A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 02


"I don't want to get up either pet. But we have to." Damn! How? She kissed my nose. "Come on you, up, up, up."

I giggled madly. "Ma'am that was last night and we liked it." I laughed and winced; oh god I was so sore.

Sheri lifted her head. "What?"

"Ma'am I'm very sore after last night. Thank you."

Sheri blushed. God love her, she blushed! She bent and tenderly kissed my sex. "Momma will make it all better later pet." Gawd. I shivered; she licked; I squeaked. "Pet, it's your turn to order breakfast. I'm headed to the shower and then will make myself beautiful."

I simply had to -- I grabbed her face in my hands, locked eyes with he, and purred, "You are, already, very."

Sheri bent and kissed me, feather soft, baby sweet, and lay her head on my shoulder. I loved it so.

Moment over. Sheri jumped, in one motion, from the bed to her feet and headed to her room. I lay in our bed -- yes, our bed -- and let it all roll over me. I'm 47, an executive, single, lesbian, and submissive. Could I make all that work? One day in the books felt pretty damn good. "You'd better get going Ms. Executive or your Ma'am will kick your ass." EEK!

I got up, grabbed the menu, padded to the phone, and ordered for us both. 8 am delivery. To the shower!! I hummed as the hot water soaked me. I winced briefly as the wash cloth ran over my sore nether lips. The memory of it brought a smile. I ran a soapy finger between them and shivered. Maybe a quickie? My nipples and pussy told me yes. The sharp greens, flashing in my mind, told me no. I turned off the water, stepped out, and dried myself. I took a clean towel and cleared the mist from the mirror. The girl in the mirror looked back at me with the same soft, satisfied eyes she had yesterday. There was something more though; we both nodded and smiled knowingly. I began making myself beautiful for my adoring audience. Okay, I did laugh out loud at myself.

I was dressed and ready when Sheri came back at the knock on the door. When breakfast had been set out, the check signed, and we were finally alone I took a sip of coffee and looked at Sheri over the top of the cup. She was dressed in fabulous light blue dress with a thin black belt that emphasized her slender figure perfectly. I held the cup in my hand and sat back to look at her. The mocha eye shadow made the greens look even more spectacular. The liner made them look, impossibly, larger. She finally felt the heat of my gaze and looked up.

"You are spectacular Ma'am," softly but with feeling. She smiled warmly. "You should also know, as this breakfast shows, I am in fact a hash browns whore." Sheri choked a bit on the bite of eggs in her mouth as she coughed through a laugh. I waited to make sure she could breathe. "Sorry, Ma'am, I didn't mean to make you choke."

"Pet, I ought to redden your bottom for that one. I'll put in on your tab. However, that was very funny. Breakfast is delicious. I don't often have English muffins. I was ravenously hungry." I blushed.

We ate, chatting lightly about the day ahead. Personally, I wanted it to be night; oh well. My main duty today was to "chair" the round table discussion and question and answer session just after lunch. Opening and closing remarks were brief. Sheri told me that she had moved us to a corner and put guard ropes around the table, giving me access to the stage, but making it harder for others to get to me. I didn't want to be inaccessible, mind you, but that was ridiculous yesterday.

It was time to head downstairs. A last sip of coffee and I stood. Sheri moved to me, bent, and kissed me warmly, her arms circling me. Oh god, not again. I melted; she deepened the kiss. When Sheri finally lifted from me, I slumped against her. "None of that pet!! Every executive needs a little motivation for her day. That was yours." We headed to the elevator, then to the gathering.

Notebook in hand I strode to the podium. The room had a low buzz as people were still chattering. The usual suspects were, naturally, straggling in. I waited for the room to quiet. When it didn't I tapped the microphone. The room went quiet. I smiled brightly. Silence was not only golden, it was deafening. I smiled and said, "Good morning everyone!! How are we all?" Smiles, buzzing, murmurs. "Before I begin my remarks I have a personal note this morning." A quick glance; Sheri paled. "I wanted to thank so many of you who were so kind and generous with your compliments yesterday. It was very much appreciated. However, this is a team effort." I paused again, my eyes sweeping the room. "Each and every one of you is responsible, individually and collectively, for the success the company enjoyed last year. I get the accolades and," with a self-effacing grin, "the big checks." A collective laugh; a few heads nodded. "However, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Today I'm announcing, and I know it's a surprise to everyone in the room, that your Board of Directors has authorized a 10 per cent bonus for each and every salaried employee worldwide." There was a moment of silence as it sank in; then thunderous applause and cheers.

