tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 14

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 14


Part 14: Turning Sharon into a slut for Tommy.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.

Mar 03/07/09 10:36 PM


It seems that my plan may have worked too well. As I read your last email it seemed to me that Joe was putting it on a bit thicker than necessary, but I thought that maybe he was concerned that Tommy would be hesitant to treat someone who was recently an authority figure in his life that way. So in order to make sure that Tommy was really going down the right path in his attitude towards you he laid it on a bit heavier.

But as I read on I thought he was going a bit too far, and when I got to the part where he said that you would "do anything" for Tommy I became a little worried. Who knows what "anything" means to Tommy, but that's awfully open-ended, especially for a 18 or 19 year old. That would be like giving a gambler an unlimited credit card. Then when I read that you were to make yourself available to Tommy any time day or night I got a little more worried. Tommy is a young guy and would definitely take advantage of that every day, and some days more than once. Think about that: dropping everything at anytime to have sex, at Tommy's whim. That may sound good at first, but what about after a few weeks? Does Joe realize that this is going to cut into his time with you? Does he realize how much Tommy could abuse that kind of power?

I have to believe that Joe knows the answers to those questions, so what the hell is he up to? Maybe he didn't actually say those things to Tommy and this is a test to see how you'd respond. I think you need to sit down with Joe and push back to see what happens and find out what he's thinking.

Your worried friend,


Mar 03/08/09 10:52 PM


I realize that things are moving very fast for your right now and you probably have your hands full with Tommy, so I understand that you don't have time to send me lengthy emails, however it would be nice if you could at least acknowledge my emails when you read them. Also a quick two or three line note on how you are doing would be appreciated. Your last email kind of left me hanging in the breeze out here and my curiosity is running wild.


Mar 03/09/09 3:45 AM

Hi Paul,

I do appreciate your obvious concern about my current position. It is really sweet of you but I don't think you are giving me enough credit.

When I wrote you to tell you of Joe's meeting with Tommy, I told you everything that I was told and knew at the time. Like you, I was concerned that Joe had gone way too far. As soon as he told me "anything, anytime" a big stop sign went off in my head. Submissive is one thing but becoming a total sex slave is something all together different and not what I want to become.

I listened to Joe and like you thought "What is this guy thinking"? I do want to please Joe, I am submissive by nature, and I did enjoy the sex with Tommy. I also agreed that being treated like a slut by Tommy and the future GB participants would be a way to focus everything onto sex and greatly diminish the possibility any romantic feelings arising. The problems are that I do have my limitations and Joe knows that. "Anything" and "anytime" were two words that did not fit into my idea of how this should work.

I shared the same concerns you had when you read my e-mail. Those concerns were well founded. My biggest concern was that Joe had gotten so absorbed in this GB thing that he had totally "lost it". I listened to what he told me, stayed quiet and waited to give my considered opinions at a more appropriate time.

By the way, I just read your e-mails a few minutes ago. What I'm writing you now is what I had intended on telling you before I even read them.

I'll tell you now so that you can stop being worried that Joe was testing me (as you guessed) to see how far I really was willing to go. He purposely embellished and exaggerated his version of that meeting. He knew I had limits on what I would do but no idea where they were because I had been so easily going along with all of this. When I didn't give an immediate reaction to his statements, it concerned him.

Everything Joe said he told Tommy was true to some extent but not to the extent that he relayed it to me. We had a rather extended discussion about what he really told Tommy and the truth came out.

According to Joe, Tommy spent the first part of their meeting in fear of his life and remained nervous the entire time. Tommy seemed hesitant to treat me like a slut and that concerned Joe. He was worried that romantic feelings had already developed and if that was the case Joe was going to call the whole thing off. Joe wanted to make it clear that nothing about this had anything to do with me wanting a "boyfriend". He wanted Tommy to know without any doubt that this was only about sex with no feelings attached. To do this, he painted a picture of me as a sex starved slut who would do "anything".

Joe did tell the truth when he said that the word anything got his attention. Your analogy of the gambler with the unlimited credit card might have been an accurate description of his reaction. Joe said he used another analogy of me and the way I am. He told Tommy that Superman was a mild mannered reporter that no one suspected was really a super crime fighter with no fear. Then he described me as the quiet respectable school teacher that no one suspected was really a horny slut.

Joe did tell Tommy that I would do "anything" but insisted that Tommy understood it only related to sex meaning I wasn't limited to just straight sex. I would do oral and even anal sex as well. Joe stressed that I really enjoyed giving oral. That was the context of the word 'anything" Anything was meant to mean that he could have sex with me anyway he wanted because I was willing to do anything.

Tommy also brought up the subject about "anything" several times because he thought like you that anything might mean I would have public sex with him or give him a blow job in front of his friends. (He mentioned that exact scenario) That was when Joe explained that wasn't at all what he was talking about. Joe said he did tell him that he could ask me but was sure I would say no. Then he told him he would have to wait for the GB for that. In fact, Joe insisted to Tommy that no one else was to be involved until the actual GB.

