tagLoving WivesA Couple and Husband's Boss Ch. 02

A Couple and Husband's Boss Ch. 02


"I did enjoy it all," said Marion when we remained alone, "but I would never had done this but I got carried away. Remember, nobody says anything about this. Even if I had been naughty I am a respectable mom and I hope Bruce will be a gentleman."

I reassured once again and she fell asleep in my arms.


After our romp with Bruce at home it was like a lull in a storm.

I watched her doing the same things, and going around with the babies, or talk quietly with our friends. Nothing seemed to have had a change but I also knew that never could be the same.

I certainly don't remember any time in our married life that I was so hard for so long and so often. During the middle of the night, first thing in the morning before I went to work, frequently in the afternoon as soon as I walked in the door coming back home. Sometimes, if the babies were by our neighbours, I entered her from behind while she was leaning against the kitchen counter just raising her skirt and lowering her panties.

As far as conversation concerning the event, it was limited.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, but we had been mad."

"Did Bruce make you feel good?"

"Of course, but we don't have to do it again."

At work Bruce was friendly and cordial as ever. A few times he gave me hint that Marion had been his best fuck ever and he wanted me to send her his regards. She very much appreciated them but every time I told I would like to watch her getting fucked again by my boss she was elusive ending the discussion with an ambiguous "let's see."

That was all but something had really changed. Her skirt became one inch or two shorter, her bra remained frequently in her drawer. In the garden she regularly tanned topless. Not that she didn't it in the past - she did frequently really - but now she seemed to be more conscious of her femininity and of her sex appeal.

In mid-July was her birthday and we gave a barbeque in the garden for the friends.

Between them was Bruce of course. By the way he broke up with Sheila and he was alone.

That night Marion looked absolutely great in a tight fitting mini dress that showed her long tanned legs and her beautiful naked back. No bra, she was really sexy and yummy. While the night was passing away and everyone had fun eating, drinking and talking I lost eye contact with her.

I thought she had gone to the bathroom or to put some new make-up on her but I was wrong. Marion later told me what happened. Bruce wanted to talk to her and they met inside the house. Out of the sight of the others they started small talks and bland flirting. They also started to kiss and Bruce went with his hand under her skirt up to her wet pussy. He wanted to fuck her again and begged her to let him have her there and then. For a moment she was tempted to indulge his wishes and climbed on the sofa to be entered from behind by him when a guy walked in just then and they recomposed one second before he saw them.

My wife told me that Bruce removed his hand from her panties and walked away as if nothing had happened but before he invited us to take a ride on his boat and a sleep over at his house near the marina next Saturday. She was thrilled by his invitation and I was like a boy in a candy shop thinking at my beautiful wife getting fucked by my boss for the second time.

Of course we went and we had a wonderful time.


Bruce waited for us on his beautiful boat at midday. He welcomed my wife with flowers and she thanked him with a kiss on the lips. It was a great start. As Bruce was at the rudder and I helped him on board Marion stretched herself on a sun mattress in the cockpit. She was dressed in a very skimpy bikini but as soon as our boat was out port she left her bikini top off exposing her beautiful breasts.

The gentle sea breeze kept her nipples slightly erect. Bruce paid her an explicit compliment for them most of the time and she said the sun felt deliciously warm on her bare skin. At a certain moment saying that she wanted an all over tan she shed also her bikini bottom and asked Bruce if he liked what he saw. I foretasted a great afternoon. Bruce had been thrilled by her boldness and it was very exciting for me seeing my beautiful wife teasing him in the nude. In one hour we arrived to a very secluded cove with very few other boaters moored around.

It was now the actual time for a dip in the ocean. Her breasts bounced freely and her beautiful pink nipples were hard as pebbles as she walked the deck to the ladder. And it was a great sight. I thought I would come in my trunks watching her share the first wet kiss with Bruce. I became even more excited realizing that other boaters enjoyed the sight of this lovely woman, my wife, breasts proudly bared and flushed by the ocean's chill, with nipples at their maximum hardness and a very hairy pussy exposed as she descended the ladder to plunge in the sea. The three of us bathed together but she was all for Bruce as it was normal. During the plunge they played in the water. Bruce kissed her and she smiled proudly realizing that her naked body had an arousal effect on Bruce and on his cock. "That's only a taste!" she giggled stopping him, "I want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy properly and make a show for my cuckold husband later."

