tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 02

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 02


After regaining their breath they moved the laptop to the bed and Robert inserted the DVD. The video showed Edward and Pamela naked on the bed, he kissed Pamela and then sucked her nipples until they were really hard. As Robert and Vanessa watched, she began playing with herself again and Robert stroked his cock.

Vanessa was watching the film intently, she could not believe how excited she was, and she could almost feel Edward sucking on her own nipples. She ran her hands over her nipples until they hardened. She was amazed at her thoughts, how could she be thinking about another man?

In the film Edward parted Pamela's legs. She was completely shaved between her legs. Edward parted her lips and her pink inner flesh was clearly visible. Robert's cock rose to a full stand again, he was thinking about how it would feel sucking Pamela's nipples and going down on her? He turned to look at Vanessa, she was still tweaking one of her nipples but her other hand had gone between her legs, her finger parting her lips just as Edward was doing. Her gaze was fixed on the screen.

When Edward went down on Pamela licking her outer lips, a deep moan escaped from Vanessa's throat. She could almost feel Edward's tongue teasing her clit. She thought it was probably wrong to be imagining this, but, what the hell, it was just a fantasy. She looked at her husband and saw he had a full erection and was playing with himself. She wondered if he was imagining that he was the one licking Pamela. He probably was. She though she should feel jealous, but she didn't, after all he was here next to her; and they were only watching their friends. She turned back to the screen in time to see Pamela arching her back, moaning loudly as she came in Edward's mouth.

The next scene showed Pamela kneeling between Edward's legs, licking a pearly drop from the tip of his cock. She took him into her mouth and after sucking the head for a few seconds, she slid her head down until Edward's her lips touched his belly.

Vanessa gasped. How could Pamela do that? Edward's cock was a bit bigger and thicker than Robert's and she had never managed to take in much more than half in her mouth, even though, at Robert's insistence, she had tried a few times. She was wondering how it would feel to have Edward's cock in her mouth, to have him come in her mouth, to taste another man´s sperm? She had not had another man since she married Robert, and it had been a long time ago.

Robert was also getting really turned on by imagining that Pamela was swallowing his cock. He reached over and placed his hand over Vanessa's inserting one of his fingers into her. Vanessa parted her legs even further feeling her husband's finger sliding inside her right next to her own finger. She reached out to fondle Robert's balls while he continued masturbating. Robert couldn't believe how wet Vanessa was. She started bucking her hips, coming just as Edward sperm flew into Pamela's face.

Robert couldn't wait any longer. He didn't care what happened on the screen next. He was so excited watching Pamela and Edward he wanted to taste his wife; he wanted her to eat him. He got on all fours and buried his head between her legs, parting her lips with his tongue, flicking it against her clit. Vanessa twisted around and taking the tip of her husband's penis between her lips. She kept playing with her breasts, pulling on her hard nipples, feeling something like an electric current cursing through her body.

Robert licked the juices that covered the lips of Vanessa's pussy and stuck his tongue inside her, lapping her previous come, savoring it as if was the first time. He could feel the warmth of her mouth enveloping his manhood. He began moving his hips, fucking her mouth. The rough texture of Vanessa's tongue felt wonderful on the underside of his shaft. Her smell filled his nostrils as her inner muscles contracted around his tongue.

Robert couldn't hold it any longer and he came in his wife's mouth. Since this was his second orgasm of the night it wasn't as copious as the first one. Vanessa took it all in her mouth, gathering the thick cream in her tongue before she swallowed it, enjoying the salty taste. She wondered if Edward's sperm would have a different taste?

Robert kept lapping the inside of Vanessa's vagina, alternating with swirling his tongue around her clit, sucking it into his mouth. Vanessa moaned in pleasure and as she felt her orgasm approaching, she grabbed Robert's head, pulling it closer, directing his tongue to her clit. "Oh yeah, honey, just like that. Do that, don't stop now."

Robert sucked hard on her clit and Vanessa came again wrapping her legs around his head.

Afterwards they kissed each other, tasting their own flavors in their spouse's mouths. They were exhausted and fell asleep, still naked in each other's arms. It had been some time since they slept naked and probably even longer since they'd made love twice in a row.

* * *

When Robert and Vanessa left, Edward and Pamela had returned to the living room and Edward had fixed them a drink. They had actually done it. They had asked their long time friends to make a video of them having sex. To actually watch them having sex. And they had given them a video and some pictures of Pamela naked and some more of them having sex in different positions.

