tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 07

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 07


Vanessa and Robert arrived a little late at Karen's place, they were having lunch already. Karen got up to greet them and went to the kitchen to get two more plates. After lunch, Karen's kids made a big fuzz about having her close her eyes and they brought out a cake and made her blow the candles while everyone sang happy birthday. Robert, who by now was the official family photographer and cinematographer duly captured several pictures and some footage on his video camera.

After the cake was finished, Vanessa, Karen and several of her neighbors went into the living room while their husbands and Robert went out into the backyard to have another beer. Karen's children and the neighbors went to the den to play video games. The conversation was the usual mother stuff and Vanessa drifted in and out of it.

She still couldn't believe she had kissed Edward in that way. She had been fantasizing about him a lot but at that moment, standing next to him, after having masturbated thinking of him, she would have done anything he asked her to do. She had felt Edward responding but luckily she stopped just in time. She thought about what Pamela had said, was it true? How could Pamela not be jealous if Edward had sex with her? She had a lot of questions. And she had a lot of contradictory feelings. She had been brought up to believe that marriage was sacred, that it lasted forever and that a woman should be faithful to her husband. But then again, her sister Karen had been brought up the same way and she was had married and divorced twice. As a matter of fact Vanessa knew that Karen had had an affair while she was married to her first husband. So how come they were so different? She also had some problems adjusting to Robert's sexual needs when they were first married. He was the first man she had sex with, and she only accepted having sex with him about a month before they were married. And when he asked her to go down on him the first time, Vanessa had refused, believing it was something unnatural and evil. Robert had been very patient with her and in time she learned to enjoy all sorts of sexual games. The last one had been anal sex. She had refused for many years, even though Robert brought it up from time to time. Finally she had consented, the first few times were painful and far in between, but one night when she had had one drink to many and was really relaxed she had enjoyed it, she actually came twice while he fucked her ass. But even afterward she did not want to repeat it very often; she still thought it was unnatural. So she only allowed him this pleasure a couple times a year, usually after a nice dinner and after having several drinks.

But now, what would Robert think if she had sex with Edward. He would probably think she was a slut and stop loving her. She really loved Robert and she didn't want to hurt him.

As the afternoon wore on Karen had opened a bottle of cognac and they had several drinks. She was feeling quite relaxed and so were the other women, the talk had turned to sex and Vanessa relived the experience of the previous day in her mind, she began to feel horny and she thought about looking for Robert and going home to make love to him. Most of the other couples had departed and there was only one of Karen's neighbors still in the living room with them so it wouldn't look to bad if she and Robert left. But first she had to pee.

She excused herself and as she headed for the bathroom down the hall, the door was locked, so she kept going into Karen's bedroom and opened the bathroom door. She was startled to find a man at the toilet until she realized it was Robert. He was also startled as she heard his stream stopping and saw him turn his head, but when he saw her he let go again. Vanessa went up to him and pressed her body to his back. She reached around and grabbed his penis and looking over his shoulder she made sure the stream didn't miss its target.

"Here, let me do that." She told him and nibbled his ear.

When he finished she pushed him out of the way and lifting her skirt, she sat down on the toilet to pee. For the first time that day Robert realized she hadn't worn any panties and his cock began to rise. Robert's half erect cock was right in front of her face. She bent forward a little and took it into her mouth. She perceived a slightly salty flavor but went on sucking the head into her mouth. Robert's cock grew instantly feeling the warmth of his wife's mouth around it.

"Wow, that's a nice surprise." Robert said.

Vanessa just went on sucking him for a while. Vanessa then had Robert sit on the toilet, she lifted her skirt and with her back to him, she guided his cock into her. Vanessa began fucking her husband and Robert undid the buttons of her blouse so he could fondle her breasts.

Vanessa was about to cum when the door opened and Karen just froze there looking at them. Vanessa was to far gone so she just kept on moving. At that moment she didn't care if the whole world watched her fucking her husband. Karen just stood there staring and Robert fondling her sisters breasts and she also saw his cock sliding in and out of her. Then she reacted.

