A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 04


I set about to work. My phone rang. It was Sheri!! "Is my pet dressed as Ma'am ordered?" Me: wet.

"Yes Ma'am."

"I saw the blouse and jacket. That will come in handy for your surprise pet. I will have a plausible reason to visit later and we shall discuss it. Have a good day Ms. Simpson." She hung up. My heart was a trip hammer. I was flushed and wet. I took off the jacket and hung it on the edge of my chair. Yeah great -- this was going to be just another day at the office

Back to it. Mail was handled quickly and put in the "out" basket. Sue replied to my request with a very enthusiastic response. Cool! Linda came in. I looked up; she was looking at my blouse. Damn; one downside of having an ex-lover as your P.A. is she knew how the girls were ... umm, contained. I was already flushed; I ignored the look. "I thought about what you asked, Julia, and I think it might help to have a brief meeting on the subject." We set it up for 11 am.

There was a knock on the door. Linda and Sheri were both walking in. I rose and greeted them both. "Please, have a seat. Linda and I talked it over, Sheri. I thought it might be helpful if we strategize, briefly, on what you might expect in the gossip area. Anything untoward happen so far today?" She said no. We talked briefly. Basically, in my mind, as long as we both minded our 'p's and q's' this would all be yesterdays news in a jiffy, especially in this instant world of ours.

That discussion ended quickly. I asked Sheri to say for a moment. Linda raised an eyebrow, got up, and left, closing the door. She didn't waste any time. "Stand and unbutton your blouse pet." What? I did. "Come here." I did. She rose as I came to the chair. She reached into her pocket. Opening her hand, she said, "Your surprise pet: nipple clamps, another part of your journey into submission." I'd heard of them of course. She pushed down the cup so a nipple was exposed and fastened the clamp. Damn that hurt. She tightened it a bit. She left the nipple exposed and moved to the other breast and repeated the, umm, exercise. Double damn. "That's much better pet. Now button that blouse and let me have a look at you." I did. I stood with my hands at my sides. She looked at me, her eyes burning hot, smiled and said, "Ma'am is very pleased pet. Very pleased indeed; this is a very nice next step for you. I know you'll enjoy it." She took my skirt, lifted it, and smiled. "Very nice pet; I am pleased." She lifted the finger, ran it under her nose, and offered it to my mouth. Woman is a sexual goddess. I wanted her beyond desperation. A quick peck and she turned and left. Five glorious words.

Linda rolled her chair to peek around the corner. I was putting my jacket back on. I blushed, got an eye roll in return, and she was gone. All righty then! That went well. My nipples were screaming. Annie and Oakley were most unhappy. Sorry kids, Momma's got her marching orders; deal with it. It hurt like the dickens and I loved it. How could that be?

The phone rang. It was Maddi. Mr. Watson wanted to see me after lunch. Is 1 pm okay for me? Duh. I thanked her. Perfect. A meeting with the C.F.O. about a pending lawsuit from a disgruntled employee and me with nipple clamps and no panties. Fabulous Julia! Your career has only begun to take wings. The rest of the morning went just as swimmingly. By that I mean I was just about swimming in my own juices. Damn I love her! I called to Linda; she came in. I asked if she had lunch plans. She had gotten a late start with the snow and hadn't made lunch. We ordered sandwiches delivered. They came, I paid, grabbed a bottle of water, ate, and worked. The clock was ticking.

I printed another copy of the email and headed upstairs. A smile from my ... from Sheri warmed me. I headed to the elevator. Maddi was in a good mood. Apparently she was busy spending the pending bonus. She opened the door, announced me, and I walked in to meet with Mr. Watson. It was brief. I'll summarize: He said to forget about it, the whole thing was baseless. Meeting over. That was easy. Mr. Watson just confirmed my thinking. It was a nice, though not unexpected, personal touch for him to do so in a face-to-face meeting. He's too professional to look at my chest; Maddi's eyes gave nothing away. I think I like this.

When I got to my office, I saw an envelope tucked under the back edge of the keyboard. Hmm. I opened it -- Sheri. With shaking hands and pounding heart I read, "Pet -- I have a task for you this evening after work. You are to go to a second hand store and purchase a light colored blouse that is a full size smaller than what you normally wear. Since it's a second hand store there may not be dressing rooms. If there are, also try on a blouse that is two sizes too small. The tighter and more revealing the better pet! Am I clear? Good! Whichever I would prefer, were I there, you are to purchase. When you are at the counter paying, if the attendant is a young female, you will, as she puts the blouse in the bag, be sure to inform her that 'my Ma'am instructed me to buy this as I am her pet.' Should she blush, or in any other way show interest, you are to do whatever is necessary to make your interest in seducing her clear. I expect a full accounting of all this in our phone call tonight, pet. Happy hunting!! Ma'am." My hands were shaking. I was pale. Five goddamn words.

