A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 02


I asked, "If possible, a table in a quiet corner please." She looked at the chart, thought for a moment, nodded to herself, and turned. It was perfect; a corner booth, curved, with a small, round table. I slipped her a bill and smiled a thank you. We sat close. A gorgeous young redhead came to take our orders. She ogled Sheri openly. I was amused; she was not.

"What would you like Ma'am?" That had red's eyes wide with shock.

"You pet, later. For now, white wine." Her eyes bore into the startled blues of the now crimson server.

Sweetly, "Ditto for me young lady. Thank you." I amuse myself. She stammered something and left.

When she came back with our drinks she made no effort to hide leaning over me to try to get a peek. I thought Sheri might kill her. I squeezed her hand.

"Fucking bitch," she hissed at her swaying hips.

"I thought it was kind of sweet." Uh oh

"You are MINE! No peeks, no touches. Mine, pet." The greens were blazing hot.

"I know Ma'am." She glared. "Yes Ma'am." I sighed. "Please Sheri, let's enjoy this. Please!"

"I will, every minute of it. She just has a lot of ner ..." I silenced her with a kiss. So there.

The band came and the music began. You know the type. Four of them, doing covers of all sorts of music. They were good!

I had a feeling it might happen. Two youngish women came over toward us. I felt Sheri tense.

"It's okay babe. I know them; they're a couple."

The brunette spoke first. "Hi Julia. Hi Sheri. Congratulations on a fine conference. The Board's bonus was a wonderful surprise. And, um, so was the rest of it."

"Hi and thank you Sue. Why don't the two of you introduce yourselves to Sheri?"

Sue was more the Alpha of the two. "I'm Sue Green and this is my partner Georgia Wilson-Green." Sue reached across the table to shake Sheri's hand. Georgia did as well. I stood and bussed each of them on the cheek.

"Would the two of you please join us for a drink?"

"We don't want to butt in on your night out, Julia." Her eyes cut to Sheri.

"Not at all. Please, sit."

They looked at each other. Georgia shrugged and sat down. We both moved a so they would fit, snugly, into the booth.

I saw the redhead and beckoned her. She never looked in Sheri's direction. I asked, "What will you have, ladies?"

"I'll have vodka and tonic; she'll have a bloody Mary, please," said Sue. Hmm, definitely the Alpha.

"Please put those on our tab."

"Yes miss."

Sue looked at me with a question in her eyes. "She made a rather bad first impression on Sheri," I said. Sue nodded.

I looked at Sheri and said, "Sue and Georgia are in Charlotte. Sue's the head of her department. Georgia, didn't you recently get a promotion?"

Georgia brightened with her smile. "Yes! I'm second in command and a full audit partner. I'm very excited." Sue beamed with pride.

Perfect timing. Red was back with drinks. I looked at Sheri, who shrugged. "Would you please refresh both of ours as well?" A nod, a mumbled reply, and she was gone.

Sue said, "Wow! Keep me on the good side of Sheri!!" Sheri blushed; I laughed.

I lifted a glass. "I propose a toast: To Georgia and her promotion ... and to Sue and Georgia. Cheers!"

Georgia spoke up. "Well one good turn deserves another. My toast is to Julia and her Sheri for putting on a smashing conference." Sheri shot me a quick look; I blushed.

Sue chimed in. "And mine is to Sheri -- for her Julia." She's quick, that one.

I smiled brightly and leaned in to kiss you. "Oh my, yes. Her Julia."

Red, back again, with our refills. She couldn't get away from the table fast enough.

Sue asked, "Sheri, how's the internship going?"

"It's hectic, with my class load and all, but I love it. It keeps me busy. I'm learning so much from everyone. Linda is patient with me about everything. Plus I get to interact with the boss every now and then." Snare drum please. I couldn't keep the grin from my face; Sheri blushed.

Georgia came to the rescue. "Ooh, honey, listen, I love this song. Come on, baby, let's dance." She was up in a flash, grabbing Sue's hand. Off to the dance floor they went.

"I'm so embarrassed." Sheri shook her head in frustration. "I can't believe I said it like that. The double entendre was so obvious." I took her hand and leaned in for a kiss. My left hand cupped her face.

"They both like you sweetheart. Besides, they're married. They're completely cool about us." Sheri nodded but I knew she was still embarrassed by it. I grabbed her hand as I leaned in to her ear and whispered, "I want you!" My tongue darted into her ear. I shoved her hand under and up my skirt to my sex. I was rewarded with a soft moan. "Please put them in me Ma'am. See how badly I want you."

