tagLesbian SexA Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 06

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 06


* * Charlotte * *

Finally, we were on a plane and on our way. We would meet the girls tomorrow for lunch. It had been frighteningly hectic for both of us; more school and sports for Sheri. We took every chance possible for dinners and nights; neither of us was happy (or satisfied) with what our schedules allowed. Sheri had moved more of her things in. That part was going very well. I had been giving thought to redoing the bathroom – 2 sinks, among other things. I needed to think seriously about making the closet a walk in, literally; bigger too. I already had my designer on it. A second chest of drawers for her things; most likely that would be sooner than later. We'd talked about all that and more.

I must tell you this. Recently, in the middle of fabulous lovemaking, I'd had a memory flash. I giggled, and said, "Beige."

Sheri lifted her head, looked at me, and said, "What?"

"Beige, the ceiling needs to be painted beige!" I tried to hide the smile. My honey was not happy.

"Let me see if I'm getting this right PET. I'm making love with my girl, and in the middle of it, you call out 'beige?' What the hell!" I couldn't stop myself; it did kill the moment, but I would make it up to her. I held my arms out for Sheri; she glared and shook her head. Seeing me laugh only made her angrier. I knew it, and I wanted to tell her. I knew she'd laugh and then I'd get back to the business of our pleasure. I had to beg in my best little girl voice. Sheri resisted for a while longer, but she had to know too. I turned her on her back, rested my head in the valley, and caressed her silky soft skin.

"There's this joke. A wife is on her back in her marital bed. Her husband is doing what he always did. She is doing what she always did – thinking of the pleasure of her afternoon encounter with her lover that had left both women completely satisfied. As he thrust and grunted above her, she, looking at the rather old paint job, blurts out, 'Beige.' He never stops, just mutters, 'What?' She, joyous now, moves her hips to get him finished, wraps her arms around him, and says, 'I'm having the bedroom painted beige' and leans up to kiss him. She lay back and let him finish. He, of course, fell asleep immediately." Sheri looked, wide eyed, in astonishment. The smile crept across her face as I told and finished the joke. She joined me in a fit of giggles and laughter until we were both quite breathless. We kissed, I took her fabulous face in my hands, peered into her soul and said, "May neither us ever have a 'beige' moment in our lives, lover." Sheri's eyes went doe soft and she nodded. I loved her thoroughly, so much so she finally begged me to stop. Five joyous words!!

We're finally in the air! A little about that. Travel today is miserable. Not enough planes and too many people. In order for us to sit, together, in first class, I was forced to grit my teeth and book a 6:30 pm flight. Give here, take there – it meant we would get in at a reasonable time, have time for real (non-airline) food, a drink, and, umm, relaxation. Our bags were left with Randi Thursday morning when she dropped us at work. Teresa would have the weekend to herself. I'm sure angels were awaiting the oration at church Sunday. Poor dear; I really shouldn't tease her so much. It's just that it's so much fun – and so easy.

We chatted as we sat; we had both looked forward to this with great anticipation. Apparently Sue and Georgia had big plans for us. When I relayed that to Sheri, I was met with a raised eyebrow. They're married, ya goof. I meant they were hosting a dinner party for friends Saturday and we were invited. We were going out to dinner Friday after they finished work and we finished, umm, what we were going to do. Dancing and clubbing were promised. Georgia is so sweet! She sent me links to dozens of things we could do before and after lunch in their city. We would lie through our teeth about them. Honestly, we would each pick a couple we were interested in. My trips to Charlotte had been for business only. It would be fun to wander a bit. Actually, that's what we did during the two hour flight. Sheri, being beautiful, brilliant, and healthy, brought some snacks in her carry on. I love this girl!! So we had our drinks, chatted, munched (the food, dammit) and made our picks. We landed and headed to baggage. I texted our driver, we grabbed our bags, and were whisked to the hotel in downtown Charlotte. Check-in was smooth and efficient. The suite was fabulous! Well appointed with a glorious, big bed. Sheri was giggly about the walk-in shower and the giant Jacuzzi. Pleasure awaited us. We changed into comfy clothes; Sheri did look longingly over her shoulder at the bathroom. Good things come to those who wait pe ... lover.

