tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 37

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 37


Part 37: Something new

I have decided to change the way I present this material. Due to having less and less long stretches of free time to write me, Sharon's emails have become less regular and a little more disjointed. There are times when she has to quit in the middle of a story, and the next time she writes she starts telling me about a new adventure and never finishes the previous one. I have to pull out the details over several emails by asking lots of questions. The result is that our email exchange has become harder and harder to follow, even for me at times. There is also more material which is not suitable for Literotica and must be redacted. So from now on I'm going to try synthesizing her emails into a coherent (I hope) third person account. I will attempt to keep things in chronological order, but for certain key dates I will dispense with the rigid day-by-day format I used before in favor of a more flowing style which will hopefully be easier to read. As always, if this type of material offends you, then fuck off and go read something more your speed, like See Spot Run.

A summary of the current situation is probably the best way to start. Sharon has completely given herself over to her husband to be his submissive sex slave. Joe seems to still have quite a few fantasies he wants to have her fulfill and he has enlisted plenty of help to make them happen. Like any good manager, he has delegated some of his authority in order to concentrate on long range plans. Bruce appears to be in charge of the ex-student brigade and to make sure that Sharon gets plenty of sex between the major adventures. This suited the virile 18 and 19 year olds just fine. I once commented that older women that go after younger men are called "cougars" and the men are their "cubs". She didn't like the "cougar" title for herself, but really liked "cubs", so from then on that's the way she referred to them.

James, Sharon's colleague from the High School, arranges kinky experiences for her. This sometimes involves the ex-students, including his son, and sometimes others. Joe's brother Jeff has definitely taken on the role of the humiliation czar. He loves to embarrass his sister in law at every opportunity and gets the chance once in a while when Joe "loans" Sharon to Jeff so he can fulfill his fantasies too.

I left off in the previous chapter in the middle of October, which is where the first large gap in Sharon's emails occurs. It took a little while, but I eventually found out what happened that next Sunday morning with Jeff.

Sharon woke up in her husband's arms, his erection pressing against her ass. She was still a little groggy, but loved morning sex, so she pushed back against his hard member to let him know she was awake and willing.

"Can't get enough of my cock, eh slut?" Joe said.

Only it wasn't Joe's voice. It was Jeff's. Suddenly she was completely awake and the previous evenings activities rushed back into her mind. Of course, she had literally slept with her brother in law, and now it was his erection that she was grinding against. In response Jeff grabbed her left tit and started roughly squeezing it.

"So do you like to fuck in the morning, bitch?" Jeff asked.

"Yes," Sharon answered truthfully.

"So do I," He replied. "Do you know why?"


"Because I can go fucking forever in the morning," Jeff said, and proceeded to prove it.

He started from behind, thrusting into her from the spooning position they woke up in. After a while he rolled her over and pounded her for a while in the good old missionary position. When he got tired he flopped onto his back and ordered Sharon to climb on top so she could do the "work" for a while. Even though she detested her brother in law, all the stimulation and her general morning horniness resulted several nice orgasms. After more than 40 minutes, Jeff still had not cum though. Sharon's legs were getting tired and as much as she liked to fuck, she needed to pee. Badly.

Jeff was hungry by that time, so he let her go to the bathroom after promising they would finish later what they had started. When she went downstairs after he shower she found Joe and his brother waiting in the kitchen. They wanted Sharon to make them breakfast. Even though her compact with Joe only included being his sex slave, she still complied with their wishes. After all, it wasn't that unusual for her to make her husband breakfast on the weekends.

While she was cooking Jeff was playing grab ass with her and by the time she was finished preparing their meal, he had her robe on the floor. While they ate she spent the time under the table giving Jeff a blow job. She did her best, but the bastard just would not cum. She was hoping if she got him off, her servitude to him would be over for the day. But so far she was frustrated with her attempts. After breakfast Jeff made Sharon put on her collar and leash. Then he took the leash and led her around the house for the rest of the morning. She followed him everywhere he went, including to the bathroom. He didn't do anything explicitly sexual, but being led around her own house naked with a dog collar and leash was still very humiliating.

