A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 39


As she expected, Herman copped a quick feel now and again. He would pat her ass when he passed her from behind, or bump into her "accidentally" and make a furtive grab at a tit. Normally Sharon would have avoided the more obvious attempts to fondle her and given him a stern look when he succeeded, but not this time. She had to keep reminding herself to let him get away with it. Several times Joe gave her a wink afterwards, so she knew he was happy with her performance.

After a couple of hours Sharon ran straight into the old guy as she was coming out of the bathroom. He had obviously been waiting for her. He stepped forward backing her into the bathroom door which she had just closed behind herself.

"Something is different about you today." He said.

"What do you mean?" Sharon asked innocently.

Herman popped open the top button on her dress. "Before today I don't think you would have allowed me to do this." The next button succumbed to his efforts. "Aren't you going to stop me?"

"No." She answered simply.

"Just say so and I'll stop." He assured her as he opened the third button.

She didn't say anything and was unable to hold eye contact with him. Looking down she saw him slip the fourth button out through it's hole.

"I was right. There is something quite submissive about you today." Herman concluded as he opened up the fifth and final button on the top part of her dress. Now only the belt and the lower five buttons were holding it together.

"I wonder how far I can go?" He mused, grasping either side of her dress near the top and pulling the two halves apart.

Her tits came into view and he reached in to cup one. "God I knew you had great tits, but they are even better than I imagined."

He fondled her perky tits for a few moments, taking just enough time with her nipples to get them hard. "So why are you not resisting me like you used to?"

"Joe told me not to." Was Sharon's truthful answer.

"Interesting. So your husband wanted you to allow yourself to be groped by your Uncle?" Herman asked.


"And so you did it, just like that?"


"Very interesting." He replied and pulled her dress off her shoulders and down her arms until it reached her elbows. He left it there, pinning Sharon's arms to her sides. "I'm guessing this is not the first time you've surrendered to another man at the behest of your husband?"


"I didn't think so." He replied casually. "Let's see if you are wearing any underwear."

He quickly unbuttoned the bottom part of the dress leaving only the belt holding it together. Then her Uncle put his hand between her legs and ran it over her nearly bare pussy.

He smiled. "Just as I thought. Shaved too. Nice."

"You could have asked." Sharon commented.

"This is much more fun." He responded, one hand still on her pussy and the other playing with her tits. "I'd say you are Joe's slave, at least in sexual matters, and that you do whatever he wants. Am I right?"

"Pretty much." Sharon admitted.

"What a wonderful, if unexpected, surprise." He beamed. "Let's move this to somewhere a little more private."

He stopped his assault on her body and half led, half pushed her into the bedroom across the hall. He closed the door, but not tightly; leaving it open a small crack. Then he said, "Take it off."

Sharon unbuckled the belt and shucked the dress off completely leaving it in a puddle around her feet.

"Very nice." He commented on her naked form. "Well worth the wait. I hope you enjoy sucking cock, because I've been wanting to put mine in your mouth since you were a teenager."

When Sharon didn't move he barked, "Well what are you waiting for, and engraved invitation? Get over here and get started!"

She stepped forward and got down on her knees. She knew something like this was going to happen when Joe told her not to resist her Uncle's perverted advances, but she was powerless to prevent it. Now she found herself pulling his trousers and boxers down revealing his semi-erect cock. It looked to be slightly longer and thinner than Joe's, surrounded by thick black pubic hair streaked with strands of silver. Until then she had not known that men's pubic hair could go gray too, but it made sense when she thought about it.

It only took a minute or two for Sharon to get him completely hard. She had almost his entire cock in her mouth when the door opened.

"What are you two...Oh my!" Sharon's Mother exclaimed.

"Hey sis, your daughter is almost as good at giving blow jobs as you are." Herman responded calmly.

Despite the fact that Sharon had suspected her Mother and Uncle had engaged in some incestuous activities when they were young, she was a little shocked at Herman's response. It indicated there was more going on between them than just a fling or two in the distant past. But it was what happened next that really shocked Sharon to the core.

"Get down here and show her how a pro does it." Herman told his sister.

"Herman!" She objected.

"I mean it Claire, get your ass down her and show your daughter how you suck cock!" He snapped.

