A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 33


We fucked twice while watching it. That was the first time I really enjoyed watching a pornographic movie. Bruce told me that he found it on a website dedicated to selling X-rated videos under the "couples" category. He said when he saw the description he knew I would like it. That's pretty thoughtful for a 20 year old.

Today I spent the day at the Library reading. I found a fascinating book on the birth of the Industrial Revolution in Europe by way of looking up 18th Century scholars. I never know what I'm going to find at the Library.

I also talked to Joe today about the video that his sons made on Sunday. He said he had given them permission to do it. I asked, "Did you tell them to invite me out to visit them?"

He answered, "That was their idea. I told them it was fine with me, but that it was up to you."

So then I asked him, "Did you tell them it was OK to show the video to all their friends?"

He said, "They didn't ask, but I don't have a problem with it."

I tried to shock him by saying, "You know they are going to invite all their friends over for a gang bang if I go out to visit them."

He wasn't phased at all. He just said, "Yes."

To which I asked, "So do you think I should go?"

He answered, "Like I said, it's up to you."

I wasn't letting him evade the question, so I asked, "But what do YOU want?"

He asked, "Are you sure you want to know?"

I replied, "Yes."

So he said, "OK, I want you to go and stay with my boys for a few days. While you are there I want to fuck their brains out and anybody else the care to invite. I want all your holes stuffed with cock as much of the time as possible. I want you come back with a new appreciation of what it is to be a real submissive cum slut."

I told him I'd think about it. I figured his ultimate fantasies were along those lines, but I was a little surprised to hear him say it anyway.

But I'll bet you already knew he'd react that way. The next time one of them calls I'll have to find out how many friends they are planning on inviting.

By the way, did I tell you that we leave on our European vacation next Friday? It's been so busy around here I think I forgot to tell you. We get back on the 23rd. I'm so excited about it, I can't wait. I've already started packing, if you can believe that.


Aug 08/05/09 8:32PM


Is everything OK with you and your wife. You usually don't go so long without writing me. I'm a little worried.

Today was very different. I spent the day with James. We went shopping, had lunch, and even went to the Library together. I kept expecting him to make a move, but he didn't. Until later that afternoon back at his house. We were having coffee in his living room and I had stopped expecting him to start something sexual. Then out of the blue he says, "I think I'd like a blowjob."

I just looked at him surprised. As I said, I wasn't expecting it. He just pointed at his crotch. So I went over to him and got down on my knees. Then I pulled his pants down and started working on him. After he came in my mouth he led me to his bedroom. I was instructed to strip and lay down on the bed, so I did. James produced some padded cuffs that were already tied to the bed and strapped them around my wrists. Then he brought out a bar about 3 feet long with padded cuffs on each end. He strapped these cuffs around my ankles which kept my legs spread.

James brought out a small silver colored egg shaped object. I noticed that it had a wire coming out of it leading to a white control box of some kind. He lubed it up and pushed it into my vagina. Then he turned it on and it started vibrating. It felt nice. Not "oh my god" good, but pleasant. Next he produced a feather and started tickling me with it. Eventually he found my ticklish spots and had me convulsing in laughter. At that point he stopped tickling me and sucked one of my breasts into his mouth and attacked the nipple with his tongue. He rubbed my clit with his finger at the same time.

I went from laughing to moaning in a flash. Then he stopped that and started with the feather again. He whip-lashed me like that a number of times. Going quickly from one sensation to the other intensified both. It was weird and amazing. The last time he did this he dove between my legs and and gave me oral instead of sucking on my boob. I had a fantastic orgasm that went on and on. When that subsided he pulled the egg out and fucked me for a long time. Every time he came close to coming he pulled out and either tickled or fondled me.

Eventually he came inside me. It was a wonderful afternoon of sex. I was quite satisfied by the time I left.

Later Joe told me that he was going to some sort of professional fight on Saturday night. I don't think it's boxing though. He called it "UFC" whatever that means. His brother bought the tickets, which surprised me because Jeff is such a cheapskate. So I don't think he has anything planned for Saturday, but you never know.

