my thighs, I was definitely more excited then nervous. A lot more about the undressing later. His hands were more then shaking. I was wondering if he would get the buttons opened. He was shaking so much that it was a struggle. Even his voice was shaking.

He did cum in my mouth, I gave him no choice because I kept my mouth on it. I did swallow. He didn't stay completely hard but never really went soft. (mostly hard)

I "fucked" him for around ten minutes. I stayed on top and controlled the situation until I could no longer keep him waiting. He did cum inside of me. I enjoyed everything as much if not more then he did. It was very good sex. I won't do it behind Joe's back but I wouldn't mind a repeat.

Like you, Joe was more interested in his reactions. He was interested in my reactions too but because he is familiar with how I react to good sex, he wasn't as interested in that.

A lot, lot, more to come.


Mar 03/06/09 2:44 PM


So far from what you've told me about Tommy tracks with what I was thinking. For example, the shaking hands and voice were not from being nervous or fearful, but from pure raw sexual excitement. I've had that happen to me a couple of times and I can tell you the rush is unbelievable. I also figured he stayed hard, or at least partly hard after he came in your mouth. I used to be able to do that quite often when I was his age. I still can even now, however only rarely. That's one of the wonderful things about young male lovers - they have tremendous stamina and recuperative powers which can sometimes make up for their inexperience.

I still don't know if my concerns that I told you about in my previous email are valid or not, and I understand your desire to have sex with Tommy again (and perhaps on a regular basis). If I'm correct, however, he could read that incorrectly and may start thinking of you as his "girlfriend". I know that's not rational since you are married and 24 years his senior, but I'm talking about powerful feelings here driven by powerful hormones. Potentially. Again, I'm not trying to depress you, just raising a caution flag. It would probably be instructive to take it slow and see what he does next. I don't want to see you get hurt. Who else could I find that will trade saucy emails with an old pervert like me? ;-)

Your friend,


Mar 03/06/09 5:22 PM


I've had a lot of time today, with my wife at work and me on my day off, to think about things. I may just have come up with a way to address my concerns about Tommy and at the same time help ensure that the GB is everything that Joe has fantasized about. I was debating whether I should suggest it, but given that you have decided to do whatever you can to help make the GB happen, and given what a horny woman you are, I decided to tell you my idea.

I have two concerns, actually. First is that Tommy, and perhaps some of the other guys, will get emotionally attached to you. The second one is that some of them will be intimidated by the other guys (gee, I think he's bigger than me) or you (will I be good enough for her). This plan would address both of those.

So next time you talk to Tommy (if he does not call you in the next couple of days, then call him) ask him if he is now convinced that you will go through with the GB. This neatly brings up the subject. Then tell him that you've never done anything like a GB before, even though you have fantasized about it. Pause to allow him to admit that he hasn't either. If he does not offer that admission you can ask him, but ultimately it's probably not that important. Then tell him that you are a little concerned because while you have had plenty of sex with your husband, it's always "making love", but at the GB it will be just raw sex. Fucking and sucking. Tell him that you don't want to react wrong and put off any of the other guys. Tell him that you are also worried that some of them might be a little intimidated by you because you were their teacher, just like Tommy initially was. He will understand that and will probably admit that he was at first. Go on to tell him that not only do you need him to recruit the other guys, but that you need him to be a leader at the GB as well. If he sets the right tone, then things should go much better for everyone.

Now is the hard part, maybe. Suggest that perhaps you and he should get together a few more times before the GB and "practice" the kind of sex that will be taking place at the GB. He will almost certainly ask you what you mean. Tell him that what you have in mind is something like this: "You would come over to my house after Joe goes to work. I would be waiting naked except for a robe. When I answer the door you would take me to my bedroom, strip off my robe, and push me onto the bed. Then you would have your way with me. You would only be concerned with your own pleasure, just like at the GB. If you tell me to suck your cock, then that's what I would do. If you wanted to lick my pussy, then you would just do it. If you wanted to fuck me then you would just do it. There would be no asking permission, you would just use me as a sex toy, just like at the GB. And to really put yourself into the right frame of mind you would also call me dirty names like bitch, slut, and cunt. Then at the GB if you act the same way, the others won't be worried about my feelings and will be able to do what they are there for - to use me until they are satisfied."

This will get him to think about your relationship as "fuck buddies", not lovers, which should help address any concerns about him falling for you. It will also make sure the GB is everything that Joe wants: to see a bunch of young studs use your body over and over. Oh, and you get more great sex in the mean time from both Tommy and Joe! Seems like a win-win-win situation to me.