Oh my god!! I am such an airhead! I completely spaced on one tidbit you will want to hear about. Valentine's Day! Ah yes! I insisted Sheri skip night classes (no tests); not a lot of argument. We had a lovely dinner out after work. Her present was a trip to a toy store. I told Sheri to buy whatever she wanted. She danced and jumped and clapped. There were so many items the young lady (bitch made eyes at her the whole time) gave us several things for free and added a couple of goodies from the wall behind her. I knew she was thinking of asking Sheri for her number. I wanted to save her from certain ... never mind. My eyes made it very clear that was a very, very bad idea. Sheri was in 'Toy Store Heaven.'

Sheri's gift to me was to take me to VS. Sheri told me to sit in a comfy chair while she shopped for me. She returned with a jaw-dropping number of things in her hands – yes hands. If it had been a grocery store, she'd have needed one of the little carry things (technical term). "Come pet, we must try these on." When did you learn to speak French skippy? (You giggle at my joke, I bow) That giggling was nothing, nothing, like ours in the dressing room. Sheri had my clothes off in a jiffy. Yes, all of them. "These are my favorite's babe; they will be your 'trying things on' pair." All of you know what she meant. They were lovely; every color you can think of! They fit perfectly (Sheri does know every inch of me) and we cooed, kissed, made lovey-dovey silly noises, and, umm, a few other things. Body fluids were exchanged during the modeling session! The knock was followed by: "Are we having fun in there?" Quite! We giggled our reply. We came out, arm in arm, heads together. The counter girls flocked to see who had made the scandalous, lovely noises. I, of course, paid. Sheri demanded another modeling session later; the counter girls gaped, blushed, and giggled. Five delicious, tasty words. We were both late for work the next morning. No one is surprised I'm sure.

God, we were famished. We ate too damn much. It was fun! The food was wonderful. We had a couple of drinks in the lounge afterward. Sheri was nearly panting wanting to get to the Jacuzzi. I knew, and tortured her by dragging the lounge session out. When I said I was going to order a third round she pinched my thigh and glared. Bitch! That hurt!! Oww!! And it was the inside of my thigh. Momma gonna pay; baby gonna make sure she likes it. I love this woman.

Gotta get to the memory bank here. We landed at about 9:15, were in the room by 10, back to the room just after 11:30. That sounds about right. Let me put it this way: the sun hadn't come up, but it was late before we slept. We both did that stretchy, languid, loosey-goosey thing in bed after the Jacuzzi. Details remain a state secret. We slept the sleep of the dead.

Sheri insisted on another go-round in the Jacuzzi after our shower. Breakfast, which had been ordered and delivered, got cold. Not telling; you know too damn much about our sex lives anyway. There will be more! (wink) You knew that.

Confession: By the time we finally left the room it was time for us to meet the girls for lunch. la, la, la Georgia and Sue took one look at each of us, looked at each other, and broke into hysterical laughter. They laughed, and we both blushed and laughed, all the way to the table. Finally, Georgia leaned her head on Sue's shoulder as they laughed. Sue gasped out the words: "Not much sight seeing huh?" That set us all into giggles again. When they stopped, I said, "Marco." Sheri replied, "Polo." The waitress came for our order; she took one look at the four of us, turned and walked away. Don't know what the two of them did when they got back to the office, but the two of us found a little shop and bought and changed our undies – not for the last time that day.

Lunch was grand; nobody cared about the food. They probably got yelled at for being so late; it's not called casual Friday for nuttin, honey. We showed them our list and asked which they suggested we visit during the afternoon. Yeah, yeah – we did go. Umm, a nap would likely have been the smarter thing. Sounds good, right? We got back, showered, and had to, umm, hurry to dress and meet the, umm, girls at the restaurant, umm, for dinner. The cab ride cost extra. I gave him an extra ten bucks to, umm, hurry. Georgia just gawked. Sue looked at the two of us (liquefied) and said, "The two of you are scandalously relaxed. You can't keep your hands off each other!" She kissed both of us; so did her wife. Dinner was more of the same. Sheri had all of us in stitches with her description of playing "tag" in the Jacuzzi. I told them that breakfast got very cold. Dinner was wonderful; we let them order for us. I picked the wine. Expensive and decadent, it was fab. I didn't get the impression Georgia drank wine very often. Her tongue got a little loose and she giggled a little more. She let slip a couple of the naughty places the two of them had made love. Sue glared; we both laughed.

Sheri didn't drink very much either; she, umm, let slip our night with you know who. In great detail. Good thing we were in a corner; Charlotte seemed to be a late arriving dinner crowd kind of town. Two pairs of eyes got impossibly large. Sue kept looking at me. I wanted to slug my Ma'am. I was blushing too much; a river ran from me. I wanted Sheri to take me, right there. I think my eyes gave me away on that one. Sue called for the bill; she paid, and we piled into their car and headed for the club. Oh my yes – this is going to be interesting!!

