tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 42

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 42


Sharon didn't like Football, but Joe loved it. Every Sunday he spent the entire day in front of the TV watching game after game. Then again on Monday night. Wasn't Sunday enough? So it goes without saying that she hated the Superbowl and the big party Joe always threw on that dreaded day. In years past she would go out shopping with her friends and they would commiserate together. However, for the first time since they had been married, she would play the part of the hostess at Joe's Superbowl party. This was not by choice on her part. Joe simply told her what his plans were, including her part, and that was that.

He always put a lot of effort into this one day, and this year was no exception. He dragged some extra chairs into the living room and arranged everything around the big screen TV. The beer and finger food was stocked up on and an order of Pizza was already put in with his favorite Pizzeria. No expense was spared, and no detail overlooked. Including Sharon. Before the "guests" were to arrive, Joe told her to go upstairs and change, saying he had laid out what she was to wear for the day. Nothing more, nothing less. In her words, this is what she found:

"Sitting in the middle of the bed were only a few items, all leather. There was a studded collar, a bra, if you want to call it that since it was only the outline of one – no cup of any kind. The bra was more of a halter I discovered, that attached to the collar. There was a belt with small chains hanging from it in shallow loops. Also a leather thong, but like the bra it was just the outline. Finishing up this ghastly ensemble was a pair of patent leather knee-high boots with ridiculously high heels. I put everything on, but I was still basically naked. I had never felt so cheap."

When she returned to her husband he whistled and said she looked hot. She felt like something out of a skin magazine and she probably wasn't far off the mark. When the doorbell rang for the first time that day she summoned up all her courage and moved to answer it. She had already received all her instructions for the day and knew this was one of her duties. It was Joe's brother Jeff with two other men, only one of which she recognized.

"Hey sexy, looking hot today." He greeted her. "Let me get a good look at you."

Jeff stepped back a little and looked her up and down as Sharon nervously stood in the open doorway. He knew it bothered her to potentially be exposing herself to her neighbors, but that's why he did it. He lives to humiliate her in any way he can. She never quite understood why. I tried to explain his inferiority complex once, but it just didn't make sense to her.

After a moment that seemed like an hour, Jeff gave her a kiss and breezed in as if he owned the place. Big Mike followed suit, giving her a big kiss as he squeezed her ass. The stranger, who she later learned was Vince, just gawked at her as he walked inside. Sharon was just happy to be able to finally close the door. She got them all a beer and made sure some chips and peanuts were put out. Not long after that Joe's friend Walter arrived. He didn't seem to be surprised at her attire, even though she had not played any sex games with him. She was thinking that Joe had probably told him about their arrangement. Walter was one of the men going to Myrtle Beach, so it made sense. The final guest was Ron.

"Whoa, that's a great look for you Shar." He said as he entered the house. "Can't wait to see what Joe has planned for you today."

After everybody had a beer and was seated in the living room watching the pre-game shows, Joe turned down the TV and said that Sharon had an announcement to make. She had been prepared for this and had memorized her little speech. Stepping in front of the TV, she had their full attention.

"I will be your hostess today, so if you need anything to drink or eat, just tell me and I'll get it for you. Also, to make the game a little more interesting today we will be playing a little game of our own. You will split into three teams and then draw cards or something to select either the Saints or the Colts to represent you. Every time your football team scores, your team will score. Here's how it will work. If your team gets a field goal, a two point conversion, or a safety, then I will sit with your team when I'm not getting drinks and food. While I'm with your team you will have free reign to kiss me, fondle me, and otherwise feel me up. I will stay with your team until the next score. If your football team gets a touchdown, then your team gets blow jobs. You can select one team member or I can rotate among you. Again, this will last until the next time points are scored in the football game. At halftime there will be a special show, and at the end of the game, the team that wins the game will get me. I will be their slave for the rest of the day."

This caused a lot of pumping of fists and "Oh yeah!" to be shouted around the room. As much as Sharon disliked football, for some reason the whole setup just appealed to her and she was getting very aroused.