They had decided a few months ago to spice up their sex life. I began with Edward taking pictures of Pamela without clothes, then pictures of them having sex and finally making videos of themselves while they fucked. Watching them afterwards made their lovemaking more exciting as they had told their friends. Then Edward had found the amateur site where people posted their pictures and videos. He had surfed in it a few times planning to have Pamela watch it with him. The pictures and the videos of all those women, plain everyday women, not professional models, women that you would be likely to bump into in a supermarket or at the mall had really excited him.

But before he had had a chance to tell Pamela about it she had caught him watching it. She had been pissed off at first but afterward she had been equally turned on. Finally he had convinced Pamela to let him post some of her pictures. The comments they got really excited them and their sex was more rewarding after reading the comments. Edward was surprised that he enjoyed that much having other men look at his wife, have sexual fantasies about her. He realized that it turned him on knowing that other men found his wife attractive and sexy, that other men wanted to fuck Pamela.

For her part Pamela also got excited by the effect her pictures and the first video they had posted had on the men and women that commented on them. He and Edward had always been pretty open minded about their sexuality. They both knew that the other one had had other partners before they were married. They enjoyed a very healthy sex life which included pleasing each other, orally, fucking each other in every position they could think of and in every room in their house and occasionally Pamela enjoyed having anal sex too. When their sex life began to slacken of they had begun telling each other about their encounters with previous partners. One night Pamela told Edward about a former boyfriend who had taken some pictures while he fucked her and this led to Edward wanting to photograph her. Pamela didn't have any qualms about posing nude for her husband from the beginning.

Pamela found herself buying sexier clothes and sometimes going out to the mall or to a bar with Edward in these revealing outfits. She discovered she was an exhibitionist at heart and was encouraged by the comments she got on the site and the e-mails they received.

They had begun fantasizing about having sex with other people and they told each other their fantasies when they were making love. They thought about answering some of the requests for threesomes and wife swapping they got from the internet, or picking up strangers in a bar but they felt they didn't want to go that route. Then they thought about doing it with a couple they knew and after some time they decided they wanted to do it with Robert and Vanessa. Of course they would have to be careful in the way they approached them about something like this. After all they didn't want to risk loosing their friendship so they had come up with the idea of asking Robert to film them having sex.

Pamela went to the kitchen to freshen their drinks and when she returned to the living room with them, she cuddled up to her husband on the sofa and asked him, "What do you think?"

"What?" Edward replied, he had been lost in his own thoughts.

"Do you think they'll go for it?"

"Edward thought for a moment before replying. "I'm quite sure Bob will go for it. I think he's had the hots for you for quite sometime, but I'm no so sure about Van. I hope she does."

"You sure would." Pamela said in mock anger. "I know you want to get between her legs."

"Just as much as you want to have Robert" Edward answered.

He turned to her and they began kissing. The kiss soon turned more passionate as Edward began fondling Pamela's breasts and she massaged his cock. They got up to shed their clothes and Still standing they came together again, resuming their passionate kiss and fondling each other. Pamela loved the feel of her husband's hard prick as she wrapped her hand around the shaft. Edward lowered his hand and parted her labia inserting a finger into her.

Edward found that his wife's slit was moist already. "Thinking about Robert?" he asked her wiggling his finger inside her.

Pamela moved her hand up and down his engorged penis. "Thinking about Vanessa?" she asked back as she bent to bite on one of his nipples.

Edward felt an excruciatingly pleasurable mixture of pain and pleasure when Pamela bit his nipple. She knew just the exact amount of pressure to exert so it wouldn't be too painful. Edward inserted another finger into her feeling her moisture increase and with his other hand he reached for her breast. He took one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and pulling it at the same time. He increased the pressure until Pamela let out a groan feeling the same mixture of pain and pleasure she was giving her husband.

Pamela broke the kiss and got on her knees on the sofa, placing her arms on the back of the sofa she bent forward presenting her gaping pussy to her husband. "Put it in me. I need to feel you inside me," she said in a hoarse voice.

Edward stood behind her and taking his prick in his hand he rubbed it up and down the inside of her slit moistening the head. He found the opening and pushed forward, his cock sliding in easily and slowly. Feeling her warmth enveloping his member, Edward moaned. He placed his hands on Pamela's hips and began fucking her with slow strokes. Pamela began thrusting her hips backwards to meet his thrusts. He increased the tempo of his movements and soon he was fucking her hard. Pamela reached between her legs pressing her fingers against her clit. It wasn't long before Pamela came, her inner muscles clenching around Edward's shaft. Edward made a last thrust burying his cock all the way inside her, feeling her cunt milking it and he filled her with his cum.