Cuckold! She had never been so naughty to call me a cuckold in front of someone else but it was true. I felt exactly proud of her like King Candaule was proud of his wife, totally compliant to her wishes and to her strong sexual drive.

It was only a prelude at their lovemaking.

They had their first fuck of the day on the deck. I watched his thick cock going inside my wife's pussy as she moaned whispering and encouraging him to fuck her. Bruce gave her a very long screw being slow at the beginning then going stronger and stronger to a frantic final rhythm. Marion likes being taken in this way. She cried legs in air building a very big orgasm under his action then they lay in the sun arms in arms kissing, caressing and commenting their romp. He told her she was his best fuck ever and she also said him he was a wonderful lover. These were the moments I felt jealousy but it was part of the play.

We were quietly planning the evening when a rather nasty breeze started to blow and Bruce decided to sail back to port. It was totally unplanned as we thought to pass the entire day on the boat so Bruce invited us to restaurant to end the day before to spend the night at his place but Marion objected as she had nothing elegant for the evening. Once again he was a gentleman and offered himself to buy a dress for her.

"That dress will be the souvenir to this day," he said gallantly and she couldn't refuse. At the marina he brought her to a boutique and paid a dress of her choice for her. This was really a beautiful dress and Marion thanked him with a long lingering kiss. While they were inside the boutique I wanted them act as a couple and I waited for them in a bar sipping a beer.

The evening was honey. Honey and sex really. At Bruce's place we showered together then it was my turn with Marion and I fucked her in the lounge as Bruce seated on a chair watching us. At dinner we went to a fish restaurant at the marina. With the beautiful dress that Bruce bought her Marion was wonderful. Let my describe that dress. It was a long pink sheer dress with low shoulder straps and slits up to her thighs so that at every move her beautiful legs were on view. Getting dressed she dropped the line to have a bra and except a g-string she was naked underneath. Through the diaphanous dress we could see the outline of her breasts with their longish shape and visible hard nipples. Bruce and I were both breathless looking at her making a seductive turn on her feet flashing us her legs before to go to restaurant. Catching sight of surprise on our faces she giggled and saying "I want to be really lascivious for you, guys, tonight" she took her g-string off and walked to the door ready to go out without any garment under her beautiful dress.

At restaurant Bruce and my wife acted like sweethearts with occasional arm touching, hands holding and small talks. They even exchanged some little kisses on the lips and I must say they looked like a very beautiful couple. Since then I never realized how much I was a voyeur at heart. I can't say how much I liked to watch my beautiful wife act naughty and slutty with another man in a crowded restaurant as she was his woman. It was very intriguing for me.

After a delicious food with lobster and champagne giggling Marion made it clear she had a tingle on her skin with the sun and the wind of the day and asked Bruce for a soothing massage. Of course Bruce obliged and we hurried home.


Once at Bruce's place Marion got naked and climbed on the bed. She lay stomach down with her great ass exposed and so inviting. I seated on a solo chair as Bruce took some oil and started doing her back and legs. He eventually got to her nice butt and started kneading her ass checks as audible sounds of enjoyment could be heard from Marion as she spread her legs wider exposing her pussy lips for him. Bruce took this as a good sign and started massaging between her ass cheeks from her pussy to her puckered anus, which drew more distinct sounds of pleasure from Marion. Being eager to watch him fuck my wife I ask her if she wanted her front massaged next. She nodded yes and lazily rolled over exposing her boobs, tummy and trimmed pussy for Bruce to feast on with his eyes. A wonderful sight by the way. Bruce started massaging her arms and neck area for a while then drifted his hands inward to her sweet boobs. Soon thereafter I noticed Marion's nipple getting hard and her areola getting all wrinkly with excitement. Bruce massaged her boobs for a long time all the while touching her rock hard nipples. Eventually his hands wandered down to her belly and thighs. Marion let out a sigh expecting Bruce to start massaging her pussy lips and mound but Bruce, intentionally or not, went down to her shin and feet. He massaged both feet awhile then slowly moved his hands up to her pussy caressing her thighs on the way up. Bruce massaged her mound and outer lips with oil causing soft moans of delight. Occasionally he would slip a finger in her pussy and gentle massage her g-spot then slip it out in a teasing manner. Marion seemed on the edge of an orgasm as Bruce continued the teasing.