Sheri did; I was sopping wet. When she brought her hand back from under the table I took her fingers and licked them. Her eyes darted and widened. Sue and Georgia sat back down. I acted like nothing had happened and took a sip of my wine. I glanced at Sheri over the top of the glass. God I was in trouble.

"So, Sue, did you like how I handled Cindy?" They both laughed.

"Quickly and deftly, as always -- that's our Julia. That was really something to behold," said Sue, grinning ear to ear. Georgia nodded her agreement. "That whiney bitch will make a stink out of it; you know that, right?"

"Most likely, yes. It's nothing I can't handle. Oh, and that includes protecting my intern!!" That last was said with feeling.

Sheri blushed; both Sue and Georgia nodded.

Sheri looked at me and said, "I need to go to the washroom. Please excuse me." I stood and she slid, stood, purse in hand.

Georgia asked, with concern in her eyes, "Is she okay, Julia?"

"Oh honey, she's way better than okay!! Here's the truth. What I did earlier was on impulse. I admit that. But ya know what? I'm goddamn glad I did it. It was about time for me to come out and why not honor my lover and come out - all in one kiss?" My eyes filled. "Even if this has been rather quick, it's been wonderful. She's fabulous and she's worked her delightful little butt off making this conference what it's been. I wanted everyone to see me give her thanks."

Sue had been nodding her head as I spoke. I saw Georgia take her hand and the tears in her eyes. They looked at each other and smiled. Sue's voice was warm. "I'm so happy for you honey. I really am -- for both of you. From the show you put on as we came back, we may need to say goodnight to let you love birds have the rest of your night together."

And, of course, with that, Sheri returned to the table. I scooted over to let her sit down. I passed Sheri her drink. My word, I'd never seen her take that big a gulp at once.

I asked, softly, "You okay?" She nodded and smiled. The angels were looking down on us, smiling. The band began one of their few slow songs. "Can a girl ask her lover for a dance?" Sheri jerked her head up, looked around, then at me. The smile started slowly but there it was: the full, glorious 100 watt smile. She stood and held out her hand. I took it and stood. I mouthed over my shoulder -- stay. Georgia nodded. Sheri led me to the dance floor.

She opened her arms to me; I melted into her. Sheri led. I lay my head against her as we moved together. I told you the angels were watching. "My Heart Belongs To Daddy." Well no, Sheri's not my Daddy, but she sure as hell had my heart. I raised my face to my lover and she leaned in to kiss me as we danced. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Sheri stopped moving and deepened the kiss. We were alone, together, on the dance floor. I heard clapping. Oh god, the song ended. Sheri finally broke the kiss. We walked hand in hand back to the table. Sue and Georgia were both standing and clapping. Each of them hugged both of us. I saw Sue whisper something in Sheri's ear. She blushed, smiled and nodded. Sue hugged Sheri again as she beamed at us. We all sat back down. I took a sip of my wine.

"You two are simply fabulous together," Sue said. "I ... we're jealous."

'Oh for god's sake stop it. The two of you are married. What do you have to be jealous about?" But I smiled as I said it, looked at Sheri and held her hand.

With a sly grin and a gleam in her eye, Sue replied, "Jealous at the really hot, passionate sex the two of you are going to have tonight. Speaking of really hot sex we ought to be going. I think, after watching the two of you on the dance floor, I want a taste of my very peachy Georgia." She leaned in and gave her wife a wet, open-mouth kiss, pulling Georgia's mouth to hers with her hand. My, my, my!

Georgia finally pulled away, blushing furiously. She looked at me and said, "I swear, I can't take her anywhere." But her eyes were wild and hot. We all laughed.

Sue grabbed her purse and said, "Come on lover. What was that stupid movie line? 'Take me to bed or lose me forever.'" Groans, followed by laughter. We all hugged and kissed and said our goodbyes. With a last wave, the two of them were out the door.

"As long as we're standing are you ready to go?" Sheri nodded. "Okay, let me see where your new best friend is." She glared; I laughed. I caught red's eye, made the 'bring me the check' motion; she nodded. I finished the last of my wine. When she brought it, I signed the check, added a tip, and we headed out to the elevator.

In the elevator, Sheri said, "That was very nice. I like them both. They look like they're a happy couple."

"I don't see them very much except at things like this, Ma'am. But yes, they got married last year about this time. I find them both charming and they're very much in love."

The elevator door opened. We strolled hand in hand down the corridor. I opened the door to my room, held it for you, closed it behind us and locked it. When I turned, Sheri wrapped me up in her arms and kissed me. I hope I never stop melting into those lips, not for the rest of my life. I reached and put my hands into her locks and held her to me. When Sheri finally broke the kiss we were both panting. Holy crap!

