tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Costly Mistake

A Costly Mistake


Sam stood outside of the office, going over in his head exactly what he was going to say. The envelope was in his hands and he had to look at the pictures one more time to again make sure it was real. When he had found these pictures, he could not believe his luck; on that day, Dr. Coster, his physics teacher, allowed Sam to borrow his computer to get a study guide off it. As Sam was searching in the computer, he stumbled over something very interesting. Sam happened to come across pictures of the very sexy and alluring chemistry teacher, Ms. Josephine, in very explicit photographs with Dr. Coster in what appeared to be his office. After a few seconds of thought, Sam knew exactly what he was going to do, and saved every single picture on to his flash disc.

He was now standing outside of Ms. Josephine's office with the printed pictures in his hand. Sam made sure that everyone else had left the hall before he knocked on the door. After hearing a slightly muffled "Come in." he opened the door, stepped in and closed it behind him.

Ms. Josephine turned around from what she was doing to greet Sam, giving him that wide smile almost no boy in the school could resist. "Ah Sam, what can I do for you?" She sat down on her chair facing him. Sam noticed that she was at about his waist level, and tried to push this exciting thought out of his mind as he focused.

"Ms. Josephine, I found something today I think you should know about. I don't think things like this should be left lying around for anyone to see." With that he handed her the envelope, watching as she had a confused, yet interested look on her face. As she took out the pictures, a stare of shock and horror appeared on her features.

"Where did you get these?" She turned red in the face and made no attempt to hide this anger from Sam.

"Dr. Coster is a bit sloppy when it comes to private matters I'm afraid." answered Sam, "Anyway, the reason I came this afternoon was to offer to you a proposition; first of all, I'm the only one who has seen these pictures and I have deleted them from Dr. Coster's computer so he won't have them anymore..." A look of relief flowed over her face and her posture relaxed "...however, I have more copies of them. I think that the Principle of this school has a right to know what his employees are getting up to."

"Please, no!" she begged, "I'll be fired from my job, my marriage will be ruined... I'll lose everything!"

"Well, maybe we could come to some sort of a deal. If I were to get what I want, you will never have to worry about these pictures again."

She looked straight into Sam's eyes, trying to see if he was implying what she thought he was. All of a sudden her head slumped down and she muttered "What do you want me to do?" Excitement rushed over Sam as she said these words; he couldn't believe that it was actually happening. He instructed the teacher to be back in her office the next day after everyone had gone home, wearing a short skirt and a white lace thong and bra set.

Before she could answer, he was gone.

The next day, Sam could hardly concentrate in his classes. His mind kept wandering to what was going to happen that afternoon. Finally it was the end of the day and when everyone appeared to have left, he took a plastic bag out of his school backpack and moved to her office.

Ms. Josephine was sitting in her chair facing the door, wearing a short red skirt that ended just below her ass. She had a white shirt on with all of the buttons accept the very top one done up. Sam could clearly outline the lace of her bra underneath and couldn't wait to be able to see it first hand.

He placed the bag down beside her desk and closed the door. Next he walked up to Ms. Josephine and told her to stand up so that he could look at her. He could tell that she was very nervous about what was going to happen, and this only excited him further, making his dick start to twitch with anticipation.

"These are the rules for tonight: First of all, you are only to call me master. You must never speak unless spoken to and will do everything I say. You will not stop me from doing anything or else the pictures will be straight into Mr. Grum's office. Do I make myself clear?" She didn't reply at first, just looking down at her feet. Sam walked up to her and grabbed the back of her hair, gripping it hard and pulling her face right in front of his "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." she said, surprised at the power he commanded. Sam then reached over and undid the top few buttons of her shirt, letting her cleavage come into full view with the top of the lacy bra just poking through. He then undid the next button, and the next, and didn't stop until he had undone the whole shirt before pulling it off her and throwing it to the side. The bra framed her breasts perfectly. Sam could feel his dick immediately stiffen.

"Take off the bra." he demanded, but she hesitated at first, not knowing whether she was making the right decision.

"Yes... master." she muttered before reaching around and undoing the clasps, letting the bra fall to the floor. Sam's hands reacted straight away, taking the soft, warm flesh into his hands. His fingers grabbed hungrily at her breasts and pinched the nipples between his fingers. Ms. Josephine looked as though she was trying hard not to moan at the pleasure her nipples were giving her. One of his hands moved to her back and inched its way down until it was at the top of her ass and just above the skirt. He continued to slip it lower until he was cupping one of her firm ass cheeks. He felt her tense but then she let out a sigh and relaxed. Sam's breathing was beginning to get quicker as his hand began to roam freely, cupping and kneading the soft flesh.

Sam then pushed his hard erection against her body, showing her what this was doing to him. Her nipples became stiff upon this bold move and he bent down, chewing on them lightly, biting and tugging at the rubbery tissue.

Although Sam desperately wanted to bury his cock inside her tight pussy, he also loved the teasing and waiting. He felt it made sex so much the better when it finally arrived.

