tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 04

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 04


Robert and Vanessa arrived at Edward's and Pamela's house around 10am so they would have ample time to shoot the video. Edward and Pamela greeted them at the door and they exchanged their usual kisses on the cheek. Pamela and Vanessa went to the kitchen to get some coffee while Edward and Robert talked about where to set up the camera on the tripod.

They rearranged the furniture in the living room. The sofa sat against the wall so there was nothing in front of it so Robert would have plenty of angles to shoot from. Edward had his camera on a tripod to one side and Robert had brought his own gear. The camera on the tripod was connected to the plasma screen so we could see the picture and adjust the angle and zoom as required using the remote control

The girls came back with the coffee. When Robert tasted his he perceived a hint of brandy. Pamela said she had spiked the coffee to help ease their nerves.

"I'm really nervous, you know," Pamela said.

"Well just relax," Robert said. He was also feeling kind of nervous but he decided to play the director and make them feel at ease. "Just go ahead and sit on the couch. You can begin by kissing and take it from there."

"OK," Pamela said, sitting on the couch. Edward sat next to her and turning to Edward she asked, "Did you like the DVD?"

"Oh yes, we did," Robert answered.

"Did we ever," Vanessa added. "And I liked the photos and videos you posted on the site. I still don't know how you got the nerve to do it. I read most of the comments and you were right, some of them are a real turn on. Right, honey?"

"Yeah," Robert said. "But I just read a few. But you should have seen the effect they had on Vanessa."

Vanessa blushed and said, "Well, we might tell you about it later. OK?"

Both Pamela and Edward detected the change in Vanessa as she spoke. She seemed to be more straightforward, before when the conversation turned to sex she rarely spoke about her feelings.

"Don't you have something you wanted to give Ed and Pam?" Robert said turning to his wife.

"Oh, you mean...?" Vanessa blushed, but she forced herself to go on, after all it had been her idea, "Well, you see... Mmh... Well, we thought that since you shared your pictures with us... Ehhm... Well, we wanted to give you some of me" She finally finished.

"You mean you had some pictures of you naked?" Edward asked.

"Didn't you say you had never let Bob take that kind of pictures?" Pamela added.

"Well, no... I mean, yes..." Vanessa stuttered.

Robert came to her rescue, "We just took them last night."

Edward immediately put de CD on a player and turned a switch so the photographs could be seen in the large plasma screen. On a few Vanessa had a piece of black silk covering part of her body but on most of them she was nude. The pictures were taken in their bed which was covered only by a black satin sheet. The lightning effects were spectacular. They cast deep shadows over her body that only accentuated her body.

Pamela and Edward sat on the couch looking intently at the screen. Pamela had placed her hand over Edward's crotch and as soon as he saw Vanessa's nude body his cock had gotten hard.

After the last photograph appeared on the screen Pamela said, "Wow, they are incredible."

Arthur added, "They sure are. See, that's why we wanted you to do our video Bob, you sure are great photographer."

Robert was a bit embarrassed and he managed to answer, "Well, I had a great model."

No it was Vanessa's turn to be embarrassed as Arthur and Pamela turned in her direction.

"You have a marvelous body." Pamela said and Arthur immediately nodded his agreement.

"Well, then let's finish setting up the lights and then let's get started, shall we?" Robert said to cover his and Vanessa's embarrassment.

"Sure." Arthur said getting up from the couch to help Robert.

As he got up he squirmed to adjust his erection, the head at his cock had popped out over the top of his underwear. Vanessa saw the bulge in his pants and was both embarrassed and flattered at the same time.

Robert finished setting up the camera, and as they finished their coffee, Robert looked at Edward and Pamela. He was wearing loafers, slacks and a polo shirt. She had on a blouse and skirt and was wearing black nylons.

Robert was also dressed in slacks and a polo shirt and Vanessa was wearing one of her summer dresses. Robert had asked her before they left if she was wearing any underwear, but she didn't answer, saying he would find out soon enough. He knew she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her breasts bounced.

Edward and Pamela began kissing so Robert set the cameras rolling. They were a bit awkward and self-conscious at first but as their tongues began playing with each other inside their mouths they began to relax. Robert made a close up of their faces when Pamela began sucking Edward's tongue. Then he panned the camera down as his hands traveled over her breasts and down her legs. They went on like that for a few minutes and then Edward began undoing the buttons on her blouse. As he opened it he saw that Pamela was wearing a black, see-through bra. Edward ran his hands over the bra, pinching the nipple lightly; it stood out against the fabric immediately. Pamela pulled Edward's shirt over his head and ran her fingers along his chest. She bent forward and sticking her tongue out, she licked his nipple and bit it, gently pulling it into her mouth. Edward was still massaging her breast with his hand. Pamela lowered her hand, placing it over Edward's cock over his pants. Robert looked to the armchair where Vanessa was sitting and saw her watching them intently.