As I now understand what really transpired at their meeting, it wasn't at all what I originally described to you. Joe originally told me that he told Tommy he could have sex with me any time day or night. That was true and he did tell him that. The context there again changes everything. After Joe told him that he could continue to have sex with me until the GB, Tommy asked when thinking Joe was going to set it up. It was then that Joe told him that he would have to arrange that himself with me and "any time day or night" was fine with him. In other words, Joe was telling him that he was OK with whatever time he arranged with me. He also let him know that I was a busy person and he would have to work within my schedule. Tommy understood that.

Joe did also tell Tommy to feel free to call me as often as he wanted for sex What he was trying to tell him was that it was OK with Joe if we did it 10 times a day and everyday provided it was OK with me.

The rest of their conversation about Tommy being more aggressive with me sexually and treating me more like a slut then his teacher was fairly accurate. Joe did let him know that it had to be that way or everything was off. From knowing Tommy, I think that will be difficult for him. Joe thinks so too.

I hope this gives you a sense of relief. I suspected that Joe wasn't being completely truthful when he told me of their meeting. I have to admit that even I felt somewhat relieved upon hearing the truth.

Now that has been said, I'll tell you that I have had contact with Tommy (phone calls) and I'm not planning on working the next two days so I will have more time to write you and fill you in on what has been happening.


Mar 03/09/09 6:45 AM


Thank you for the long message. By the way, I had no idea that you were up so early in the morning!

As I wrote my last email, I had to stop and remind myself that you are a smart woman and you know what your limits are. In fact, just this morning I had to remind myself of that fact. It's just that in Saturday's email you did not present any objections or concerns about what Joe had told you and your interpretation of them (which was all I had to go off of). I'm used to you saying things like, "I'm not too comfortable with that" when you relate this kinds of things to me. So I over reacted, and I'm sorry about that, but I'd be a pretty crappy friend if the alarm bells went off like they did Saturday and I didn't say anything. This is a case where having a good imagination is not such a useful thing. I need to learn to curb it when it's not appropriate.

I'm glad to hear that it was a test by him (as I thought it might be) and that I had not badly judged Joe. I'm quite pleased that I can give you some insight into his though processes and the notion that I had screwed up that badly and let you down was unsettling.

Anyways thanks again for the email and for putting up with my minor panic.


Mar 03/09/09 3:36 PM

Hi Paul,

When I know I won't be teaching, I frequently get up in the middle of the night. That is nearly always true when I take long afternoon naps like I did Sunday. I took a shorter one today too so you are liable to get another middle of the night e-mail.

It never crosses my mind that you would go into a panic. I guess I should have realized that. At the time I wrote that e-mail describing Joe's meeting with Tommy, I didn't know any more then I told you. I was concerned with what he said but something just didn't seem right. I was waiting to talk more with him about it before writing you again. It never crossed my mind that you would be so concerned or I would have written you sooner.

Now back to Tommy. He called yesterday. Joe actually woke me up from my nap to talk to him. I guess the two of them talked for a while before Joe woke me. Joe didn't say much about it. All he would tell me was that he was worried about Tommy being able to pull this off. Joe is really high on this "treat her like a slut" thing. He thinks it is important to avoid anyone wanting me for a "girlfriend". I think it is mostly because he wants to see me acting like a slut and being treated like one. Perhaps it is a little of both. Joe's concern with Tommy is that he might be "too nice" to treat me like that. I tend to agree but who knows.

When I got on the phone with Tommy, he was trying his best to be cocky and demanding but still began the conversation with, "Hello Mrs. A."

Then he started by saying, "I was just thinking of your mouth. You really know how to suck a cock."

I could easily tell that the words he was using were unnatural for him. Then he told me that he had his "dick" in his hand as we spoke and that it was hard.

My reply was "That's nice."

He asked if it turned me on sucking his "cock".

I told him that it always turned me on to do that. (Remember I had just awakened and was still slightly groggy)

Next Tommy commented, "Your cunt felt really good around my dick too. Did you like fucking me too?"

I answered "It was pleasant."

It was really obvious that he was trying his best to talk dirty to me and it's possible Joe put it up to it. The next thing he said was that he wanted to "fuck" me again and asked when I wanted his "cock".

I said I didn't know and explained that I had just woke up. Then he kind of switched back to his normal self and said that Joe had told him that I should have some time over the next couple of days to get together and maybe even more then once. He seemed to be excited and said to make it as soon as possible because he couldn't wait.

I told him Monday might be possible but I wanted to talk with Joe about it first. I told him he would have to call back.

His answered surprised me. He said, "No bitch, you call me."

I just said "OK."

Joe did admit to coaching a little so I have to believe most of that conversation was Joe's idea. Before calling Tommy back, I came up with a little plan of my own to surprise both Joe and Tommy.

Joe just came home so I'll send this along now and finish it later this evening when I get time.


Mar 03/09/09 7:13 PM


It seems like miscommunication is an inevitable consequence of this medium. I looked back at my Saturday emails and even though I still think my responses were reasonable under the circumstances, I realize that I rambled, let my imagination run wild, and made too many assumptions. These turn out to be common failings of mine. So I decided to make a list of improvement goals to use for all written communication. Here it is in order of importance to me:

Don't underestimate Sharon

Be patient, not everybody checks their email everyday

Don't panic!

