tagErotic CouplingsA Counselor's Camp Adventure

A Counselor's Camp Adventure


I went to church camp as a counselor for teen girls a few years ago. I was there for four nights. While there I ran into a younger man, we will call him Edwin, who I'd known for several years. Edwin was a youth director at a church in a nearby town. He was at the camp as a boy's counselor for the church he worked for. One of the jobs of the counselors was to "patrol" the campus during the "free time" hours after evening worship. Edwin had a four wheeler that he had brought along to aid in the patrolling process. Since I didn't have one, he invited me to ride with him as we patrolled. Looking back, I was pretty innocent about the whole thing really. At first I didn't see him as anything but a nice guy / friend / youth minister who had interests and a heart similar to mine. At this point I had been married about 25 years (in my mid 40s) and he about 15 (he was about 35).

Anyway each night after dark we would ride around on his four wheeler, patrolling. I held onto his waist as we drove around, so as not to get too close to him, but if he sped up or went over a bumpy area I had to wrap my arms around him tightly to keep from falling off the back. Now I have to say at this point that I am a 5'2, natural redhead, and I am blessed with an ample amount of cleavage, so when I put my arms all the way around him there was no place for them to go but against his back. That's probably what got this whole story started.

The first night we were pretty busy running kids out of the bushes and dark corners of the camp. They were testing the counselors to see what they could get away with. A couple of times during the night we would speed up to catch up with kids who were running from us, and one of those times we hit some rough terrain. My hands, which were locked around Edwin, slipped down between his open legs, and I was sure I felt a hard-on. That was the first time I realized that he was getting aroused by my presence behind him. After 10:30pm the kids were required to be in their cabins, and the counselors would meet for about 20 minutes for instruction and prayer. I glanced over at Edwin and caught him staring at me a couple of times. As soon as i looked his way he would look away quickly.

Laying in my bunk bed that night, I listened to the girls giggle and talk as teen girls do. Finally after an hour or so they quieted down and fell asleep. As I drifted off, I couldn't help but think about how Edwin's hardness felt when the bottom of my hand brushed his gym shorts. I grinned to myself in the dark, realizing that I was a bit turned on myself as a result of the whole episode.

The second night the kids were a little better behaved, giving Edwin and I a bit more time to interact and chat. He vented a lot about his wife and home life. I opened up too and talked a little about my own problems at home. Not long after this chat we were riding along and Edwin turned up a path with a hill that was kind of high and switched to the lowest gear. As we topped the hill and started downward slowly, my boobs were squished against his back pretty firmly. There was really nothing I could do to prevent it, even if I wanted to . At the bottom of the hill he laughed and said "Fun, huh?" I giggled and agreed. He said "Let's try it again, a little faster". I held on tighter, locking my hands together around his tummy. This time when we headed down we went fast. We hit several bumps and at one point I lost my grip and one hand went downward and one up. This time my grasping palm fell directly on his erection. I quickly and instinctively moved it away.

Edwin was properly mortified and muttered "oh sorry about that". I swear i could practically HEAR him blushing in the darkness. I just giggled and said "it's okay...hey can I try driving?" He obliged and we switched places. He sat behind me pointing out the ATV controls and instructing me on how to shift gears and such. So I drove around the camp fairly slowly for awhile. Edwin leaned back and held onto the rear rack at first, then got a little braver and put his hands on my waist, and began getting closer to talk into my ear over the roar of the ATV engine. He said "let's go over the hill again and check the back of the campground".

I was pretty sure there were no teenagers back there. It was a hot and humid night, and most of them were in the air conditioned rec center. So I wondered if Edwin might be up to something, but did as he instructed. We topped the hill and followed the trail out to the lake. He shined his flashlight all over but didn't see anyone. Then he said "wait, is that somebody?" pointing to a dead tree. We drove that direction but it was a false alarm. As I stopped to turn around, he said "hold up...turn off the motor, lets see if we hear anyone". I flipped the key to the left. "Nothing but crickets and frogs" I giggled.

"And you and me..", Edwin whispered in my ear. Then he kissed the back and side of my neck.

"What do you think you're doing?" I whispered back. I knew I should have pulled away and started the motor, but I didn't. I confess, I was enjoying the attention, and arched my neck to meet his kisses.