Let me know what you think about my idea. I'll write later if something else occurs to me.


Mar 03/06/09 10:10 PM

Hi Paul,

I appreciate your concerns but I must say, I had those same concerns a long time ago. You are right, I don't need a young guy falling in love or thinking of me as his girlfriend. The GB itself should assure that no one individual would get that way since his friends all had me too. Tommy might be different and I share your concern there. Joe and I both now have a concern that he may not want to recruit anyone and avoid the actual GB because he wants to keep me for himself.

Joe wasn't real happy that I had sex with him. It was mostly because he wanted to be there to share that first time. I told him the sex was good but only you know that it was great.

I do like your idea. I agree that it could work and be a win, win, situation. I read your e-mail earlier and delayed replying because I wanted to talk to Joe about it. I didn't directly say your idea but hinted at it enough to let him come up with pretty much the same thought. (We girls know how to work our men) He is agreeable to the idea and kind of excited about it. His suggestion is to have two more sessions with Tommy. One with just the two of us to get the idea of using me across and another involving Joe as a final build up to the actual GB. That is to get him used to Joe being there. The win for me is that I will get more sex with Tommy and I think I will enjoy the submissive role.

Tommy has called me twice since his visit. The first call was to tell me about how great it was for him and to make sure I was OK with what had happened. He said it was the best sex he has ever had in his life and considering his age, he might be right. It was very exciting sex for both of us. I never dreamed I would get that excited myself.

The second call was more concerns about what I had told Joe and his reactions to what happened. Tommy isn't expecting a repeat between the two of us but has hinted that it would be nice. He surprised me when he said that he would have liked to have had sex with me again that day before he left. My reaction was "I wish I would have known that." I guess I hadn't taken his youth into account. He will call again and when he does I might just use your suggestions.

Right now I'm on overload with too many things to tell you. There is just too much going on too quickly to relay it all in a timely fashion. I guess when things slow down, there will be time to review everything in more detail. For now, I thought I would just try to keep up with giving you an overview of the situation and responding to as many of your comments as possible. As time permits, I'll give you more information. You would not believe the amount of information I want to unload on you.


Mar 03/06/09 10:52 PM


You have no idea how relieved I was to read your response to my email. I was worried about how you would respond to my concerns as well as my suggestions. Frankly I was elated when you said that you and Joe have decided to implement my plan. I really think that making Tommy your FB (fuck buddy) will head off future problems for you and him. If he started thinking of you as his GF, then he won't be pursuing single woman of his own age. You may find that after the GB that you want to make a few of the other guys your FB as well.

I think it was a good idea to tell Joe that the sex with Tommy was just "good" and not "great", otherwise he might have felt a little threatened sexually. Although having said that, I think he may suspect that the sex was actually great and that you lied just to protect his pride. It's possible that he would have been happier with the truth, but I think in this case playing it safe the way you did was the right thing to do.

I think the idea to include Joe on the second session with Tommy is a good one. I wish I had thought of it. There goes my image of infallibility!

I will only ask you two things now, so that you have a chance to catch me up with everything you want to tell me. I am interested in hearing what Joe's reactions have been to you telling him about Tommy's visit. I'm also wondering if you and Joe have talked about a date for the GB yet. I know that you said earlier that you were thinking of doing it after the golfing trip, so if you have not picked a date yet, I would like to know when the golfing trip is so that I can have some sort of idea.


Mar 03/07/09 1:38 AM


A couple of more things before I go to bed. Another rule for your next assignations with Tommy as well as the GB: no kissing. The reason I say that is because kissing is a tender act between lovers, not FBs. You want FBs and GB participants to think of your mouth as just another place to put their cocks. Also the suggestion to have Tommy call you degrading names is important, and here's why: when you make love or are getting gang fucked you are still basically having sex and so it's easy to slip from one role into the other. You want a way to set apart what you do with your FBs and what you do with your husband. The degrading names will be a visceral reminder that they are using you, not making love to you. This is also a part of Joe's fantasy, trust me, he'll get off on it and if I know you, your submissive side will love it too. So far my success with predicting Tommy's actions and thoughts have not been as good as with Joe's, however I'm pretty sure my idea will work with him. I'm also pretty sure that the way I suggested you handle the phone call will be very effective in convincing him to go down this road.

I have to go to bed now. Good luck.


Mar 03/07/09 9:27 PM

Hi Paul,

It seems like every time I want to try to catch you up on things, something new happens.