"I will now read a letter from C.E.O. Robert Wood. 'Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I bring greetings from your Board of Directors and the Executive Board. We celebrated near record results in another difficult year. We had held back some raises and bonuses during these unsettling times. In recompense and with gratitude for your diligence, your hard work, and our successful, profitable year, the Board has authorized the bonus that Ms. Simpson has told you about this morning. Please accept our thanks, our praise, and our best wishes.'" I looked up and smiled. The room erupted. People stood and cheered, they hugged each other, they high-fived. It was wonderful. I walked from the podium to our table. Sheri stood and hugged me. I kissed her, on the lips, in front of God and everybody.

I sat down. I glanced at Sheri. She was white as a ghost. She never looked at me, but in a low voice, hissed, "What the fuck did you just do?"

"Ma'am, I bade our audience a good morning, announced a very surprising bonus, read a stirring, congratulatory letter from the C.E.O., and gave my lover and Mistress a kiss." Silence. The speaker was speaking; there was a low buzz. I gazed at the podium and out over the room. No one would meet my eye. I was more at peace than I had been in decades.

I took my notepad, scribbling gibberish, and continued, "I am officially out Sheri. For way too long I've kept this part of me secret. Now, today, I've acknowledged my Mistress, my lover, and ... me. Thank you. You helped set me free." I took a sip of my coffee and snuck a glance. Sheri was writing furiously on her notepad -- and crying. I made a fuss over a dropped napkin and bent to pick it up. As I did I grabbed her thigh. When I sat up I slid my chair a bit closer. Raising the coffee cup to my lips, I murmured, "Please give me your hand Ma'am." She did. I squeezed it.

The dull, fabulous morning droned on. Lunch was served. Sheri barely touched hers. I wolfed down the disgusting chicken and rice. The "barrier" Sheri had put in place was hardly needed today. I smiled at the hypocrisy of it. I knew what I was doing every minute of the way. I had the "Seal of Approval" of the C.E.O. He chose me to read his letter to the audience. It didn't matter who said what to whom. In this day of P.C. I was golden. I had my Sheri and Gloria Allred. My parachute would indeed be laden with gold if anyone dared come after me.

My, my, it was an interesting afternoon. I chaired the discussion group: "The Global Economy and Our Place In It." Pure fluff. Every chair was filled in the ballroom. No one, not even me, cared a whit about this. It was all about the question and answer session. On and on it went; the discussion was clipped, forced, and stilted. I just smiled and added a little something every now and then. Finally, I sensed that the panel was finished. The table made our voices available to everyone in the room, but I stood, strode the microphone, turned to the panel, and spoke.

"That was brilliant. Thank you all for your insightful comments. It's time for the question and answer part of the afternoon. As I'm sure you all can see there are standing points in the room. Please line up and ask whatever you like about what's going on with our division and our company and please, direct your questions to any member of the panel you wish."

I knew it when I kissed my honey. I had heard her voice last night in the restaurant when she approached Sheri. She is an ass-kissing, ladder-climbing, closet lesbian -- don't ask. "Ms. Simpson, congratulations on your wonderful address yesterday and thank you for your surprise this morning. This meeting has been put together by members of your staff. Perhaps you would like to honor them in front of the audience." BANG! Predictable as the sun in the east ever morning.

I smiled brilliantly and nodded. "Thank you Cindy, you're quite right. I have had two of my most capable staff coordinate nearly every detail of this weekend. It is their efforts that have made it so seamless and successful. My P.A., Linda, is on vacation. I'm guilty of an oversight on that count. I had forgotten that it was planned when this was scheduled. She can't be here to accept your applause. Every step of the way, every day, her assistant and my intern, Sheri Williams, has been a most capable and willing part of the team. Please join me in acknowledging her with your applause." I clapped; my eyes begged Sheri to stand. She did.

The applause was scattered and light. There were a few women who stood and cheered and hollered. They were 'family.' I winked at Sheri. She sat. Okay, she basically collapsed into her chair. I moderated what was left of the session. The questions were, overall, pathetic. The techies asked techie questions of the techies. The nit pickers picked their nits. There were, surprisingly, a few good questions. As the questions dwindled I deemed the session complete. I gave my closing remarks for the session and it ended very early. Two hours early to be exact.

I went to our table and sat with Sheri. She spat the words, "Upstairs. Now, Julia." Good; we needed to talk.

