A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 16


I agree that this was a good test for Tommy, but he flunked. Maybe you should treat this like teaching history - tell him what he did wrong and retest him. If he flunks out again then maybe you need to find someone else to recruit for the GB and be a leader. Getting together with Scott by yourself first will definitely make it easier for Tommy next time the three of you meet, however I think that kind of lets Tommy off the hook as well. Are you planning on doing the same thing with all the other recruits as well?

I have the day off tomorrow, so if I think of anything else, I'll write. Otherwise I'll wait for your next email.


Mar 03/20/09 12:00 PM


The more I think about the situation yesterday with Tommy and Scott, the more convinced I am that it was not so much nervousness on their part as it was that they were waiting for some sort of sign from you that it was OK to start. When I think about how Tommy was willing, eager even, to have Scott watch as you gave him a blow job on Monday, and how Scott was willing to jack off while watching, it makes me think that the group dynamic was not holding them back. They were waiting for permission from you to begin sexual contact. I think this was a direct result of your discussions with Tommy on Wednesday. I think he was concerned that he pushed things too far on Sunday and Monday and so yesterday he over corrected. Just inexperience on his part, I think. I'm not sure that having Scott over by himself will affect that much, although it will probably make you less nervous next time the three of you get together.

Frankly you all going to have to get used to the group thing if the big GB is to have any chance at all of happening. That said, I don't think it will really hurt anything for you to have sex with them separately, however the more guys you add to your list, the less time you can spend with any one of them. There's only so much of you to go around!

I guess I don't really have anything else to write, so I'll send this email off now. If I understand correctly Joe will be coming home today, so I'm guessing you will be spending the rest of the day with him. This means I probably should not expect a long email (if any) from you today, so I'll just dial down my expectations and find other things to do.



Mar 03/23/09 10:24 PM


I was thinking about some things which did seem directly related today and then it occurred to me that maybe they were. I can't really explain my entire thought process, but I think that Joe has been holding out on you in another way. I don't think he's been completely honest with you about just how slutty he wants you to act with Tommy and his friends. Not only during the big GB, but leading up to it as well. I'm sure he was very happy that you went along with the suggesting that you act like that in order to prevent them from having romantic feelings for you. I say this because I think that his ultimate fantasy is for you to be a total cock slut. I think that he wants you to completely give yourself to them in any way they desire, and the more depraved and wanton you act, the better. I think he's not in a hurry for the big GB not only to train the boys to use you, but to allow them to train you as well. That explains the GB, the former students, the way he has been coaching them, everything.

I don't know how far down this road you are willing to go, but it seems to me that's the final destination in Joe's mind. If you ask him just how far he wants you to go, I'm certain he'll say something like "As far as you can." He wants to have the best of both worlds; the respectable classy school teacher, and the wanton cock slut. It would take a special woman to be both and yet keep them separate. I don't know you well enough to say if you are that woman or not. I think only you know. Hopefully you'll tell me if you ever find out.


Mar 03/24/09 4:55 PM

Hi Paul,

Joe got home Friday and I really haven't had time to write you this weekend. I have time now so I'll try to fill you on the weekend and some interesting turns things have taken.

Joe didn't want to know anything about what was going on here until he got back. He said he wanted to concentrate on his golf. I spent most of Friday and Saturday filling him in on the weeks activities. Of course he wanted to know every detail and had a million questions about everything.

He was somewhat disappointed that the meeting with Tommy and Scott didn't turn out as he had anticipated. He found it very hard to understand that it didn't after what happened the first night Tommy brought Scott over.

I spent most of Friday in and out of bed with Joe and answering his questions. Saturday morning and part of the afternoon, we had a long talk about everything that has been happening and how we both feel about it. He really wanted to know my comfort level with everything and even if we should proceed. This was a very serious discussion. He really wanted to get everything out in the open.

Joe's biggest concern was that he may have been pushing things too hard and making me feel that I had to do these things to please him. He talked of how our experiences with Ron and Diane opened up our relationship sexually and led us into this GB thing. He admitted that he really did feel like a kid in a candy store because a whole new world was opened to him also. He spoke of how much he loves me and of how good our marriage was. He assured me that he never wanted to do anything to jeopardize what we had together. If this thing with the kids (he calls them kids) was going to have anything but a good effect on our relationship then he didn't want it to continue.