Joe and you do think a lot alike. It is almost scary. We talked more last night and this morning about Tommy. He agrees 100% with you that the GB and any future contact with Tommy should be purely sexual with me being used for his sexual pleasure. Like you, he is also insisting that Tommy drop the "Mrs. A" and start calling me sexual names. To be honest, I'm not very comfortable with that idea. I completely understand the logic and reasoning behind it but being called degrading names is something I don't think anyone is ever comfortable with.

Joe insists that the name calling will enhance the entire sexual experience for everyone involved, including me. Both you and him seem to agree that it is important so I agreed to go along with it and encourage it if I can. I agree that you guys are probably right about this but it isn't going to be easy for me to accept. Joe insists that the degrading nature of it will add to the sexual experience and I'll actually like it.

As you can imagine, we talked a lot about that. Another problem for me was how to tell Tommy I wanted to be talked to and treated like a slut. Knowing me, Joe agreed that was a problem. His solution was that he would talk to him. I was all for that because then I wouldn't have to do it.

Not being one to put anything off, Joe called him this morning. Joe told me that Tommy got scared and very defensive as soon as he recognized Joe's voice. Joe had to convince him on the phone that everything was OK and that he wasn't angry. Joe wanted to meet with him and Tommy was afraid that Joe wanted to beat him up. Tommy finally agreed to meet with Joe at the bowling center. They met early this afternoon.

According to Joe, it was a very good meeting and they really cleared the air about everything that has been going on. Joe said that the first ten minutes of their conversation was just trying to convince Tommy that he wasn't mad at him. Joe finally convinced him that he was happy that we got together and one of the reasons for wanting to talk to him was to set up another "fuck session" between the two of us. That got Tommy's attention. I guess he enjoyed it as much if not more then I did.

Joe made it clear that he did not want Tommy to be having an affair with his wife. He told him I wasn't at all interested in that either. Then he told him that he had no problem with Tommy "fucking" me. That set up the conversation about treating me like a slut.

Joe told him that I did enjoy the sex we had but was not satisfied because he didn't use me. He told Tommy that even though I might be a respectable school teacher on the outside, I was a pure slut on the inside and really wanted to be treated like one. To make his point, he told him I wasn't satisfied with just sucking his "cock", I had to climb on and "fuck" him too. He claimed that only a "fuck hungry slut" would do that.

Joe told Tommy that everything had to change or he wouldn't get to have me again and the entire GB was off. He insisted that I wanted to be treated like a slut and if Tommy couldn't do it then Joe knew others who would. He told Tommy that I wasn't interested in a lover and wasn't even interested in him. My only interest was the thing in his pants. He told him that I craved "cock". The entire idea of the GB was to get me enough "cock" and to be used like the slut I was.

I guess Tommy was a bit confused by all of this. Joe explained that it was nice that he slowly undressed me but I could get that kind of treatment from Joe anytime. He should have ordered me to strip for him or tore my clothes off of me. He said that Tommy shouldn't wait for me to do things. I was to be ordered to do things. I was to be told what a cheap whore I was and degraded in every way. Joe went on about that trying to convince him that was what really turned me on. Then he emphasized that as a sex toy, I didn't deserve the respect of being called "Mrs. A", I was to only be referred to as "slut", "whore", "cunt", or other names of that nature.

Joe told Tommy that he had no idea of how big a slut I was but he wanted him to find out. He told him that I didn't know anything about this meeting and that he shouldn't mention it. He told him that I would get more excited if he was treating me like a slut on his own. Then Joe told him something that really seemed to get Tommy excited. He told Tommy that if he treated me like a slut, I would do anything.

Tommy asked, "Anything?"

Joe answered, "Yes, anything and the more degrading, the better." He told him to not worry about what I liked or wanted. He was to think of me as a whore who was only there for his pleasure.

He told him, "Fuck her like a whore and when you are done with her just leave."

Tommy was fascinated with the thought that I would do anything and asked Joe several more times. Joe finally told him that he could "fuck" me any way he wanted and that I would do anything he wanted. The only thing was that he couldn't do anything to hurt me. He told him that he wasn't to slap me around but there was nothing wrong with "paddling her ass". Joe said Tommy got a big smile on his face so I guess I can expect a spanking now.

Then they talked about setting up the GB. Tommy said he would give Joe a list of names Monday or Tuesday. Joe told him that if things went well the next time we met for sex that they would then go over the list and pick the guys. Then Joe told him that now that he understood how I wanted treated, He could "fuck" me anytime he wanted and as often as he wanted until the GB. He told him that I would make myself available to him any time day or night. (Joe and I never talked about that, he said that on his own)

That was the end of their conversation.


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