Vanessa was amazed that Pamela and Edward were really getting into it in front of them. She had spoken with Pamela during the week and she confessed that even though they were willing to have sex in front of their friends and have Robert tape it, she was very nervous about it.

Vanessa was beginning to feel the heat rise up in her. Her first instinct was to look away. She had been taught that sex was a private affair between couples. But she just couldn't keep her eyes away.

Pamela took off her blouse and Edward pulled one cup of her bra away, exposing her breast. He licked her nipple, tracing circles over the areole with his tongue and then sucking the nipple into his mouth. Pamela moaned softly and pulled Edward's head closer to her. Edward pulled Pamela's other breast out of her bra and began pinching and pulling on the nipple with his fingers while he went on sucking the other one. Pamela moaned again. Edward pushed Pamela's skirt up, exposing her bare flesh where the stockings ended. Pamela lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up above her waist. She sat down again, parting her legs and exposing her clean-shaven cunt, covered only by a see through black thong. Edward caressed it through the material, pinching her thick lips between his fingers as he continued sucking her nipples. He would suck one first and then trace his tongue down the slope of her breast and up the other one until he sucked her other nipple into his mouth. Pamela arched her back, pushing her nipples further into Edward's mouth.

Edward was also feeling sort of nervous, he had turned to see Robert a couple of times and he noticed the bulge under his pants, he also looked at Vanessa and saw her breathing was getting heavier, seeing that their friends were getting excited watching them eased his nervousness. Pamela had also noticed the bulge in Robert's pants and she was glad that he was getting excited looking at her as Edward took her clothes off and played with her.

Edward moved his hand up to insert it beneath Pamela's thong. Robert was able to get a close up of Pamela's thong with a wet spot in the middle. Then Edward's finger parted her cunt lips beneath the thong, moving it up and down a few times. Edward notices that Pamela was wetter that usual and his cock began to rise. Every time he hit her clit, Pamela would moan in pleasure. She raised her hips a bit to accentuate his touch and when his finger entered her vagina, she began to cum, moaning loudly. When her orgasm subsided she stood up to remove her clothes. Robert moved behind Edward to catch Pamela as she stripped. First she took off her blouse and then reached back to undo her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there for a few moments, clad in her stockings, garter belt, her soaked thong sticking to her cunt lips and her breasts hanging out of her bra, her nipples hard.

She hooked her thumbs in the elastic of the thong and slid it down her legs. Reaching back, she unclasped her bra, standing there now only wearing her stockings and garter belt.

She stroked her breasts; one of her hands moved down her belly and her finger disappeared between her cunt lips. She inserted it into her vagina and pulling it out, she moved closer to Edward. He licked her juices off her fingers and she knelt in front of him to remove his trousers and briefs. Edward's cock stood straight at attention and Robert saw Vanessa bending forward to get a better look. Her skirt was bunched around her hips and she had her hand inside her panties.

Vanessa had involuntarily moved her hand to her crotch over her dress, and when she saw Edward and Pamela looking at her she blushed, she was about to pull her hand away but she didn't. After all, their friends were naked in front of them and about to have sex. She fixed her gaze on Edward's cock, and she felt a new rush of excitement.

Pamela placed herself in front of her husband, fondling his balls and circling his cock with her fingers, moving them up and down. She bent forward when a drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of Edward's cock and sticking out her tongue, she licked it. She circled his cock head with her tongue a few times and then ran it down the underside, licking his balls before her tongue traveled back up the length of his shaft. She took the head of his cock lovingly in her mouth and kept it there for a while; Robert could guess she was running her tongue all around it inside her mouth. Pamela began bobbing her head up and down, taking more of Edward's cock into her mouth.

Robert moved around to find a better angle, and he saw that Vanessa had undone the buttons on the top of her dress and one of her breasts was exposed, she had also pulled her skirt up to her waist exposing her legs and her scantily covered pussy. She was playing with her nipple with one hand, the other still buried beneath her panties, caressing her pussy. Her gaze was fixed on Edward and Pamela and she had a dreamy expression on her face. Edward had his eyes fixed on Vanessa's breast and Robert couldn't tell if the pleasure expression on his face was from Pamela's ministrations or from watching Vanessa playing with herself.

Vanessa lifted her gaze from Edward's cock and saw that he was looking straight at her, she blushed and felt embarrassed but at the same time she was excited by Edward looking at her. She stopped caring about her hangups and gave way to what she was feeling at the moment. She opened her dress even further exposing both her breasts. Robert licked his lips as he stared at her nipples. She felt her nipples getting harder under his gaze and imagining his lips and tongue sucking them.

Edward was admiring Vanessa's body, he wanted to get up and go to her, suck her nipples into his mouth and bury his head between her legs, but he held back. He was sure it wasn't going to be long before he would be fulfilling his wishes. Pamela looked up and saw her husband looking at Vanessa. She felt her excitement growing knowing her husband was looking at another woman as she sucked him. She felt his cock throb inside her mouth.