Those who had stood and clapped were waiting as we made our way to the elevator. I greeted them graciously; a few tried to express themselves to Sheri. She smiled and her words were sociable; I knew her eyes spat flames. The elevator was full and quiet. It was nearly empty as we exited. Two others exited with us and turned in the opposite direction. Sheri opened her door. I opened mine. Frankly, my dear, I didn't give a damn. Yes, I lo ... mmm, I was so happy you were a part of my life. I sat patiently and waited for the storm. It came five minutes later with a loud knock. I rose, smoothed my skirt, and opened the door.

Sheri stood before me -- gloriously, completely, mouth wateringly naked. Damn!!

"Get those clothes off woman." The Guinness World Book would have been proud. She took my hand and led me to our bed. I climbed up and lay back. Sheri slid in next to me. "What the fuck did you ..." I lifted a finger to her lips. Her eyes widened and went hard. I shook my head.

"No! I honored you today. I acknowledged you as my assistant, my valued intern, and as my lover. You may have been caught off guard and embarrassed. I knew what I was doing. Believe that!" I kissed her. Something about my tone and my words softened her anger and confusion. I knew I had taken a risk.

"You're an intern -- but I would kill to protect you from any attacks. You need to hear this from me. Ma'am, that bitch who went after you last night and us today? I knew she would do it. She's an uptight, closet lesbian. I took away her fire by denying it oxygen. She was neutered completely. Are we having dinner in the restaurant or are you dinner?"

Sheri smiled seductively. "Turn over pet." I turned on my stomach. She kissed my neck, shoulders, back. Her hands were as active as her mouth. She smacked my ass; "Up." I lifted my knees, bringing my ass in the air. Another smack. "Spread 'em." I did. Sheri slid her fingers into me; I groaned at the agony and ecstasy of it. I knew she knew. "Tease your clit as I take you pet." I moaned. I felt her move; her lips were on my ass. Oh god; I felt the wetness as she dribbled her saliva on the crevice between my cheeks. I shivered as it slid, slowly, to its target. I frigged myself as directed. This was new for us; then again, it was ... oh fuck. A finger tickled the puckered entrance as others slowly, gently sawed in and out of me. My head was on the pillow, my face buried in it. I moaned softly. Sheri loved me slowly and thoroughly. When the orgasm took me, it completely surprised me. I screamed into the pillow as a digit pressed into the bud and the others drove into me. My fingers worked feverishly as the pearl throbbed in the glory of it. It came and went as quickly as a summer storm. It wreaked havoc on me as a funnel cloud would. I collapsed into the bed as it passed. I felt Sheri move. She covered me, held me, kissed, caressed, soothed, and loved me.

Sheri breathed in my ear, softly, "I love you Julia." I was stunned. "Turn over." I did. Tears filled my eyes. I cried with no regrets. It wasn't possible. It's way too soon. I love you too. It just can't be. We both felt it but she had said it first.

We lay arm in arm, cheek to cheek, until my sobs subsided. I sniffled and begged, "Please say it again."

Sheri's head lifted. My god, the greens were on fire. "What pet? Do you need it affirmed or do you just like hearing it?"

I nodded, and said, "Yes."

She smiled (help me!) and kissed me lightly. "I'm in love with my 47 year old boss." The softness of it started the faucets again at, umm, both ends. She kissed away the tears.

"I love you too Sheri. I suppose you know that's why I did what I did. Some of it was me, some of it was you. Really, it was about finally being out, and freed, by you." The greens clouded and filled. Sheri buried her face in my neck and hugged me fiercely. I felt the warm wetness on my shoulder. I kissed her soft blonde locks and held her close. It wasn't very long before I felt Sheri relax into me as sleep took hold of her. I smiled, kissed her, and mouthed the words once more, "I love you Sheri." I lay in our bed, my lover in my arms. I wished for sleep but my mind whirred.

Sheri woke first, with a start. I blinked awake -- hmm, I did doze after all. Her hand came out from beneath me and her fingers slid across my cheek. She traced the outline of my face with them, the touch soft and tender. They circled my lips. I opened in invitation, they slid past. I felt the smile. She glossed lightly down my neck to my shoulder, down my arm to my hand; she squeezed me tight, journeyed back up, then down my flank, brushing the soft curve of my breast, slipping over the ridge of my hip, past my pubic bone, cupping me. No, not too sensual!! She lingered, squeezed, and worked her way back north, nails dragging lightly on my skin. Bitch! I shivered at the delight of it. Her fingers ran lightly under the curve of my breast, first Orphan, then Annie. What? Hey, if men can have names for their ... things, I can have silly names for my girls. They're mine after all. Umm, yeah, I'll get back to you on that one; gotta check with my Ma'am. This wasn't erotic (much) or sexual (liar!) just sweet exploration. I let Sheri have her way with me. Shut UP! When, at last, her hand went around and hugged me, I smiled and returned it. How sweet the silence! She sighed.