That changed early in the afternoon when the doorbell rang. Sharon panicked a little, but didn't let it show. She was relieved when Jeff ordered her to go into the kitchen and wait for him there. Obviously the guys were expecting the visitors, whoever they were, and Sharon was curious. So she listened carefully by the entrance to the dining room to see if she could find out what they were up to. She heard the door open followed by standard greetings. It sounded like two of the men that Joe golfed with occasionally. Dan and Burt. She thought she had met them once or twice, but couldn't conjure up an image of their faces.

"So what's up? You said it was important," Burt said.

"You two are the only ones that have not signed up to go to Myrtle Beach and we wanted to make one last try to change your minds," Joe answered.

"You know I can't, my wife would never forgive me if I missed her mother's 80th birthday," Dan stated.

"Sorry guys, but I just can't afford it this year," Burt replied.

"We know all that," Jeff said, "But we are planning a special bonus this year that I know neither of you will want to miss."

"What could you possibly have in mind that's worth risking a divorce?" Dan objected.

"I think a little preview is in order," Joe said. "Show them Jeff."

Jeff walked in the direction of the kitchen and Sharon had an uncomfortable feeling she knew what he was up to. Sure enough, when he got to the kitchen he took Sharon's leash and pulled her out into the dining room. Jeff led her directly through and into the living room to the amazement of their guests. Sharon's face burned in embarrassment, but her pussy tingled in arousal.

"What the..." Burt started.

"Your wife?" Dan asked in confusion.

"This is our party bitch. She will be entertaining us every evening after a long day of golf," Joe said.

Dan and Burt looked shocked.

"Entertaining? What are you talking about? She's your wife," Dan objected.

"No, she's a submissive slut that loves being used as a sex toy," Joe replied. "Isn't that right bitch?"

"Yes," Sharon answered.

"Really?" Burt exclaimed.

"Absolutely," Jeff said. "How about a little demonstration?"

"Sure," Burt answered.

"Suck them off, slut," Jeff told Sharon.

She dropped to her knees and pulled down Burt's pants. As soon as his hard cock was in view she gobbled it down. After a minute or so Jeff told her not to ignore Dan, so she turned to him and did the same. Sharon was in her element, alternating between the two men and their hard cocks. She loved to give blow jobs, and it really showed. Dan was the first one to cum and she swallowed all his cream as she always did. It wasn't long before Burt was filling her mouth with his man juice as well. Both men were impressed.

"Maybe I can find a way to squeeze the money out of the budget," Burt said.

"It might be worth a divorce to spend a week playing with that body," Dan said.

After they left Jeff took Sharon to Joe's computer, dropped his pants, and sat down. Then he had Sharon sit on his cock facing the computer screen. As he slowly fucked her, he brought up pornographic websites that specialized in gang bangs and black men fucking white women. No matter how nasty the women on those sites were, he would tell Sharon she was nastier. He said she was only good for one thing; to please men and make them cum. As far as he was concerned she only existed to amuse him, and the thing he enjoyed the most was humiliating her. He told her he knew she hated him, but that just made it that much more fun. He was really working her clit by then and when she came he laughed.

"You despise me but you're such a slut you can't stop yourself from creaming all over my cock," Jeff crowed.

Sharon knew what he said was true, but that only added to her humiliation fueled arousal. When Jeff found a set of pictures of a woman about Sharon's age being ganged by a group of teens (all over 18 the site claimed), he stopped there.

"Now this is more like it. You like young cock, don't you?" He asked.

"Yes," Sharon answered truthfully.

"Tell me what you like about them bitch," Jeff ordered.

"They're always hard and can get it up again quickly after they cum," She answered.

Sharon could tell this talk was exciting Jeff. Maybe if she played along and got him to cum he would go home.

"Do you like fucking your students?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm just a nasty horny teacher that loves to fuck her students," Sharon embellished.

Jeff picked her up at this point and bent her over the desk, pushing the laptop computer to the side. Then he began pounding her very fast from behind.