The club was nearly empty. It was beautifully decorated for St. Patrick's Day. Hmm, all the leprechauns were women. Interesting. I typed the thought I just had. Ma'am blushed, yelled at me, and told me to take it the fuck out of the story; then she laughed. Not telling. (Head tilting in her direction) Georgia pulled Sue onto the dance floor. Sheri wanted to sit for a bit to let her head clear. She ordered seltzer water, I had wine. "Did I say too much about Nikki honey?" Eyeroll. She blushed. "Oopsie." More giggles; the girls came back off the floor. Sue ordered wine for herself and seltzer for Georgia, who pouted.

I'm not telling the whole story of that night, just this: At some point, Sue and Sheri decided that we were just four women enjoying a night out, not couples. They both did some odd handshake thing that apparently had something to do with Sheri's sorority. Sue was able to keep up; Georgia and I stared. It got quite interesting from there. Sheri dragged Sue out on the floor. Georgia moved across from me and we watched the show.

Sheri towered over Sue; Sue used that to her advantage. It was unbelievably sexy and fabulously hot. Picture this if you can: Sue leapt into Sheri's arms (literally), wrapped her legs around Sheri's waist, and let her hands go; she wiggled against Sheri as her hands curled through her hair, which fell over her head, and threw her head back as she mimicked making love with Sheri. Her athleticism and strength let her keep up with Sue. It was über hot. At one point I looked around the club. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and were watching the two of them. The song ended; the house screamed, clapped, yelled. I swear this is true ... several women came up to each of them and stuffed bills in their waists. One idiot tried to stuff a bill in Sue's blouse. Sheri nearly broke her wrist. I looked at Georgia. She was flushed from watching the dance and with love for her honey. I smiled and squeezed her hand. I giggled and said, "Nope, we can't duplicate that!" She laughed.

Both of them headed to the rest room, which, in hindsight, was a bit of a risky idea after that hot display. I knew it was just to rinse some cold water on their faces; they were back in a jiffy. Sue sat next to me and Sheri sat next to Georgia. I was told, later, that this was planned, with giggles, in the ladies room. Sue had decided to take a shot at her fantasy about me. Sheri, said, quoting, "Game on!" She mentioned something about a goose and a gander. Apparently that handshake thing was done again. Sheri did admit, under questioning, that they had shared a couple of very hot kisses. I was - no, scratch that. Sheri was not in an advantageous position to deny my 'request' that she 'spill.' Sipowicz would have been proud at how I worked my skell. She did spill!!

Moving on! There was a slow dance song that we danced to with our respectives. I know, spell check doesn't like it. Like I give a damn. Sheri was warm from the dancing. I held her close as she led. We really didn't say much or need to. The song ended, the four of us went back to the table, walking arm in arm.

I needed a quick trip to the ladies room. After, I stared. I am going to marry my Sheri. The girl in the mirror beamed and nodded at me. Translated: You go girl! Thank you honey. I know you're happy for me too. She blushed when she nodded.

I can't tell you the name of the next song. All I remember is that Sue let out a war whoop, grabbed my hand, and dragged me out on the floor. What she did to me and with me ... I just had the most delicious shiver thinking about it. She actually did the limbo between my legs!!! No, I have no idea how. Remember, I'm five four. How she kept her feet on the floor and bent that far back ... lord. I'd have needed a chiropractor for ... whatever. Here's the deal: It was what she did with her mouth and hands as she came close to, under, and behind me that had me in awe. I think (hope?) that is a graphic enough word picture for all of us.

If you would excuse me, I need a few minutes of private time.

Okay, I'm back. Wowzer!! Even the Russian judge gave that spend a 10 and a thumbs up. Back to writing!!

It took maybe ten seconds after the song ended. We were hugging each other when the applause began. It was thunderous. Sue kissed me hard and deep; Sheri told me later that she (Sue) had wanted me for a very long time. The bar for their trip to our place moved a little higher that night. We all laughed, hugged, and kissed when Sue and I got back to the table. The bartender came with drinks and a statement, "Your money's no good here for the rest of the night." That rule thing I mentioned earlier? Never mind, not for this night and that club. Georgia's eyes pleaded with Sue. "Both of you, order whatever you want." They did. The four of us clinked glasses. Smiles all around. I knew she would; Georgia asked, "Honey, how did you do that?" Sue just laughed and kissed her. Oh my god, she would, again, be tasting her peachy Georgia to-night!! Sheri couldn't stop grinning at me; her eyes were hot and wild. Yum.