Jeff decided to team up with his two friends, and Joe with his. This was not too surprising, especially since the two brothers had been very competitive since they were children. They drew cards to decide which football team would represent them and Jeff got the highest card, so he got his pick. He chose the New Orleans Saints, leaving Joe and his friends with the Indianapolis Colts.

With those administrative details taken care of the men returned to the TV. The seemingly endless pre-game shows were still on. Sharon wondered how many different "experts" they could watch, all saying the same thing, before they got bored. She just wished she had more to do than fetch the occasional beer or refill a bowl with chips.

Eventually the actual game started and although she didn't really know too much about how it's played, Sharon was still relieved because soon she would have something to do. The Saints got the ball first, but they were unable to score, so they had to punt. It took them a while, but the Colts managed to turn their first possession into a field goal. Sharon, who had been standing off by her own, walked over to Joe. He squeezed her ass and welcomed her to the "winning side." Ron pulled her into his lap and played with her tits while the Colts kicked the ball back to the Saints.

It looked like the Saints were finally getting things going and making good progress down the field, but they just kind of fizzled out. Ron had "passed" Sharon over to Walter, who not only played with her tits, but jammed his hand between her legs. She laid her head back on his shoulder as he fingered her pussy. After all the teasing and anticipation she was really enjoying the stimulation he was providing. So she wasn't really paying attention to the game and was a little surprised when the Colts scored a touchdown. When had they gotten the ball back?

Joe's team cheered and hooted. "As long as you are over there, you can start on Walter." Joe told her.

Sharon slid off of Walter's lap and knelt in front of him. Then she unsnapped his pants and pulled down the zipper. She could see his cock was hard and straining at his underwear. Freeing it by pulling down the waistband, she leaned over and took it into her mouth. Walter groaned. She loved that sound. After a few minutes he was close to his orgasm, but before he got there Ron interrupted and said that it was his turn. He already had his pants down to his knees, so she started right in on him. Sharon was happy to finally be doing something she enjoyed and didn't have to watch the game anymore.

By the time Joe was demanding his turn, the first quarter of the game was over. She only noticed because the men made such a big deal of it. After a while Joe told her go back to Walter, so she crawled back over to his chair. It wasn't long before he was blasting his cum into her throat. She was working on Ron's rigid prick when there was sudden cheering from the other side of the room where Jeff and his friends were sitting.

"Yes! Field goal! The Saints finally come through!"

Sharon stood up and walked over to Jeff who pulled her down onto his lap. She was disappointed that she had to stop giving blow jobs and was forced to watch the stupid football game again. Perhaps she would get lucky and someone would get a touchdown soon. She didn't care who. But it was not to be. Instead they moved up and down the field without scoring. Jeff and his friends had their hands all over her, but that just made her even more frustrated. Such is the life of a sex slave, I once told her.

Finally, right at the end of the second quarter New Orleans scored another field goal. Jeff and his friends were not as happy this time. They were hoping for a touchdown and the rewards that came with it.

"It's time for the half time show." Joe announced.

"Big deal!" Big Mike scowled. "No matter what it won't be as good as a blow job."

"Trust me, this will be a half time show you won't want to miss." Joe responded.

Joe had not told Sharon what he had planned, so she was just as surprised as everyone else when Erin arrived shortly after that. She brought with her a half dozen hot pizzas that she had picked up on the way over. But it was even a bigger surprise when she opened her heavy winter coat and revealed an outfit similar to Sharon's. There was one big difference though, she was wearing a strap-on harness complete with a large pink dildo.

As if on cue, she walked up to Sharon and started kissing her roughly, mashing their exposed tits together in the process. By now nobody was watching the official halftime show on the TV. All eyes were on the two women. Erin pulled Sharon's face down to her chest and she started licking and suckling on her tits. All the men were quiet as they took in the hot scene.

Erin was obviously enjoying the treatment her tits were receiving from Sharon, but she also knew she had a limited amount of time, so she pushed down on Sharon's head saying, "Get down and suck my cock, bitch."