"Let me go to my room and freshen up a bit. I'll be right back," she said.

"In the interests of conserving water, Ma'am," with a straight face, "I suggest we shower together." Sheri looked, blinked, and laughed. We both did -- we couldn't stop. Silly, stupid, giggly. I love you.

"Oh what the hell. It's been a day and night of firsts. Why not make another one?"

We hurried to take off our things. Sheri left hers in a heap at her feet, took my hand and led me to the bathroom. She reached in to turn on the shower. Once the water was hot, she stepped in. I followed, pulling the curtain closed.

Sheri looked at me and said, "You first." She gently held me under the water, turned me completely around, then moved me to the wall and lifted my arms. "Don't move those." I nodded. She reached for the shampoo, poured a glob of it in her hand, shared some with the other, and began to wash my hair. I leaned my head forward so she could get to it all. One of the most luxurious things that I can't get enough of is having someone wash my hair. Oh how I love it!! Sheri must have felt it (so unlike her) because she gave me a second helping. Once she'd rinsed me clean, she started over again. I was in heaven!! I sighed when it came time to rinse again. Sheri reached for the soap. I grabbed the wash cloth.

With a smile she said, "Nuh uh, this is strictly a hands on cleansing." Oh gawd! She leaned in my ear, jabbed it with that devil of a tongue, and breathed, "Close your eyes baby." I moaned. Sheri must have soaped up her hands thoroughly. She ran those hands over every single inch of my skin. God in heaven it was hot. She started with my fingers and hands and worked her way, s l o w l y, south. She made love to me with soap and those hands. It was totally luxurious, intensely intimate, and wildly sexy. By the time she got to my pussy I was teetering. My chest was heaving as my heart pounded. I wanted her to finish taking me. I was wild with need. Sheri purposely ignored my clit. Bitch! I thrust my hips at her hands in desperation. I dared not move my hands to grab hers or touch myself.

The bitch breathed hot in my ear, "Momma knows what baby wants." I groaned. "Baby gonna have to wait." My moan was more of a sob. Payback is a bitch; she's five foot four with jet black hair.

My lover washed my legs, trailing her fingers near my throbbing sex but never touching. I humped air trying to find her. She worked past my knees. Oh lord. I felt her breath hot looming near me. So not fair! I cried out in my need. I thrust my hips; she had to be there, but no!! She lifted a foot and washed it thoroughly. God it was so sexy. She set the foot down so my legs were spread, washed the other one, and set it down, making sure my legs were spread. Oh good! Now, finally she would reward me for being the good pet by letting me have my ... no, Sheri turned me around, pressed against my back, darted her tongue in my ear, and said, "Now your back gets its turn." FUCK! I love you and I will get even.

Sheri's hands were soft and soapy as she massaged my neck and shoulders. I was already a puddle for god's sake. Give a girl a break would ya? Apparently not -- her nails raked my back; her knee pressed into my ass. Oh yes! I can grind my hips into the wall using your pressure. I heard her hiss, "You will not cum without permission pet!!" This as her hands curled around to pinch the nipples of both my breasts. Devil's spawn, that's what you are! Please don't ever leave me.

I luxuriated under the touch of her hands. Sheri's foot pushed my legs apart and those hands circled my ass, one hand, one cheek. I felt her press against me, the hand slipping down the crevice and tickling the rosebud. Her hand slid up toward the front. I gasped at the touch, silently begging that, finally, she would finish me. Sheri came torturously, tantalizingly close and pulled back. My shoulders slumped. I felt what had to be her middle finger on the bud. She pressed it, dipping just into the outer reaches of me. I moaned. Again, that goddamned tongue hot in my ear, and, "May I?" I nodded; anything for relief. "You'll tell me if it's not comfortable pet." I nodded. My temptress kissed my ear. She pressed further; it was okay. A little more; good, she's going slowly. I relaxed. A little more and I felt her push past the sphincter. This is good. Well, better than I had thought. Just when I started to get used to it -- goddamn, I should have known.

"All done pet; my turn," the hot breath in my ear told me. I nodded.