I put the letter in its envelope and in my purse. I opened the door to the washroom, closed and locked it. I unzipped the skirt and sat. Her eyes looked back at me; hers were every bit as hot and wild with lust as mine. I had nipple clamps, no panties, and a task. I was scared out of my wits and every molecule of my body was on fire with desire and want. Who am I? What mattered most, in that moment, was to quell the fire and ache in my loins. It took not even a minute and when it hit I had to bite the washcloth in my mouth to keep from screaming. I shook, I bucked, I clenched, and cried. My fingers were drenched with me. I prayed to god it would never end it was so fabulous. When it finally did I was more rag doll than human. The burn in my nipples was a heavenly, scorching ache. The quivering in my pearl lasted for several minutes after my spend. I was delirious with bliss from it. The ache remained. I was in a place I'd never been and I loved it.

I remained splayed on the toilet for several minutes before even attempting to stand. My hair clung to my forehead. My face remained flush, though this time with unmistakable pleasure. My eyes were soft from it. My legs were shaky. I ran cold water from the tap and slid my wrists under it in an effort to cool down. It took a while for that to take hold. We gazed at each other in the mirror. Behind the softness was an unmistakable gleam. I liked it. Was this gift of submission, still in it embryonic stage, where my future lay? How does a 47 year old female executive in a new relationship, with not one but two clear warnings about her professional comportment, manage her job, her relationship, and her wondrous submission?

Linda peeked around the corner as I sat down. "Everything okay?" I nodded and gave something resembling a smile.

The afternoon dragged on. I answered the phone, conducted business, even managed to finish the report that was time specific. I'm in love with a 20 year old. I moved on to the next folder and opened it. Her eyes are wonderfully green. I looked at the notes and nodded to myself as a plan came together. I couldn't tell Randi to drive me to the store. She would drop me at home and I would take a cab to the store and back. This is good. When this spreadsheet is finished I'll be ready for tomorrow. What if the clerk isinterested? What do I do? Two meetings lay ahead tomorrow - early in the morning and late in the afternoon. There were hotels near the office. I could get a room. I need her. The morning meeting was the more complex of the two and would demand my full attention. Did I want to rush lovemaking with She ... Ma'am? What was the forecast tomorrow? More snow? Better be sure to let Randi know. Is the rest of my life going to be like this?

Oh god. I heard her voice. She was talking to Linda at her desk. I heard bits and pieces ... one assignment was finished, another given. Can you please come to me and let me love you? I heard them both laughing. I love her laugh. She peeked in as she walked by and winked. Oh god, help me. My nipples were on fire. It was 4 pm. Ahh! That's why Sheri was at Linda's desk. It was her quitting time. Linda had given her the assignment for tomorrow. I want to look into her eyes. I sent Randi a text to confirm a 5 pm pickup. I called home to let Teresa I would be home around 6 pm. Does she know how beautiful she looks when she sleeps? I laughed. Of course not you love blind goof. I sat at my desk.

When it took me it shook me to my core. My eyes closed. My hips came off the chair. I bucked. The heat of it was unlike any I had ever known. I was certain I would pass out. The pleasure of it was so intense my eyes teared. I had not touched myself since my spend in the bathroom and I was in the throes of an overwhelming, blinding, orgasm. Five divine words.

It finally passed. I felt my lip bleed. I had bitten it. When I finally opened my eyes Linda was in the doorway; her mouth hung open, her eyes were wide. I couldn't focus on her right away. She just turned, closed the door, and left. I love you. Finally, I got up and went to the bathroom, cleaned myself, and rinsed my face. The ache was gone. She smiled back at me.

My phone buzzed. Randi. I stood on shaky legs, got my coat and purse and headed out. What for I did not know - yet. Linda was not at her desk when I left. Good. The air was bitter cold. I looked up; a cloudless sky. Sweet home, Chicago. The streets were clear of snow. The ride home was quick. Randi was cordial. I was quiet. I thanked her when I got out.