"Well, you guys, are you're having fun? But you should at least lock the door." And with a last look at Robert's cock she went out closing the door behind her.

Vanessa reached down to stroke her clit as she went on riding Robert's cock. She felt him stiffening and felt his hot semen flooding her. Robert grunted as he shot his sperm deep into his wife's pussy and a few seconds later Vanessa came too.

Still out of breath, Vanessa said, "I'm so embarrassed. I mean we shouldn't have done this here in the first place."

She had gotten up and was in front of the mirror straightening her hair, her blouse still undone. Robert came up behind her and cupping her breasts he kissed her neck.

"That's OK, honey. I was so horny from editing the videos. That's just what I needed. Besides your sister could have closed the door right away, but she just stood there staring at us for a good while."

"Yeah, but I don't know how I'm going to be able to face her after this, and her friends." Vanessa said. She had finished buttoning her blouse. "Well I guess we're going to have to go out of here eventually so we might as well do it now."

"Just pretend nothing happened."

They walked out of the bathroom and when they got to the living room Karen's friends were saying goodbye so right after they left they bid Karen farewell and walked out of her house before she could say much.

* * *

After Robert and Vanessa left Edward suggested to Pamela that they go out for lunch. Edward put on some faded jeans and a t-shirt and Pamela just wore a short skirt and a tight fitting top with no underwear, her nipples clearly visible through the material. Just before they went out, she asked Edward to bring his camera along.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked her as they were getting into the car.

"Oh, I don't know but I'm sure we can think of something."

They went to a place that served some great steaks and they selected a booth towards the back of the place. Pamela sat with her back to the bar and when they had ordered their drinks she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Well aren't you gonna take my picture." And she lowered her top exposing one of her breasts.

Edward immediately grabbed his camera and began shooting. Pamela took the nipple of her exposed breast and pulled on it to make it harder. Then she lowered her top completely exposing both breasts and for the third shot she cupped them. The waiter was approaching the table with their drinks and he was able to catch a glimpse of Pamela's breasts before she pulled her top back up again. Edward had made sure that the people sitting at the bar in the background were in the pictures and the last one showed the waiter looking down at Pamela's breasts.

They ate their lunch and on the way out Pamela stopped by the phones and pretended to make a phone call while Edward shot a few more pictures of her exposing her breasts. Once out in the parking lot, Pamela leaned on the hood of their car and lifted her skirt. Edward asked her to pull down her top again and shot a few more pictures of his wife exposing her breasts and pussy with her clothes bundled up around her waist. A car with a couple passed by them and they actually slowed down to get a good view of Pamela. She just waved at them before she got into the car and they drove away.

Pamela kept her top down and her skirt raised all the way home. Edward shot a few more pictures while he was driving. Pamela caressed her breasts and ran her hands down her things and began playing with her clit.

As soon as they got home, Pamela went over to the couch and kneeling on it she presented her rear to Edward. He let his jeans fall to the floor and penetrated Pamela in one thrust. He moved his hips fast, pouncing on her from behind. Pamela met his thrusts moving her hips backward. Edward reached under her and pulled her top down to play with her nipples. Pamela let out a long moan as she came. In the middle of her orgasm Edward stuck a finger up her ass and felt the muscles clenching around it. When Pamela's orgasm came to an end and Edward felt her ass muscles relaxing around his finger he pulled his cock out of her vagina and inserted it in her asshole. It was still tight but Edward's cock was very well lubricated with Pamela's juices so after a couple of shoves he was buried to the hilt. He rammed his cock in and out of her furiously and Pamela reached between her legs to play with her clit. Edward grunted and with a final shove he shot his cum deep into his wife's ass. A few seconds later Pamela came again.

Afterward they took a shower together and got into bed to watch the videos Edward and Robert had edited that morning. Pamela asked Edward to put on the one of Robert and Vanessa first, and as they were watching it she said.

