tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 16

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 16


Part 16: Joe explores Sharon's submissiveness.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway, then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.

Mar 03/17/09 5:27 PM


Now you underestimate me. It's not my place to scold you for breaking the rules; I'm your friend, not your husband. These are your rules, not mine. Sure I suggested them, but you decided to adopt them because you agreed they were useful. So it's up to you to decide if the last two days were setbacks or not. In my opinion they were, although Monday to a lesser degree. How much of a setback will depend on a number of factors, however I'm still too much in the dark about your previous encounters with Tommy to really judge that.

In my opinion Tommy took advantage of your drunken state. First he stayed the night on Sunday when you clearly told him no before that. I just hope the school board didn't realize that it was not Joe that answered the phone on Monday morning. That was perhaps your biggest risk in this whole (mis)adventure. Second, he came over basically uninvited. Third, he brought Scott over unannounced. Yes you had told that you wanted him to bring Scott over on Sunday, but you were drunk, so his excuse was weak and I don't think you should have allowed him to get away with it.

I had not realized that he had become so aggressive so quickly. I wish you had been able to keep me up to date; perhaps I would have seen that coming. I really think you should consider setting some ground rules with Tommy to prevent further problems. I would suggest the following:

1.) All "get togethers" must be arranged ahead of time for specific days and times. It's OK to schedule for the same day (come over today at 3:00), but no more coming over unannounced and/or unscheduled. For example, I'm on my way over now, does not cut it. Remember that Joe told Tommy that you are in charge of scheduling these things.

2.) His authority to tell you what to do is limited to sex at your "get togethers". Outside of that specific situation he is to accord you the respect you deserve.

3.) He can't invite anybody else over without your express permission. This must be done at the time the "get together" is scheduled.

4.) These rules are not negotiable.

5.) He can only talk about his relationship with you and your "get togethers" with people that Joe has specifically authorized. All those people must follow this rule too.

6.) If he violates a rule he gets cut off for a few days. If he keeps misbehaving then he gets cut off forever and Joe makes his life a living hell.

If I think of more I'll add them. Feel free to adopt any of these that make sense to you and/or add your own. The important thing is to put a little structure to this before it gets out of hand. I can't stress rule number 2 enough. He needs to understand that you are only submissive during sex, and that is only because it turns you on.

Given how he took advantage of your drunken state on Sunday and his behavior yesterday I think it would be a good idea to talk to him. Let him know you are not happy that he did that. Also, you may want to activate rule 6 retroactively just to drive home that point.

One last thing for now. You may not think it's as important to bring me up to date on last week, but for me it is vital if I'm to get inside Tommy's head. Of course, it's up to you how much time you want to devote to that effort, but the benefit to you would be, in my opinion, worth it.

I do have a couple questions now, though. You said that Tommy on Sunday used "really foul language" with you. Could you be more specific? I know your memory is fuzzy, but what do you remember? Does this seem like an escalation over previous times?


Mar 03/17/09 6:37 PM


The more I think about what you told me about yesterday, the more I'm concerned that you felt you had to accept Scott over in order to keep him from talking. The ground rules that I suggested in my previous email should take care of that so hopefully you never feel pressured that way again.

All of that said, the experience with Scott yesterday was probably not a bad way to introduce him into your little club with Tommy. Now he has something to lose (fucking you) by blabbing to someone else, so that's not a big of a worry now. Next time you won't be so nervous around him and he will be more confident himself, although by blasting his cum onto your face yesterday, I think he showed quite a bit of confidence already, given the situation. Tommy has probably told him all about his previous "get togethers" with you, so that may account for it. Still, I'd keep an eye on that one.


Mar 03/17/09 9:17 PM


Sorry for the multiple emails today, but I'm kind of in stream-of-consciousness mode today.

It occurred to me that things may go better with Tommy (and Scott) if you get them to understand that there are two "yous" and they each need to be treated differently. I would say something like "When I'm in a horny mood I want to be treated like the hot slut that Joe described (if you can't say "hot slut", then say "woman"), but when I'm not then I want to be treated like the respectable teacher that you've always known." I think right now there's some confusion about that.

I would also avoid having them over when you are drunk. I don't want to scare you, but if I were Tommy and I was standing over the nude figure of my ex-teacher who was passed out drunk, I would take some pictures with my cell phone. Next time he's over you may want to see if you can get your hands on his phone and just make sure that didn't happen.


Mar 03/18/09 7:40 PM

Hi Paul,

All of your points are well founded and I have carefully considered each one. Most of the things, I've already thought of and taken care of. Remember your first rule for yourself.

To begin with, I'm not a drinker and can probably count on one hand the times I've been drunk in my life. Sunday was a very rare exception and most likely won't happen again for a long time. A lot of factors went into that happening and I think I just needed a release. I mentioned earlier that Joe has been smothering me with this GB thing. Prior to this beginning we basically did three things, Joe did his thing with business and sports, I did my thing with teaching and the computer, and we did things together. Since this GB thing began, his only perceived interest is the GB and it really has infringed on our normal life. Don't get me wrong, this has been fun and I really believe it has brought us closer together as a couple. I just need my space, if you know what I mean. Joe and I have talked about this.