Hope you are doing well.


Aug 08/05/09 9:15PM


I'm sorry I haven't written lately. I had my appendix removed yesterday. I'm still pretty sore and I'm still taking some pain meds, so I'm not really up to telling you the whole story. Maybe when I feel better. The bottom line is that I'm home and recovering. I'll catch up on your emails in the next couple of days.


Aug 08/06/09 1:30PM


Oh my. I hope you don't have any complications from the surgery. Did they make you stay overnight at the hospital or is that one those operations now that they send you home the same day? Either way I wish you a speedy recovery. Don't push things too quickly. Give yourself the time you need to heal.

I actually sat down to write you about something new. I got a phone call from Jeanne this morning. She said that she won a day for two at a fancy spa and invited me to join her. The day she wants to go is this Saturday. Since Joe is working in the morning and going to the UFC thing in the afternoon and evening, I thought that would be perfect. So I accepted her invitation.

She is picking me up in the morning, so I don't have to drive either. I have not been to a spa like this before, but it sounds like fun.

Now I'm off to the library to return some books and find some new ones.



Aug 08/07/09 1:43PM


I don't want to get into too many details about my appendix operation because I have a lot to say and ask about your recent adventures, so I'll give you the short version.

On Monday morning my lower right groin area was sore. I had given the dog a long run on Sunday afternoon so I thought that I had just pulled a muscle. Throughout the day at work it just got more and more painful. By bedtime I was also experiencing a lot of gas bloat and there was no way I could sleep. I eventually took something for the gas and some Advil for the pain. This allowed me to get some sleep, but by morning the pain in my groin had not gotten any better. It wasn't any worse either, but I still had my wife bring me to the clinic.

They were a little confused because the location of the pain and the elevated white blood cell count indicated that I had an infected appendix, but I didn't have a fever, I wasn't vomiting, and I could still walk. So they sent me over to the hospital for a CT scan. After the scan I was only sitting in the waiting room for a couple of minutes before someone came out and told me I had a "hot" appendix and that it was coming out that day. Five minutes later the surgeon was out to see me.

I was brought over to the surgical unit and prepped for surgery. Within an hour of arriving at the hospital for a CT scan I was laying on the operating table. An hour and a half later, or so I was told, I woke up in post-op. After recovering from the anesthesia I was given a prescription for Vicodin and sent home. I was pretty sore; it felt like King Kong had punched me in the stomach. I wasn't hungry and only drank a little water before taking some Vicodin and heading to bed.

The next day (Wednesday) I woke up feeling better than I thought I would. I was able to eat and move around fairly well. I was still really sore, especially around the incisions, but I felt like I was making good progress. I thought that I might actually be able to go back to work on Friday. I tired easily and went to bed early that night. I decided to skip the Vicodin. I don't like the way that stuff makes me feel later when it wears off.

Yesterday morning (Thursday) I really felt like crap. I was feeling sick and light headed. I was told that some people had a delayed reaction to the anesthesia and pain killers. At that point I abandoned any hope of going back to work on Friday. I did manage to take off the outer dressings over the incisions and take a shower, but otherwise I spent the day in bed or on the couch.

Today I finally feel like I've turned the corner and am really recovering. My stomach only hurts when I cough or sneeze. I can sit down in a chair and get up again with only a minor twinge. I'm planning on walking the dog this afternoon. No running yet, of course, but it'll feel good to get outside, even for just a little while.

That's what I've been up to. It seems you've been busy yourself. Your step sons really learned quickly how to push your buttons. Probably some help from Joe there. They were very clever the way they set up the video to make it look more voluntary than it really was. I have a feeling they are going to use it to recruit as many "friends" as possible when you go out to visit them, and they'll probably find they have a lot more friends than they thought. If I were you I'd expect a major gang bang.

I was impressed by Jame's creativity. Not only for using the vibrating egg and the feather, but also for the bondage elements. I'm betting that being tied up intensified the experience even more. I'll have to try that on my wife some time, although she's not very ticklish, so that could be a problem.