Stay objective

Tone down imagination, wait for data

Offer advice, don't tell people what to do

Watch those assumptions

Be succinct, don't ramble

The first two are obviously aimed at my emails to you, however the rest apply to all my emails and on-line discussions.

I have some ideas to encourage Tommy to treat you like Joe wants, although I was hoping you would read this before your next "meating" with him. Oh well, I'm sure the idea you mentioned in your previous email is better anyway, but here goes:

- Save your pussy.

- Dress like a slut for Tommy, not like a teacher or an elegant lady; even one of Joe's shirts and high heels would work.

- To help Tommy make the transition from teacher to slut you could dress up like a teacher again, but with very sexy (or slutty) underwear (or none). Then do a slutty striptease for him including running your hands all over your body and pulling on your nipples. Men love this. Then say to him "take me stud" or "I need your cock". You get the idea - make it about wanting/needing sex, not him personally.

As much as I'm sure that you don't like the idea of being spanked, I think that Joe is onto something here. It very effectively reverses the roles between you two in a way that would be easy for Tommy to perform, but is still erotic (as long as he is not too energetic).

The bottom line to all of this is that Joe has now created a particular persona for you with Tommy that you will now have to "sell" if this plan is to work. It will take some acting on your part, but I believe you can pull it off.

So I tried to guess what Tommy might want you to do and have come up with the following list to hopefully help you prepare. I tried to think of things that would show dominance and be degrading with within Joe's definition of "anything" and commensurate with Tommy's age and experience level. I also had to factor in the probability that he's seen quite a bit of porn on the Internet. As you know there's a lot of free stuff out there, some of it pretty extreme. After his talk with Joe it's possible Tommy has availed himself of this resource to do some research. However I think that will be tempered by Tommy's personality (you make him sound kind of quiet and gentle) and his desire to not go too far and piss you and/or Joe off. Obviously it's up to you to decide what to allow:

- Nude pictures (of course).

- Fucking on your "marital bed".

- Fucking in other areas of the house, eg. the kitchen table.

- Asking you to masturbate for him.

- Penetration with other objects (veggies and other phallic shapes).

- Making you call him "sir" or "master" (actually this is a pretty good idea for you to do on your own, at least "sir").

- Hair pulling when fucking doggie style.

- Butt slapping during doggie and cowgirl positions.

- Talking dirty and/or begging for him to "do it" to you, whatever "it" happens to be at the moment.

- Light bondage, like tying you to the bed.

- Having sex in his bedroom when his parents are not at home. This is kind of like public sex, a little dangerous but not as risky.

I thought of something else today. It seemed to me that there is a possibility that the phone call that we thought he might have had on speaker last week may have been recorded. That's the type of thing that I might have done in this situation so that I'd have some proof to offer doubting recruits. It might be interesting to have Joe ask him how he plans to convince them when they meet to make the final selections. Considering what it took to convince Tommy, it's a valid question, don't you think?


Mar 03/10/09 7:16 AM

I really didn't have time to get back with you last night. Joe and I talked a lot and did other things too. I can tell you one thing, ever since this GB thing started with him, I'm getting a lot more sex. In my opinion, you men can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Before, it seemed that Joe was always thinking about his business. I had to distract him from those thoughts to get him interested in sex. Now, he is really interested in the GB thing and it is occupying all of his thoughts. The results are that he is thinking sex and I'm getting a lot more attention in that department. No complaints here.

Ok, I have several things I want to tell you about so I had better get busy.

I left off my last e-mail telling you that I had a surprise in mind for both Joe and Tommy. What is funny is that you hinted at some of things I had in mind with your reply.

I began thinking that Joe was really pushing this idea across to Tommy that I was in reality a sex starved slut under my teacher clothes. He has been telling Tommy to ignore the teacher and concentrate on the slut. Tommy is trying to do that but is stumbling over it because he can only see me as the respectable school teacher from his school. His attempts at vulgarity were pretty weak. It was almost as if he were waiting for me to scold him.

Since Joe had worked so hard to paint this picture of me, I thought it would be interesting to become the slut he was making me out to be. I was supposed to call Tommy back so I thought I would talk to him like the slut I am supposed to be and make sure I did it within hearing distance of Joe. The idea sounded good to me but actually doing it was another thing all together. It isn't my normal character to act that way and would prove to be difficult for me. I also didn't want to stumble through it like Tommy did. I wanted my conversation with Tommy to be believable for him and shocking for Joe. No easy task.

After a lot of thought, I called Tommy. I began the conversation by telling him that I had been thinking about him and getting hornier by the minute. I told him that I needed his "cock" again. At that point, I had Tommy's attention and Joe's ears were perking up.

Tommy answered with, "Yeah, now you're talking."

Then I told him that I had been wanting him to "fuck" me ever since he sat in my classroom. Then I told him about how good his "cock" felt in my mouth and how good his "cum" tasted on my tongue. I told him that the next time I was going to suck every drop of it out of his "cock".

Tommy said that he wished I were there with him now. I decided to run a bluff and said that I could drive over to his house "right now" and show him what a good "cocksucker" I am.

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