tagGroup SexA Couple of Sex Slaves

A Couple of Sex Slaves


Gina lifted her hand and caressed the erect cock. she smiled lustfully as she wrapped her hand around the thick warm member. She looked into his eyes, and said;

"Open your mouth, Ted!"

He smiled up at her and opened his mouth wide. Very slowly the long cock slid in between his lips, and she let go of her grip on it. She giggled, and turned towards Christine.

"Look at your husband now!"

She sat down on the road next to Christine, who stood naked next to her. She was leaning against one of the lampposts on the pedestrian bridge. Her hands were tied behind her head, and attached to the lamppost. Her beautiful naked body was painted beautifully orange by the setting sun. Underneath them the commuters were returning home for the evening, on the main highway out of town. Now and again the cars honked their horns as they passed.

Gina's boyfriend Magnus was tall and handsome. He was in his mid forties, butt still in excellent shape. He had opened his pants and now slowly rocked his hips as he fucked Ted's mouth. He steadied himself by holding on to the railing of the bridge. They were all clearly visible, for the passing cars. The lamp had just been turned on, and warm dark shadows outlined Christine's silhouette.

They had arrived at the bridge only ten minutes earlier. Gina and Magnus had parked the car next to the bridge and had brought their two sex slaves along to the middle of the pedestrian bridge and had tied Christine to the lamppost and ted to the railings.


It had all started a week back at a dinner at Christine's and Ted's. Somehow, the evening had developed into a discussion about sex, role play and submission and before they parted, Gina and Magnus had been designated as Mistress and Master, whereas Christine and Ted had promised to submit to them as their sex toys. They had drunk a lot that night, and were all sexually very aroused, but what had finally decided Christine's and Ted's fate was that Magnus had offered five hundred and fifty Euro for their services the coming Friday, and Christine had immediately and spontaneously said;

"Yes Sir!"

He had paid them immediately. It was now Friday night at seven p m. Traffic on the highway in and out of town was at its peak. Gina and Magnus had called several times during the course of the week, to remind them about their commitment, and had ordered them to come naked to a particular parking in the neighbourhood. With every call Christine and Ted had become more and more excited. They didn't talk much about it, but they both knew instinctively that this was something they wanted to experience together. They were both well off, and in excellent shape although they were approaching their late 30-ies. They made love several times that week, and although they didn't explicitly talk about what could be happening on this particular Friday, they tentatively tested one another on what they would be prepared to do.

"Would you lick her?"


"Would you then suck him off?"



When Friday finally arrived they had come home in good time to shower and prepare themselves. They drove to the parking naked, as instructed.

It was a large parking house and they parked the car at the open air top floor at four p m. There weren't very many cars at the top floor but a few. They sat waiting for a while after having shut down the engine. Then their mobile rang.

"Hi sex toys! Please step naked out of your cars and walk towards the elevators at the North end!"

Click! Christine had hung up and they nervously got out of the car and walked naked, as instructed passed the parked vehicles to the far end of the parking house. They held each other's hands, and yet did all this voluntarily for the excitement of it.

Gina and Magnus sat waiting in their BMW SUV by the elevators. They opened the doors when they approached, and as soon as they got in Magnus drove off. They played loud music as they drove the short distance to the highway bridge, and Christine's and Ted's heart beat hard as they sat quietly and naked in the back.


Magnus ordered them all to exit and walk out onto the middle of the pedestrian bridge, as soon as the engine was shut down. They all got out and once on the bridge Christine and Ted let themselves be loosely tied to the lamppost and railings. Christine took a couple of pictures with her mobile phone, and Magnus caressed their bodies as he unzipped his pants and brought out his shaven and erect cock.


Gina stood up, and walked up to Christine. Watching Ted she let her hands roam across Christine's body, and then slowly slid her hand in between her thighs. Christine closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as Gina's hand rubbed her lower lips and Venus mounds.

"Look at your cock sucking husband Christine, isn't he good?"

Christine opened her eyes and looked at her man, sucking Magnus' large cock. The whole scene and Gina's hand made her incredibly hot.

"Magnus! Cum for us! Shoot your load for Ted now!" she commanded him.

She caressed Christine as Magnus face fucked Ted. Soon Magnus started bucking his knees and yelled out loudly.

"I'm cumming!!"

The two women watched as Magnus pulled out if Ted's mouth and pumping himself, shot load after load over Ted's face, chest and outstretched tongue. Christine came three times, whilst Gina pushed her index finger into her pussy.

The cars underneath honked their horns, and as the sun slowly set as the orgasms subsided. Magnus withdrew panting and quickly zipped up, laughingly. He pulled Gina along with him, and as they walked off the bridge said,

"Thanks sex slaves! We'll be back shortly to see if your need help to get back home!"


Ted and Christine looked at each other. His face was covered by white sperm and hers was all flushed with the orgasm. They smiled lovingly at each other.

"You were fantastic, but what do we do now?" she asked him.

"Thanks my love, but I don't know." he concluded.

He was still rock hard himself, and seeing his naked wife standing tied to a lamppost right next to him, on a pedestrian bridge over a well used highway made him incredibly horny. He licked his lips and concluded that Magnus' sperm actually tasted quite good.

It didn't take long before two policemen came walking across the bridge. They both got afraid as they saw them approaching, but then seeing them smile they understood that they had come with a purpose.

"Well, well what do we have here -- two sex slaves left to be used!"

The men were in their late thirties, and all very handsome and in good shape. Without further discussion they unzipped their pants and brought out their cocks. One of them approached Christine, and the other Ted. The taller senior man who now stood next to Christine said:

"We got a call that you were here. If you want us to release your husband and not take you in, I want you to tell your husband to such my partner off!"

She looked at his handsome smiling face, but realized she had little choice. But what surprised her more was that it excited her.

"Ted, I want you to suck the policeman's cock!"

Ted looked at her, and then at the muscular policeman.

"I want to suck you off!" he told him.

The dark haired policeman walked up to him and offered his cock to him. Ted eagerly licked it and sucked it.

"Good! And now I want you to suck me!" the officer next to Christine said.

He undid her ropes, and she immediately knelt down before him. She took his cock in her hands and whilst masturbating for him sucked his erection. Soon he was panting heavily.

"Come! Move over next to your man."

They moved over and sitting next to Ted, Christine continued to suck and fondle his cock. Ted continued to service the other officer, and before long they climaxed simultaneously. They came in massive amounts, and Christine and Ted had a hard time swallowing it all. Soon the policemen pulled out. Christine and Ted turned towards each other and kissed. Their mouths were still full of the seed from the two men, and they shared and mixed it between them. The police officers stood watching them still breathing heavily from their orgasm.

"We were told you'd be ere by Magnus and Gina. If you promise to come here next Friday as well, we will not take you in this time?" the older of the two said.

Both Christine and Ted turned towards him and nodded. They had truly become sex slaves now, and they realized they enjoyed it. The policemen left, and Christine untied Ted and they walked back though a small park to the parking house, walking hand in hand. They found their car without being surprised by anyone -- naked as they were -- and drove home. On their door Christine and Ted had left a note:

"Thanks for tonight sex slaves. Please come naked also next Friday to the parking lot. Our friends the police have promised they would come along and take part! They suggested we go to their gym!"

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