tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 15

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 15


Part 15: Sharon gets drunk and adds another ex student.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.

Mar 03/11/09 10:04 PM


Thanks for not waiting until the entire report was done before sending something. I know your life is busy right now and you don't always have the time to give me all the details that you would want to, so it's OK to give me a summary of the newest developments at the beginning of the email and then launch into the details. That way if you don't get back to the details at least I have the "big picture" view.

It sounds like your get together with Tommy at his place went well. I can't wait to hear the rest, especially what you talked about between sex, although the sex fun to read about as well. When you first said that you wore panties over to his house I was thinking that was a mistake and that you should have not worn any. Then when you explained that you wanted to leave them I realized that was sheer genius. Only a slut would do that, or at least that's what most men think. Joe and Tommy really have no idea what you are capable of, do they? That's all right, if people underestimate you constantly it means you actually have the upper hand. Sometimes I admit that I feel a bit envious of them, but then I remember that we have something special too. And my wife keeps me quite happy in the carnal department.

I was thinking today about your slut act you put on for Tommy and it occurred to me that you would have to be careful to stay in character even when having casual telephone conversations, for example. But you took care of that masterfully by invoking the "woman's mood" excuse. This might make it look like you have kind of a dual personality, but that could work in your favor too. People are always a little more careful around crazy people! I was thinking that you should pick out a couple of nicknames to call Tommy when you are in your slut mode, something like "tiger'' or "stud". Eventually he will reflexively treat you as a slut/FB when you are in that mode, however at the moment he's probably still in the disbelief stage so be careful to stay in character when having sex with him so that you don't his conversion by fueling his doubt. I realized this when I tried to imagine what it was like to be Tommy and have you open the door wearing only heels and begging for my cock. My mind boggled. I'm sure he was thinking that it was too good to be true. It's not every day that your wildest fantasy comes true. At this point I don't know if Tommy is capable of enjoying sex without developing emotional attachments. That's one of the reasons I keep asking about him.

At the risk of being captain obvious, I'd like to point out that there is another danger as well. You also need to make sure that you don't go too far with the "nasty slut who likes to be degraded" theme. You don't want him treating you like a crack whore anymore than a romantic interest.

I assume that Spring break is coming up for you soon. Is this when Joe is having his golf outing? If so, are you planning on going with him or staying home and fucking Tommy every day? Also, has Joe made the final selections for the GB yet? If so, has he told you who they are?

It's almost 11:00 here and I still have a few things to do before getting to bed. If I'm lucky I'll get 6 hours of sleep tonight. It's a good thing I don't need as much as I used to, but 6 hours is cutting it pretty thin even for me.

Tired but content,


Mar 03/12/09 8:23 PM


I had an interesting thought today and wanted to share it with you. When you wrote me about your get together with Tommy at his house on Tuesday I was not surprised since I had predicted that Tommy would want to do that eventually. So when it looked like you were offering to do it without him having to ask, he went for it. And today I was thinking about what would have happened if one of his parents had come home unexpectedly and caught you two in the act. I think his mom probably would have freaked and started a huge scene. That would have been bad. But when I considered what his dad's reaction would have been it occurred to me that he just might have wanted a turn himself! That led me to wonder if any of the GB candidates have single father. If so then there's the possibility of arranging a father-son threesome at some later date. I find that perverted, but also very hot. Now if I thought of all that, there's a good chance that Joe has too.

This is a riskier prediction for me because it's a little further outside the standard slut-wife GB fantasy, but I think it's still probably in the 80% range. One indication that he has would be if he asked about whether you were concerned about getting discovered by Tommy's parents on Tuesday. If he seemed more than just casually interested about this and asked followup questions, then I would say it's more probable. What do you think?


Mar 03/12/09 8:57 PM

I thought I would give you a few more things to keep your mind occupied.