Another thing is that I haven't been completely comfortable with having sex with an ex student. For lack of a better way of saying it, it just seems weird. I can say that I have enjoyed the sex and the additional sex I've been getting from Joe. I'm very happy about that. In a way it is scary because there have been times when I have looked forward to having sex with Tommy. Today I did.

Back on point, With Joe leaving, I was getting my space back for a few days. Then going shopping with my sister and Ann removed me from the world I have been living in for the past few weeks. On Sunday, we had a few drinks and I felt a certain release from my everyday obligations. I over did it. That won't be happening any time soon again. If it does happen again it might be the night of the GB. I might be looking for some liquid courage that night.

Tommy was here today. (just him) We had sex twice. (no oral) Mostly we talked. He knows now not to be showing up unexpected and not to be bringing anyone with him without me knowing it. He had a valid claim that I had given him permission to bring Scott. I have to let that one go. The important thing is that he knows now not to do it again.

Since I mentioned Scott, I'll take a minute to talk about him. Like you, I thought that was pretty aggressive of Scott to cum on my face. I didn't like that but let it go that night. Tommy admitted that he encouraged Scott to do it. His argument was that he didn't think it was a big deal because stuff like that will happen at the GB. (Good point) I let Tommy know that I expected that at the GB but not until then. According to Tommy, Scott had been dying to return. Tommy has told him about everything and he can't wait to get in on the action. I told Tommy that if I'm not working, and if I'm in the right mood, I might let him bring Scott over Thursday afternoon. I told him to inform Scott of the rules he had to follow.

Nearly all of the rules and concerns you expressed in your e-mails, I discussed with Tommy. He completely understood. Tommy is more concerned about having me as a steady source for sex then anything else including the GB. He isn't about to do anything to screw that up.

Now that brings me to his talks with Joe. Joe has been holding back on me. To begin with, Joe told Tommy that he liked the idea of him having sex with me and that he could continue even after the GB. He told him I was happier because I was getting more sex (true) and as a result the sex he was having with me was more intense and frequent. (true) I didn't think he would tell him that. Joe has encouraged him to be more aggressive with me and in Joe's words "Treat her like a piece of ass. Don't worry about her liking it. Just satisfy yourself."

Joe told Tommy I would be happy with that. He told Tommy to call me names and talk dirty to me when he "fucked" me. Tommy said that he has tried but found it difficult because I was his teacher and I'm a "classy lady". He wanted to know if I really wanted that. I explained that there were times when it was OK and times when it wasn't. By the way it was somewhere during that conversation that I told him "When I have my clothes on, I expect to be treated like a classy lady and will not except anything else." He completely understood.

I do believe we have an understanding now. I was more comfortable with the sex we had after we talked. It was during that sex when I remembered to tell him one last thing. No kissing. It only happened Sunday because I was drunk. I told him that kissing was reserved for my husband. I let him know that anything with him was just sex. His reply was "I can live with that."

Another thing I almost forgot to mention about our conversation. He was curious about how "kinky" I wanted to get. I let him know that I don't like anal but may let it happen during the GB. He had his mind on something else. The little twerp really wants to spank me! When I asked why, he said it was just the idea of spanking a teacher. I told him I would consider allowing it but like everything else, if I said no, I meant it, and he was not to do it. He pressed about when. I told him to just do it if he felt in the mood and if I wasn't I'd tell him.

That is all for now.


Mar 03/18/09 9:37 PM


Every time I want to make a suggestion I am always walking a tight line between my email rule #1 and the urge to make the suggestion. But you have to admit that after your Sunday and Monday I should be allowed a little leniency in that regard. In reality it sounds like the ground rules I suggested and those you talked about with Tommy were pretty much the same. That means that we are in sync on this issue, which is kind of cool if you think about it. But as always, if you think my suggestions are out of line, let me know. I'm trying to be a good friend, not a pain in the butt. To that end I have tried to use language like "if it were me", or "may I suggest" to avoid any impression that I'm trying to tell you what to do. My intent is to use my different POV to make suggestions which are useful. I realize that sometimes they will not be, but please understand, I do try to be careful not to insult your intelligence or be demanding. Email conversations are not the same as the face to face version; it's more like alternating monologues, and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

In Joe's defense, I think that he told Tommy those things mainly to help ensure that he does not develop feelings for you and to make sure that he can be a leader at the GB. I don't think that Joe wants to fill that role himself. Now honestly, I think a secondary reason is because Joe likes to hear about you being treated like that, both from you and from Tommy. Taken together this tells me that Joe will continue to push this idea with Tommy which puts him right between you and Joe. If he does not do as Joe asks he is afraid he won't be allowed to have sex with you anymore, and if he does not honor your requests to let up a little, he may risk the same thing. Or at least I think he may be feeling like that. So you might want to consider letting him do relatively harmless things like light spanking and bondage, the emphasis on light. Both can be quite exciting and I think Joe will find them kinky as well. Also, if you train him how to do it correctly, anal sex can be very pleasurable as well. The key, of course, is to go slow at first and use plenty of lube. Again, it is something that can be fun if done right, but also will appeal to Joe's need for kink and domination (of you).

