tagGroup SexA Costume for Every Trick

A Costume for Every Trick


There's a brisk rain falling, I can hear it hitting the window pane, tappity tap. The accompanying wind is stripping the leaves from the trees creating a colorful carpet on the ground. A lazy stretch as I realize my bladder is done lying in bed, warm feet hit the cold floor and with a full body shiver I hurry to the bathroom. Just before the flush of the toilet would have drowned out any other sound, I hear the click of the mailbox. My heart races in anticipation and grabbing a robe, I wrap it hastily around me as I run to the front door. A quick peek tells me my postman did not wait today. This brings a pout, my hammering heart slows and I open the door to retrieve the letter.

Leaning back against the door, I rip it open, scanning quickly and then rereading to actually understand the words.

Good Morning Purty!

Happy Monday Again! As you know, fall is in the air, the leaves are changing, nights are cooler. Which of course brings us to one of our favorite celebrations...Halloween. On Halloween the possibilities are endless, you can be whoever you want to be.... or ... whoever we want you to be. We have arranged a small but cozy party where you will be the guest of honor. Don't worry about a costume, it's all been arranged. Your UPS man will pick you up at 6 sharp on Friday night. Don't keep him waiting.

Yours Truly,

The Monday Morning Club

Grinning, a party, a costume party. Make that a surprise costume party. I can only hope the week slips by quickly.

Tuesday slides into Wednesday, Thursday carries it's own nightmares. Broken cell phone, flat tire, power outage that knocked out my alarm clock making me late for work. By the time the day is over all thoughts of Friday and parties and Halloween have left my mind. I slip into bed, exhausted and spend 10 hours in dreamless bliss.

Friday is a much better day, the traffic is light, work is pleasant, the weather is unseasonably warm and the sun is shining. Accepting an invite to the local bar with some co-workers, I have finally let the pressures of the week flow out of me, leaving me relaxed and playful. I flirt with the bartender, share a naughty joke or two with my boss ... and then I glance at the clock...my brows furrow. What am I forgetting?

A man appears at my elbow, in full Halloween costume, offers me a drink and an enthusiastic, "Happy Halloween!"

My gasp of horror startles him into an apology, and he says, "Sorry to scare you, but it is Halloween night!"

I reach for my phone, the broken phone that I have forgotten to replace, stare wild eyed around the room and tossing some money onto the bar, I quickly tell one of my co-workers that I have someplace to be. I run from the bar, hair tangled and flying like a witch's might as she streaks across the sky on her broom.

Gasping, panting for air, and needing to pee...no time for that right now, I stumble, fall against my car setting the alarm off. Add insult to injury, my lip is swelling, my nylons are ripped and I now officially look like I too have a costume on. It screams homeless crazy woman.

I drive home, maintaining the speed limit, because explaining this to the police would just take too long. At 6:25 I pull into my driveway, slide out of the car and with the luck of the day, tear my skirt when it refuses to let go of the door handle it has looped itself around. Sweat trickles into my eyes as I rub my swollen lip. I can only hope whatever costume they have picked out for me has a full faced mask.

Pulling out my house key, I can only wonder if I will have time for a shower and clean clothes...

Out of the shadows steps UPS...frowning at me. He shakes his head as he looks at me. "What in the hell happened and why are you so late?"

I open my mouth to start to explain when he pulls me to him and kisses me hard on my bruised lip. His lips mash against mine, not a 'hey nice to see you kiss' but more 'I am so angry at having to wait that I want to hurt you kiss."

A tear trickles over my cheek, he pauses, licks it off then swoops me into his arms. "We're late."

He carries me to his van, tosses me into the passenger seat and reaches across to buckle me in.

"I need to go in and get cleaned up, I need to pee, I'm a wreck." my face pouts over at him, a sure fire way to win him over.

"Not today princess!" he scowls at me...the party has already started and since you are the guest of honor, I am going to get you there as soon as possible.

The rest of the ride is in silence. His hand rests on my knee, fingers feathering over the bare skin where the torn nylon has exposed flesh. Even that slight touch sends a shiver along my spine. My bladder protesting loudly making me wriggle in my seat.

He pulls up in front of a large house, well lit, Halloween decorations adorning every window, along the walk, and as I am looking around he slips a blindfold over my eyes. He whispers in my ear, "Oddly enough, your costume is perfect for your first bit of Halloween role play." His chuckle does not make me smile, but sends waves of apprehension coursing through my body.

