tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 08

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 08


Author's note:

Ooops, seems I goofed again. The first five chapters of this series were published as "A couple's voyage into sexuality" but for chapters 6 and 7 I changed the name to "A Voyage into a Couple's Sexuality". Actually chapter 6 had no number on it.

This and all succeeding chapters are going to be published as "A Couple's Voyage into Sexuality".

I also wish to thank all those who have commented on the previous chapters, all comments are appreciated and I encourage those who have not commented to do so. All comments are very helpful.


Vanessa had been cleaning the house wearing a pair of shorts and an old tank top shirt. As was becoming her custom lately she was not wearing a bra. She had been about to take a shower and had taken off her clothes when the phone rang so she just wrapped a towel around her body and answered the phone.

She began getting excited reading the comments and after she finished she looked at a few more postings of pictures and watched a couple of video clips. In the process she dropped the towel and somewhat unconsciously her hand went between her legs.

She got thirsty and decided to go to the kitchen to fix herself some iced tea. She was about to get the towel to cover herself but decided against it and walked to the kitchen naked feeling slightly perverse. She fixed the tea and went out to sit on the deck at the back of the house.

Their backyard was surrounded by a tall fence and she could see that the blinds were closed on the neighbor's house upper floor. She relaxed and began thinking about the changes she had gone through in the last week. She had done things that all her life she thought were evil and perverted. She had seen their friends naked and she had see them sucking and fucking each other. She had been naked in front of them and she had masturbated as Edward and Pamela saw her, then she had sucked her husband and being fucked in front of them. She had let Robert take some nude pictures of her and shared them with their friends. She had sat naked in Pamela' back yard and they had masturbated in front of each other. And she had agreed to have her pictures on the Internet where thousands of people could watch them.

And here she was, sitting stark naked on her backyard not caring if the neighbors saw her. Was this really evil? Was it wrong to flaunt her body and her sexuality in front of other people? If it was wrong, why had she been so excited by watching her friends and having them watch her having sex? She had to admit that she hadn't felt this excited in her whole life. She had to admit that her orgasms had never felt so good and they had never been that strong.

She had even felt pleasure when Edward had kissed her and she desired him. For the first time she really acknowledged to herself that she actually desired Edward to fuck her. Pamela said that she wouldn't mind and so had Robert. So then, how could it be wrong to do it if everybody agreed to it? She was still rather confused and she didn't know if she could ever take this final step. It would be a very serious thing to do. It would change her life completely. What would her relationship with Robert be like afterwards?

But feeling the wind on her naked body was an incredible feeling. Being nude even in her own house gave her a new sense of freedom. She began tracing her areolas with her nails and watched them shrinking and her nipples getting harder. She realized then that she didn't even know her body that well, most of the times she avoided being in front of the mirror naked. The first time she had seen her sex was when she watched a close up on the video that Robert made when she was masturbating.

She got up from her chair and went inside to get a large mirror. She leaned it on another chair and sat back where she was before. She took up where she had left and started playing with her nipples again, tracing circles around them with her nails. She cupped her breasts and felt their heaviness. She squeezed them and then she pulled on her nipples elongating her breasts. She watched them closely either by looking down on them or in the mirror. Then she spread her legs and began examining her pussy. She saw her inner lips hanging slightly out of the outer labia, the tip of her clit peeking in the middle. She parted the outer labia and felt her inner lips parting to, spreading out like butterfly wings. She pulled on them until she could see the pink tissue inside her cunt. She saw it glistening as her juices started to flow. She realized she was all excited but went on with her examination.

She slid a finger inside her and gathered the sticky fluid with it. She pulled it up to her face and examined the sticky substance, smelled it and then licked it from her finger. It was the first time she had tasted herself she thought 'Well I have tasted myself in Robert's lips many times before but this is the first time I've really tasted myself,' she repeated the procedure enjoying her own taste. Then she began rubbing her clit, watching in her mirror how the hood covering it retracted and the pink tip slid out of it; getting redder as the blood flowed into it as her excitement grew.

Then she just concentrated on masturbating, concentrating on feeling her hands massaging her breast and nipples and then sliding down to her vagina. She started finger fucking herself, inserting first one finger, then two and finally three. She raised her legs pressing them against her chest as her juices began flowing out of her cunt, gathering on her anus. She lowered her other hand and slid a finger into her cunt, along with the others to lubricate it and then started spreading her juices around her anal opening, feeling how it relaxed under her touch until she could slide her finger inside. She went on finger fucking both holes until she exploded in a most powerful orgasm.

* * *

That evening when Robert got home the house was dark. He called out, "Hello! I'm home!"

He heard Vanessa's voice coming from the backyard, "Over here darling!"

He headed for the back porch and froze when he saw his wife getting up from the table to greet him. She was completely nude except for a pair of high heeled shoes, a pearl necklace around her neck and a gold chain around her waist.

