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A Couple Of Nights With Carol



This is a fantasy about the lovely, the wonderful, Carol Vorderman. British readers will know her well! For those of you elsewhere, numerous pictures are available on-line. It has been a long while in the writing! All the usual sex is there including, of course, anal - it is Carol Vorderman after all! No violence or nastiness in this one, just enjoyable sex. Please remember when you read this that it is FANTASY and in the fantasy world there are no STD's, no AIDS, and no consequences. That's what makes it such a wonderful place in which to dwell! And doesn't she get lovelier every day?


A bloody horrible day that was spoiling the usually pleasant journey to my hotel. I always attended the yearly conference in the West Country although it tended to be pretty boring. It gave me a chance to stay at a very nice hotel – well away from the conference centre incidentally – right on the coast. With it's own indoor pool, a nine hole golf course, and splendid cuisine, it was a welcome relief from living alone in an apartment in town.

I always drove down on Sunday and always across country, that is avoiding all the major roads. In late summer the moors are such a beautiful place through which to pass. The colours are many and varied as autumn just begins to knock on the door. Today, however, was terrible! Leaden clouds hung in the sky and it was raining. Not heavy rain but that drizzle which really makes you wet and means the wipers on the car keep smearing the windscreen. So not pleasant but, I suppose, interesting in that it was another way to experience the moors.

Hardly any traffic on this road; a quiet, narrow, minor road between two villages but not that far away from my hotel - about an hour in this weather!

I came over the brow of a hill and saw the road disappearing in the distance. At the bottom there was a car parked at the side of the road. Most incongruous, I thought, this far from anything. Perhaps they have broken down. As I neared the parked car a woman got out and began to wave. Well, England is a pretty safe place still so I pulled in front of the car and stopped. I got out as she approached my car.

"Oh Christ," she said, "thank God you've come along. I thought I'd be here all night! I seem to have been here for hours"

"It is a bit quiet," I smiled, "and not very pleasant." She seemed familiar somehow but, somewhat wet and bedraggled and seemingly rather nervous, whoever she was, it wasn't immediately obvious. "How did you get here?" I asked as we sat in her car.

"Bloody SatNav. I got completely lost with it. Don't know how I got here? I'm blowed if I know what went wrong but I was just coming down the hill when there was a loud bang from the front of the car and everything went dead – even my phone that was plugged into the car socket. Now I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere!"

I smiled slowly, "Mmm, it is a bit 'out of the way' just here. Your Satnav must have been somewhat off key!"

"Bloody right," she said smiling back. Then I recognised her.

"You're Carol Vorderman?"

"Oh dear," she said with a laugh and a flash of those lovely eyes, "found out!"

"Sorry," I responded rather shamefacedly, "but it is a bit surprising!" I suppose that was why I didn't recognise her immediately: it was so unexpected.

"I suppose it is," she responded with a smile, "a long way from 'Countdown'!"

"Look," I said apologetically, "I only know the basics about cars so I don't expect to be any help in that area. Are you in the AA or RAC?"

"No," she said, "didn't ever need them but I wish I was now!"

"Well, I'm in the AA so I'll give them a call and you can join when he gets here. They don't mind that," I laughed, "something of a captive audience!"

"That sounds fine," she said then, "errrmm . . . Look, I know this is a bit of a cheek but . . . errm . . . would you mind staying with me? I'm not normally nervous but . . ."

"No trouble! Of course I'll wait 'til he arrives. I'll try to start your car just to make sure then why don't we sit in mine while I phone and we can wait there." So we moved to my car after I tried hers and I phoned the AA. Their control said he'd be with us in 40 minutes to an hour. Quite a while really but we were at the back of beyond!

We sat in the car together and passed the time. She told me about 'Countdown' and the other shows she did and I told her about myself and the conference. Slightly raised eyebrows when I said I was divorced but I didn't respond. No point in crying over spilt milk!

The time passed quite quickly really but then I was in the company of a very attractive and intelligent woman who was grateful for my being there. I was just slightly disappointed when I saw the AA tow truck appear over the brow of the hill.

"Here he comes," I said with a sigh, "should sort you out!"

"Look, I'm pretty useless at all this. Will you, you know, sort it out for me?"

"Course," I said only too pleased to be of continued assistance to this lovely, although somewhat bedraggled, woman.