"I asked Vanessa if she would like to fuck you."

"Really, and what did she say?" Edward asked as he was watching Vanessa suck Robert's cock.

"At first she was reluctant to admit it, but after a while she finally did." Pamela said, watching Edward's cock beginning to stiffen again. "You really have the hots for her, don't you?"

"Just as much as you do for Robert," Edward replied, reaching out to touch Pamela between the legs. "You're getting wet again."

"I just can't wait to fuck him." Pamela said, "Do you think they'll go for it?"

"Robert sure is ready, you know, I asked him point blank if they would like to swap partners and he said he would but wasn't to sure about Vanessa."

"Well, I think she's ready, she just needs a little prodding." Pamela answered. "I saw the way she kissed you."

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting it. But she pulled back right away."

"Just give her some time. Now how about paying some attention to my pussy, I mean, you already saw the video, so you can lick me while I watch."

Edward moved down and got between Pamela's legs. He ate her pussy while she watched their friends fucking on the screen until she came in his mouth.

* * *

In their own bedroom Robert and Vanessa were also watching the video. But they were watching Robert's and Pamela's. As they were watching Robert cupped Vanessa's breasts and felt her nipples hardening under his palms. He bent forward and sucked one nipple into his mouth while he pulled the other one with his fingers making them even harder. He loved to suck Vanessa's nipples and see her aureoles getting smaller as her nipples grew harder.

Vanessa moaned and guided Robert's hand between her thighs. When Robert inserted his fingers between her lips, he found she was really moist again. He sucked on her nipples a bit more while he moved his finger up and down her slit, brushing her clit lightly on every stroke. He parted her thighs wide and moved his head down until he was just inches away from her pussy. He parted her lips with his fingers and flicked his tongue rapidly against her clit. Vanessa moaned in pleasure, her eyes still on the screen where Pamela was sucking Edward's cock. She wondered how it would feel to have Robert sucking her pussy just as he was doing now but sucking Edward's cock at the same time.

Robert licked the moisture around the inside of Vanessa's outer lips and stuck his tongue deep into her vagina. Vanessa raised her hips and wrapped her legs around his head. When Edward came in Pamela's mouth in the video, Vanessa could almost taste his sperm on her mouth. Robert bit her clit gently and this brought Vanessa over the edge. She started cumming as Robert stuck his tongue deep inside her again.

Vanessa pushed Robert on his back and licked his balls as she pumped his cock with her hand. She took the head in her mouth and began sucking it greedily while he continued pumping the shaft with her hand. Robert was watching Edward fucking Pamela on the screen and a few minutes later he came, his sperm flooding his wife's mouth.

They remained in bed after the video ended. Then Vanessa asked Robert.

"Listen honey. I was talking with Pamela this morning and she asked me if... you know... if I liked Edward."

Robert thought he knew where Vanessa was going with this and he saw that she was having trouble saying it so he decided to help her.

"Like him? You mean like more than in a friendly way."

"Yeah," Vanessa said, "You know, she kind of told me she wouldn't mind if Edward did it with me." She finally blurted. "I mean..."

"I know what you mean, honey", Robert said running his fingers through her hair. "Edward asked me the same thing, you know, if I'd like to fuck Pamela. He said they had thought about having sex with us, you know, you and Edward and Pamela and me.

"And what did you say?" Vanessa asked him.

"I said that I surely find Pamela very attractive, and yes, I'd like to have sex with her. But I wouldn't do it if it hurt you."

"But... you mean you'd do it if it was OK with me? Vanessa asked.

"Yes, only if you agreed."

"But... you wouldn't mind me doing it with Edward?"

"Not if you really wanted to do it."