I waited till her car turned the corner, went to that corner and hailed a cab. My hands shook as I sat and gave the driver the address. If you are from Chicago, and gay, you know where I was headed. If you're not it doesn't matter. The store is gigantic; it serves a most worthy cause. The fare was less than ten dollars. I gave the cab a twenty, told him it would be a round trip, and asked him to wait for a few minutes. It was an act of faith in humanity. With a shrug and a deep breath I walked in. I took a peek at the counter. Oh lord, they are ALL female. I was screwed. Very funny. I could lie. Ma'am wouldn't know. She was in her house or the library. God! There was a bar on one corner and a building with a first floor sitting area across the street. She could be in either one. She had to know which shop I would go to. She left at 4 pm. She could have come here, pretending to shop, to check out the counter. Umm, they could all be straight. Umm., that did not preclude their interest. I knew that. Some of my more memorable encounters were with out of town, bisexual, married women. They, umm, tended to be a bit on the wild side, thankfully. I blushed when I thought of her: Sophie. Yummy.

I wandered the aisles looking for blouses in my size, light colored. I looked as I wandered -- no dressing rooms. I didn't remember any on previous visits. She had to have known. Oh my god, that was some night with Sophie. She is a Brit and on a busin ... Never mind. I found one, pure white, virginal. It was perfect; one size smaller. (I'm not telling so shut up.) And now the fun starts. Will her eyes be as green as yours? My feet moved as in quicksand and weighted with concrete. She smiled brightly at me. "Did you find everything okay?" I nodded. She took the blouse, clipped the tag, and said, "That will be five dollars please." I handed her the money.

My mouth was a desert. My heart thudded in ... you know where. She put the blouse in a bag. Someone said, "My Ma'am told me to buy that; I'm her pet." It may have been me. The blood roaring in my ears left me unsure.

She smiled sweetly and said, "How lovely for you."

I said, "If you would come with me I will give you whatever earnings you are missing by leaving early."

The smile broadened. "I think I might like that. I'll get my things."

The stars were aligned. She took my hand, we left and the cab was waiting. There is a Best Western nearby. I told the driver. She asked, "What's your name?"

I said, "Becca."

"So Becca, from the color of your face you've not been a subbie too long." (Please help me!) "I'm Ruth by the way -- how long sweetie?"

"It's only been a short while actually Ruth." God, they are blue and beautiful. Her nose had a gold loop. Both eyebrows had little rings. I saw six or seven studs in one ear and guessed the other had the same. Would she like me? We got to the hotel. I paid.

Just before we got out she kissed me. "It'll be okay Becca, we both like girls. You're on an assignment. I'm here to help." Five tasty words.

I gave them my credit card. No, I didn't have a fucking reservation. Just give me a room. (Inside voice) I smiled somewhat sweetly. The young man behind the desk kept looking at Ruth. Fuck you. I signed the bill and took the key. Ruth smiled fabulously, took my hand, and we walked to the elevator. I might faint here. Inside she turned to me and said, "Kiss me Becca." I did and I liked it. She was very young and she was a very, very good kisser. I'm not cheating on my girlfriend when my Ma'am sends me out on assignment, right? No of course not you goof. Green eyes smiled at me. The elevator door opened. She put her arm around my waist as we walked. I slid the plastic key in the door -- it opened. She turned on the light and said, "Are you coming Becca?"

I stepped inside and took off my coat. She locked the door and took my coat and hung it up!! She took hers off and hung it up. She took my hand and led me to the slaugh ... bed. In a blink her top and bra were off and she lay back on the bed. Direct is good. "You're on assignment honey and I'm here to help." Hmm. She's what? 20, maybe? Shut up Julia. As long as she's legal and I'm not paying her it's good. Umm, about that; never mind. Her nipples are pierced - like I couldn't have guessed. "I guess you could just stand there but I think your Ma'am won't like your report Becca." She smiled at me. She had a point. I took off my jacket, threw it on the other bed. The blouse ... Oh god, the clamps; I was mortified. I stood there. Her eyes stayed on me, clear and steady.

"I ... umm ... don't do this very often," I croaked.

"I know, or, rather, that's what I figured. That's part of why I decided to come with you." Five impossible words.

I took off the blouse. Her eyes widened. I undid the front clasp and shrugged the bra off. She nearly drooled.

"Oh my god Becca, you're so beautiful. Let me take those off for you please." Can a human being get more crimson? She cooed, "This is going to sting, baby. You probably know that. I'll try to make it better. Ya know what? Let me take them both off at once. It'll sting like a bitch but it'll be over sooner too. Just squeeze my hands."