"Sorry I just can't help it, you drive me wild." He kissed the side of my neck again, but much more openly, and wet. His tongue rolled and tickled my sensitive area there. His hands were suddenly on my breasts. I pushed them away but back they came. I turned to tell him to stop but he kissed me instead. He tasted fresh and wonderful and I returned his kisses for a few moments before pulling away. The moment seemed a bit surreal. I had never cheated. Well there were a couple of party kisses, but nothing like this. I heard myself say "We have to stop this". I didn't want to really, but I had to say it. "We have to get back to the meeting", I continued. It was indeed time for lights out and the counselors meeting.

"Okay". He looked like a little boy who was told he couldn't have cookies. I started the ATV and took off, nearly throwing him off the back.

I drove back into the main area of camp and said "See you tomorrow" and smiled. That night in my bunk I listened to the girls noisy chatter. Normally I would have shushed them, but this night I let them carry on. Quietly inside my sleeping bag that night I let my fingers wander and did what all women do. The one's that say they don't are lying about it.

The third night, Edwin drove up on the 4-wheeler again and asked me to join him. The kids had gotten used to the rules and were well behaved. Edwin headed for the hill again and drove out along the lake trail. When we hit the rough spots I took the opportunity to turn my palms to Edwin's chest and stomach. Through his t-shirt his body felt firm and inviting to the touch. He drove up to the edge of the lake pier, stopped, and got off. "What are we doing?", I giggled.

"Why, checking for errant teenagers of course. After all, this area is off limits after dark. No telling what they might do if they were allowed out here", he laughed softly and tossed a rock into the moonlit water.

I turned sideways on the seat. "Yes I'm sure they could get into a lot of trouble, especially the couples."

"Yes they could", Edwin walked over to me and looked into my eyes and without smiling, said very seriously, "May I kiss you?"

I said nothing. It was too late anyway. His lips were on mine and our tongues were entwined. In no time his right hand was on my left breast, massaging and kneading. He lifted my t-shirt and stared at my cleavage. My lacy bra was doing a fine job of exposing it. He kissed the protruding mounds of my breasts. I felt his hard-on brushing my leg. I shouldn't have, I know, but in the heat of the moment I reached for it. It felt like a rock through his gym shorts. I tugged the elastic top down. No underwear. His hot shaft was oozing. I stroked him a few times as he kissed me again and played with my hair.

"Ohhhh godd Dee don't stop. That feels soooo goooood" he whispered urgently. I jacked him faster. I knew he wouldn't last long and he didn't. It was over with in less than a minute or two. He pulled from my grasp and spewed his seed onto the ground.

Seconds after he had ejaculated we saw the lights of another 4-wheeler topping the hill, which was about a quarter of a mile away. Edwin and I frantically jumped on and fired our ATV up and turned back to meet the intruder. It was the camp pastor.

"Ya'll ok?" he inquired as he drove up to us.

"Yes sir", Edwin answered nervously. "We thought we saw a flashlight down here and thought it might be kids, but it was just a lightening bug I think."

The camp pastor nodded but looked suspicious. We followed him back into the main camp and headed to our cabins for lights out.

I laid in my sleeping bag that night with my head spinning from the events with Edwin. I felt guilty, yet couldn't stop smiling about it. I could still smell him, his cologne, and the musky scent of his penis, as I drifted off to sleep.

Our final night was spent with an extended worship service. There were a number of programs the kids presented. Projects and skits they had developed, culminating a week of spiritual renewal and growth. There was very little time left before lights out. Edwin pulled me aside after the counselor's meeting, grinning. "Lets sneak out of our cabins tonight. It might be our last chance to have any fun for a long time. "

I knew what he meant. After camp there would be the inevitable return to normal routine. I would be going back to work and being a dutiful mom and wife. I should have said no of course. I felt like I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Nevertheless I heard myself utter "what time?".

"How about 1am?" Edwin grinned.

"Hmm I guess I could. Where should we meet?" I wasn't sure I would have the courage, or if I could even stay awake that late.

"I'll meet you behind your cabin". With that a bunch of his boys walked up to him and he was gone.

