tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 20

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 20


Part 20: The Pittsburgh trip

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing, incest, and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.

Apr 04/07/09 5:31 PM


I'm not sure what "back to normal" is for you anymore. Are you saying that you have not had sexual adventures since last Friday night (not including Tommy's BJ)? Nothing on the weekend? If so, that would almost seem abnormal to me at this point! ;-)

Hopefully you will believe me now when I tell you that Joe wants you to be a little less passive, a little more creative, and more vocal. I'll try to continue to help you with this. I think you'll find that you get more and better sex (and orgasms) if you accept my suggestions.

What did you think of my mini-challenges? It does not sound like you have tried either of them yet. Let me know if you don't like them either and I'll put my "thinking cap" back on. (Do they still say that?)

So you are going to spend the night with the three "kids" Friday night, eh? That's quite a big step, but it will give you a good idea what the big GB will be like. I want to hear all about it, after Joe of course.


Apr 04/07/09 7:00 PM


Just some odds and ends that I have been thinking about today, in no particular order.

I thought of another couple of popular dom/sub fantasies for the list.

* The naked drive-thru scenario. In this fantasy the sub is made to drive the car or ride in the front seat naked. They drive somewhere they are unlikely to be recognized and find a fast food place with a drive-thru. They buy food there (at the drive-thru) and the sub is not allowed to cover her nakedness while the young workers at the window gawk.

* The bachelor party stripper. In this fantasy the sub is the main entertainment at a bachelor party. At a minimum she will strip and then give the groom a blow-job. At the other end of the scale she blows and fucks everyone in the room. I don't think you are ready for this one yet, but some day, maybe.

I reread your email from today and realized that one of the boys going with you on Friday to Pittsburgh has not been identified yet. It seems to me that it would either have to be Chuck, or someone new that is also on the list. If it is someone new I would expect you to get an introduction before Friday, probably on Thursday because that's your day off, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that it could be tomorrow after work. I would be surprised if Joe would introduce someone new on Friday just before you left. This will be the longest period of time so far that you will need to keep your submissive-slut persona active.

On being vocal, don't forget to mix it up a little, it makes it more fun for the guys. For example, instead of just repeating "Fuck me Tommy," you could try "Tommy you stud, fuck me hard," or "You fucking stud, give it to me", or "I love your hard cock." You get the idea. A little more difficult for you, but a big turn on for them would be things like, "Fuck your slut, use me good," or "Pound my slutty cunt."

It seems to me that Scott has still not gotten past the romantic ideas, telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves "having sex" with you. Now don't get me wrong, you are beautiful, but he needs a little attitude adjustment. Next time he says something like you may want to consider countering with "Do you really think I'm hot?" and "Do you like fucking me?" When he says yes to the second question they try something like "Then give it to me, pound my cunt with your cock." That should send him the right message.

It was good to hear that Joe was happy with your progress, however wouldn't it be nice to surprise him? Or maybe you'd just like to take it as slow as possible and not encourage him to expect you to move faster than you already are. Let me know what you are thinking. Again, I'm interested in what you want.

Your friend,


Apr 04/08/09 6:44 PM


I had the following thoughts over lunch and jotted them down in my Palm Pilot. Here there are:

I have been thinking more about your Pittsburgh trip and it occurred to me that the "one other" Joe mentioned might actually be Joe himself. This makes a lot of sense. I don't think that Chuck is ready for something like that yet, and anybody newly introduced would not be ready either. Also, I think that Joe would like to be there to supervise and watch. Another reason is that the drive to Pittsburgh is at least three hours long, which means if Joe does not go with you will probably need to drive. But if Joe does go along, Tommy and Scott can keep you company in the back seat while Joe drives. That way the boys can get you horny and keep you that way until you get to the hotel. You would be ready to do anything by the time you arrive, which sounds like a "Joe plan" to me.