All of a sudden, Sam pulled back from what he was doing. "Take the skirt off." he instructed to her before going to his bag and retrieving a green scarf from it. He knew how to use his body to intimidate and that's precisely what he was doing now. Each subtle movement he made stated: "I am the one in control." He walked back up to her trembling body and grabbed both of her hands, pulling them together and tying them at her back. He tested the strength of the knot and when he was satisfied, he let her arms drop and walked around to her front.

"On your knees." he said. Again, she hesitated, so he put a hand on the top of her head and lightly pushed the teacher down to her knees in front of him. Sam unzipped his pants and let his rock-hard cock out. He then reached to the back of her head and gripping her hair, directing her mouth onto his dick. "Make it good." he ordered.

As soon as the warm lips touched his cock's head, he let out a soft moan, and she went slowly deeper, taking his shaft all the way to the back of his mouth. She then took it out of her mouth and ran her tongue from the base of his cock, to the very tip before plunging it into her wet mouth again. She bobbed her head all the way along his dick, taking in as much as she could in one go. "Ooh." Sam sighed as she teased his head with the tip of her tongue, before taking him even deeper into her mouth. "Lick my balls." he demanded, and this time without hesitation she took her mouth off his throbbing cock and licked and sucked his balls ravenously. She seemed to be almost enjoying herself Sam pleasantly noticed and quickly felt as though an orgasm was coming. He reluctantly pulled away from her hot mouth to stop it's relentless pursuit of his release. "Stand up and lean over the desk." he instructed.

"Yes, master." she replied and walked over to her desk, leaning her upper body over it to make her firm ass stick out proudly for Sam to admire.

"Very nice." he commented, before positioning himself behind her. Sam reached up and pulled the sexy, white laced thong down her legs until she could step out of it. Leaving it on the floor, he ran his hand up her inner thigh until he reached her pussy. He probed the opening of her cunt and noticed that it was dripping wet. "Having fun, are we?" he asked to get only silence in return. She did, however, push her ass out more so that it touched his legs. This sent Sam ballistic. He wanted his dick inside her hot, wet pussy and wasn't going to wait any longer. He pulled down his pants, stepped out of them and pushed his dick inside her, letting out a loud moan as he did so. Her cunt was perfectly snug around his cock and she was so wet that he could easily slip in and out of her.

He started to pound her, slowly at first and then more rapidly. As he did so, he smacked her on the ass a few times, making her cry out in surprise as he did it. He then reached over and grasped her tit in his hand, all the while not losing momentum. This gave Sam an idea. He slowed to a stop and pulled his cock out of Ms. Josephine's throbbing pussy. He untied her hands and told her to turn around and get on her knees again. As she moved her head forward to take his dick into her mouth again, he pushed her away. "No," he said "it's your tits I want to fuck this time."

"Yes master." She said, with a coy smile on her face. Ms. Josephine sat upright until her tits were level with his cock, placing it between them and squeezing her cleavage together around his pulsating erection.

Still wet with her cunt-juice, Sam's cock was able to slide though her cleavage with ease, and it felt amazing. She looked so sexy squeezing her tits and letting them ride up and down his dick. He had images of his cum shooting all over her chest and could feel the orgasm rising again, but he suppressed it, still knowing he wanted more.

Again, Sam abruptly stopped Ms. Josephine and told her to lean over the desk as before. "Yes, my master." she said as she did what she was told. Sam walked over to the plastic bag and retrieved a long, thick blue dildo from it. He walked back over to Ms. Josephine and held it up so that she could see it. "This," he said, "is going into your cunt while I enjoy another of your body's holes." and with that he shoved the dildo into her pussy and fucked her fast with it. She moaned and writhed as it slid in and out of her, and before he knew it she cried out "Oooooh... I'm going to cum." and started to groan loudly as the orgasm hit her hard. As she calmed down, Sam took the dildo out and gave it to her to lick clean. As she did this, he started to probe his finger around her ass hole, sticking it into her hole slightly and teasing her.

Sam then took his dick and placed it in her cunt for a few thrusts to re-lubricate it. Then he took it out and stuck it into her ass. "Ooohhh." moaned Ms. Josephine, in pain at first, but as Sam started to move his dick in and out of her asshole she moaned in pleasure which just made him thrust harder. Her ass was so tight and hot around his dick. They both moaned loudly as Sam thrust his cock all of the way into her asshole and reached around to grab her tits at the same time. He felt his orgasm climbing, getting closer and closer, but this time he let it come. "Get on your knees NOW!" he said in a rush, and all of a sudden he was cumming hard all over her face and tits. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum came out of him and covered her face and breasts. As the orgasm slowed down he was breathing fast from all that he had just done. "Thank you." he said to Ms. Josephine, and a smile reached both of their faces.

They started to pull their clothes back on and, as they finished tidying up, he spoke again; "You needn't worry; those pictures won't ever see the light of day. I will destroy them. However, don't think I will wait until more pictures of you come in to my possession to experience this again." and with that, he left.

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