To Sharon's increasing surprise, her Mother stepped forward and joined her daughter on her knees. Then, as if she had plenty of practice, she took her brother's cock in her hand and started sucking it. Sharon couldn't believe her eyes. It was the strangest situation she had ever been in, and that's saying a lot. But it would get even stranger before the day was over.

After a few minutes Herman pulled his dick out of Claire's mouth saying, "That's enough for now you cock hungry bitch. Stand up now and get get that dress off. I want to compare your body with Sharon's."

Sharon's Mother unbuttoned her dress and slipped it off. Underneath she was wearing a frilly bra and pair of panties.

"I told you I don't want you wearing underwear when I visit." Herman told his sister.

"I didn't think that included family get togethers." Sharon's Mother explained.

"Don't think, just do what I say. Now get those off!" He gruffed.

She did as she was told and was soon standing naked next to her daughter. Sharon had never seen her mother like this. No, she'd seen her mother naked before (although not lately). But she'd never seen her being submissive to anyone; she was always strong and assertive. Remind you of anyone?

"Well you got your Mom's looks, but apparently not her tits. Still they are pretty damn sexy for a woman your age. Don't you think so sis?" Herman asked.

"Yes, she has a lovely body." Claire replied softly.

"I agree." Joe said from behind Herman as he stepped fully into the room.

Herman didn't seem surprised. "I was wondering when you'd show up. Took you long enough."

"I've actually been here for a while; I followed Claire." Joe informed them.

"Then have you figured it out yet?" Herman asked.

"Yes. Claire is submissive and you are her Master." Joe answered.

"It's a little more complicated than that, but close enough." Herman replied.

"Well that explains Sharon's submissive tendencies." Joe said.

"So, have you ever fantasized about fucking your Mother in law?" Herman questioned.

"Actually I have." Joe admitted.

This surprised Sharon. She had not idea that Joe had ever had any fantasizes about her Mother. But then this seemed to be a day of surprises.

"Then tell her what you want, and she'll do it." Herman told him. "And I'm sure you won't mind if I play with my niece."

"No, go ahead. Enjoy." He answered and then turned his attention to his naked Mother in law. "Now let's see if you are as good at sucking cock as your daughter."

Sharon watched her mother pull down Joe's pants and take his hard cock into her mouth. By the look on his face he was enjoying it tremendously. Then her Uncle Herman was pushing her down onto the bed and she knew what was coming. He had removed his pants and boxers completely but kept his shirt on. She was glad for that; he was a good 50 pounds overweight and she didn't really want to see him without it.

At first Herman just rubbed his cock all over her pussy, marveling about how smooth and wet it was. Sharon hadn't realized until that moment how aroused she was. It was now obvious that she had completely lost control of her sexual urges, and as her Uncle's cock slid into her cunt she didn't really care. Nothing else mattered except the intense pleasure she was feeling, and the sheer pervertedness of the situation drove her to new heights.

"Oh god you're tight." Herman moaned. "I've waited so long for this. I'm going to enjoy every second."

His weight on her was smothering, but Sharon didn't care; his cock felt so good inside her. As he stroked it in and out he also ground his pubic hair against her clit. The old bastard knew how to fuck, she had to admit to herself; he was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly the bed was moving like someone else had gotten on it, and when she turned her head she saw her Mother laying next to her. Then Joe moved between her mother's legs and plunged his cock into her. This was something she never expected to see, and she knew she should have felt something; jealousy, anger, disgust, something. But she was in shock and could feel nothing except her rising orgasm.

Claire found her daughter's hand and held it as they were being taken by the other's Master. In the back of her mind, Sharon was surprised that she could even have an orgasm under the circumstances, but it was approaching quickly and she knew is was going to be a doosie. Looking at her husband fucking her mother and feeling her uncle's cock pounding her pussy, she went over the edge and it rocked her world. It seemed the more the perverted activity, the stronger her orgasm. Just as she regained her senses her uncle Herman pulled out of her and scrambled up to push his cock into her face.

"Suck me off!" He gasped.