Robert had also seen Vanessa's reaction when Edward turned to look at her. He was surprised that he was actually turned on by knowing another man was seeing his wife half naked. He turned his attention back to Edward and Pamela. She had more than half his cock inside her mouth, the head probably bumping against her throat. Edward's cock was bigger than Robert's and a bit thicker around. Pamela pulled back, letting it all the way out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head a few times and then took it back into her mouth, just the head. Robert noticed that she had her hand between her thighs so he zoomed in on it; she was teasing her clit and rubbing the inside of her lips as she sucked her husband. He panned the camera up her body and focused on her breasts for a few seconds. They jiggled a bit in rhythm with her head movements, her nipples hard and pointing straight out. Robert kept panning the camera up, catching her head bobbing up and down his cock again, continuing up his chest to get a shot of his face, which wore an expression of pure bliss.

There was some movement to Robert's left; Edward opened his eyes. He still held the camera pointed at Pamela and Edward but looked to his left in time to see Vanessa, who had stood up and was slowly undoing the buttons on her dress. Pamela stopped sucking Edward's cock and was looking at Vanessa too. Robert pointed the camera at her, expecting her to complain, but she didn't. She just kept on going, her eyes glued to Edward and Pamela, who still had a hand between her legs while she masturbated Edward with the other one. Vanessa let her dress fall down to the floor and she stood there wearing only her bikini panties. But not for long; she pushed them down her legs and bent down to remove them and her shoes, giving all of them a great view of her hanging breasts. They were bigger than Pamela's and very nicely rounded, with a little sag due to their weight. She stood up again, and Robert got a full frontal shot of her body. Her nipples were hard and her cunt lips were swollen beneath her trimmed triangle of pubic hair. She cupped her breasts and pushed the nipples with her thumbs, making them stand out even more when they popped back out. She sat back on the armchair and opening her legs, slid her fingers between her lips.

Pamela looked at Robert and said, "Are you going to be the only one left with your clothes on?"

Robert put the camera down and quickly stripped, his cock already hard, both from watching the action on the couch and even more from his wife's uninhibited (and quite unexpected) actions. Pamela eyed Robert, fixing her gaze on his cock for a few seconds before turning her attention back to Edward's cock.

Robert picked up the camera again and filmed Vanessa as she played with her breasts and pussy. When he pointed the camera back at Edward and Pamela, he saw that she had his cock back in her mouth. This time her lips weren't tight around his cock; they parted as she slowly worked her way down the shaft until she had taken all of it past her throat. She remained motionless for a few seconds and then she slowly pulled all the way back and licked the head while her hand pumped the shaft. She had a couple of fingers inside her vagina and was pumping them in and out more rapidly. A moan escaped from her throat as she took Edward's head back in her mouth and went on down until she swallowed his cock again. She would pull back and suck on the head for a few seconds, then go deep again and remain motionless for a few seconds before repeating the whole thing.

After four or five times she pulled back completely and buried her head on Edward's thigh as a new orgasm overtook her. Robert caught on film the trembling of her thighs and her breasts flushing as the orgasm continued. She went back to Edward's cock, bobbing her head up and down rapidly, taking in less than half its length in her mouth. Edward pumped his hips in rhythm with his wife's movements. She took her fingers out of her vagina and fondled his balls as she moved the other hand along the base of his shaft, sucking on its upper half. Edward let out a deep growl as his body tensed and he pushed his hips upward. Pamela kept his cock in her moth and as Robert closed up on it he could see it pulsing, shooting his sperm. Pamela's throat contracted as she swallowed and after he was finished, she pulled back. A small amount of cum, mixed with her saliva, dripped out of her mouth, landing on her breast as she rose and kissed Edward.

Robert heard Vanessa moaning and he pointed the camera back at her. She was moving her fingers rapidly against her clit and squeezing one of her breasts. Her head was thrown back, her legs hung over the arms of the armchair, exposing her pussy completely, her inner lips hanging slightly out. She moaned incoherently and as she inserted a couple of fingers into her vagina, she arched her hips and shuddered as her orgasm racked her body. Robert caught it all on the camera and when she regained her breath, she motioned for him to come closer. Robert did and she grabbed his throbbing cock, which was begging for release. Robert pointed the camera down just as she took the head in her mouth and began sucking him furiously, her hand still between her legs.

Robert felt Edward tapping his shoulder and he gave him the camera, concentrating on the feelings emanating from his cock. Edward knelt to the side to get a better angle, panning the camera from Vanessa's head to her pussy. Robert didn't last long before he shot a full load into Vanessa's mouth; he just kept cumming and cumming. She did her best to swallow it all, but some of it dripped down her chin to her breasts. She pulled back and with her hand, milked the last drops from his cock, pointing it at her nipples. Then she lay back massaging his cum on her breasts and she had another shuddering orgasm. Arthur got all of this on tape.

To be continued

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