* * *

Before Robert went to work the following morning, he asked Vanessa if they should accept Edward and Pamela's proposal. She pretended to think about it for a moment and then agreed. "Mmh, well, I guess it's OK. It might be interesting."

They hadn't talked about their experience of the previous night and after Robert left, Vanessa went to take a shower. As she soaped her body, she imagined Edward was running her hands over her body. She was beginning to get hot again so she stopped. She had to get these thoughts out of her head.

She put on her robe on and went to the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes. She tried to do some chores afterwards but her mind kept going back to the videos and Pamela's pictures on the Web site. So she fixed herself some coffee and brought the laptop to the kitchen table. She opened the site and found Pamela's pictures. She went to the comments area and began reading the comments, there were lots of them. There were some negative comments but most of them were positive commenting on her figure. There were many of a more explicit nature where men, and even some women, proposed having sexual activities with her in a very graphic manner.

She went to the video section and watched a couple getting more and more excited. She found several that showed threesomes and group sex which got her more excited. She opened her robe and ran her hands over her breasts, feeling her nipples stiffening. One of her hands went down between her legs and she masturbated watching a video of a woman with two men. She was sucking one man while the other one fucked her and then they would switch around finally coming all over her breasts and face. Vanessa had a shuddering orgasm right there in the kitchen chair.

Vanessa walked to her bedroom and tossing her robe to the floor she laid nude on the bed. She was still steaming thinking about what she had seen, picturing herself in the woman's place, imagining how it would feel having two men at the same time. Almost involuntary her hand she slid her hand between her legs again as she found another video of the same woman having sex with two men. She was sucking one cock and then the other one while she inserted a huge dildo in her cunt. Vanessa noticed that one of the men was the same as in the previous video but not the other one. She wondered if he was the woman's husband.

How would Robert react if they ever did something like that? Would she really do it? Then all such thoughts left her mind as the warm sensation of a building orgasm crept all along her body and she came again.

* * *

On the drive to his office Robert was remembering the events of the previous night. Vanessa had been very excited, in a way she hadn't been in a long time and, of course, this had turned him on. Vanessa had always been more reserved and even though they had a full and enjoyable sex life, he felt that she always had held back somehow, probably because of her strict religious upbringing. But last night had been different, he had felt her loosening up, nothing he could put his finger on, but something had been different.

He thought about Pamela, he had fantasized having sex with her on many occasions. But seeing her naked body and having sex with Edward had renewed those fantasies and desires. He had always felt that Pamela and Edward were more adventurous but seeing that they had shared her pictures and their videos with thousands of people on the Internet was something he hadn't even imagined they were capable of. He didn't think Vanessa would agree to something like that ever. But he would be happy if she let him make some nude studies of her. He loved the woman and thought she had a sexy body and he had always imagined her in several poses. He decided he would bring the subject up again, maybe now she would agree to it. And maybe she would even agree to share the pictures with Edward and Pamela.

He certainly would not mind sharing that kind of photographs of Vanessa with Edward and Pamela. He was getting a hard on just imagining Edward seeing Vanessa nude. He thought about making a video of him and Vanessa having sex, and sharing that too, if Vanessa would agree to it. He had to admit that the thought of other people watching them was exciting.

Sometime before noon Edward stopped by his office and they went out for lunch together. Once at the restaurant, Edward just asked if they had seen the video and Pamela's photographs and what they thought about them. Robert told him about the hotter than usual sex they'd had after watching the videos.

"Man, Pamela and I also had a wild time last night." Edward said, "We started imagining you guys having sex while you watched our video and that really got things going."

"So, what'd you decide?" Edward asked, "You're going to make the video?"

"Well, yeah, but..." Robert answered, "You guys are sure? I mean is Pamela OK with it? I mean, what you did is very daring, you know, posting that video and the pictures on Internet, but... are you sure you want someone to actually watch you doing it?"

"Well," Edward said, "Pamela and I have talked a lot about it. I mean, we really want to do it. Not just with anyone, but with you guys. We know it might be a bit awkward, but hell, it'll be exciting too. We think."

"Well, OK then. When do you want to do it?" Robert asked.

"Really, you'll do it. Wow, I knew it. I knew you would. I can tell you have the hots for Pamela so I was sure you would want the opportunity of watching her." Edward said winking at Robert, "But Vanessa, she really agreed to watch?"

"Yes, she did." Robert said, "She really got really worked up watching your video. I don't know, but she changed somehow."

"Well, then that's settled," Edward replied, "How 'bout Saturday, we can have a light lunch and spend the afternoon doing the video."

To be continued...

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