There was more but those are the highlights. I just scrolled up the page; I think I spent about 80% of the page "not telling the whole story of that night." Sheri laughed when I showed her what I just typed. I promise I'm not trying to write a Teresa-like epic. I just love Sheri so much and love sharing our story. I hope you're enjoying us!

There finally came a point when, much as we enjoyed the night and each other, all of us wanted to be with our honeys. The good nights were warm and heart felt. I kissed Sue like she had me. Even Georgia smiled. Yeah, it was several ticks too long. It was absolutely okay that night. Georgia whispered in my ear after she and I kissed; I smiled and nodded. Sheri and Sue hugged and kissed each other. Nothing more needed there. We would see them tomorrow!! Ya hoo.

We got to the room after the cab ride, locked the door, and took turns in the bathroom. I just left my clothes in a heap. Sheri came out, I headed in. She pinched my nipple and smirked. I stuck my tongue out as we passed. After, I washed my face. The girl in the mirror looked at me with the biggest smile and the warmest eyes; yes, she blushed. I think she was happiest about the fact I wanted to marry Sheri! She knew what a wonderful day and night it had been and that it was far from over. Virginal? Her? Oh god, don't make me laugh this late at night. She was my cheering section, my conscience, and my friend. She only wanted me to be happy. I love her.

I found Sheri on the bed, eyes closed. I leaned every bit of my little self over the edge of the bed and licked her pussy. She jumped; she'd dozed. I jumped on the bed and threw myself on top of Sheri, who "oofed." Her fingers dug into my ribs; I squeaked. I kissed her, and said, "Lover, that was the sexiest, most erotic dancing I believe I have ever seen. It was hotter than sex." Her eyes clouded for a blink, then she smiled.

"Julia, holy crap; I wish I had a camera so that I could show you how fucking hot the two of you were. Georgia was moaning as she watched; I sorta wondered if she hadn't gotten herself off. At one point my eyes wandered over the room; every pair of eyes was on the two of you; mouths hung open, eyes were glazed. More than a few hands were wandering over their own and their partner's bodies. Every single person – every one – watched the two of you. There was a moment I was jealous, but in the ladies room, Sue told me she had had the hots for you for the longest time. I wasn't surprised when she did what she did, just how she did it. Name a female gold medal Olympic gymnast. Any and all of them would have been jealous, not to mention sopping wet, watching the two of you. It was simply, completely fabulous."

I listened and watched as Sheri told me; her eyes spoke every emotion that her words described. It may have been a moment in time, as I write, that was one of the most intimate we spent. I must admit. I've just had a glorious spend from telling you of it. Both of my hands were on the keyboard the whole time. I'll be right back.


I'm back! I thought and thought about it; after the club, why even bother with us. Hopefully, you enjoyed my telling of it.

Saturday came late. We woke up, slowly, in each others arms. I don't mention this often enough. To wake up to and with my lover, skin to skin, warm, with the scent of our loving lingering, is always a really lovely, intimate thing for me. There are many, many things that I love about Sheri and us. That little luxury is but one.

I had a fleeting thought that I had really been a total asshole with Linda. I shook my head to clear the thought. Sheri asked about it. I was too embarrassed to tell her. I kissed Sheri's nose and shushed her. Julia, that was you then and this is you now. Lin was right though. We both like this me a whole lot better. My girl in the mirror nodded and smiled. I came back to bed. Sheri's turn. We just lay in bed and cuddled. I had ordered breakfast for us while she was in the ladies room. When it came I threw on a robe and padded to the door. The young man rolled in the cart, spied Sheri in bed, blushed, and did what he was tasked to do. I signed the check to the room. He was smiling as he left. Whatever!

Sheri came and sat down. I shucked the robe. This thing of ours – we were nearly always ravenous! And hungry! Sheri just smacked my shoulder. Sorry Ma'am. I'm so full of us that my gigglies take over. We had our breakfast and spoke of what we would do during the day. No, just don't go there! We sorta owed it to the girls to have stories of visiting their city, seeing as how we would be guests at dinner filled with folks who live and work in the area. So you know, Sheri is not hovering over my shoulder as I type – but as we're married, she does peek now and then. She cuffed me as she read that. We had a spat over it. I insisted I be allowed to leave it in. She told me, "I declare pet. You are determined, in your own way, to have me as your pet one day." We both had a good laugh about that!!

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