"Sometimes in school I daydream about bending over my desk like this and having all the boys in my class line up to fuck me," She grunted as Jeff continued to pound her.

She could tell he was close now so she kept it up, telling him how great their teen-age cocks felt in her hot pussy and her mouth. At last he came, pumping his seed deep inside her as she lay sprawled face down on Joe's computer desk. But he didn't leave right after that. He spanked her for being just a nasty, teen-age craving cock slut. This wasn't like when Tommy spanked her though, Jeff really turned her cheeks red and she was crying for real when he was finished.

Sharon didn't think Joe would have approved if he had been there, but Jeff had her put on a robe and dry her tears before they rejoined her husband in the living room, so he didn't know. He was watching TV and she didn't say anything when Joe asked his brother if he had fun. Even after Jeff left she didn't mention how hard Jeff had spanked her. She's a little worried what his reaction will be, but she never elaborated on that point, so to this day I'm still not sure what she was worried about.

Apparently there were a lot of teachers out sick with the flu, so Sharon worked just about every day through the end of the month. This meant that her liaisons with the cubs had to be moved to the evenings, which left her time for little else besides normal daily chores. Needless to say I didn't get too many long emails from her during this period of time. I do know that the next weekend Joe was gone to a baseball or football game. Maybe both. But Bruce arranged a cub gang-bang for her on Saturday. It consisted of him, Scott, Dave, and Kyle.

They started in the early afternoon and were still going at it by the time Joe returned home that evening. By this time the cubs were very practiced at using Sharon as a fuck toy and they did a good job keeping a cock in one of her holes most of that time. Joe was pleased with this and after the cubs went home he had a go at her too. Apparently the more she's used by other men, and the sloppier she is, the more he likes it. Whatever turns your crank, I guess.

The next really detailed letter I received was after Sharon returned from visiting her step sons over the Halloween weekend. She had wanted to fly out on Friday but ended up working, so had to change her travel plans to Saturday morning. Sharon was a little nervous. She trusted Joe and his judgment in these matters, but he seemed to have a blind-spot where his sons were concerned. She had a feeling they were a lot more wild than their father believed. Still, when Eric picked her up at the airport she had to admit that she felt a little twinge in her pussy.

On the way he told her that she would be staying at Nathan's house since that's where the Halloween party was being hosted and they needed her help in getting the place ready. That much sounded pretty normal to Sharon; men were pigs. She had no doubt there was a lot of cleaning to do. When they arrived she was impressed. Either her step son was making very good money or houses were cheaper out there. It was a large two-story house with four bedrooms, one of which was an office, and a large yard. The kitchen was roomy and well equipped, for a bachelor. There was a nice garden out back and a big hot tub. Surprisingly it was not as dirty as she had first feared, just a bit messy.

Nathan greeted her with a big hug and kiss that was a bit more friendly than the normal Mother-Son embrace. But of course, that was expected. What she didn't expect was how well behaved they were up to that point. They hadn't tried to really grope her or make out with her since she had arrived. By now she thought she would be naked with two cocks in her. Instead she helped them clean the house.

When dinner time rolled around they took her out to a nice restaurant to eat. She wanted to know more about the party, but they told her that everything else was taken care of and that she could just relax until then. After they finished eating Eric went home saying he was tired and had a lot to do the next day, leaving Sharon and Nathan alone.

After watching some TV, Nathan announced, "I'm going to soak in the hot tub for a while. Want to join me?"

"Sure. What should I wear?" Sharon asked.

He laughed, "A bikini would be nice."

Sharon changed in the guest room that Nathan had showed her earlier. Joe only allowed her to pack the super revealing bikini, so she had no choice but to put that one on. Nathan was already in the hot tub when she came out in the skimpy two-piece and he whistled when he saw her.

"I like that one," he said.

When she got in she noticed he was wearing trunks. Maybe he did just want to soak in the hot water, she thought to herself, almost disappointed that he didn't appear to be trying to make a move on her. After all, she hadn't had sex yet that day. Mostly they soaked in silence, but after about a half hour Nathan looked at her seriously.