She went up to him and wrapping her arms around him she gave him a long kiss. Breaking the kiss she took a step back.

"Like what you see?" She asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Wow, sure do" Robert answered, "What's the occasion?"

"Nothing special," Vanessa said, "I just wanted to have a nice dinner with my naked husband."

For the first time Robert noticed the table, there were a couple of places set, a candle in the middle and a bottle of wine.

Robert was pleasantly surprised and went forward to pull Vanessa into his arms and he kissed her again. Then he just said. "Invitation accepted."

"In that case why don't you go inside and take off your clothes while I get dinner."

After dinner, Vanessa got up to take the dishes away and get coffee and brandy. Robert thought this was the most unusual dinner he'd ever had. No he corrected himself, the most erotic dinner he'd ever had. Watching his wife eating naked in front of him, watching her breasts bouncing slightly with every movement she made had made his cock hard halfway through dinner. He couldn't fail to notice that her nipples remained hard all through dinner. He wondered if it was from the weather, although it was rather warm, or excitement. He opted for the later.

When Vanessa returned with the coffee and brandy he pulled her to him to kiss her, cupping her breast he enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipple against his palm. Vanessa pulled back and sat back on her chair. She didn't fail to notice his erection.

"Well, actually there's another reason to celebrate." She said.

"Are you going to tell me or should I try to guess?"

"My pictures appeared on the Internet today." Vanessa said. "The ones where I'm with Pam that Ed took the other day."

"Wow. And..."

Vanessa unfolded a few sheets of paper she had printed before Robert came home with all the comments. She read them all to Robert. At the same time she had lifted one of her legs and placed it on Robert's chair between his thighs pressing his cock with her foot.

Robert felt his excitement growing both from the foot massage his cock was receiving and from the comments, both from men and women, who found his wife attractive enough to want to fuck her. He couldn't believe the change in his wife. From the very proper woman he had married many years ago, who only wanted to make love in the missionary position with the lights out at first to this sexy woman who seemed completely at ease with her nakedness and having people watching her naked body and lusting after her.

Vanessa had planned to fuck Robert after dinner but then another thought entered her mind. She hesitated a few moments before she asked Robert.

"Would you do something if I asked you to?"

"Anything, love"

"Would you masturbate and let me watch."

"What?" Robert exclaimed, never expecting this.

"I' like to watch you masturbate while I do the same." Vanessa said smiling at him.

"Well, yeah. Sure, why not?"

Vanessa got up and placed her chair by Robert's, he turned his chair around so they were facing each other. Vanessa leaned forward and kissed her husband, holding his prick, Robert slid his finger between her legs and found Vanessa's pussy totally soaked.

She pulled back and sat on her chair spreading her legs. "And then I want you to cum all over me." She said as she spread her lips apart and slid a couple of fingers inside her.

They masturbated in front of each other. Vanessa came first but kept on playing with her pussy. When Robert felt himself getting to the edge he stood up and a few moments later he shot stream after stream of semen into her wife's face and tits.

* * *

Later that night, cuddled up in bed, Robert asked Vanessa if she wanted to post more pictures on the site and the following evening he did another session with her. They had been surfing the site together on most nights and Robert didn't like the pictures of the women with their faces blurred. So he devoted the whole shoot to taking pictures of his wife that didn't show her face. On some he just shot her body but on other ones he used the lighting to hide her face or he had her hair spilling over it. On some she wore a sexy see-through negligee, on some others some lacy underwear and some were full nudes.

Then they registered under an alias on the site and made their first posting. Actually on that shoot they ended with enough pictures for three or four postings.

The following morning Vanessa called Pamela and told her to be on the lookout for her pictures. When they appeared Pamela called and told her that she and Edward had loved the pictures, she said that in fact he had begun masturbating looking at them and she had to go down on him to finish him off. Vanessa got several comments from men who said they had cummed all over her pictures and wanted to have an e-mail address so they could send them their photos. Vanessa opened an account on Yahoo and she replied to all those who had posted their e-mail address on their comments and got several pictures of men's cocks in different sizes and shapes. The comments and the mails really turned Robert and Vanessa on.

The following week Edward dropped by Robert's office and said that Pamela really wanted to have a full photo session with him. He suggested they take a couple of days as vacation time and make it a long weekend and go somewhere. Robert agreed and Edward said he knew a place where they could rent a cabin by a lake.

* * *

Robert and Vanessa picked up Edward and Pamela early on a Thursday for the three hour drive to the cabin. It was a warm day so Robert wore shorts and a t-shirt and so did Vanessa. Edward was also wearing shorts and a t-shirt and Pamela had on a thin summer dress with a short skirt. She asked if she could ride on the front seat so Vanessa moved to the back seat with Edward.

Once they were on the road, Pamela placed her feet on the dashboard and her skirt rode up her thighs exposing her pubic area. Robert saw that she was freshly shaved. The oil still glistened on her skin.