Since you will be in a city far from home, I see the opportunity for a little exhibitionism, perhaps at dinner, depending on where you go to eat. At the hotel I'm guessing Joe booked a room with two double (or queen) sized beds. The plan would be for you to share a bed with the boys with Joe gets the other one. The rules will be simple: you stay naked the entire time and the men will use you as they pleas, whenever and how often they wish. You will probably be woken up a few times during the night to fuck. I also would not be surprised if they made you go into the hall naked to get ice or something.

They want you to be their personal slut for the entire night. I would suggest you prepare to put yourself deep into the role and stay there for the duration of the trip. Try to let go and be a little playful, a little wanton. I think you'll all have more fun that way.


Apr 04/08/09 10:02 PM

Hi Paul,

Tommy was over today for a "quick fuck". He came by himself and was only here for an hour. The only surprise was that he wanted sex. I say that because he usually prefers blow jobs. With Tommy, I have come to the realization that he is most likely going to be long term. As of now, I don't have a problem with that.

You may be right about Scott. I was also concerned with his comments. It could be simply because I was his first. Then again his comments might not have meant anything.

Joe is definitely not the other person going to Pittsburgh. According to Tommy, he has another friend that might want to go. (someone new) He said he talked to Chuck but he is scheduled to work that day. As things stand, it could be just Tommy and Scott but could be as many as 4 "kids". 3 is just a possibility and 4 is unlikely.

At first, I wasn't very comfortable with the entire trip idea. I'm feeling better about it now and trying to view the entire thing as a fun experience. The one thing that is certain is that Joe is very excited about the trip. I understand that I will have to go into a 24 hr submission mode. That is exciting for me. I'm also expecting some exhibitionism since we will be out of town. I sincerely doubt that I will have any clothes on for at least 20 of the 24 hours and that includes driving time.

I'm still considering your scenarios. Just haven't had time to really think them out with all that has been going on. As soon as I do, I'll let you know my thoughts on them.

Joe is wanting to go to bed so I'd better go.


Apr 04/08/09 11:17 PM


OK, then if Joe is not going it will be interesting indeed. Anybody else that goes but has not yet been initiated into your little "club" is going to be pretty nervous, if they are anything like the current three. That could be a bit awkward, but it depends on a number of variables. I'm curious as to who's car you are going to take and who will be driving. In this case Joe's Town Car would be ideal since it is big and smooth going down the highway. Long trips in your sensible Honda/Toyota is a little more tiring.

I was thinking about your computer problems lately and the outage in my email last week and I decided to copy and paste all your emails into a document so that I could back them up. This took me all evening, but when I was done I had a 144 page document! It was then I realized your emails of late are a sort of journal. Reading it from top to bottom revealed a few subtle things that I didn't pick up before. For example, I just realized that loss of control is one of your biggest turn-ons, if not the biggest. This explains why you are so passive and why you have resisted being less passive. Certainly being completely passive allows others to take control of you, but let me suggest that there may be an even more exciting option. What if you were to initiate an action which would have the effect of handing over control to someone else? That is not being passive, but it still achieves the same result and may actually be more of a turn-on because you gave the control away instead of just waiting for it to be taken from you. Think about it.

In fact, I would like you to consider doing something special to surprise the boys on Friday. This could be challenge #2 (writing on yourself), wearing a collar (a little leash would be great too, but I don't expect you to go that far), or something else to show you are giving them control. And no, going on the trip with them does not count since that's Joe's idea. Alternatively you could shave your pubic hair or do something else to show your slutty side. Try not to over think it, let your erotic side make your decision on this one and have fun!


Apr 04/09/09 7:35 AM


I had a couple more things I wanted to say before you headed out on your trip to Pittsburgh.