Well, to cut a long story short and after much to'ing and fro'ing, it turned out that the car couldn't be repaired at the roadside and would have to be towed to the nearest garage which was about 45 minutes away.

We sat in my car discussing what she would do. "I should be at my hotel in about an hour," she said looking at her watch, "but I don't think I'll make it!"

I asked where it was then laughed, "No," I said, "even if you had a car you'd have about 2½ hours driving to get there! What about a suggestion?" She raised her eyebrows. "My hotel is just outside the town where the car is going. He'll want you to go with the car and you'll have to sort it out in the morning before you can go on to your hotel. If I follow on behind I can take you to my hotel and you can book in there. I'm sure they'll have a room. Then I'll take you to the garage in the morning. How does that sound?"

She looked somewhat relieved and nodded in agreement. "Oh thanks, thanks a lot," she said with a wonderful smile. That's the marvellous thing about Carol (apart from her bottom that is) – her eyes. They smile with her mouth and they are so 'alive'. Now I got the full force of her personality and it was pretty overwhelming. I'll make no bones about it, I, along with many other men I suspect, have lusted after Carol for many years. To be rather crude, she is the premier MILF on British TV and, sorry, has the most gorgeous arse imaginable! So it wasn't really a problem for me to put myself out for her. Any time spent was a bonus really in both company and conversation.

Decisions made, her car was loaded on the truck and we followed on behind in my car. It was pleasant driving along with her beside me and I must admit I did allow my mind to wander into fantasy land once or twice and imagine we were going away for a 'dirty' weekend together – some chance!

The car was duly delivered at the garage and papers signed for the AA man then we went off to the hotel. It's an impressive place with a great big drive leading up to the main building. It's what is called a 'Country House Hotel' – expensive but grand. Surprisingly they were quite full and Carol was only able to book one of the two 'executive' chalets in the grounds. All the ordinary rooms had gone.

As we left the desk I turned to her, "Let me help you out with your things," I said just to enjoy a few more moments with her. So I drove the car the short distance to her chalet and help her unload the bags into her main room.

Finished unloading, she came to the door to see me out. "I don't know what to say," she said with another wonderful smile, "you've been a real knight in shining armour!"

I laughed, "Nothing to it really," I said, "anyway, any excuse to spend time in the company of a attractive woman must be grasped with both hands!"

She laughed out loud and bowing her head slightly said, "You, sir knight, have a silver tongue!"

"It's being in the presence of intellect and beauty," I responded, "it inspires me!"

This drew another rich laugh from her and I decided to take a risk. Well, you know the proverb, faint heart never fucked a pig – didn't often win fair lady either!

"I, my beautiful lady," I said trying to keep everything light-hearted, "would be doubly pleased if you would join me for dinner." I laughed, then added, "After all, we will be eating in the same dining room!"

"I'd love to!" she said with another laugh.

"About 7:30 in the bar?" I suggested.

"Wonderful, time to have a soak!" Now that did conjure up some images in my mind and, from the glance she flashed at me, I suspect that she realised what those images might be.

Dare I risk the double entendre or the suggestive comment? Weeelllll, in for a penny, in for a pound! "Mmm, good idea. Shame the baths are so small!" She laughed and went into the room.

"See you in the bar," she said with a big smile as she closed the door. I took a deep breath, a very deep breath, and, after driving back the short distance to the hotel reception, sorted out my luggage, parked the car, and went to my room. It's amazing isn't it, how a miserable afternoon could turn into such an enjoyable one. Here I was going to have dinner with Carol Vorderman! It must be my lucky day, I thought.

I showered and dusted myself down with some good quality aftershave and tried to look my best. I don't suppose I am anything to write home about but, at 6 foot 2 inches, I don't carry much fat and am still fairly fit at almost fifty. Not bad looking but not what I'd call handsome, I didn't think she'd be too upset at being seen with me. That was another thing, I thought suddenly, me with her? Still, I supposed she would know what publicity was all about so, if she was worried, she wouldn't have agreed. I decided to wear a suit because I thought she might dress up a bit. The hotel is fairly posh and, although it isn't required, I always think it's nice if a man makes an effort for an attractive woman.