"Aren't you afraid some trucker might see you like that?" Robert asked her, stealing glances at her crotch.

"Oh no, as a matter of fact I've been wanting to do this for some time now." Pamela said in a teasing tone, "You know, flash some truckers. So slow down when you pass one."

They didn't have to wait long before Robert overtook a big semi, he moved to the left lane to overtake him and when they were abreast the cab he matched his speed to the truck. Soon the trucker was looking down at Pamela's exposed pussy and he blew his horn. Pamela opened her legs wider to give him a better view and she also pulled down the top of her dress to expose her breasts to him. She ran a hand over her breasts and down to her pussy and the trucker blew his horn again in appreciation.

Robert saw another car behind him and had to accelerate to pass the truck. Pamela stuck her arm out the window and waved at the trucker.

"I don't know how you can do that." Vanessa commented from the back seat.

"You should try it." Pamela said, "It's fun and it's making me horny."

"Oh, I don't know." Vanessa said

Pamela turned on the seat and playfully grabbed Vanessa's t-shirt and pulled it up to expose her breasts.

"You should at least let Edward watch those tits of yours." Pamela said, "I bet he's been dreaming with them after seeing all those pictures you posted."

"Really?" Vanessa said looking at Edward. She hadn't pulled her top down and he was staring at her breasts, she felt her nipples hardening under his gaze and her pussy getting wet.

"They look a lot better up close and live." Edward said

Pamela was kneeling on the front seat facing backwards. She took the hem of her dress in her hands and pulled it over her head. She turned on her seat and leaned against the car door giving Robert a clear view of her naked body.

Up ahead she saw another truck and turned back to Vanessa, "Well, at least pull your t-shirt off."

Vanessa hesitated for a moment and then she pulled her t-shirt off. Then she thought 'What the hell,' and she slid her shorts and panties down her legs.

Edward looked at her pubis, Vanessa had trimmed her pubic hair very short and when she pulled her shorts off, her legs opened a bit and he got a glimpse of her cunt lips slightly opened, her clit peeking between them just below her pubic hair. He wanted to reach out and touch it and go down on her and wrap his lips around it, but he held himself in check hoping it wouldn't be long before he could do it.

They rode the rest of the way with both women nude in the car, flashing several truckers along the way.

When they got to the lake, Robert and Edward went to the main office to check in while the girls waited in the car. They got the keys to their cabin and got directions to get to it from the woman at the office.

They drove to the cabin and Robert opened the trunk to get their suitcases out, Edward also got out of the car to help Robert. Pamela got off the car and raising her arms pirouetting around, dancing naked around the car. Vanessa hesitated; unsure about getting out of the car without any clothes, but when she saw that the next cabin was a good thirty yards away and seemed to be empty, she got out and walked to the cabin as nonchalantly as she could. She had to admit that the sun and the air felt good on her naked body.

While the men finished unloading the car, Pamela and Vanessa fixed some sandwiches and joined Robert and Edward who were out on the deck facing the lake at the back of the cabin.

"Why don't you guys go in and get us some beers?" Pamela said sitting on one of the chairs, "And you better comeback without any clothes on, you hear."

The men went inside and Robert headed for the bathroom to take a leak. Edward stripped and got some beers out of the fridge. He went back out and put the bears on the table sitting down next to Pamela on one of the deck chairs. Vanessa was leaning against the railing, her back to them, enjoying the feeling of the air caressing her body and blowing her hair. Edward looked at Vanessa, his eyes traveled up her well rounded legs to her full ass and his cock stirred. Pamela noticed this and reached out to stroke it, when it was hard called out to Vanessa.

"Hey girl! Turn around and see what the sight of your bottom is doing to Edward."

Vanessa turned and saw Edward's erection. She blushed and tried to aver her eyes but they kept wandering back to it. She felt herself getting wet and she remembered what Robert had told her. 'I don't know', she thought, 'well, who knows? Maybe...'

Her thoughts were interrupted when Robert came out on the deck. He grabbed a beer and sat down. They all ate their sandwiches and drank a couple of beers each, commenting on how beautiful the place was.

After lunch, Pamela asked Vanessa if she had ever shaved her pussy completely.

"No, I haven't." Vanessa said, "I thought about it before coming out here, but I was afraid to cut myself. How do you do it?"

"Oh, Edward and I shave each other." Pamela said, ""We're pretty good at it by now. And after we finish we rub some oil over the shaved area and that usually leads to other things, right honey?"

"Yes," Edward answered, "Maybe we can shave you guys if you want to?" Edward said, looking at Vanessa and Robert.

"That sounds good." Robert said, "I'm game. How 'bout you honey?"

"Well, I guess it's OK". Vanessa said, excited by the idea that Edward would be touching her down there.

Robert was thinking along those lines, wondering about how it would feel to have Pamela shave his crotch and balls.

Pamela got up and said, "That's settled then, I'll go get the stuff."

To be continued...

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