A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 20


A couple of quick observations about Easter Sunday. It's obvious that Joe has told Jeff about your recent experiences, at least some of them, and he has told his wife. I expect you will be giving Jeff that blow job sooner than maybe you thought. It's also obvious that Joe arranged to have Tommy be there at the same time that your sister and her husband were coming over. He wants them to know that something is going on. This was just to peak their curiosity and hopefully bring them into your brave new world. Obviously he's told Erin a great deal as well. I wonder who else he has been talking to?

I'll have more to say after you tell me the details about the Pittsburgh trip, Easter, and maybe yesterday (I know you had off, but you didn't write me after the early morning interrupted email, so I'm assuming you were busy with the "kids" or something). I have to get ready for work now and I still have to walk the dog.


Apr 04/15/09 10:34PM


I'm sorry I left you hanging in my last email like that. You are right, I have been kind of overwhelmed with the current events in my personal life and have not been doing a good job of writing you about them. You are also right that these letters are kind of like a journal for me and that writing them helps me "process" recent events. That's probably why I've been feeling a bit lost lately. I haven't had the time to absorb everything that's been going on. I'm going to take care of that right now.

I promise I will tell you about the rest of Sunday, but I need to back up and tell you a little more about the Pittsburgh trip and Saturday with Joe. I want you to understand my state of mine leading up to Sunday.

Oh crap! Joe has interrupted me again.

It's now a little over an hour since Joe interrupted. We had a long conversation. I told him that I was keeping a journal (thanks for giving me that idea) and that I needed the uninterrupted time to do that. I'm glad I said that because he told me that he had noticed I was typing a lot on the computer a lot in the last few months and he thought I was in a chat room or something. In fact, he was concerned that I was "wasting so much time chatting". He was somewhat relieved that I was keeping a journal instead. Now that Joe understands how important my "journal" is to me he has promised to give me more uninterrupted time on the computer.

That should help, but I have to warn you that time management is not my strongest skill. When I was teaching full time that was the thing I struggled with the most. People think that teachers only work 7 to 2 for 9 months and then take it easy all summer. In truth most take home loads of work every week. Making lesson plans, grading papers, etc. And then I would usually get started on the new school year several weeks before the classes started back up in the fall. OK, I'll get off my soapbox now. The important thing is that I'm determined to bring you up to date and keep you current.

Oh, and don't worry about editing my emails into a real journal for me. I've kept them all too and I can make a journal out of them easily if I need to. Thanks for the offer though.

So back to the Pittsburgh trip. We had planned to meet at the bowling center about 10:00 that morning so that we would arrive in Pittsburgh around lunch time. Then we would get some lunch before taking Scott to the formal wear place. After that it would be on to the hotel. Of course plans were made to be messed up. Scott and Bruce were a half an hour late. So after quick introductions we all piled into Joe's Towncar and we were off.

I was driving since Joe didn't trust any of the kids for such a long drive, especially if I was free to distract them. Tommy was in front with me and Scott and Bruce were in the back. Let me describe Bruce briefly. He looked to be the same age as the others, although I found out later he was a year older. He wasn't nerdy like the others either, but looked like he might have been an athlete in school. From the way he talked I think he played baseball. Anyway he seemed more confident and comfortable with the situation than Tommy or Scott did the first time they knew they would be having sex with me.

For most of the trip they talked about sports, music, and movies. Everything except sex. This surprised me a little. Once we got to the suburbs of Pittsburgh the boys started saying they were hungry and wanted to stop for lunch. I asked where and they pointed to a McDonalds. I'm not a big fan of that place, but I turned in there anyway.

Inside once we got our food Tommy steered us to a big table in corner with bench seating on one side and chairs on the other. He had me sit on the bench in the middle with Tommy on one side and Scott on the other. Bruce sat across from us. While they ate (I just had a coke) Tommy and Scott started putting their hands on my legs.

I should stop and tell you what I was wearing. This was at Tommy's request. I had on a skirt that stopped just above my knees, a silk button up blouse, a sheer bra, bikini panties, and heels. Kind of a "sexy teacher" look (as Tommy called it).

When I sat down my skirt had ridden up exposing about half way up my legs, so they were rubbing my bare skin. It felt nice, but I was a little concerned that we were in such a public place. Then they started moving their hands higher and higher until my panties were almost exposed. When Tommy tried to push them aside I looked at him and said, "Please, not here."

Bruce looked at us but didn't say anything. I'm not sure if he knew what was going on or not. Then Tommy says, "She doesn't want me to play with her pussy here."

I couldn't believe he said that in front of Bruce. Even though I was going to have sex with him later, I was still embarrassed. Then Tommy said that if I kissed him he would stop. I didn't want to kiss him in public like that, but that seemed better than the alternative.

I was just going to give him a quick kiss, but Tommy made a big deal out of it, sticking his tongue into my mouth and making it last. After that Scott wanted a kiss too and laid a similar lip lock on me. That was when I noticed a couple of young mothers with their children across the room giving us dirty looks. I told the kids that we had better leave before we got thrown out. Before we got into the car Bruce wanted a kiss too. I was surprised he was so forward. He didn't push it like Tommy and Scott had, but he was a good kisser so I made it last a little longer than I had planned.

Nothing else happened until we got to the hotel. As I told you earlier it didn't take them long to get me naked once we were in the room. Tommy took off my blouse while Scott pulled down my skirt and panties. Then Tommy moved behind me to unsnap my bra. When he pushed it off my shoulders I let it drop to the ground and I was standing there nude. The kids were still fully dressed.