I was in the bar at 7.25 and ordered a drink – punt e mes – which is a martini based aperitif from Italy served with ice and a slice of orange. Carol arrived about 10 minutes later. As she crossed the room towards the bar where I sat she took my breath away! She was bloody gorgeous! There are so many pictures of Carol available on the web that I won't go into detail, just to say that her dress, green in colour, was cut low showing her ample cleavage, and was fairly tight doing full justice to her marvellous hips and indescribably wonderful arse. The thing about Carol is that she is lovely and she isn't ashamed to show it or to be it. I could almost feel the male eyes in the room lasering in on her, hips swaying, as she crossed the room.

"Hi," she said sitting that gorgeous bum on a bar-stool, "what's that you're drinking?"

"Punt e mes."

"Looks interesting. I'll have one of those!" So I got her a drink and we adjourned to a table to finish them off before going into the dining room.

"You look stunning," I said with a smile.

"Thank you kind sir," she said smiling back, "and you look very smart!"

I smiled in thanks. "Carol," I said more seriously, "look . . . errrmm . . . I just wondered whether, well what with the paparazzi and that sort of thing, whether . . . Heck, I'm not doing this very well am I?"

She laughed, "Oh don't worry," she said looking around, "I get used to it." There was no arrogance here, just an acceptance really. "Someone here will probably take a photo of us together and it will find it's way into some magazine or other that deals with showbiz gossip but it doesn't matter."

"You don't mind – your partner?"

She smiled, "No, it doesn't bother me," she laughed, "won't bother him either because we've split!"

"Oh," I said, "sorry. I didn't mean to pry!"

"It's OK. It's common knowledge. Anyway, what about you. Won't your partner be put out seeing you with me?"

My turn to smile now, rather sadly, "Don't have one at present," I said, "I live alone, have done since my divorce."

"Oh," she said, "now I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry either!"

I laughed, happy that we seemed about even just now. "Seems we are both 'lost souls'?"

"I suppose so. Well we have found each other – for dinner at least! Shall we go in?" Was there a hint of something here?

"Mmm, let's!" So I led the way into the dining room. Bit disappointed really because I would have loved to let her go first for another glimpse of her fabulous arse swaying back and forth but, ever the gentleman, I went first. As is usual, the Maitre d' wanted our room numbers and made to sit us apart but I told him we were eating together and he rummaged up a very nice table in one of the window alcoves that gave us a bit of privacy. He had obviously recognised Carol.

It was a very nice meal, a wonderful meal really. The food was good, the service prompt and polite and the company – well wonderful! We talked, we smiled, we laughed. By the end of the meal I would probably have died for her! Before I'd just fancied her in that way that we men do of celebrities realising she was lovely but completely unattainable. Now I was completely captured.

Carol has the fabulous body of a mature woman. Since she gave up too much 'slimming' her figure has become fulsome but retains those marvellous curves that make her so desirable. It is her eyes, however, that finally captured me! She can practice almost any attitude with them. The direct stare as she asks a question: an almost shy glance when complemented: a coquettish look under fluttering eyelashes: laughing eyes at a joke or a pun: stern when discussing a difficult point. I could go on for ever about her eyes. Oh, don't get me wrong, by the end of the meal I could think of nothing else but the sad fact that we had separate rooms! That she would be slipping out of that dress, into a nightgown and into bed, and I'd be in the main building yards away pulling my plonker imagining I was with her!

Still, must be thankful for small mercies. A lovely evening with a beautiful and intelligent woman is not to be sniffed at even if it leads to separate rooms.

After the meal we found our way into the lounge where coffee was served. I ordered liqueurs to go with it. A pleasant end to a very enjoyable evening. It must have been almost 11:00 when she looked at the clock and said, "I think it's time for bed." She must have noticed the look on my face because, just at that moment, I had thought the same thing but in my case it wasn't to sleep.

"Can I show you home?" I asked with a smile, trying to cover my sudden embarrassment.

"All the way to the chalet?" she said with raised eyebrows.

"Yes," I said with a wan smile, "through the dark and treacherous realms of the hotel grounds amidst dragons and other similar monsters! Not to mention strange men."

She laughed, "I think I can manage," she said.

"Well," I said, "don't say I didn't warn you." Then, "Good night Carol," I stood, "and thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening."