We've talked quite a bit about your submissive role and how you can make it more fulfilling. Now I'd like to talk about the dominant role a little. For most people, being dominant does not come naturally. We are told our whole lives to respect others and treat them as equals. Being dominant goes against all that, so the dom needs reassurance from the sub occasionally that it is OK and that she really wants to be treated that way. Joe gets this reassurance from your talks about your sex life, but because of your relationship with the boys you can't do that with them. You need to find other ways to give them permission to treat you as a sub. This ties back to what I was talking about in my previous email. By actively giving them control over them you are also reassuring them that it's OK, and what you want. Also without Joe there in Pittsburgh it will be more important for you to keep things rolling, and being a little less passive will help in that regard too.

A couple of other things to think about as well. You mentioned being naked most of the time, and while men are turned on by a hot body such as yours, after seeing it for a long time the mystery and excitement can wear off a bit. So try covering up once and a while. It will make them hot to get you naked again and it won't take long. For example, on Friday night when you first get there they will be all over you. After a couple of rounds each, they will need a little more time to recover before they can go again. That would be a good time to take a shower and "freshen up". When you come out of the bathroom, however, come out wrapped in a towel. Women look so sexy wearing just a towel. I'm not sure why, but sometimes it's hotter not quite being able to see everything. Probably because just getting a hint at what's underneath forces the male brain to imagine or remember what's there and that will often times get things going. It's also a bit of a tease because the man knows that the towel is not fastened that securely and can fall off at any moment, or with just a little tug it will go as well. So it amounts to a bit of flirtatious, saucy fun that will probably spark off round three.


Apr 04/09/09 9:58 PM


The trip plans are more final now. I talked with Tommy over the phone. No visitors today, Tommy said he is saving himself. To begin with, it looks like Chuck will be going. Tommy said that he is taking off work but has to clear some other things. He is 90% probable. There still might be another person going. That person is Scott's neighbor and friend Bruce. I was told that originally, it was Bruce who was going with Scott. Then Tommy decided it might be fun to go. The two of them decided it might be "cool" if I went along to entertain them during the drive. Remember, this was supposed to be just a drive there, the fitting, and driving back. It wasn't until they mentioned it to Joe that an overnight stay was even thought of.

It was Joe who suggested the overnight stay. This was confirmed when Joe offered to pay for the accommodations. We are booked into a Holiday Inn, One king sized bed. I guess when this Bruce found out it was going to be overnight, he originally backed out. Then Scott told him that a "girl" might be going that would willingly "do them all". Now Bruce is reconsidering. All I know about him at this time is that his name is Bruce. I won't know if he is going until tomorrow.

So, as of now, I'm still not sure if there will be 2,3, or 4. I'm only certain of 2. Of course Tommy wants me to dress in my teacher clothes for the ride over. He has requested a skirt and button front blouse. I have already packed a dress (mid thigh) and a pants outfit, and a short terry robe. Joe had already offered his car and I accepted. The plans are to meet the "kids" at Joe's bowling center at noon. There is no problem with them leaving their car or cars there overnight.

I agree with you about the constant nudity but that is what they seem to want.

I'll try to write you in the morning before I leave.


Sat Apr 11 22:57:46 EDT 2009

Hi Paul,

This is going to be short because what I really need is a good night of sleep. As you might have suspected, I didn't get much last night. A lot of sex but very little sleep.

Chuck didn't make it but Bruce did so it was three kids and me. I'll tell you more about Bruce later.

Other then being tired, I'm in pretty good physical shape. My jaw is a little sore and the muscles on the inside of my thighs are sore but other then that, I feel fine. My butt feels a bit uncomfortable from the two times I was taken anally but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Basically, we never left the room. I thought we would at least go out and eat but they ordered pizza. (twice) I was stripped naked shortly after we settled in the room and remained that way until we were ready to leave this morning.

Perhaps the most amazing thing for me was the number of times the guys were able to get it up. Except for a few brief breaks, it really was almost continuous sex. After I get some rest and my mind clears, I'll try to come up with a number. Joe wants to know.

Right now I'm going to bed to sleep.