Sharon got down onto her knees and started licking the pink dildo. It felt like a strange thing to do, giving a blow job to a piece of plastic, but she understood it was a performance for the men so she did her best. Erin acted as if she could feel what Sharon was doing to the fake cock by moaning and giving her verbal encouragement. After a minute or so of this Erin instructed Sharon to get on her hands and knees.

"I want to fuck you like the bitch you are." She said.

Sharon complied and Erin got on the thick carpet behind her. She guided the pink dildo to the entrance of Sharon's wet snatch and pushed the first couple of inches inside. Then she reversed direction and pulled it almost completely out. Several strokes later and the entire thing was buried inside Sharon. It felt good to finally have her pussy filled, but it wasn't as good as the real thing. Not hardly. Erin didn't waste any time and began fucking her hard and fast. Sharon's small but firm tits were bouncing wildly. Erin grabbed Sharon's hips so that she could thrust even harder.

This continued for a surprisingly long time; Erin had quite a bit more stamina than Sharon would have believed possible. And even though the fake dick was not as pleasurable as the real thing, she still found herself approaching an orgasm. She didn't really want to cum in front of all these men from being fucked by a strap on, but that's exactly what happened.

"Fucking slut, I knew you'd cum before me." Erin huffed as she continued to thrust right through Sharon's climax.

Less than a minute later Erin threw her head back and screamed as her own orgasm rolled over her. When she was finished shuddering and jerking she fell back onto her ass, the dildo sliding out of Sharon's twitching cunt. Joe pulled he up onto her feet.

"It looks like you really enjoyed that." He said to her.

"Yeah. That was powerful. Now I know why you guys like to dominate us. It's a real rush." Erin replied.

It was almost time for the game to start again, so Erin put her coat back on and left. The men dug into the pizza and talked about what a great half time show they had this year.

"Yeah, much better than last year." Someone sniggered.

Sharon ate a piece of veggie pizza, but wasn't really that hungry. Soon the game started so she moved back over to the side of the room where Jeff's "team" was sitting. This time Big Mike pulled her into his lap first. He idly played with her tits as they watched the starting kickoff for the second half. Apparently the Colts were supposed to get the ball, but somehow the Saints ended up with it. This made Mike very happy, and by his reactions after that she could tell they were doing well. Sharon was passed to Vince who seemed to be torn between groping her and watching the game. Then it happened: the Saints got a touchdown. Before the cheering was even over Jeff had his cock out and was motioning for Sharon to come over and get started on it.

Some time later as she was struggling to get as much of Mike's cock into her mouth as she could, she heard cheering from Joe and Ron. She had no idea that the Colts had managed to put together a 10 play scoring drive. So she switched sides and started sucking on Ron's dick, glad to be able to give her jaw a little rest. Make no mistake, she loved Big Mike's huge cock, but it was difficult to suck on it for very long.

She had her head in Joe's lap when the Saints kicked a field goal. Sharon wondered if it was normal for football teams to score so often as she walked over to Jeff's side of the room. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the score was 17 – 16 in favor of the Saints, but the Colts had the ball. The men were all very excited now and were very aggressively fondling Sharon. Jeff had two fingers in her cunt and Vince was sucking on her tits like a newborn. Indianapolis faltered on their drive and missed a field goal attempt. But New Orleans had no such problems and were able to put together a scoring drive resulting in a touchdown.

This time she started with Vince's cock, but Mike continued to play with her pussy. Not enough to let her cum, but it sure kept her in a high state of arousal. For the rest of the game Sharon remained on that side of the room. It sounded to her like New Orleans scored at least one more touchdown and Indianapolis could not get it's act together. By the end of the fourth quarter Jeff, Mike, and Vince had all cum in her mouth. She wasn't surprised to find out that the New Orleans Saints had won the game.

"All right, all right!" Joe yelled over the cheering from Jeff's team. "Your team won, so now you get Sharon for the rest of the day."

"That's till midnight, right?" Jeff asked.

"I hadn't really thought about that carefully, but I suppose that makes sense." Joe conceded.

"And we can do whatever we want with her?" Vince asked.

"There are a few rules, and Jeff knows what they are, but basically yes." Joe answered.