Joe admitted that he was very excited about everything so far and that he has really enjoyed the intensity it had added to our love making. He said it has been like being on a honeymoon every day. (I agree) He just didn't want his excitement about this to make me feel I had to do more then I was comfortable with. He said that he knew I was only used to more traditional sex and this might be too much for me since others are involved. (If he only knew) Joe maintains this image of me as this sweet innocent school teacher with very limited sexual experience. I believe that is one of the major reasons this is all so exciting for him and the reason for this conversation.

Joe admitted that he has had a long standing secret fantasy for years of seeing his innocent little school teacher being used like a slut by my students. What is happening now is in reality his biggest fantasy come true and he couldn't be happier. He wanted me to know that but also wanted me to know that it is not something that has to be fulfilled. He spoke of more things but I think that covers the most important points.

Joe was bringing this up because of my conversation with Tommy earlier in the week where I kind of laid down the law. Joe had been pushing Tommy to use me sexually and it appeared to him that maybe I didn't want that. Then he wondered if maybe I didn't want any of this happening but felt I had to do it to please him.

I had answers for him but knew I had to walk a very thin line. As you know, I have been enjoying the additional sex I have been getting from Tommy. What we women have to always consider is the delicate male ego. I had to let Joe know that I liked the additional sex without making him feel he was in any way inadequate. I think I handled that pretty well by saying I have enjoyed the sex with Tommy but it was really the boost our sex life has received that I enjoyed most.

Joe has always known of my submissive personality with regards to sex. He thinks that is the reason I enjoy giving blow jobs so much. (He is probably right) What Joe never knew was how submissive I really am. That has always been a part of my character I have kept from him to maintain my "innocent" image. I still wanted him to keep that image of me but I felt it was important that he knew there was a part of me that he has never explored because he didn't know it was there.

I didn't want Joe thinking I was a slut but I did want him to know that there were times when I wanted to be treated like one. I went back to something he told Tommy about me having a split personality. I told Joe that was indeed more true then not. This had more to do with our sex life then anything else that was going on. I explained that while I have always enjoyed the passion and our love making there were times when I didn't want that. He was confused but I expected that. To explain things clearer, I told him of how I often had the desire to be completely dominated by him. I said that instead of always asking if I felt like making love, sometimes I just wanted him to drag me into the bedroom and "fuck" me for his own pleasure. (Yes, I used that word)

We went on to have a long discussion about that. Joe admitted that he didn't have any idea I was even remotely like that or would ever want that. I tried explaining to him that it was in fact a huge turn on for me to be humiliated and degraded. I explained that if I was in the mood for that, there was nothing I wouldn't do sexually. Joe seemed very happy to know that. I think he got the picture.

My revelation was like a new toy for Joe. He told me he was quite happy with our sex life and really didn't want it to change. He explained that he doubted that he could ever be comfortable with treating me like a sex toy because of his love and respect for me as his wife. Then he qualified that statement by saying that the idea if me being used like a slut and giving my body completely for another's pleasure was a huge turn on for him. What he was saying was that he wanted the sweet respectable school teacher as his wife but also wanted a do anything, sex starved nympho in private life. My revelation that I was very submissive just added fuel to that fire.

Joe particularly liked my statement that there was nothing I wouldn't do. The first question he asked was "If you were in a submissive mood would you let anyone fuck you?"

I answered "I think so."

To follow up he asked "Would you fuck my brother?"

I answered "Yes."

He asked about several other people and I answered "yes" to all. Then he asked who would be the person I would least like to "fuck".

I answered "Your brother." I explained that sex with him would be very humiliating for me because of his attitude.

Joe came back with "Isn't humiliation the biggest part of being submissive?"

I agreed that it was and reminded him that I didn't say I wouldn't have sex with him. We spoke of submission and humiliation and agreed that the very act of submission is humiliating in itself. I explained that by saying I can be submissive, I'm submitting myself to be used and degraded sexually. I'll admit to you as I did with him that the idea of losing all control over the sexual situation is a turn on for me. That is why the GB idea has an appeal to me.

An example here is what happened the first time Tommy brought Scott over unannounced. Tommy took control of the situation. He was there to get a blow job in front of his friend. I didn't like it and especially didn't like them both cumming on my face. In that situation, Tommy made me feel as if I had no control. In that sense it was a big turn on for me. I had control of the second visit and it was not only not a turn on but nothing happened.