Apr 04/13/09 3:32 AM

Happy Easter Paul, ( a little late)

Not a good Easter here. We went to Joe's mother's house where I was groped, fondled, and verbally assaulted by Joe's brother Jeff. The Jerk actually reached inside my sweater and openly felt my breasts in front of his wife and she laughed about it. It seemed that every time he was within arms reach of me he was grabbing some part of my body. He was always a jerk but he never did that before. The highlight of the day was when he grabbed my hand and held it on his erection (forcefully) and said "you want it don't you"?. What an ASS!!!!!!!!

We got back home at 4:00 and Tommy was waiting in our driveway. He is still here. Joe told him to stay the night. Jeanne and Dick came over. (they were expected) I tried to explain to Jeanne that Tommy was a former student I am tutoring for college. She knew I was lying. Tommy was being way too friendly with me.

Before Jeanne and Dick left, we got another unexpected knock on our door. It was Erin, Joe's center manager. She claimed she was visiting some friends on our area and decided to stop by. Since Joe and I have been married, Erin has been to out house maybe three times (that I know of) and never for a social visit. Erin was drunk and she seldom drinks.

Now, I have always liked Erin even though I know she had sex with Joe once in Atlantic City. Joe and I were seeing each other then but not married. I've always suspected that it has been more then that but never said anything. Erin referred to Tommy several times, as my new boyfriend. (in front of Jeanne) Jeanne and Dick left shortly after she arrived.

Erin was very flirty with Joe but what could I say since I was sitting there with Tommy. Joe claimed it was just because she was drunk. (right) Then Erin asked Tommy straight away, "Have you fucked her yet?"

To which Tommy said, "Of course."

Then Erin slurred out, "If I could suck a dick as good as she can, I'd be married to Joe."

Then I started to say something and Erin says "Shut up bitch!" She walked over to me and slapped me across the face and said to Tommy, "Stick your dick in her mouth and keep her quiet."

I was in complete shock.

I thought I was safe for a while but Tommy just found me. He wants to fuck again.

More later


Apr 04/14/09 7:09 AM


I have been very busy trying to keep up with things here at home and at work, so I have been checking my mail (I have a sneaky way of checking it at work), but have not had the time to reply. I got up a little early this morning specifically so that I could write you.

I don't have a lot to say about your Pittsburgh GB (anything more than two-on-one is a GB to me), or your Easter surprise since you have not given me a lot of details (yet). What I can say is that you have turned an important corner in Joe's training for you. I know I keep using that term 'training', but I think the sports analogy fits. When training an athlete the coach will design practices for them to build up their skill set and muscles, much like your 'normal' visits from Tommy and Scott. Then come the skirmishes; these are like a regular game, played using the full rules, but is still not the real thing. Like your Pittsburgh trip these are meant to test you and get you ready for the real game, which in your case is the six-on-one GB. All of the games eventually lead to the championship game. I believe for you that one of Joe's long term goals is to bring you with on the golfing trip next year to be everybody's sex toy. You would sleep all day while they golf and be available all night for whoever wants you. Thinking back on how tiring the Pittsburgh trip was you can imagine what the golf trip would be like. It's probably a good thing that Joe is training you.

It seems to me that you are having trouble getting the time to write me. Joe may not see much value in your time spent on the computer, so perhaps you should give him a reason to see it differently. What I'm suggesting is that you tell him you are keeping a journal of all your escapades since this started last year. Tell him that writing about what is happening helps you to sort things out and process all the new experiences and that when you don't get the time to do that it creates stress for you. Also tell him that maybe someday you can show it to him as well, but that you are not quite ready for that yet. Since this is all pretty close to the truth, I don't think he'll have any problem believing you. If he thinks it will help you to be a better sub-slut, he will make sure that you get the time to "write in your journal". In fact, to help you out I am willing to edit your emails into something that looks like a personal journal. I would only edit it to remove any references to me or anything that makes it look like you are actually talking to another person (and expecting a response). I would do this in one month chunks and then send them to you for final editing/redacting. Then when the time comes you could actually give them to Joe. I think he would find it a turn-on to read your personal journal.

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