She stood as well and fixed me with those lovely eyes. It was quite a long look then, "How could I turn down such a gracious offer? Yes, I think you should see me home, it is dark after all and all those dangers!" and she took my arm. "Lead the way my knight errant!" she ended with a smile. So I did, out into the night!

There were just the two of these executive chalets, the other being empty just then, so there wouldn't be anybody about nearby and, of course, the way was well lit at that time of night. As we approached the chalet she rummaged for her door key and unlocked the door. I felt sad just then. It was the end of a lovely evening. I knew I'd see her in the morning but then it would be 'business' wouldn't it: sorting the car out and seeing her on her way.

She opened the door then turned, "I should say thank you again," she said with another wonderful smile, "not only for this afternoon but for a lovely evening as well. You made me forget all my troubles for a while!"

"The pleasure was all mine, my lady," I said with a sweeping bow – laying it on rather thick but she seemed to like it – "it was another opportunity to spend even more time with a beautiful woman!"

She laughed, obviously pleased at the complement, "I said you had a silver tongue and I was right!"

"Silver tongue or not," I said seriously, "it's true!"

She was serious now as she leaned towards me and kissed my cheek, "Thank you," she said quietly, "thank you so much!"

I took a deep breath, feeling a million dollars at that kiss, and said very softly, "Goodnight Carol and thank you also." Our eyes met for quite a time before I turned away towards the main building and my room.

She hadn't moved as I turned to look back and say a final goodnight. Her eyes followed me then, as I made to turn away again, she called my name. "Mike!" I turned, "would you like to come in for a coffee?"

My mind spun, my body tensed, and my blood raced. Cool! I thought, for god's sake be cool! I smiled, "Only if you can assure me I'll be safe!" I said widening my smile.

She laughed, the tension broken as roles were reversed. "Oh," she said, "you'll be perfectly safe I can assure you!"

"I'll come in then," I said laughing back. I could feel the blood pulsing around my body and my mind continued to spin in confusion. What did this mean? Shit, I'm not one of those men who thinks that, just because a woman invites you into her bedroom means she going to let you screw her but, hell, it certainly raises the likelihood doesn't it? And Carol was no naïve ingénue.

As I entered the suite she turned away and I saw her wonderful arse. With blood pulsing through my body as it was I saw that arse naked beneath my body but then thought, cool! You don't know. May be just innocent, wanting to spend a little more time together. Don't push! To calm myself a bit I turned to close the door. When I turned back she was there, right in front, and I bumped into her. My arms, acting of their own will, went round her wonderful body and held her close. It wasn't a conscious thing, it just happened naturally. She didn't pull away and I gloried in the soft feel of her body next to mine, the press of her breasts to my chest. I was sure she could hear my heart pumping away as I could feel the blood coursing around my body and, not surprisingly, causing my cock to harden quickly.

It seemed an age but must have only been a few moments. I looked down into her eyes. Her mouth, with it's pastel lipstick, was slightly open and begged to be kissed so I did! I covered her lips with mine and felt her hands sliding up my back under my jacket. Again, she didn't pull away and, when the kiss finally broke, one hand left my back and found my head to pull my mouth back down to hers. This kiss was longer, more passionate and my hands, still with a mind of their own, had wandered down her back enjoying the curve of her hips then the rich, full, globes of her arse. She didn't seem to mind, just continued kissing and stroking, and now she was pushing her hips into mine.

How long this pleasant kissing and stroking lasted I don't know: probably not very long before we moved apart – clothes needed to be lost just then. No word now as her hands quickly swept my jacket off and my hands fumbled at her back trying to undo the dress. Then my tie disappeared and shirt buttons undone, ripped, as her hands seemed to need to feel my skin. Shirt was soon on the floor too as I still fumbled at the catches on her dress, my frustration building. She wasn't helping! Moving all the time unfastening my belt now, then buttons, and my trousers were around my ankles. Shit! I had to get this bloody dress undone!

I moved my hands to her bare shoulders, bent my head, and whispered, "Turn round love, I can't get the bloody dress undone!" She smiled and she turned. It was simple now I could see and I quickly undid the catch and swept the straps off her shoulders. Her arms slipped out and I helped the dress over her generous hips on it's way to the floor. She made to turn back but I knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel my cock nestling between the glorious cheeks of her arse – a cock that was at it's full 8½ inches entrapped in my underpants but standing proud.

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