I hope you enjoy your trip to the spa with your sister. You deserve a day of pampering.



Aug 08/7/09 4:15PM


It made me happy to read that you were recovering well from your surgery. Don't push it though. Give your body the time it needs to heal.

Today Kyle and Troy came over. Troy was pretty shy and didn't know what to do but Kyle didn't have that problem. He told me to get my collar and put it on. I did as I was told. When I returned to the living room they were sitting on the couch. Kyle indicated that he wanted me to sit between them.

They took turns kissing me as they unbuttoned and removed my blouse. Then they each took one of my hands and put it on their crotch. They were both hard of course and I fondled them as they in turn fondled my boobs. This went on for a few minutes and then Kyle told me, "It's time to start sucking cock, bitch."

I undid his pants and pulled them down. Then I leaned over and started giving him a blowjob. I was really getting into it when he stopped me and said that I need to give Troy some attention. So I did the same for him. Troy only lasted for a minute before he shot his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all down of course. When I had milked him dry he said, "I still can't believe you do that."

I guess most women won't swallow, but I like the taste of cum so it seems natural to swallow it. Then Kyle told me, "Get over here and fuck me now slut."

First I had to take off my pants and underwear. Then I climbed into his lap and lowered myself onto his hard cock. He seems to like that position and so do I. It lets me control the pace and angle so that I can maximize my own enjoyment as well as his. I almost always have an orgasm this way before he cums and this time was no exception.

After that Troy was hard again and he wanted to take me to bed, so we went up to the spare bedroom. He was not very experienced but he lasted quite a while and learned pretty quickly. When he was done Kyle took his place and pounded me for a long time in several different positions. He fumbled around a bit like he had read about them in a book but had never used them before. It was still pleasurable though, especially the rear entry (doggy) position because his cock was hitting just the right spot. I had a very nice orgasm that way.

That was my day. Tomorrow I'm spending the day at the spa with my sister, so don't expect my next email until Sunday.

Your slutty friend,


Aug 08/07/09 9:01PM


Don't worry about me. I plan on taking it easy. The last thing I need right now is to miss more work because I pushed myself too far too soon. Besides, with my wife hovering over me like a mother hen there's no way I'd be able to get away with anything to strenuous.

It sounds like you had a pretty good time with Kyle and Troy. I wonder if your nosy neighbor is keeping track of how many different boys are stopping by on a regular basis. If so she must think you are a saint for trying to help so many of them. If she knew the truth she'd probably blow a gasket!

It seems to me that this has been kind of a light week for you. I wonder if Joe is planning something big for Sunday. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Enjoy your day at the spa. I'm going to lay around and take it easy myself.



Aug 08/9/09 2:34PM


I had really good day yesterday. The spa was great, they pamper you from the moment you get there until you leave. Everything is taken care of literally from head to toe. I feel relaxed and refreshed. I wouldn't mind doing that once a month but I'd have a hard time justifying the expense.

Joe got home pretty late last night and today he is at a baseball game. I don't know if I've told you or not, but he's a season ticket holder. He also has football season tickets. Sports is his one weakness. If he isn't going to a game he's out playing golf. But you've probably figured that out by now.

It's been a quiet day for me. I'm reading one of the books that I found at the library last Friday. I don't think this will last though. I expect that Joe will have some sort of erotic surprise for me when he gets home. That's been his pattern lately.

I hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself.


Aug 08/09/09 6:55PM


I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at the spa. My wife did that once too and she had a similar experience. Like you we just can't justify the expense on a monthly basis. It will have to remain as a treat a couple times a year.

I'm feeling much better today. In fact, except for some abdominal soreness I feel like I'm pretty much back to normal. I am planning on returning to work tomorrow. I think I'll use the elevator for the next couple of days instead of the stairs, but that's the only adjustment I anticipate I'll need to make. Most of the time I just sit on my ass in front of a computer; it's not like I'm a construction worker or something.