"I suppose we should get up and dressed for dinner, pet." Ah! She's back.

I nodded. "Probably right Ma'am. This is so decadent and lovely I don't want to move but move we must." Any thought of getting up ended when Sheri raised and kissed me. My god I thought I would drown in it. It was hot and wet. Oh wait, that was your tongue; the kiss was as well.

She broke the kiss, nipped my lip, kissed my nose, and said, "No bra and no panties at dinner pet. Wear something light so I can see your nipples. I want to show you off." Oh god! Up and off she went. I watched her hips and ass sway as she sauntered to her room. My lips still ached from her kiss; my pussy was sore and on fire with want. I stretched, catlike, every limb going in whatever direction it wanted, slowly, languidly, and deliciously.

"You had better be up and getting dressed pet or there will be hell to pay. I'm hungry!" EEK

I wore a white silk top, three buttons undone, black skirt, sluttiest red lipstick. We walked into the restaurant; the hostess stared. Sheri's sweetest voice announced, "Simpson, party of two, 6:30." Me? I'm just along for the ride. (wink) It really was quite comical. The restaurant quieted as we were led to the table. Nearly every eye in the joint was on us. Good! Let 'em talk. I held Sheri's chair; she sat down. I scooted my chair a bit closer as I sat down. Damn Katie left it open -- again.

"That was interesting," as she read the menu.

I giggled. "It was, wasn't it?"

"Mmm hmm. You look ravishing by the way."

"Good enough to eat?"

"Patience, pet, patience."

"Yes Ma'am."

I had decided before we left the room that this would be a celebratory dinner - A coming out dinner after a coming out day. I would put this on my credit card. I told Sheri so as we read the menu. I felt her eyes on me. I turned and smiled. "Do you drink champagne Ma'am?"

Her eyes widened. "I have, yes." I nodded. The server came. I inquired and ordered the best bottle they had. Sheri's jaw dropped. "That has to be several hundred dollars! My god."

"My girl, my treat." Sheri couldn't decide whether to glare or stare. I giggled.

I put my hand on the linen, palm up, in an invitation. She covered it. When the bottle was presented and the glasses filled I lifted it and looked into the soft greens I loved. "To you, Sheri, for blasting through the carefully constructed walls and finding me. I love you for it. Thank you."

We're female; Sheri was first. The tears slid down her cheeks as we looked at each other. Mine followed. It really didn't matter much. It just is. The champagne was cold, bubbly, and wonderful. She made a face; I laughed. I love you.

We chatted lightly through dinner. Geez! All right, I'll tell you! Petit filet mignon, twice baked potatoes, steamed veggies. It was our last night at the conference. Tomorrow, a half day, would be a couple of speakers talking about ... I have no idea about what. Then I would give my closing remarks.

"So Ma'am, about tomorrow. We will pack before we head downstairs to the ballroom. The hotel staff will take our bags and things and put them in my car for the trip to the airport. We should have time for lunch at the hotel before we head out. Airplane food is simply ghastly."

"That's lovely Julia. Thank you."

I poured each of us another glass. After I had taken a good gulp, I asked, "What would you like to do after dinner Ma'am?"

Sheri arched an eyebrow. I laughed.

"Before that, silly."

"I don't know pet. I actually hadn't thought about it. I suppose we could sit here and have an after dinner drink. Did you have a thought?"

"Yeah, kinda -- there's a night clubby thing in the hotel. (Julia: exec speak) I thought it might be nice to spend a bit of time there. It's likely they'll have some sort of entertainment. It would be fun to just relax and enjoy the night together."

"That sounds wonderful." Sheri leaned across and kissed me. When she pulled away her eyes were wide and wild with the realization of what she'd done. I caressed her face with the back of my fingers and smiled warmly.

I asked, "Dessert?"

"Yes, later." Such a scamp.

When the bill came I handed the server my credit card and asked for the location of the night club. She gave me directions. She brought back the tab, I added a healthy tip, signed it, and rose. I held Sheri's chair as she stood. We each took our purses and left. The restaurant had, for the most part, emptied. Whatever. We walked to the club. A hostess greeted us.

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