The girls were rowdy and it took them a long time to quiet down after lights out. Finally I said "ok girls no more talking". They obeyed and laid in their bunks playing on their phones. I decided I would do the same. I played games on my phone until 1am. It appeared the girls were all soundly asleep. The restroom was at the front of the cabin. I went there, then quietly slipped out the door, clad in only pajama shorts and a tank top, no undies. I crept to the back of the cabin. There was a streetlight in front of the cabin, but it was very dark in back. There was one window in back, at the end of the main hallway. The girls couldn't see out of it unless they were up going to the bathroom, and even then they would have to open the blinds. Nevertheless I kept my phone dark and felt my way along the wall of the building. Edwin was no where to be found, at least that I could see. I reversed direction and started around the corner to go back to bed, then heard leaves crunch on the ground behind me and stopped in my tracks.

Without saying a word, he slid his arms around me from behind. His strong hands cupped my braless breasts through the thin tank top. His hungry kisses were all over the back and side of my neck. In no time my tank top was up over my boobs and they were free in the night air. He groped them mercilessly, kneading and rolling my nipples as he did so. His hard-on was against my bottom. He clutched me to him with his left hand across my chest, and I felt his right palm slip down across my bare stomach and into my pajama shorts. He gasped as he discovered my lack of panties. His fingers slipped through my tightly trimmed curls and into the crevice below. I felt his middle fingertip slide up my creamy lips and find my swollen button. I was drenched down there, wetter than I remembered being in years, so strong was this forbidden excitement.

Edwin's breathing became heavier, animal-like. I felt his finger leave, and his soft wet kisses trailing down my bare back. Instinctively I leaned and palmed both hands against the wall of the cabin, bending over and arching my back. Edwin tugged down my shorts and went to work licking and sucking and kisses my crevices. I felt his tongue extend between my legs and roll through my labia. Then he was on me like a beast. I felt the head poking at my entrance. He was going to fuck me. Somehow I didn't think he'd go that far. I didn't think he had the nerve. I wasn't sure if I had the nerve. Too late. He was inside. Deep inside. Oh god was he ever inside. Edwin sunk his shaft inside me to the hilt for the first time as he clutched me in his delicious, hungry, needful grasp.

I knew he wouldn't last long. He'd probably never done anything this wild in his entire life. Now he, a married youth minister, was deep inside a married woman. No he wouldn't last long. I could feel his urgency, hear his muffled groans. I began to finger myself frantically. I needed this too. I felt his shaft slip to the tip and sink in again and again, the pace quickening. I concentrated on his contour, the feel of his cockhead, slipping along my interior walls, opening me again and again. I frigged even faster. I felt the waves begin. My hips jerked involuntarily, my knees buckled, and I muffled my moans against my forearm as the orgasm rocked my body and drove Edwin over the edge. I felt the rush of his hot white seed explode deep inside me.

Another man had come in me. Not my husband. I felt guilt and intense pleasure, all in the same moment. I felt his weight against me, his drained body almost limp. He pulled out. In the dim light, I looked down, between my legs, and watched his semen drip from my body into my shorts and onto the ground below.

By the time I gathered my wits, tugged up my sticky shorts, and turned around, Edwin was gone. We had both remained silent during the entire event. The next morning everyone was busy packing and loading and heading for home. There was to time for goodbyes, only a smile and a wave as Edwin and I left with our respective groups. I suspect the guilt may have been a little too much for him in the coming days, as I didn't hear from him again for quite a while.

So that is the tale, or perhaps confession, of my forbidden youth camp adventure. Pass judgment if you wish. Guilty as charged. It is what it is.

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by Anonymous

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by Regrets07/25/18

Nothing like a repressed religious atmosphere to increase the pressure

A wonderfully described beginning in the light of what happened later. But at the time it seemed like religion was going to spoil a good fucking,even forbid it taking place. So innocent were the earlymore...

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by Ezrollin06/14/18

thumbs up

An excellent well written one page story. Interesting one page stories are harder to write than most people would think.

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by KeepItHot06/04/18

Very Hot! Very Real!

Another great tale! Well-written and it has the feel of a true adventure. None of the sex is overdone. You didn’t make your compatriot into a great lover ... rather a desperate, horny man who neededmore...

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by Tancred61806/03/18


This story brought back something my wife once told me. She had a college friend who was known for being very easy. The friend had told the girls at college that she had lost her virginity at a churchmore...

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by Anonymous06/03/18

Great writing

Great story, good descriptive text, very exciting because of its taboo nature.... I always like the true stories, there is a discernible realism about them, much more erotic, love to hear more.

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