tagLoving WivesA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 03

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 03


Edward was lying in bed waiting for Pamela to finish the dishes. He had already taken his clothes off and was stroking his cock. During dinner he had told Pamela that Robert had agreed to do the video and Vanessa would come too.

Pamela walked into the bedroom and saw Edward's erection. She stood in front of the bed and removed her clothes slowly. She knelt between Edward's legs and kissed the tip of his penis running her tongue down the shaft, sucking his balls gently and then going back up to the head.

"So you want Vanessa and Robert to watch me doing this?" she asked smiling at Edward.

"Well, yeah." Edward answered. "But not just that, you know."

Pamela opened her lips and sucked the head into her mouth. She went down the shaft slowly until she had taken all of his cock down her throat. She wondered what Robert's cock would feel like in her mouth?

She pulled back slowly and looking back at Edward she asked, "And that too?"

"Yeah," Edward said, "that and everything else, too."

"Bet you're hoping that was Vanessa's mouth instead of mine."

"You know I do." Edward answered, and he added, "And I bet your imagining you're sucking Robert."

Pamela just nodded as she took Edward's cock back in her mouth. Edward was enjoying the sensations that his wife produced on his cock as she sucked it deep into her throat. He was wondering if Vanessa was also able to perform deep throat. He had fantasized about her many times. He loved his wife and was deeply satisfied with her as a sex partner. There was nothing they hadn't tried and they had enjoyed it all. But now that the idea of doing it with another partner had grown in their heads, he knew he wanted to do it Vanessa. He wanted to fondle her breasts and suck her nipples. He loved watching how they bounced beneath her top on the rare occasions when she didn't wear a bra. And when they danced together he loved to feel her breasts pressing against his chest.

Pamela sucked Edward's cock a few more times and then she climbed on top of him and placing it against the entrance to her cunt she lowered herself on it in one fluid motion. She was thinking it was Robert she was fucking. When she and Edward agreed on Robert and Vanessa, Edward said that Robert would most certainly agree to fuck Pamela, but he wasn't so sure about Vanessa. Pamela agreed with that, she had caught Robert's admiring glances many times but she also knew that Vanessa was more reserved. So Edward had come up with the idea of asking Robert to make a video and having Vanessa watch it too. They would start with that and take it from there.

Edward began raising his hips to meet Pamela's downward movements. Both were excited thinking about fucking Robert and Vanessa and it wasn't long before Pamela had an orgasm and soon after Edward came inside her.

Afterwards, Pamela told Edward about the comments that had been posted in the last few days on her last pictures. She had been reluctant at first to have her pictures online, but she loved the comments, she loved knowing that many men and some women were turned on by her body. They had even received several e-mails with pictures and videos of guys masturbating and coming all over her pictures.

* * *

That night after dinner Robert and Vanessa went to their bedroom and on the way upstairs, Vanessa pulled her dress over her head. Robert had noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra during dinner, as her nipples pushed through the material of the dress. And now he saw that she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. Yes, Robert thought, she's definitely changed in the last couple of days. He couldn't remember Vanessa ever doing something like this.

As soon as they got to the bedroom, Vanessa went over to Robert and after giving him a long kiss, she took off his shirt and knelt in front of him to take off his pants.

"Hey!" Robert said, "What's gotten into you? What have you been doing?"

"Well honey, I watched some more pics and videos on the site. I saw a couple more of Edward and Pamela, and I read some of the comments people posted about their videos and pics. And I got really horny... I had to masturbate, actually a couple of times. But now I want your cock."

Robert could not believe what he heard. Yes, they had enjoyed an open sexual relationship between them, doing all sort of things. Not from the beginning, though, due to Vanessa's strict upbringing. He had led her slowly, step by step, giving her time to adjust and to enjoy each new thing they'd tried. But Vanessa had never spoken so openly, using those words, seemingly without embarrassment. He definitely thought they had taken another step in their relationship.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth Vanessa blushed slightly. She had never used this kind of language before. Not that she had never heard them. Sometimes in the heat of their lovemaking Robert used them. But she had been brought up not say nasty words. However this time they just came out naturally, without her even realizing she was saying them until her sentence was finished. 'Oh well' she thought, 'I guess it's not that bad'. Her next thought was that she had changed somehow. She was changing somehow. An inner turmoil began surging in her mind, about the way she had been brought up and what she was doing, saying and feeling now. Her mind began to wonder but she came back to the present moment when Robert adjusted his position and his leg brushed against her arm. Even though her eyes were open, she had not been seeing, her mind was elsewhere, images of her parents had flashed through her mind as if they were in front of her. But now her attention focused on Robert's cock in front of her.

She had grabbed his cock, which was already half hard and was masturbating him absentmindedly. As she came back to reality, she concentrated on the task at hand. She took him into her mouth and sucked him gently, trying to get as much as she could. At first she was able to take it all into her mouth as he was partly flaccid. But when as cock grew inside her mouth she had to pull back, she only could take in a bit more than half. At the same time she was massaging his balls. After sucking him a few minutes, she pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him. As his cock slid into Vanessa's cunt, Robert again felt her wetness, and he thrust his hips upward penetrating her completely in one thrust. Vanessa gasped and remained motionless as Robert began moving his hips faster and faster. Robert looked up enjoying the sight of Vanessa's breast bouncing in rhythm with his thrusts. He kept thrusting rapidly into her and when he tired he dropped his hips back on the bed. Vanessa leaned forward putting her hand on the bed above his shoulders and began moving her hips up and down. In that position her breast were just a few inches above Robert's face, He raised his head a bit and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it hard. Vanessa moaned and Robert moved his hands between her legs to stroke her clit. This brought Vanessa over the edge and she collapsed on top of her husband. Her orgasm made her inner muscles contract around Robert's cock and he came inside her.

Afterwards, Robert asked Vanessa if she ever fantasized about having sex with another man. She said that she hadn't, at least not until the last couple of days.

"Is it wrong, honey?" Vanessa asked, "I mean, now that I've been watching the videos of all this people I wondered, and today I fantasized of doing it with some one else."

Vanessa was having a hard time sharing this with Robert. She didn't tell him about her fantasy of having two men at the same time. Nor did she admit she had fantasized about fucking Edward and sucking his cock. She thought he probably would be mad at her.

"No," Robert said, "I don't think is wrong. I've done it myself a few times. I think every body does it at some point. And yes, watching the video of Edward and Pamela made me fantasize about them."

"Well, me too," Vanessa admitted hesitantly.

"That's all right honey", Robert told her reassuringly, "It's just a fantasy."

Vanessa was relieved. She kissed Robert tenderly and said, "God, I love you so much."

"I love you too, honey." Robert told her and kissed her again. "Actually I'm sort of looking forward to watching them doing live. You know, I talked to Edward this afternoon and he asked us to their place on Saturday. You still want to do it, don't you?"

"Well, yes." Vanessa replied.

"And, what if we get real horny watching them? Would you mind if we did it in front of them?" Robert asked.

"Well, I hadn't really thought about that." Vanessa said pensively. "But I guess it would only be fair, don't you?"

"I guess." Robert said, "Actually I've been thinking about it and I think it would be exciting, you know, having them watch us."

"Mmhh, yeah. Maybe." Vanessa said.

Robert didn't want to go any further. He had been sure she was going to flatly refuse. He was surprised. He had wanted to ask Vanessa about letting him photograph her. But he decided not to do it just then.

The following morning at breakfast he did ask her. And Vanessa agreed. They decided they would have a session Friday night.

"And if I like the pictures you'll get a special prize." Vanessa told him before he left for work.

To be continued...

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