She automatically took his swollen member into her mouth and started working it. Less than a minute later he pumped it a few times in and out of her mouth, effectively fucking her face, and then coated the back of her mouth with his cum. There wasn't a lot of it, but surprisingly it tasted pretty good. Sharon continued milking him until he pulled out and nearly fell back onto his ass. Clearly he was tired from his exertions. But that was to be expected; he was 65 years old after all. She knew this because her mother was 63 and he was a couple of years older.

Sharon felt her mother's hand tighten on hers. She looked over and saw a familiar look on her mother's face -- she was going to cum. Her eyes were glazed over and her mouth hung open slightly as if she were moaning, but no sound escaped from her lips. Her tits were bouncing as Joe picked up the pace and began pounding her with more force. He looked like he was almost ready to cum as well.

"Help out slut, suck your mother's tits." Herman ordered.

Sharon rolled over onto her elbows and looked down at her mother's tits as they shook from the force of her husband's thrusts. They were slightly larger than her own, and a bit more saggy, but for her age they still looked very good. This made Sharon happy because it meant hers would probably still look good for many years yet. An odd thought, yes, but strangely appropriate at the time.

Smack! Herman slapped Sharon's ass and extorted, "Stop daydreaming and start sucking!"

Sharon quickly lowered her head to her mother's chest and latched onto the nearest tit. As she sucked the nipple into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue, her mother began to moan. They were both very close, but she knew her husband well and could see he would cum first. And sure enough a few powerful strokes later, he buried his cock deep into his mother in law and pumped his jism deep inside her.

Not really thinking, just reacting, Sharon slid her hand down between their sweaty bodies and found her mother's clit. She rubbed the little nub with quick circular motions and bit down lightly on the nipple in her mouth. This was enough to send her mother over the edge. He body stiffened underneath her son in law's as she muttered a stream of "oh fuck, oh fuck". Sharon had never heard her mother use that word before. But then again, she had never seen her cum before either, or suck her tits or rub her clit. It was a day of many firsts.

When Joe recovered he rolled over and onto his back next to Claire. She didn't have to be told what to do next. Without any prompting, Sharon's mom licked and sucked Joe's cock and balls until they were completely clean. She had obviously had plenty of practice at this.

"I don't like having another man's cum leaking out of my slut's cunt, even family. Suck your husband's cum out of your mother's pussy, Sharon." Herman demanded.

Sharon's head was spinning at the very thought of doing such a thing, but amazingly she found herself moving between her mother's legs as Claire laid back down, seeming just as much under the control of her brother as Sharon was. Just as she was about to take her first lick, she heard a sound behind her. They all looked up to see Jeanie and Dick standing in the doorway. She had her hand down the front of her pants and was frigging her cunt. Her sweater had been pulled up to expose her tits and her husband was behind her pulling on her nipples and grinding into her ass.

"Oh god, this is so fucking hot! Don't stop!" Jeanie gasped.

"You heard your sister - get at it! Lick your hubby's cum out of my slut." Herman shouted.

Sharon lowered her head once again and flicked her tongue at the steady stream of white liquid that was slowly dribbling out of her mother's snatch. The familiar taste of Joe's cum was there, but it was mixed with a new flavor -- her mother's. Then she licked again, and again. Soon she was exploring her mother's snatch with her tongue and causing her to squirm in response.

"You can come over here and play with your sister and mother too, Jeanie." Herman said.

"I don't think so. I'm just enjoying the show." Jeanie replied.

"OK then, what would you like to see?" He asked.

Jeanie seemed to think about it for a few moments and then answered, "Make them do each other. A sixty-nine."

"Great idea!" Herman exclaimed. "Sharon, you get on your back and Claire you get on top. That will ensure all of Joe's cum drains out of your cunt and right into Sharon's mouth."

There was simply no resistance left in Sharon and she did as she was told. Her mother seemed resigned to the situation as well and climbed on top of her daughter. This was not the first time Sharon had oral sex with another woman, of course, and it was clear that it wasn't her mother's debut either. The two women pleasured themselves for several minutes while the others watched on.

"Are you hard again?" Jeanie asked someone.

"Of course!" Dick replied. "It's not like I see something like this every day."

"How would you like to fuck your mother in law?" She asked her husband.

"Fuck yeah!" He cried.