I look forward to hearing about what Joe comes up with for today. I'm guessing that he'll either bring Jeff home with him again or one of the kids. There's a much smaller probability, in my mind, that he'll bring someone new home.



Aug 08/11/09 10:54AM


Our guesses were wrong. Joe came home by himself on Sunday. We had a normal dinner and evening after that. Yesterday was a different story though. Bruce called me in the early afternoon and told me that he was on his way over and that I should get ready for something different.

When he arrived we went upstairs to the spare bedroom. Bruce quickly stripped me naked and had me lay on the bed. He got between my legs and gave me oral sex but stopped before I came. Then he tied me to the bed and blindfolded me saying, "I have a couple of friends I want to introduce to your hot body, but I don't want you knowing who they are. It'll be more exciting that way."

I wasn't sure what to say. I knew that Joe was keeping a tight reign on the kids so it was unlikely that Bruce was bringing in someone new without Joe's permission. And Joe didn't mention anything like that to me. Then again I wouldn't put it past him. It was also possible that Bruce was not telling the truth. So I didn't say anything.

He must have been expecting a response from me because he said, "Is that OK with you?"

I just answered, "It's up to you."

He replied, "That's right bitch, it is up to me. Now I'm going to go get my friends."

I heard he walk out of the room. A minute or so later I heard him return. There were at least three sets of foot steps, so it seemed like he did bring some friends. But who were they?

Before I could think about that I felt several sets of hands on me. They were all over me, my boobs, legs, and between my legs. I was nearly overwhelmed by all the sensations. Then someone started kissing me. I thought it might be Tommy, but it could have been Bruce too. While I was trying to sort that out I felt someone get on the foot end of the bed. My legs were gently pushed apart and I felt someone enter me.

I had no idea who it was, but once they started fucking me the others stopped what they were doing. It seemed like it might have been Tommy, but I didn't care. It felt great and my orgasm was building. Whoever they were they lasted just long enough for me to cum first. He came shortly after that, probably triggered by my spasms. He was quickly replaced by someone else. I was pretty sure this was Scott from the way his cock felt in me and how he moved. That's probably a unique combination. He came before I did and squirted 6 or 7 times. That had to be Scott.

The next guy would have to be Bruce. The strange thing is that it didn't feel like him. Maybe he was the first guy. That would make sense. He was the organizer of this event. But then I wondered who was fucking me now? I never really did figure it out. I suppose it could have been Tommy. I knew it wasn't Kyle or Troy because this guy had body hair. Maybe it was Chuck, I didn't know him as well. It was kind of a turn on thinking that it might be someone new though. That was enough to make me cum again.

When the third kid was done they each had me clean up their cocks with my mouth. To my surprise they left after that. On his way out Bruce said, "Don't worry. Someone will be along soon to untie you."

I waited for a while listening carefully, but I couldn't hear anything. Bruce hadn't tied me too tight so I could move around a little to prevent my muscles from getting sore. I probably could have slipped out of them if I tried, but I decided to wait.

Eventually someone entered the room. They didn't say anything but I could hear the rustle of clothes, or at least pants, being removed. That was followed by weight on the bed and a cock entering me. I didn't know who it was and I didn't care anymore. It just didn't matter. They were going to use me as their fuck toy until they were done. And that was fine with me.

When you can't see or move the passage of time is hard to gauge, so I didn't know how long I laid up there. I do know that each of the kids fucked me a second time and one of them a third time. Unless there were more than three of them. I honestly don't know. What I do know is that it was a little after 5:00 when Joe finally untied me (after fucking me). He said the kids were gone when he got home and found me tied up. He said I was a mess and he couldn't help adding his cum too.

I was a little stiff from being in the same position for so long but a long bath helped that. Later I asked Joe but he wouldn't tell me who was here except for Bruce. Then he asked, "Do you have any guesses?"

I replied, "I'm pretty sure Scott was here. But other than that I don't know who else. I'm not even sure how many there were."

Joe responded with, "Really? How did that make you feel?"

I answered, "Frankly, it kind of excited me."

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