With Jeff in charge and no limitations in place, Sharon was a little worried about what was in store for her. Normally she would expect them to want to fuck her at this point, but since she had just finished sucking them all off, they probably weren't ready for that just yet. As it turns out, she was right. Instead Jeff went out to his car and returned with a large box.

"Go put this on, and be quick about it." He told her.

Sharon took the box to her bedroom and discovered it contained a cheerleaders outfit. It looked just like the ones worn by the New Orleans cheerleaders she saw on TV, except this one seemed a bit more sheer and cut to be even more revealing. She knew better than to put on a bra or panties, but when she looked in the mirror she could clearly see her nipples sticking out. And the skirt barely covered her ass cheeks.

"Get our coats." He ordered Sharon. "We have a Superbowl party to get to."

As they put their coats on he explained. "My friend Jesse is a huge Saints fan, and if I know him, he'll be celebrating hard. Our little slut should be a nice addition."

The four of them piled into Jeff's minivan. Sharon was in back with Mike and Vince while Jeff drove. It wasn't a very long drive, but by the time they got there her top was pushed up over her tits and her skirt was a belt. Vince was sucking on her tits while Vince worked three fingers in and out of her sloppy cunt.

"OK boys and girls, plenty of time for that later. We're here." Jeff shouted from the front.

Sharon tugged her top down and pulled her coat back on. There were at a nice suburban house with about half a dozen cars parked near it. They were welcomed at the door by a middle aged man with short white hair and a muscular physique.

"Hey Jesse, mind if we join your celebration party?" Jeff greeted him.

Jesse eyed Sharon who was flanked by Mike and Vince. "Are you kidding? You just come to drink my beer and eat my food, you bastard. But as long as you are with such beautiful company, I'll overlook it this time."

"You are so full of shit Jesse." Was Jeff's retort. But both men were smiling, so Sharon knew this was just friendly jabbing.

They strolled in and Jesse offered to take their coats. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw what Sharon was wearing.

"Were did you get this doll? She's way too hot for you." Jesse shot at Jeff.

"I won her." Jeff said simply.

"You WON her?" Jesse asked incredulously.

"Yep. Bet on the right Superbowl team this year." He answered.

"You luck bastard you." Jesse muttered and then turned to Sharon. "What's you name darling?"

"Sharon." She answered.

"Well Sharon, you sure will liven this party up. Come this way." He said as he led the four of them into the large living room.

"Hey everybody!" Jesse shouted. "You all know Jeff and this hot babe is Sharon. I don't know who these other guys are but I'm sure they can introduce themselves. Be nice and don't do anything I wouldn't!"

There was a roar from the small crowd at the last comment. Apparently there wasn't much he wouldn't do. For a while all the men (there were no other women there) behaved themselves. At least until Sharon found herself talking to one particularly forward man.

"So, were you a cheerleader in school?" He asked her.

Before she thought about her answer she blurted, "No, I didn't have big enough boobs." She blamed the alcohol for her hasty answer.

He reached out with both hands and fondled her tits. "I don't know, they seem big enough to me. Maybe they grew later."

Most likely he was expecting to get slapped, but since Sharon didn't do anything to stop him, he became emboldened and lifted her top up over her tits.

"Yes, very nice for a woman your age. You should consider a career as a stripper. What do you do now?" He asked, all eyes in the room now upon her.

"I'm a high school teacher." She answered honestly.

"Really?" He said startled. "I'll bet all the boys in your class have constant woodies."

"I don't teach full time anymore. I'm just a substitute." She explained.

"Still, I'll bet all the boys in your school dream about seeing you like this." He commented as he played with her tits.

The room was very quiet now as everyone was watching and listening to them.

"How about we go find a bedroom and have our own private party?" He suggested quietly.

"I can't." Sharon answered.

"Come on, you know you want to." He insisted.

"No, I mean it's not my decision. You have to ask Jeff." She was embarrassed to admit it, but that was the truth.

He looked her in the eye and must have decided she wasn't kidding, because shortly he stood up and walked over to the other side of the room where Jeff was watching from. They had a short conversation and when he returned he looked disappointed.

"Maybe next time doll." Was all he said as he walked past Sharon.

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