Joe is leaving Sunday for his golf trip. He will be gone until Thursday night or Friday morning. His trip is always the third week in March. I brought it up about maybe having Tommy spend a night with me during his absence. I said it in a teasing way just to get a response. Joe casually replied that he had no objections to that. Since I didn't get the jealous response I was looking for, I said, "You know me, the more sex I get, the more I want (true). Maybe I'll need him to stay all 4 nights."

Joe laughed and asked, "Do you want to kill the poor kid?"

I finally had to ask why that didn't make him jealous.

He answered with the question, "Should I be?" Then he explained that as long as it was just sex with Tommy there was no reason to be jealous. He was right.

Then to tease him even more I told him that since I was getting used to having sex with him and Tommy that maybe I'd have to get Tommy to invite someone to fill in for his absence. I couldn't phase him. He told me to invite all of Tommy's friends if I wanted but warned that I would have to do it again when he got back.

As far as the GB is concerned, it is definitely on and will happen sometime after Joe returns. He is in no hurry right now. You were right about something else. Joe has more then one GB in mind. I was under the impression that this would be a one time thing. What he is talking about now is having a mini GB with just one or two of Tommy's friends as a test run for the bigger one.

He said I could do that while he is gone if I wanted but he would expect a video of it all. He was serious. He knows that one of my major rules was no pictures and no video. In my opinion, he was willing to give up being there just to get a permanent record of the activities that he could watch over and over again.

Joe had been pushing me to at least allow some pictures. I've been firm with a no. I could just see Joe and his golf buddies sitting around watching a video of me screwing some ex students. Would it happen? I'm sure of it.

You are right about something else too. Neither Joe nor Tommy have a clue about what I am capable of. To be honest, I think you have a better idea then they do. With Jay, I was a complete slut in every way. This isn't new to me, it is more like visiting my past.

One more thing you have been right about. Joe asked Tommy if he had any black friends that could be included on the list. Joe didn't tell me that, Tommy did. Tommy said that he knows some from school but isn't really friends with any of them. Tommy said that his concern is to list people he knew he could trust to keep this quiet so it almost had to be guys he knew pretty well. He didn't know any of the black kids well enough to trust.

I started out to tell you the rest of my visit with Tommy but I guess I'll have to get to that later.


Mar 03/12/09 9:00 PM

Joe did ask whether I had thought about what would happen if Tommy's father had walked in on us, so I think you are right about the father-son threesome thing.


Mar 03/12/09 9:08 PM


After you tell finish telling me about Tuesday and Wednesday with Tommy, I'd like to hear how that part of the conversation went with Joe as well as you can remember. That will allow me to refine my predictions of his thought process on the subject.


Mar 03/12/09 10:23 PM


Thanks for the note, but you should know me better by now. This email is just a snack for me; you'll have to do a lot better if you want to keep my mind occupied. :D

I would suggest that you not have Tommy spend the night; I think it could send him mixed signals. Sleeping together is a tender activity shared by lovers. Like kissing, I really think that you should consider reserving that for your husband. If you bring up this point with Joe I'm pretty sure he will agree.

Personally I think you were not just teasing Joe about having Tommy bring one of his friends over to fill in for Joe. I think you were somewhat serious and was trying to find out how Joe would react. How am I doing guessing your thoughts? I only give myself a 50% possibility of being correct. You are right that I have a better idea of what you are capable of than Joe or Tommy, however you still manage to surprise me on a fairly regular basis. I'm learning all the time though.

Interestingly I thought about the possibility that Joe would suggest/support a mini-GB before the big one, but I forget to tell you. In fact, it occurred to me that a way to train the other guys before the GB and get them comfortable with having sex with you in front of Tommy and Joe would be to have a mini-GB with each one. It would just be you, Tommy, Joe, and the candidate. Think of it kind of like an audition. If they can't hack it, then find a replacement. If they can, then you know they will more the likely be able the handle the big one. And in the mean time you get lots of sex with different guys. Sounds like another win-win to me. I'll bet Joe agrees.