He got off the bed with her and removed his shirt and shorts. His dick was already hard as expected and asked her if it was big enough for her.

She moaned "yesss" and reached down starting to play with his cock. After awhile he also asked her to suck it and he didn't have to ask twice as Marion took it in her mouth in a moment. She sure seemed to enjoy sucking his cock! After enjoying this for a while, he then got back on the bed and knelt between her spread legs and squirted some oil on her thighs, belly and boobs. His prick was in a perfect position to rub her pussy lips and she moaned like a kitten in heath. This "sensual" massage went on for a few minutes until I saw Marion reach down between them and get a hold of Bruce's prick saying "fuck me now". She guided it to her pussy and Bruce ever so gently pushed it in her. He fucked her slow and methodically. I could sense Marion's building orgasm. Marion clamped her legs around Bruce's back and grabbed his ass cheeks in an effort to pull him further in. Marion's had her first orgasm of the night as her body shook with pleasure. Bruce remained still till Marion's body relaxed and she let out a huge sigh. They had small talks and after a few minutes she rolled Bruce over, took hold of his prick and brought it to her lips.

She proceeded to give Bruce a fantastic blowjob and I got an erection watching her action. Marion had a great sucking talent. She took his prick out of her mouth and started sucking on his balls. Then she ran her tongue along his shaft from the tip to the base. She repeated this a few times till Bruce wanted her pussy again. He rolled her over and entered her sweet pussy again. He fucked her for several strokes then pulled out and did his sensual massage again. This time on the down stroke he let his chin rub on her pussy. I know that Marion loves to be eaten so I told Bruce that he should taste her.

Bruce started eating her ever so gently as Marion's body thrashed about. He eventually started eating her faster and with more pressure. Marion erupted into another well deserved orgasm. Bruce moved up her body and again Marion grabbed his prick and guided it to her pussy. Bruce went into a missionary position and fucked her. Like a great piece of music he started slow and increased his speed till his balls was slapping the cheeks of her ass with loud sounds. Marion again wrapped her legs around his back and grabbed his ass to hold him in. This time Bruce fucked Marion harder and faster having Marion came again. Bruce continued his vigorous fuck till his body stiffened and he came in her well fucked pussy. After a few seconds Bruce rolled off of Marion and they both enjoyed the after glow of a great fuck.

It was my time now. I went over to Marion and kissed her to let her know how proud I was of her then I lowered my mouth to her pussy. Bruce's seed dripped out her cock-flavoured vaginal lips and I started to lick eating my first cream pie ever.

Of course we had a countless number of threesomes with Bruce. He demonstrated a special attraction to my wife appreciating her style, her elegance and also her naughtiness inside the bed.


Once he had to go to a three days important business meeting and he asked her to accompany him as he had an invitation at theatre.

She was flattered and accepted.

They had three days of dream and three days of great fucking. In the morning, as he was on business Marion remained by the hotel pool, in the afternoon she visited museums or art galleries and in the nights... Well in the nights Bruce was great also.

Of course they repeated the experience.

I had a special thrill imagining him passionately mounting my beautiful, sexy wife and driving her to ecstasy and slowly she became a real lover to him.

What seemed a simply adult play with our first threesome at the beginning slowly shifted in a real cuckold marriage not only because Bruce fucked regularly Marion in my absence. I was aware of it and contented. The real reason was another. Bruce was regretting not having kids in his life and started to pray my wife to give him one. The three of us talked about it together and we came to an agreement so Marion stopped to be on the pill and in a few months she became pregnant by Bruce. To be sure that he was the father Marion stopped to have sex with me.

At work a few people knew my wife entertained Bruce during his business trips but he was the boss and nobody spoke openly about that. Never the less I gained a cuckold fame and when Marion became pregnant everyone thought it was Bruce son, but this is another story.

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