Joe and I made yet another trip to the bedroom and afterward decided to go and get a late lunch. Our conversation had taken us right past the noon hour. With our sexual excitement now somewhat curbed, I asked him about how far he was wanting me to go with this. I didn't want to do anything that in any way would affect our relationship. I didn't want to disappoint him either by not being as submissive as he may want me to be. Joe explained that he would be thrilled if I could let go completely and let anything happen. Then he reminded me again of my statement that there was nothing I wouldn't do. Then he added that it was completely my decision on how much I wanted to let go and made it clear that the more I was able to let go, the happier he would be. He stressed that he would be happy no matter how much I let go and told me to just go with it as far as I can.

We finished lunch and Joe wanted to swing by his center for a minute to see how things were going. I knew better about that. A minute would turn into a couple of hours with me sitting there bored. (been there before) I told him to take me home first.

At around 7:00 Joe called to tell me that he was coming home. (4 hours) He said he was bringing a friend with him and asked if I was feeling submissive. I told him that I could if he wanted me to be. He said he did. After he mentioned his brother twice earlier, I felt certain that was who was coming. To my relief, he walked into the house with Tommy.

They went into the family room and turned on a basketball game. Joe told me to fix him a mixed drink and asked Tommy if he would like one. Tommy accepted. Then Joe said to Tommy, "Anything you want just tell her. Another drink, blow job, quick fuck, anything. She'll take care of it won't you honey?"

I answered, "I guess."

I gave them their drinks and started to leave the room so they could watch what ever game they were watching. Joe stopped me and told me to sit down so I would be there in case they wanted something. I sat quietly while they watched TV and commented on the game. Joe downed his drink and ordered another. I took his glass and he said, "This time deliver it topless."

Then he said to Tommy, "Don't you think we deserve a topless waitress?"

Tommy agreed that would be "cool". I didn't say anything but walked over to close the drapes. (Sliding glass doors, cars driving down the alley can see right in when they are open)

Joe told me to leave them open. He said I had nice little "tits" and didn't mind me showing them off. I left them open. I made their drinks and took off my blouse before delivering them. (wasn't wearing a bra) Joe made it a point to tell Tommy that all he had to do was tell me if he wanted something. Then he turned to me and said, "Isn't that right?"

I answered, "Yes."

Things remained quiet until a commercial. I was sitting in a chair by myself. Tommy said, "Come here Sharon."

What was odd about that was it was that he had used my first name. It was always Mrs. A before. I walked over to him. He said "You know you were a bad girl the last time I was here."

I said, "I was?"

He said, "Yes, you didn't offer yourself to me and Scott. Do you know what happens to bad girls?"

I said, "No."

He said, "They get their bare ass spanked."

Tommy might have said the words but this was all Joe. Joe had told me several times before that one of his fantasies was to witness a student spanking me. It was obvious that the two of then had been doing some talking.

Tommy then said, "Drop them and take your punishment."

I looked at Joe and he just smiled. Knowing it was really him that wanted this I opened my jeans and pushed them to my knees. (no panties either) Tommy said, "Now over my knees."

It was awkward but I did it and Tommy began spanking my bare butt. He was only hitting me lightly until Joe encouraged him to spank me harder. He told Tommy that unless I had tears in my eyes, he wasn't getting his point across. It was stinging but not really hurting. (I faked some tears) Tommy asked if I had learned my lesson and I went along by tearfully saying, "Yes, please don't spank me anymore."

I had a red butt but it really was a more playful spanking then anything else. When Tommy was done, I asked both of them, "Is there any point in me pulling my jeans up?"

With out turning his attention from the TV, Joe told me to just leave them off. I did. Then I asked if there was anything else they wanted.

Tommy surprised me by saying, "Yeah Sharon, be a good slut and take my dick out and suck it."

Again that was out of character for him and I knew it was from Joe prompting him. I knelt in front of him and did exactly as I was told. He told me to do a good job or he would spank my "ass" again.

While I was blowing him, Tommy told me that things were going to be different from now on. He told me that I was going to suck or fuck him anytime he wanted it or I could expect more spankings. Then he said I was going too slow and took my head and shoved it up and down on his erection. He came in my mouth and I drank it.

After he was done He said he needed to go home and told me to take him home. I reached for my jeans and Joe yelled, "No one told you to put any clothes on."

Tommy picked up on it right away and told me to go wait in the car for him. I complained that it was cold and Joe said, "I'll send a coat out with him."

I sat in the car at least ten minutes before Tommy came out. (in the garage) He had a light coat for me but said he wasn't giving it to me until we got to his house. (I don't know whose idea that was) That may have been Tommy's. I drove him to his house naked. He told me that he was going to bring Scott around on Sunday.

I'll fill you in about that next.


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