I don't think the picture/video thing is going to go away, as I explained before. You may want to consider letting Joe take some pictures that don't show your face. Tell him that you want to review every picture before they are downloaded off the camera and that you will delete any that show your face. Is this just a slippery slope that will eventually lead to full videos? Maybe, but if you want to I think you could hold the "no face" line if you want to. While an imperfect compromise, I think this will satisfy Joe. And so what if he shows them to his golfing buddies? You are probably going to end up fucking them all eventually anyway. You know I'm right.

Don't worry about the black guy thing - Joe will make that happen because it's one of his fantasies too. It might not be this GB, but he will eventually arrange it.

I know my emails have generally been shorter than normal lately, and I wanted to explain why. Basically I'm just responding to your emails about your sexual adventures and your emails have been kind of thin lately. Paradoxically this comes at a time when there is a lot of new developments in your sex life. On second thought, they are probably related. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining, and I have no right to demand that you write more. I just didn't want you to think I was losing interest in our conversations; actually it's just the opposite.


Mar 03/13/09 4:10 PM


I was thinking more about your last email and I came up with the following guidelines for interacting with Tommy (and his friends). As always these are just suggestions: If you are not having sex, you should be doing something directly related to sex. If you want to talk, for example, it should be about sex. But avoid revealing too many personal details about yourself. if you want to watch a movie, make it a porno. And don't feed him - men take that as a sign of affection. If he's hungry smear some food on your tits and have him lick it off.

Do you remember just after Ron came over and you gave him a blowjob that you expressed a concern to me that you might be addicted to sex? I told you then that I didn't think you were, and I still believe it, but that does not mean you should let down your guard. There's still the danger of getting so carried away with your new adventures that you don't leave enough time for other important things in your life like your job and friends, for example. I find it is useful once and a while to step back, metaphorically, and objectively take a look at what you are doing and how you are setting your priorities. You are a smart woman, and you should be able to tell if you are letting your passions drive them instead of your intellect. I can help you with this to, if you wish, however you will need to keep me informed and up to date on what's going on in your life.

Now my newest prediction. I hope you read this before it happens. I think that Joe will want to have the threesome with Tommy before he leaves on his golfing trip. Saturday seems like the best day to me. Am I right?

Also, if you have any questions on how Joe, or Tommy for that matter, will react to something, just ask. I try to answer my email as quick as possible and usually have it up on the computer continually when I'm at home.

I don't have anything else for now. Looking forward to hearing about your time with Tommy on Tuesday, Wednesday, and maybe even yesterday (I'm reading between the lines here and just guessing since I think you had the day off yesterday). No doubt there are even newer developments from today. My my, you are getting behind. Need to schedule a few hours on the computer I think. ;)


Mar 03/13/09 9:04 PM

Hi Paul

I agree that I do need to keep you more up to date with my activities. I'm really behind. As you said, it seems that the more I do, the more I have to tell you, and less time to do it. With Joe gone this Sunday, a lot of my time will be freed up to catch you up. I am not going to teach Monday and will be looking forward to spending the day on my computer catching you up.

Joe has been the biggest problem with my time. Before all of this started it seemed that all he had on his mind was sports and business. Since this GB thing started, he has been completely consumed by it. In a way, it has brought us closer together because it is an activity that we are really doing together. Since this started, we have spent more time together, had more sex, and talked together more then at any other time during our marriage. Now I'm not complaining but at times I feel smothered. I need my free time too. The shorter, less frequent, e-mails from me are indicative of the free time I now have available.

I titled this observations because I did want to tell you of some of my observations.

With Tommy, he is very much still in the "I can't believe this is happening" stage. He is just beginning to get more comfortable with having sex with me but Joe and I both agree that he needs a better comfort level before he can really start using me as a sex toy. That just means more frequent sex with me. I'm in favor of that.