Oh god it hurt. The blood rushed in and I squeezed as I cried. She turned pale. Apparently I am stronger than I look. She was right. The pain was gone soon. Not soon enough, but soon.

"I'm so sorry if I hurt you Ruth. You were right though. It did make it stop faster." She nodded. I kissed her. She unzipped my skirt and giggled.

"Oh Becca, for a forty-something executive, you are one brazen cougar." I need a drink of my wine as I type. Okay. She leaned and licked the full length of my pussy. "Mmm ... and you taste delicious baby." She stood, took off her jeans and panties - no socks. "Becca, I'm meeting friends after work for drinks. I know you're on assignment but we gotta get this done." Young, practical, and a good kisser; the girl had a good future. "You're the subbie honey; want me to lead?"

I'll show you the meaning of cougar kiddo!! I climbed astride her, kissed her, pushed her legs open with mine, and made ready for my assault. She may have been little, a bit shorter than me, and lighter (not telling) but she was a tiger. Her breasts were small and gorgeous. The areolae and nipples were a lovely light shade of brown. My fingers teased them as I kissed her. Her hips sought purchase. I didn't give it. My car and I'm driving tonight. I took her hands, which were scratching ridges into my back, pulled them over her head and held them there. She went crazy. Okay, I thought, and I tilted my sex to hers and started. She moaned into the kiss. Good. Ignition on. I took my other hand and pinched the nipple; a bit interesting, it being pierced. She must have liked it. She bucked furiously beneath me and screamed. I never released her mouth; I didn't want to. I finally turned her hands loose, grabbed her legs and held them high and wide as I took her. She swore everlasting lust. She begged to some deity I'd never heard of for release. Hey!! I'm trying here!

Her arms flailed madly. She was gorgeous. Green eyes smiled. I went faster than I thought possible. She keened, bucked, clawed air and came -- screaming. The force of it and her wild excitement took me with her. I felt her writhing as my stomach clenched for the third time. My god! My hair got pulled something fierce as she brought me to her nipple. I swallowed it, and most of her breast, in my mouth. Lovely. I thought she was going to break my still sore nose. I had trouble breathing. (I managed) She crested gloriously and collapsed; mine had begun to slip away a few seconds earlier. I was tired but I held myself up so I could look at her. Nerves; it must have been nerves. Her hair was very short and a deep red. Her face and neck were flushed a bright red. A woman in the glory of her orgasm is a spectacular thing to see. Thank you; be sure to let all your friends know. Humor! When her eyes opened I bent to kiss her. It was sweet and soft. When I pulled away she smiled shyly. "My, my, my, the cougar can dance. Got time for one more Becca? My treat."

Hell yeah. She rolled me over and turned clear around in a classic 69. Whoa Momma! (Editorial note: I must admit ladies, this is not one of my more fav positions. I find one or the other of us gets distracted a bit in our pleasure and the other gets left behind. But enough about me.) I was all ready to enjoy and she stopped. Umm. "Becca, please know. I don't do drugs, don't use needles and get tested every month. It's just part of why I work there." I admit, I melted. In the middle of it all I hadn't given it a thought. Stupid!

"Come here Ruthie." She turned; I crooked my finger and lifted my arms. Her eyes were curious. "That was very sweet. In the moment I didn't think about it but thank you for telling me." I kissed her very softly; it deepened quickly. Yum.

Finally, "Becca, I'm not promiscuous but I'm hardly a virgin. I'm very gay, but that doesn't mean I can't get an STD. You have more at risk than me in not knowing. I'm a college student at ..." I must have turned pale; the same place as Sheri. She must have seen it. She laughed hysterically. "Your Ma'am goes the same school as me. Oh how funny. I must meet her and tell her how fabulous you are." If you come within ten miles of her I'll cut your heart out, bitch. Mine!

I smiled sweetly. The mood was gone -- just that fast. I wanted out of there. I wanted her gone. I wanted to talk to my honey. She saw it. She sat up. Her head was down. Great, now I feel bad. I pulled her to me; she was tense and resisted. I said, softly, "Please Ruthie." She finally looked and saw my tears. She lay atop me and I hugged her. We kissed. "I'm sorry honey. I love her. I feel like I'm cheating on her and she asked me to do this. God love you, you went along with it. I was your age once (she smiled) and I'm sure I wouldn't have had the nerve or courage. You are a fabulous kisser and a wonderful, passionate lover. You're very lovely. Thank you. You made a very difficult night a wonderful one." She lowered herself to me and took me in her arms. The kiss was passionate, soft and sweet. How amazing is life?

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