Once inside I can hear voices, music, the lighting must be dim as nothing penetrates my blindfold. I stand perfectly still, knees shaking slightly, and the urge to pee increasing with every passing second.

I am led up a set of stairs and pushed gently into a chair.

A voice, seemingly coming out of thin air announces, "Welcome to The Halloween Party for Purty, our honored Monday Letter Club member. She has come late, but it seems she has come dressed appropriately for the stage."

The booming voice continues, "Let me introduce the first scenario to be played out here tonight. We have a pair of men who have always fantasized about being doctors and examining a victim of non-consensual sex. Let me introduce Dr. Poke and Nurse Probe. And of course most of us are already familiar with Purty, our victim."

The blindfold is removed and as I blink to adjust my eyes, I see it is indeed a stage, with an audience of 20 or more men. glancing around the stage, I see a gynecology chair, with leather straps and a tray adorned with "instruments." I find UPS and my postman in the front row...watching me intently, smiling encouragingly.

Dr. Poke approaches, takes my hand and says, "There, there, you are safe now. My nurse and I will inspect you, make sure there is no damage and clean you up when we are done. You'll be fine."

With that the Doctor and his nurse pull me to my feet and start to undress me, taking imaginary notes of the state of my clothing, fingers grazing sensitive skin and parts as I am stripped naked on stage in front of a room full of strangers.

Once naked I am propelled forward and helped to mount the chair. My feet are placed in stirrups, my hands are stretched above my head and strapped to arm boards. Too shocked to even comment up to this point, all my mouth will release is something that should have been a sound of concern, but instead came out as a quiet moan.

The doctor pushes on my belly which does drag a growl of discomfort from me. "Well now, Nurse Probe, it seems this poor girl has a full bladder, will you please prepare the catheter so that we can relieve the pressure."

Nurse Probe stands leering down at me, his face unable to hide his enthusiasm for the task at hand. He dangles the long snake of hose in front of me and then dips between my spread legs. I feel a slight pressure and I try to sink into the chair to get away, but Dr. Poke stands with firm hands on my shoulders, whispering soothing words, followed by "And you might just like it."

Nurse Probe pushes the length of hose into my urethra, slowly, so slowly that I can feel it inching it's way closer to that tiny ring of muscle. With a slight push he punches through, then to my dismay, he pulls it back. He continues see sawing the tube back and forth...fucking my urethra, and although it is a strange sensation...it is not altogether unpleasant. My eyes start to glass over, as my breath quickens, heart hammers harder at my chest. He stops, fills the balloon that now nestles inside my bladder and looks up at the doctor.

"It seems you should check her heartbeat ... it seems to be a little fast." Nurse Probe grins at me as two fingers find their way into my pussy. "I'm going to take an internal pulse."

At long last, pronouncing my heart rate is fine, they finally release the valve on the catheter and are rewarded with a strong steady flow of urine pouring into their bucket.

Nurse Probe deflates the balloon and lets the long catheter hose snake free of my body. The relief is immediate as my bladder returns to normal size.

Dr. Poke says, "Nurse Probe, will you please perform a breast exam while I do an internal exam to check for tearing or bleeding."

Nurse Probe's exam started out gently, firm fingers massaging both breasts, closing in slowly to my nipples, tweaking them to tingly little mountains, giving Dr. Poke a little extra lubrication for his internal exam. The cold insertion of a speculum, the ratcheting sound as he stretched my poor little pussy to an obscene gaping cavern. His fingers poking in, pressing on sensitive vaginal linings until he found the spot that made my hips buck up, my breath draw in raggedly over clenched teeth.

An appreciative ooooooh from the audience as Dr. Poke's poking fingers started to massage my gspot...pulsing down from around the metal of the speculum, making a spectacle of itself. UPS rushed up on the stage with his camera, recording every obscene pulse of the inner workings of my body, broadcasting it on tv screens all around the room. Nurse Probe's teeth had worked their way into the breast exam and were now chewing on my right nipple as his fingers tore into my left one. The combined stimulus was quickly bringing me to the edge of madness, or bliss, or a combination of both. The muscles stood out on my arms as I strained to pull them free and my thighs quivered, as Dr. Poke's fingers flew faster and harder inside, teasing that bulging lump of flesh.