"I was trying to save my energy for tomorrow, but that body of yours is just too hot, especially in that bikini. You are giving me serious wood, Mom," Nathan said, emphasizing the word "Mom". "Come over here and take care of me."

Then he stood up, pushed his trunks down, and sat on the edge of the tub with his feet and legs still in the water. Sharon moved over between his legs and gave him a blow job. It only took a few minutes and he pumped his cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, of course.

"That should hold me until tomorrow," He sighed. "Thanks Mom! I'm going to hit the rack now. Busy day tomorrow."

With that, Nathan stood up and went back into the house. Sharon was shocked that he didn't want more from her. In fact, she wished he had. She was quite horny from sucking him off and briefly considered masturbating before getting out of the tub. But she knew it would only give her temporary relief and leave her even more aroused and frustrated, so she didn't.

The next day the boys were busy picking up food and drink and decorating the house. Eric brought over a couple of kegs of beer, a large grill, and about twenty pounds of beef, pork, and chicken. Nathan left for a while and came back with party trays, wine coolers, and lots of ice. They both put up lights and other decorations. It was all over the top, but Sharon had expected that. Every time she asked if she could help, they just told her they had it all "handled" and that she would have plenty to do later. She wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but she would find out soon enough.

About five o'clock Nathan informed her that the guests would start arriving soon and that she was to put on her costume.

"What costume?" She asked.

"The one on your bed," Nathan said rather mysteriously.

When she saw what it was she knew her suspicions about Joe's boys were right. What they had selected for her to wear for the evening was a harem girl costume, like the one Barbara Eden wore in "I Dream of Jeanie", but even skimpier and more revealing. It would be embarrassing to be seen by all her step son's friends dressed that way, but she knew she really had no choice. At least she had the figure for it, and had to admit that she looked very good in it. Too good, in fact. She'd probably get hit on all night long. But then, that was probably the plan.

When she came out wearing the costume the boys both wolf whistled at her and told her she looked hot. Now they dropped the bomb-shell on her.

"Nathan and I are going to be busy grilling the meat and making sure the drinks stay iced and all that. So your job is to be the gracious hostess and make sure that everybody has a good time," Eric told me.

"OK, I can do that," Sharon said, thinking that wasn't so bad.

"Hold on, there's more," Nathan explained. "We want you to circulate though the house and ask people if they need anything. You will give them whatever they ask for."

"As long as we have it and it's not illegal," Eric interjected.

"Yes, of course," Nathan added. "Understand this is not limited to food and drink. You are a genie tonight and wish fulfillment is your mission."

"A sexy genie," Eric interrupted his brother again.

"Yes, a very sexy genie," Nathan continued. "That is the role you are playing tonight, so stay in character at all times. To that end I want to hear you say things like, Your wish is my command, and Yes Master."

She couldn't believe what they were telling her. They were leaving her at the mercy of their guests. Sharon wondered how many of them knew about her special relationship to her step sons and her instructions for the night. She had a feeling it was going to be a long night, but she was also determined to do her best to follow her step son's instructions.

"Any questions?"

"No. You made yourself quite clear," Sharon answered.

The guests started arriving soon after that. She was expecting a lot of single men, but mostly it was young couples. There were more men than women, even including Sharon, however the ratio was not as uneven as she initially thought it would be.

Sharon did as she was told. At first she was busy just answering the door and introducing herself, which was another duty that Eric assigned her when the first couple arrived. The men, and a couple of the women, couldn't seem to keep their eyes off her body when she first opened the door. Most of them seemed surprised when she told them she was Nathan and Eric's step mother, but a couple of the men just gave her wolfish smiles like they already knew. This was embarrassing, but she just tried to ignore that and kept moving.

After an hour or so the house filled up and nobody new was arriving so Sharon started "circulating" among the guests as Nathan had instructed. She tried to stay in character, asking people for their "wishes." Initially they just requested another drink, or some food. Eventually one of the single men said he wanted "A dance with a sexy genie." That got some laughs from the people around them, but Sharon agreed to one dance only since she had to see to the other guests as well.

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