Joe is a different thing all together. He is completely comfortable with me having sex with others. I honestly didn't think he would be but he is. Joe is very big now on a mini GB with Tommy and one of his friends. He thinks that will be an important step toward the real one. Now he is suggesting that I do that while he is gone. He also wants me to have a lot of sex with Tommy during his absence. In his opinion, Tommy will be a lot more comfortable using me as a sex object with him out of town. I think he is right.

As far as having Tommy and a friend over while he is gone, Joe thinks it will help to better demonstrate how horny I am and make him more comfortable with another person involved. Since he doesn't know about my past sexual activities, I think he also wants to make sure I'm comfortable with a group situation. As you know, I was never comfortable with the Ron and Diane group. Joe is now encouraging me to do that with Tommy and a friend before he gets back.

Your prediction about Joe wanting a threesome before he leaves is way off base. At this point he doesn't seem to have any interest in joining in or even observing my sexual activity with Tommy. It is as if he is waiting for the plan to come together before he wants to involve himself.

I had so much more I intended to write but I won't be getting to it now. I am really looking forward to having the time to sit and clear my mind of everything with you. Monday I'm devoting to you.


Mar 03/13/09 9:58 PM


Thanks for staying up so late to get back to me. I know you like your sleep.

Maybe it's time, now that you have a good communications channel going with Joe, to talk to him about giving you some space. To let him know that while you are happy to make his fantasies come true, you also need some "me" time every day. This could probably wait until he gets back from his trip, though.

My successful streak at predicting what Joe will do next was bound to end. Probably because that's where my wife sharing fantasies differ a bit from Joe's. I want to be there and participate more than have her go out on her own and tell me about it later. Now that I know this about Joe I can take that into consideration in the future. Tommy is still a bit more of a mystery, so I'm always interested in hearing about his reactions and your conversations with him. With that said it doesn't surprise me that he's still trying to get comfortable with the role you are pushing him into. He spent a long time seeing you as a respectable teacher and fantasizing about that Sharon Alderson, and now you have thrown him a curve with the submissive slut persona, so it will take some time for him to adjust.

I know you said that you will be devoting Monday on getting me caught up (thank you) but right now I'm not even sure about the broad outlines of what has happened over the last week or so. Maybe this weekend you could send me a short time line for that period. That will help you organize your thoughts and make it easier on Monday. For me it will provide a framework to allow me to put your previous emails, as well as those on Monday into the correct chronological perspective.

I was a little worried that maybe you were losing yourself in all the new sex, but then I looked at my email rules, specifically the first one, and I stopped. You can handle this. I know that. I think you do too.

Let me know if you need anything. Have a good weekend. I'm looking forward to the heat wave coming our way. I love spring.


Mar 03/14/09 9:18 AM


I was thinking more about your idea to have Tommy over for a few days while Joe was gone. At first I thought that maybe you could have him sleep in the guest room, presuming you have one, or on the couch. Then when I put myself in Tommy's place I realized it would be like playing house with you. In fact, it would be easy to pretend that I was your husband for a few days. I don't think you want to take the chance that he will slip into that role. Probably better to send him home after you are done with him. This probably means a little more shuttling him back and forth for you, but I don't think there's a good way to avoid it.

I also thought about Joe more and I think I understand him a little better now. He wants to see other men use you and treat you like a slut, however he wants to treat you like the elegant lady he married. He may be planning on joining in at the big GB, however more as a passive participant. If he does a threesome now Tommy will be expecting Joe to take the lead and show him how to treat you. That's not a position that Joe wants to be in. When the time comes for him to join in I think he will pitch it to Tommy as a kind of final test. "If you do well kid, then you can be the team captain at the GB," or something like that. In this situation Tommy would naturally assume the lead role and Joe could stay passive. Now why Joe does not want to cross that line I don't know. Many men, even those that don't like to share their wives, like to treat them like a slut, so it's not just the fact that you are married and he loves you. Maybe eventually I'll figure it out.

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