Sharon's head, and her mother's ass, was near the edge of the bed so Dick just walked up and pushed his cock into Claire's dripping wet cunt. He fucked her with long full strokes, his balls slapping against Sharon's forehead. The extra stimulation was too much for her and Claire started coming, drenching her daughter's face with her juices.

I asked Sharon what she was feeling right about then and here's what she said:

"I was past the point of rational thought and I wasn't feeling anything except lust. Not embarrassment, humiliation, or shame. All I wanted was more sex and I would have done anything they asked to get it. Later when I could think straight again it really scared me. I had turned into a real insatiable slut. I had no idea I was capable of that. And if it happened once, it could happen again."

While her brother in law was fucking her mother, Sharon had an earth shattering orgasm. She had barely recovered from that when Dick announced he was ready to cum and wanted to shoot it into Sharon's mouth. So he pulled his cock out of Claire and presented it to his sister in law directly underneath. A couple of swishes with her tongue and Sharon was receiving a new load of man cum in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it all down and then milked him until she could get no more.

"All right, I think that's enough of the lesbo action. I think it's time for some good old fashioned ass fucking!" Herman announced. "Sharon get on your knees, and Claire I want you to lube up her ass hole."

Sharon did as she was told and was actually looking forward to having a hard cock fuck her ass. She didn't care who's it was either. Her mother produced a tube of K-Y and begain rubbing it into her ass hole, pushing first one, and then two fingers inside to get her used to the intrusion. Then Claire sucked Herman's cock for a few seconds to get it lubed up too. When that was finished, Sharon's uncle slowly pressed his rejuvenated manhood into her waiting ass. It hurt a little at first, but it always did. She just tried to relax her muscles, knowing that soon it would be bringing her immense pleasure.

It wasn't long before Sharon was enjoying the ass fucking so much that she lost all awareness of what else was going on around her. Until she heard someone moaning. It took her a few seconds to realize it was her sister Jeanie.

"Don't stop! Oh god, don't stop!" Jeanie wailed. "Fuck, I'm coming!"

After that all Sharon heard was some unintelligible noises, but it sounded like Jeanie was having a huge orgasm. Then there was a moment of silence where all she could hear was the sound of her uncle's body slapping against hers as he continued his assault on her ass.

"Fuck that was great." Jeanie gasped. "Where did you learn to eat pussy like that Mom?"

"Since I was sixteen Herman would bring home his girlfriends and make me service them." Claire answered.

Sharon had no idea her mother had been sexually dominated by her brother for so long. She was sure that she would feel shocked later, but at the moment she was close to coming again and that was all she cared about.

"Some of them freaked out." Herman grunted, not missing a beat as he sawed his cock in and out of his niece's ass. "But most of them loved it and came back for more."

Sharon's orgasm hit her with such force that she almost passed out. She was aware of voices around her, but she really couldn't make out what they were saying. When she eventually regained her senses, her ass was empty, but she could feel warm liquid leaking out of it. Her uncle Herman must have come in her while she was in la-la land and already pulled out. She looked back at him, and sure enough, Herman was sitting with is back against the headboard breathing hard. Surveying the room she discovered that Jeanie and Dick were getting dressed. Joe was on his back and her mother was astride him, sliding slowly up and down on his cock.

"Come and suck your mother's tits, Sharon. I want her to cum one more time before I do." Joe ordered.

Without a second thought she did as he demanded. Her mother's nipples hardened up nicely in her mouth. This encouraged Sharon to slide her hand down her mother's body to her pussy. It was covered in her juices and incredibly wet. Claire moaned as her daughter found her slippery clit and gave it a little squeeze. With all that stimulation it didn't take long before she was grinding her pussy down onto Joe's crotch and convulsing in orgasmic bliss. When it was over she could hardly move, so Joe pumped her fast and hard from underneath. A minute or two later he deposited his sperm inside his mother in law for the second time that night.

The men now spent and Sharon's mother seemingly exhausted, the orgy was over. Sharon was ready for more, but that wasn't unusual. It took a lot of sex to get her to the point where she couldn't really take more. But this time was different; this time she WANTED more. This was not normal and later on she would find it a little troubling, but at the time it didn't bother her at all.

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