"Well, I don't know..." Vanessa said, "I mean, I do like Edward, and you know I've fantasized about doing with him. But actually doing it? I don't know. You know me honey. Up till a few weeks ago I hadn't even thought about it. But lately, I don't know what's gotten into me. It seems that there's all this sexual energy just blasting out of me. Not that our sex life wasn't good. You know I've always enjoyed having sex with you, but now... It just seems like a new world. You know. That you and me are actually considering going to bed with our best friends. And what we've been doing these past few days. It's so strange. On one hand I feel it's wrong. You know... I should feel it's wrong. But on the other hand I don't think it's that bad. I just don't know..."

"Don't worry honey," Robert said tenderly to her, "It seems like we all want to do it. Pamela and Robert are very good friends of ours, they have been for many years. And it seems our friendship with them is taking another direction. Edward told me that they had been thinking about having sex with another couple for sometime now. But they just thought they shouldn't do it with any couple. That they wanted to do it with us."

"But I know how you feel." Robert went on, "I've seen the change in you in these last days, and quite frankly, I like it. You are a different woman, it has turned me on that Robert, and I'm sure many other men out there consider you a sexy woman. But there's no rush, don't feel pressured. If and when you think you're ready we can do it. And it'll be OK, and if you don't ever want to do it, it'll be fine too."

"Oh, honey, I love you so much." Vanessa said and gave Robert a long and tender kiss.

"Oh, and there's one more thing." Vanessa said hesitantly.

"What is it honey?" Robert asked her.

"Well, this morning while you were downstairs, Pamela and I were sunning ourselves, you know... in the nude."

"Mmh, I should have gone up to see that."

"Well Edward did, when he went to get some beer." Vanessa went on, "And Pamela asked him to take some pictures of us. And he did. I mean... Pamela wants to post those pics in the Web site. You know... the ones with the two of us."

"And what did you say?" Robert asked with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"I said I'd have to think about it." Vanessa answered, "Well I said that at first, but later on when she asked me again I said OK." And she quickly added, "I thought I'd surprise you with it. But if you don't want it, I'll call Pamela right away and tell her not to."

"No honey, if you want it, it's perfectly all right with me. I'd really like to see the comments you get.

Vanessa fell asleep first, with one leg over Robert's her arm around his chest. Her breasts pressed against him. Robert just lay there with his arms behind his back staring at the shadows of the trees dancing in the ceiling. He had sounded very sure of himself when he told his wife he wouldn't mind her sleeping with Edward. But he really wasn't so sure. One side of him wanted it. He thought it was mostly due to the fact that he wanted to fuck Pamela so bad. He knew he couldn't do it behind Vanessa's back. He wasn't about to start cheating on her. So the only way was if she did it with Edward. But this is where Robert's doubts started. He wasn't so sure he wanted his wife to fuck another man. He wasn't sure how he would be able to handle that. But he also had to admit that the image of his wife, especially with this new sexuality that was awakening in her, fucking another man excited him.

Vanessa stirred and shifted, her leg brushing against Robert's cock. Just picturing his wife with Arthur on top of her; her legs wrapped around his back made his cock get hard. When he added the image of Pamela squatting on top of him, riding his cock his excitement grew. He lowered his hand and began masturbating. He stroked his cock slowly, afraid to wake up Vanessa. What would she say if she caught him masturbating? It had been many years since he had. Images of both Pamela and Vanessa sucking his cock flashed through his mind. He increased the tempo of his hand movements and Vanessa stirred again. He stopped until he was sure she hadn't woken up and then continued with the slow masturbation.

But Vanessa was awake. From her position, with her head on Robert's shoulder she could see he was masturbating. She had never seen him do it. She was shocked at first but when he began moving his had up and down his shaft again she could see his cock silhouetted against the dim light coming from the window. She was confused, not knowing why Robert was masturbating or if he did it often and she just didn't know it. But then she remembered that she had begun masturbating in the past few days. So she just lay there quietly watching his hand moving over his cock. Was he thinking about Pamela? Funny, but the thought didn't make Vanessa jealous.

Robert went on until his semen just started flowing out of his penis in one continuous flow until he was spent.

To be continued.

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