The combined efforts of the "medical team" soon had me screaming and writhing, begging for release. As a gloved and well lubed thumb drove itself into my unprotected ass, my release came in the form of a table rocking, screaming squirting orgasm, soaking the doctor and preserving itself in digital file forever. As I lay quivering on the table, the doctor and nurse took a quick bow, dropped kisses on my lips and left the stage smiling.

A round of applause as the curtain fell on the stage, leaving the party goers free to talk and await the next Halloween scene.

UPS and my post man were there beside me telling me how awesome that orgasm looked on the big screens. UPS said, "Our jobs tonight are to clean you up and prepare you for the next Halloween Treat."

I could only look up at them and blink. Shaking my head... "Is it going to get worse than that?"

My post man laughed and said, "Define worse." He gave me a kiss and said, "Don't worry, you can take it...and most probably cum every time."

The wipe down complete, they helped me to my feet and handed me my next Halloween costume. "Are you familiar with the story of Pinocchio?"

"Sort of, but it's been a long time. Remind me please."

"Let's just say there's a guy out there who fancies the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. Here's your wig and dress. Hurry up, the crowd is getting impatient." UPS thrusts the dress and wig in my hands...and I obediently put it on.

The curtain raises and standing mid stage is a man with the most obscene nose I have ever seen. Eight inches and thick and shaped like a cock. His leering grin under that appendage is rather frightening. He is dressed like a wooden puppet and he slides his pants down just a little to let me see the fine chiseled tool that is his cock. It has got to be 9 inches and thicker than the bulbous nose.

Staring in disbelief, a voice booms over the loudspeakers, "Here we find Pinocchio wandering through the woods, obviously having been a bad boy and telling lies all day. He comes upon the Blue Fairy, virtuous and pure. Let's watch to see what he will do."

There is silence in the audience and I can hear my heart pounding. I glance from Pinocchio to the rear of the stage and realize that a "forest of trees" has sprouted behind me.

"Hello again, Blue Fairy, it is almost serendipitous that I have found you here, wandering alone in the forest, just when it seems that I am most in need of attention." he waggles his nose, then strokes it slowly. "I am told that only a lady of your virtue can reduce it to its former size." He steps closer as I back away until one of the very solid trees is at my back. He pulls off his pants and strokes his cock...."And it seems that my affliction is catching to other parts of my body."

I can only gasp and look around frantically for an escape route. Before I can move another muscle, arms grab mine from behind, pulling them back behind the tree and holding me tightly, unable to do anything but face the garish Halloween mask of Pinocchio.

Unsure of how to react, I decide to play along ... "Dear Pinocchio, it is you who must be virtuous for your nose to shrink back to a normal size. You must tell the truth. That should help."

With that, Pinocchio starts grinning, you are right Blue Fairy, and the truth is I want to fuck your pussy with my cock and your ass with my nose...I think that would be a great place to start with telling the truth."

The crowd roars with laughter, and applause, UPS is once more by my side to record and broadcast the defilement of the Blue Fairy.

Pinocchio tears at my dress, shredding it, exposing two nipples that throb from recent attention and pulse with anticipation of more. Glistening at the triangle of my legs is a sweet honey pot, ripe for the plucking. Without any further hesitation, he mounts my quivering quim with his 9 inches of thick rigid flesh and pushes his phallic nose into my mouth. He fucks my mouth in rhythm to his cock sliding in and out of my cunt as it dances on his thick pole. Backed up to the tree, there is no retreat, blue hair tumbles into my face, obscuring my sight, of which I am thankful.

UPS records the debauchery of the virginal Blue Fairy for all to see. The crowd is on its feet, all wanting to see how the poor fairy handles the massive cock that fills her pretty pussy. Pinocchio's hands bruise breast tissue as he squeezes, then finally pulls his nose from my mouth, clamps teeth on one tender nipple and screams out his release, spunking up the vaginal tunnel of the Fairy now in distress.

He pulls free, panting, eyes still glazed and pushes me down on hands and knees. "This nose is going where no nose has gone before..." He parts my ass cheeks as I scream out a single syllable, "NOOOO!"

But before I can pull a breath back in, he plunges his nose deep in my ass, driving hard and fast, fucking my back door, using his nose like a battering ram. As the pain subsides, an orgasm blossoms deep in the bowels of the not so virtuous Blue Fairy and I scream out my own orgasm...collapsing on the floor, a nose buried deep in my spasming ass.

Pinocchio stands, takes a bow, helps me to my feet and pulls me into a deep embrace, kissing me. He struts off the stage leaving me alone with UPS and the post man as the curtain falls again.