Her hair was already soaking wet. I poured shampoo into my hands. How to do this? Ah ha! I leaned against the wall; Sheri placed her hands on either side of me, stood back a bit, and bent her head so I could wash the thick, blonde hair. Perfect! Slowly I washed it, massaging her scalp with my nails. She must have liked that; she purred. I finished. She rinsed. I soaped up my hands, turned her to the wall, and began on her neck and shoulders. I smiled at the plan came to me. I was thorough, slow, and loving with my hands. I bathed my lover in kisses as I washed her. My hands went round to her breasts and cupped them; that was but a tease. I pinched her nipples hard. She gasped. My hands swirled the length of her back. God she's tall! I washed her butt. I was amazed how firm, tight and muscular it was. I merely glanced over the rosebud as I washed. I crouched and cleaned her legs, one at a time, front and back. Impossibly long and lean. I kissed them up and down as I washed. She shivered. Good! I lifted a foot and cleaned it; repeated it with the other.

I turned her around. Sheri's eyes were heavy and hot. Good! I brought her mouth to mine and kissed her -- hard. My tongue was demanding; she moaned. I slipped a hand between her legs and a finger up and down her lips. The moan was louder and longer. I teased my lover with my tongue and pulled my hand away. "Time to do your front, baby."

Soaping up my hands I went to work. My hands moved with no rhyme or reason -- other than torturing her. I never made eye contact. I paid scant attention to her diamond hard nipples. I washed her glories completely and thoroughly. I could feel Sheri's eyes burning into me. I cleaned her firm tummy. I scraped my nails from her shoulder down to her hips. I know - evil; deal with it. One last task: extra soap on my hands; I crouched and reached for her. I held her ass with one hand and, turning my hand palm up, softly washed the center of her sex. Sheri duplicated my efforts, trying for the pressure she needed to set loose the storm. Every time she reached, I moved. I slid a finger between her lips but just barely. I never touched the pearl, only lightly brushed it with my wrist. I went under to the perineum, and a bit further back to graze the bud, making sure nothing touched her clit. My god it stood high and proud through the trimmed blonde fuzz.

I knew Sheri was desperate. I stood and said, "All done."

Sheri moaned, "God I hate you," and kissed me hard. I turned off the water. I opened the curtain, reached for a towel, handed it to her, stepped out, grabbed one, and dried myself off. She was slower than I was; course she is also six inches taller.

I called, "Come on sugar. We've got a whole lotta love to make." My hair was still a bit damp as I went to the bedroom, towel drying my hair the whole way. I didn't care a whit about my hair. I wanted to ravish my honey. Quick as a bunny I called for our wake up, then lay back on the bed. I turned and found Sheri standing next to the bed, drying her hair, watching me, devouring me with those hot green eyes.

I had to. In as coy and sappy sweet a voice as possible, I cooed, "See anything you like?" She smiled and nodded. "Come get some lover." With a cute giggle she pounced. My nipple was her first target. She sucked it whole into her mouth and savaged it with her tongue. I cried out at the glory of the sensations. I felt her fingers slip into me. I threw my legs apart.

Sheri tore me up with the fury of her need. Goddammit, I wanted to take her first. She grabbed my wrists and brought my hands to my breasts. A moment later I felt her between my legs. Oh My God!! Her mouth was hot and wet on my pearl. I bucked, thrust my legs, arched my back, and pulled hard at the peaks on my chest. There was no pain, only the hot heat of desperation thinly disguised as pleasure. Once between my legs Sheri's hand turned and destroyed me by caressing my g-spot. There was no countdown; the explosion was 'snap your fingers' fast. Sheri threw me headlong into it and I loved her for it. All the tension, all the want, all the desperation was set free with her mouth and fingers. Pure, complete, searing bliss -- that was Sheri's gift to her pet. I couldn't help it. Right in the middle of it all I began to cry. It took me round and round. I loved her for making me wait. This, my reward, was absolutely perfect. It teetered, I cried out in frustration as it was about to leave. She drew the last of it from me with a hard, savage thrust into my depths. God bless you Ma'am. I crashed hard as it left me. But I was sated completely. Sheri nursed me, gently, back. I finally stopped seeing stars behind my eyes and when I opened them, there she was, smiling, bending, kissing me.

"Welcome back lover. How was the trip?"

"I wanted to be first tonight," I whined.

"You were baby," Sheri said softly, "you were."

"Damn you; you know what I meant." I was whining and I knew it.

"I'm right here for you baby as soon as you have the energy. I'm your canvas. Paint me any way you want." Oh my!

I slid from beneath her close to the edge of the bed. Sheri turned to me; I pushed her to her back. There was a quick flash of anger, then desire -- raw and hot. Perfect! She had the need; I had the match for the fire that would set her free. Quick as a cat I was off the bed. I leaned over and took a toe in my mouth. I bathed them one at a time. I ran a finger up and down the wetness of her sex. I saw her fingers come to pull them apart. I slapped them away. I'm going to pay for that!

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