Tommy reached around me and started squeezing my boobs saying, "I told you she was hot, Bruce."

Bruce was right in front of me and said, "Yeah, she has a bangin bod all right."

I had never heard that term before, but I guess it was a compliment. Then Tommy asked Bruce if he wanted to feel my "tits". Bruce stepped up and started squeezing them and then he started kissing me very forcefully. The next thing I knew they were all very close and I had three pairs of hands roaming all over me. They kept turning me so that they each had a chance to kiss me. I was already horny from the anticipation and the action at the McDonalds, but now my motor was really running. They were pulling on my nipples, pushing their fingers into me, and squeezing my butt. It was almost too much stimulation.

After several complete revolutions Tommy said that it was time for some "cock sucking" and since Bruce was the newest, he was first. I was already facing Bruce. I felt Tommy put his hands on my shoulders and press down slightly. I knew what to do next. I got down on my knees and unsnapped and unzipped Bruce's pants. I pushed his pants and underwear down to the floor.

He was already hard of course. His cock was a good combination of Tommy's and Scott's. It was a little longer than Tommy's but with a slight upward curve and a large head like Scott's. As I sucked it I thought it would feel nice inside me (it did). I tried to make it as good as I could for him. I didn't worry about making it last since I knew I'd be getting plenty more. And he didn't last long. I took it all in my mouth and swallowed it down. Bruce said, "Fuck, she's a great cocksucker," when I was finished.

It may seem strange but I felt a little proud of myself when he said that. Then I did the same for Scott and then Tommy. Tommy had to show off and shoot his cum onto my face. When I tried to wipe it off he told me to leave it because it made me look more like a "cum slut" that way. Then they led me to the bed and Bruce said he wanted to taste my pussy "before it got all nasty".

He was pretty good too and gave me a nice orgasm. Then Scott took a turn, but it was obvious he didn't know what he was doing and after a few minutes Tommy said, "Move over, I think she needs a good fucking."

He was right. I was very horny. Tommy moved between my legs and just shoved it in. He pounded me without any regard for my pleasure calling me a "slut" and a "fuck toy". I came anyway. To be honest, I still don't like being called those things, but I'm starting to get used to it. And Joe was right, the degradation does increase my arousal. After he came inside me the other two played "paper, scissors, rock" to decide who went next.

Bruce won and he took Tommy's place. He was a little more considerate than Tommy and actually tried to make it good for me. I came twice with Bruce. After he was done Scott fucked me. He told me I had a "hot cunt" that was "hungry" for his cock. After he was done I had three loads inside me. Even though it was the second one for each of them I could still feel it leaking out.

Then Tommy told me to stand up and spread my legs so that they could watch their sperm leak out of my "cunt". This sounded like something that Joe told him to do (which he wouldn't confirm or deny). It was a strange feeling standing there while liquid leaked out of me and down my legs. "I told you the bitch was a slut," Tommy says to Bruce.

All Bruce could say was, "Fucking A."

Tommy went on to talk about how slutty I looked with dried cum on my face (I'd almost forgotten about that) and more running down my legs. Then Tommy said, "She doesn't look like an innocent teacher anymore, does she guys?"

Bruce answered, "No, more like a filthy whore."

When their slimy cum finally stopped trickling out of me it was almost down to my ankle on one side and just past my knee on the other. Then Tommy sent me to the bathroom to clean up. When I looked in the full length mirror I was a little shocked. I did look like a whore. I was flushed, I had cum on my face and legs, my nipples were still hard, and my pussy was a wet matted mess. And this was just the start!

I decided the best way to clean up was to take a quick shower. When I came back out of the bathroom the kids were sitting around naked watching TV and drinking beer (from the mini bar). I was wearing a towel. Tommy pulled it off and said, "Cock hounds like to show off their bodies."

They had been soft, but now they started getting hard again. The rest of the afternoon consisted of them fucking me or me sucking them. Usually it was just one-on-one, but sometimes it was two at a time. Now that they had cum a couple of times they lasted much longer. Sometimes one of them would be fucking me and one of the others would just tap him on the shoulder and they would switch. Like we were dancing or something. It was almost continuous sex so when Tommy announced that he was ordering pizza around 5:00 I was actually kind of glad because I figured I'd get a break.

When the pizza came I was sucking on Tommy's cock. Bruce slipped on his pants and went to the door to get the pizza. As soon as it hit the table the kids were on it like bum on a baloney sandwich. Tommy just pushed me off him and walked to the table. Then he turned and said, "Aren't you hungry for anything other than cock?"

I got up and went over to where they had put the pizza but before I could get a slice Tommy informed me that, "Whores need to earn their food. Get under the table and keep us happy while we eat. Maybe if you are good we'll save you a slice or two."

Tommy knew that I especially didn't like being called a whore and he usually didn't, but this weekend seemed to be an exception. I had a feeling that Joe had something to do with that. It was very degrading, but by that time I was deep into my submissive mood so I just crawled under the table and started sucking cock. It's a good thing I'm small because it was cramped under there. I took turns sucking each one, keeping them hard or at least mostly. They were laughing and saying how they would like to get a blow job at every meal. By the time they were done eating my back was starting to ache so I was glad when they let me out. There was only one piece left and even though it was pretty big I gobbled it down quickly. I had not eaten since about 8:00 that morning after all.

It's getting late here and I'm tired. This is the most I've written you in one sitting for a while, but I promise that I'll finish telling you about Pittsburgh tomorrow and Easter as well. I have the day off so I will have the time.


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