"That was hot," UPS is excited as he hoses out my vagina. A quick rub down, soothing oils and a long cold drink of water.

My post man presents me with a couple of scraps of material..."Here's your next Halloween costume."

I slip on the shirt, more like a bra and the matching white panties, a pair of ankle socks with a ruffle on the edge, completed with a pleated plaid skirt that doesn't quite cover my panties. With a groan I realize just what this next Halloween fantasy is going to be. I brush my hair and separate it into pigtails just as the curtain raises again.

The voice from the loudspeaker announces, "This young girl has been caught peeking in the boys locker room. The Headmaster has been notified and will arrive shortly. Any suggestions on what her punishment should be?"

The crowd chimes in...a dozen or so loud voices all shouting out punishments. Over the knee spanking, with panties on. A variation ... with panties off. A caning...I cringe at that one. Whip her breasts. I can give you my belt says another faceless voice. Make her suck a cock while getting spanked. The list is endless ... and I am actually relieved to see the "Headmaster" arrive on stage.

He marches straight up to me, looks me in the eye and says, "You have been naughty, you must be punished! NOW!"

"You are accused of spying on boys while they changed, you need enter no plea as you were caught with your eye to the hole in the wall and your hand down your pants. Punishment will be swift and harsh."

"The boys who you degraded by watching them will help me. Boys, please come front and center."

Four men, dressed in boys gym clothes trooped up onto the stage. "We have listened to the shouts of punishments from your group of peers," the Headmaster swept his arm toward those crowding the stage, "and have chosen five, one to be meted out by each of the four boys and the final punishment by me."

The first boy steps to me and rips my scrap of a shirt off, leaving my breasts open, cool air tightening the nipples further. My breasts already red and marked. "I have chosen to whip her breasts, to warm her up." He leers at me and produces a leather flogger from his back pocket. "Stand with your feet apart, head up and hands clasped behind your neck, something tells me you are familiar with the pose."

I comply, knowing that there is no getting out of it...play along, get it over with. The crowd murmurs its approval as I assume the position.

"I have been allowed ten strokes of the flogger, you will count them for me. And thank me for each stroke as well."

Before I can prepare, the first blow lands, biting into my left nipple. Hissing out a hurried, "One, thank you." Number two takes me by surprise with its swiftness as well, the words barely out of my mouth as he works on that left nipple, now feeling swollen, ready to burst open. "Two, thank you."

By the time I am stammering out, "Ten, thank you." I am covered in sweat, my tits a mass of marks from the multi tailed flogger and my left nipple has grown to gigantic proportions.

Boy number two comes forward quickly, not giving me any time to recover and sits down in a chair. "I have chosen to spank you, with your panties on you vile creature. Lay down over my knee."

I lay down, head dangling as he grabs both of my wrists in his one hand and holds them firmly. He delivers his spankings fast and hard, his body weight being tossed into each slap. The sound thudding on the soft cotton panty, but burning on my naked flesh beneath. I feel the tears slipping over my cheeks. But I will not scream.

He stands up suddenly dumping me onto the floor. He shoots me a disgusted look as he points to the wet spot my pussy has left on his lap and walks away.

Boy number three has a dark menacing air about him. He sneers and calls me a dirty girl. "I heard you had your hand down your panties while watching us, I hope you enjoyed because I am going to give your slutty cunt a little something to feel."

"Stay on the floor, boys I need your help for this one. Pull her panties off, one of you hold her hands above her head, you other two pull her legs wide, I want to see that wanton pussy." He sneers at me once more, "and hold on tight because she is going to wriggle like an eel on the grill."

He unwinds a whip from his side and cracks it next to my head. The panic starts to well up and I scream, "OMG, no, don't do this, don't let him do this!!!"

But if anyone was going to intervene on my behalf, the whip master was too quick. The first lash caught my puffy pussy lips to the right. The pain was intense, like a fire had been set, the second one hit the left side, further swelling my lips, the next two followed suit and all of a sudden I realized that by working either side of my slit, he was enflaming, swelling the tissue until it split wide open revealing my pretty pink insides and clit that was standing well free of its protective hood. That's when my screams started and didn't stop. The last six lashes kissed my clit cruelly and without mercy....and to my horror and surprise made me cum as hard as I ever had. The boys finally let me go and I rolled around on the stage, cum juices making it slippery. My crotch still feeling on fire, but the deeper fired burned in my belly, wanting more.

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