I'm glad you are starting to get comfortable with Tommy. And that fear you feel sometimes when you realize that you are looking forward to having sex with Tommy, that's probably a healthy thing. It probably means that you can still be objective about what's happening which will help keep you from being swept up by the sheer lust that such a situation can invoke. Hopefully things will go well with Scott as well. I'm sure you will really enjoy having them both at once, and Joe will really love hearing about it. I can't wait to hear about it myself.


Mar 03/19/09 10:43 AM

Just wanted to let you know that I'm nervous but in the mood. Tommy and Scott are on their way here. I am dressed (except for a bra) but I doubt if that will last long.


Mar 03/19/09 6:18 PM


Oh you tease! I love it. So, how did it go? Inquiring minds want to know!


Mar 03/19/09 8:53 PM

Hi Paul,

Things went well today. I would have written sooner but I napped.

I was really nervous. The reason I wrote you earlier was because I wanted something to do while waiting.

The two of them arrived and we sat in the family room and talked about school days when they were students. I wasn't the only one who was nervous. All three of us were. You know why I was nervous. Scott was nervous because he didn't know what to do or expect. Tommy was nervous because Scott was there. Since there was no course of action, no one knew what to do or expect. We all knew why we were there but no one seemed to want to get things started. As a result, we sat and talked for nearly an hour. No, more then an hour. There was no mention of anything sexual by any of us. It seemed that the longer we talked, the farther away we were getting from the reason for their visit. You and Joe were right. it was important that this little get together took place before the big one.

I was beginning to think that nothing was going to happen. It was turning out to be simply a visit with an former teacher of theirs. After a while, Scott even lost the erection he walked in with. I was thinking that maybe I over did it with the talk I had with Tommy. The wild sex I had anticipated had turned to polite conversation. The problem was no one wanted to make the first move or take charge. Tommy told me later that he was waiting for some sign from me that I wanted things to happen and Scott didn't know what to do or expect.

Things might have worked better if I would have just had Scott stop by on his own and then got the two of them together at a later date. I also learned that you might be right about a mini session with each guy before the actual GB takes place. This was turning into a nice visit but completely non sexual. It seemed that all three of us were frustrated. We had the powder keg there but no one had a match.

In an effort to get something going, I opened a couple of buttons on my blouse while getting them two more cokes. Tommy didn't seen to notice but Scott certainly did. Then again he had the best angle from where he was sitting and I'm sure he was looking at a bare boob. I thought about suggesting another porn movie but decided to just let them make any additional moves. In this situation, I wanted them to seduce me and not the reverse.

I thought things were going to get started when Tommy spoke of a class I taught where I was sitting on my desk and he claimed he could see my panties. He talked about how it turned him on. He could have easily got the ball rolling from there but didn't. With the exception of Scott looking into my blouse at my exposed boob, nothing was happening.

Finally out of frustration, I said that I had some things to do. Scott responded with, "Yeah, we had better be going."

You could clearly see disappointment all around but this just wasn't working. We all stood up and I walked them to the door. I told Tommy, thanks for stopping by and gave him a hug. I had to tell Scott, "Don't you want a hug too?"

He came over to me and we hugged. I whispered in his ear, "Stop back soon." Then I placed my hand over his zipper and gave him a little squeeze. I added "Real soon." They left.

I say things went well because I learned a lot and that meeting had the effect of getting rid of the initial "jitters". I think I need to get with Scott separately before seeing the two of them together again.

Tommy called an hour later and I asked him to come over by himself. As I said this morning, I was in the mood and needed some sex. I had to pick him up and we went straight to the bedroom. We only did it once but it took the edge off. Then I took him to his work. He agrees that it might be easier to "take on" Scott separately before the two return together. He was also frustrated by nothing happening. Tommy did tell me that I made Scott's day when I "grabbed" him. Tommy is going to have Scott call me.

That's all


Mar 03/19/09 9:43 PM


Well, that was not what I expected. After Monday I would have expected Tommy to be a little more aggressive. All he would have needed to do was to start undressing you and things would have proceeded from there. Maybe he took you too literally when you told him that he was to treat you like a classy lady while you were dressed. Maybe he was expecting you to answer the door in the nude or do a nice strip tease for them, so when that didn't happen he was unsure what he was allowed to do.

It seems to me that in those cases it would be helpful if you found a submissive way to move things along. Perhaps asking which one of them would like to take off your clothes would have done the trick. That way they still would have had to take the initiative of actually stripping you, but with your "permission". I have to think that would have moved things in the right direction. Or when Tommy was talking about seeing your panties in class maybe you could have spread your legs and hiked up your skirt a little and said, "like this?" That could have progressed to you taking off your panties, if necessary, to see if they liked that view better.

Remember, they are young and although they act very sure of themselves (dare I say "cock sure") and look like men, in many ways they are still boys and are very unsure. In those cases it may be necessary for you to give a little push to get things moving. I think when Tommy was talking about seeing your panties in class he was trying to get things going and hoping you'd take the next step. Their lack of confidence and experience really showed, IMHO.

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